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The Mushroom Effect

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This novel narrates the tragic story of two lovers separated by death. Like Orpheus ventured himself to the land of the dead to attempt to bring Eurydice back to life, Francesco will try to find his beloved beyond the boundaries of the understandable. With his singing and playing, Orpheus, charmed the ferryman Charon and the dog Cerberus, guardians of the River Styx. His music and grief so moved Hades, king of the underworld, that Orpheus was allowed to take Eurydice with him back to the world of life and light. Hades set one condition, however: upon leaving the land of death, both Orpheus and Eurydice were forbidden to look back.

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Love the concept, but the execution was not great. The writing wasn't easy to read- it felt very disjointed, but I think some people may like this one. It felt more magical realism than sci-fi. But thanks to netgalley and the publishers for an e-arc!!

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I'd like to start this by saying that I DNF'd this book at 29%, so it's very possible that the book does get better later on. I just could not bring myself to finish it.
The writing is extremely choppy and seems like it was rushed. The story was all over the place and didn't have a flow to it so you could keep up with what was going on. I think the plot had huge potential but wasn't executed well enough to keep my attention.
Giving this 2 stars because I didn't finish so I can't honestly say if it gets good or not

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