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Enemies to lovers + forced proximity? Yes please! My first Portia MacIntosh novel did not disappoint. This was fun, this was romantic, this was light — the perfect novel to blow through in one sitting.

After Serena loses both her job and flat due to her beloved boss Diana passing away, she moves into a friend’s to housesit. A mixup causes Ziggy, an musician, to also move in because he has roommate issues. Now, they have to begrudgingly live together and coexist despite their feud.

For starters, I would like to know how the name Ziggy came around. Yes, that is indeed his actual name. It’s not even a nickname for… Sigmund? Ezekiel? Siegfried? His parents did him dirty. I hated him (and the name) at first, but, like Serena, grew to love him as the book progressed. Their relationship progression was just so natural; you don’t even notice it. Their pranks were hilarious and their humour was so quintessentially British - I loved it. 

In fact, all of the characters were well fleshed out. The dynamic between everyone, including Serena and Ziggy, is lighthearted and chill. There were also several subplots occurring, which lended itself well to the fast-paced nature of the book. From trying to break up an engagement to a mini-heist, there was no shortage of excitement.

The overarching message of love and grief throughout was so heartwarming. The way Serena honoured Diana’s memory and learned to live for herself was beautiful. Her character development was truly top-notch. She’s incredibly resilient, managing to turn a terrible situation around with her positive outlook and witty personality. 

Smut-seekers: note there were no ‘steamy’ scenes here, which I personally didn’t mind. It’s classic PG fade to black, so if you prefer sex scenes you might be disappointed.

Overall, this was nothing groundbreaking, but it had all the hallmarks of a perfect romcom. Despite me not having any expectations, this was a treat to read. I highly recommend this if you’re after a quick, flirty, feel-good novel!

**I received a complimentary copy of this book from Boldwood Books via NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.**
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Your Place or Mine was such a lovely read and my first from Portia MacIntosh. This book's main characters Serena and Ziggy move into their friends' house to watch it while their friends travel for a few months. Serena has recently lost both her flat and job after her boss passes away. Ziggy is a band's frontman who moved out of a shared house after not getting along with his roommates. Both of them need a place to stay so they begrudgingly have to get along then the drama ensues! Their relationship is lighthearted and laid back which I adored. Overall, this book fun to read!

**Thank you to NetGalley, Boldwood Books and Portia MacIntosh for an arc in exchange for an honest review**
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What a fun, light hearted feel good book! It was just what I needed after reading a psychological thriller, to clear my mind and fall in love.

Serena is kicked out of her flat and loses her job when her boss and friend, Diana (who happened to own both her flat and her job) dies suddenly. With nowhere to go, Serena is thrilled when her friends ask her to house sit for them for a few months while they travel. The problem is they have also asked their other friend, Ziggy, to move on also. Ziggy is house less after moving out of his apartment due to roommate issues.  

Now both Serena and Ziggy have to learn to coexist. But the complete opposites can't seem to do anything but argue. After almost burning the house down (literally) they agree to put their feuding in the past. Can they start over as friends? And will they discover they have more in common than they think?

Very cute story,  an enemies to lovers classic rom com. Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for the ARC.
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4 stars//

Thank you Netgalley and Boldwood Books for providing me with an eARC in exchange for an honest review!!

I loved this book!!! I went into it without any expectations, and I wasn't disappointed! If you enjoyed The Flat Share by Beth O'Leary or The Co-op by Tarah Dewitt, you will love this one. This book follows Serena and Ziggy who move into their friends' house to watch it while their friends travel for a few months. Serena had lost both her flat and job after Diana ,the owner of both, passed away. Ziggy is a band's frontman who moved out of a shared house after not getting along with his roommates. Both of them need a place to stay so they begrudgingly have to get along. 

These characters were so different and well fleshed out. Both are cunning in a good way and know how to get their way. I loved their chemistry, banter, and little pranks to try and drive one another out. Serena's subplots were also so well written and interesting. I loved getting to know Diana and who she was to Serena. I also loved Serena's character development by the end of the book. She acknowledges her mistakes and she grows from them. Ziggy's character development is also remarkable and really sweet. Their relationship dynamic is lighthearted and laid back which I adored. 

Overall, this book was so much fun to read and has so much potential to blow up like other popular romance books. In fact, it really deserves that type of hype. I highly recommend getting your hands on this one when it comes out.
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I was very excited when I saw Portia MacIntosh had a new title out soon, I just love her funny & warm writing style that always delivers great characters, humour and chemistry to die for. 
This "enemies to lovers" blurb instantly hooked me in and I was not disappointed, the characters of Ziggy and Serena are both dazzling and the fun of seeing how it all plays out was addictive so I raced through this book in a few hours.
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'Your Place or Mine?' is such a fun book! It's the first book that I read by Portia MacIntosh, but I definitely want to read some of her other books. I read this in a day. Serena has just lost her home, her job, and her boss, who she was really close to. She's dating a guy named Dean, but she doesn't know if they are official or anything yet. Serena's friend, Taylor, offers her a place to live, but when she gets there, Serena finds that she has a new roommate: a man named Ziggy. Ziggy is attractive, but he's annoying, messy, and loud. He tries to take the best bedroom in the house, he hosts loud parties, and he doesn't clean up after himself. Serena is stuck living with Ziggy, so they try to prank each other and make each other miserable with the hope that one of them will move out. But the more time that they spend together hating each other, could they really have feelings for each other?

The story had a lot of interesting twists and turns that I didn't expect. Serena's boss leaves her something surprising in her will, and Serena has to decide what she wants to do with it. As Serena and Ziggy get closer, what about Dean? He isn't what she thought that he was either.

I really enjoyed this book, and I found the story to be really fast paced and fun. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves a enemies to lovers romance or forced proximity romance. 

Thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for an ARC of this book.
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Serena and Ziggy are forced to share a house when they both need a place to stay.   They started out as enemies.   They both try to drive each other out of the house.    But somehow they fall in love...

It's a fun rom-com.   Both Serena and Ziggy are interesting characters.    The side characters are great too.  Al is especially wondeful too.   So many LOL situations.   

Thanks to the publisher for the arc.
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I wasn't sure about this book at first, but it took off an ended up exceeding my expectations.  Two strangers thrown together in a house-sitting's an enemies to lovers trope, but it works.  There are some surprising twists, including an inheritance, some pretty reprehensible supporting characters, and an engagement party, all which send the story headed in new directions.  With just the right amount of heat, the romance blossoms as Ziggy and Serena come to learn about themselves and what they truly want from life.
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Serena has lost her job and her home, but at least her romantic life is going well. One of her friends is  going on holiday so offers her home to Serena, a chance she jumps at. Unfortunately she wasn’t counting on a housemate, especially an annoying and selfish but also strangely attractive one. And maybe her romantic life isn’t going as well as she thought. 

This was an enjoyable read, Serena was a likeable character who I was rooting for. Her new housemate, Ziggy, annoyed me at the start, a perfect enemies to lovers protagonist. I liked (and disliked were appropriate) supporting characters. Overall a nice, easy read that I would recommend.
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Every time I see a new Portia read I immediately flock to it as I know I will adore it, and this makes for no exception.

An interesting turn of events, few surprises, couple cringes, and some laughter. I really hated Ziggy at the start, but happy to be proved wrong.

Entertaining, escapism read.
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Your Place or Mine? is another winner from the queen of the laugh out loud rom com.  Very few authors make me guffaw out loud, but Portia MacIntosh always manages to tickle the funny bone.

When Serena is unexpectedly tossed out of her flat, her friend Taylor comes to the rescue by offering her the chance to housesit while she travels with her husband.  Unfortunately, said husband has also promised the gig to his mate Ziggy, so the two housesitters will need to learn to exist harmoniously and without killing each other, which is far easier said than done.

I love to curl up with a Portia MacIntosh novel, knowing that her outlandish protagonists and their antics will always leave me with a smile.  4.5 stars

Many thanks to NetGalley and Boldwood Books for an ARC.
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This book was an enjoyable read! It has 3 storylines: Serena inheriting a sex-shop from her employer, her finding out her boyfriend is living a double life and her sharing a house with Ziggy. I liked the fact that even in scenes where the male main character didn’t appear, Serena always had something going on (whether that is trying to make the business she inherited thrive or trying to expose her boyfriend). We first see her and Ziggy pulling pranks on each other so that the other person leaves the house, but they don’t start interacting frequently until mid-book. I would have liked to get some chapters from Ziggy’s POV, because I felt I didn’t get to know his character until the second half of the book, but even if I usually prefer bad-boy heroes, I ended up loving his character, he’s such a cinnamon roll😍That being said, if you like a enemies to lovers/roomates romance, you’ll enjoy this book😊
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“Suddenly I’m feeling so uncomfortable- and it’s not because of the complicated underwear I keep needing to readjust”
“I’ve never disliked someone, been so mad at them, and yet wanted them so badly at the same time”
A wonderful story!!! This was such a beautiful book!!! I devoured it !! Serena’s story is not one you always encounter but nonetheless it gives you perspective on life and people’s relationships.
Seeing how she lived her life and how it started and ended up with Ziggy … I loved every second of it !!
A romance that has some of the best tropes ever: forced proximity, roommate romance, banter, constant sexual tension, it starts with an enemies to lovers and there’s also an inherited sex shop, as a plus!!!
This book is written to entertain and to make you feel happy … and, for me, it achieved all of these above!!!
I’m so glad I had the chance to read it !!
“I can’t believe I kissed him again, what’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with both of us? And why can’t I stop thinking about doing it again?”
“Grief is the cost of love. If you feel a lot of sadness to have lost someone, they must have given you a hell of a lot of love while they were alive”
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This book is such a fun read. I’ve read a lot of Portia MacIntosh’s books and always find her books to be fun, easy reads. She just has that style of writing, and I love it. But this seemed even more fun than normal! The storyline had quite a lot going on but I felt like it was all handled really well and wrapped up in a satisfying way.

Serena and Ziggy were both such great characters to read about. They were both so well developed, as was their connection to each other. Not just romantically/physically, but in a friendly way as well. I was a bit nervous when I started the book, reading right at the beginning that Serena was dating someone, because sometimes I feel like I struggle to feel a connection between the main characters if one (or both) of them is initially with someone else, but I’m glad that wasn’t the case here.

All of the side characters were also wonderful, Al specifically won me over basically instantly. He was just such a ray of sunshine right from the moment he was introduced and all the way to the end and his ‘Eiffel Tower party’ comment made me laugh out loud, after recently reading Just Date and See. It was a fun reference to that book for someone who has read it, but someone who hasn’t read it wouldn’t be missing out on anything.

I can’t get too specific about why I gave this a 4 instead of a 5 without getting into spoilers, so I will just say that I didn’t love the way the romance actually started. By no means was it bad, it’s just not my preference. It felt like things got a little bit rushed at the end, but I did really adore the way the book ended so this was a really great read.

Thank you to Boldlake Books & NetGalley for the opportunity to read an advanced copy of this book!
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