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The Warrior, Strategist and You

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Great book, really good premise and insights! Will definitely share with my team! It could be use as a workbook or practical guide.

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Love the idea, love the title of this book, but sadly the content lacked any original thinking or a new angle on strategy and leadership. Good book for someone who is starting out on their journey and looking for the introduction level to strategy and the path of a strategic warrior..

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The Warrior, Strategist and You

"The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts". Marcus Aurelius

Floyd Woodrows has an ability to create mental models that is easy to understand and with practice, highly achievable. He explains his "compass for life", that includes every aspect of how to grow as a human and be the best version of yourself both private and in the work environment.

If you are a leader with short or long experience, this book can be a guide and help to put your experience into perspective and help you further. Whatever you need to work on, this book helps you to structure your goals, skills, values and influence. Woodrow describes his main points with visual examples and bullets.

What I loved about this book was that he kept it simple and elegant. The language was not the heavy academic kind, but light and to the point. I appreciate good quotes, bullet points and practical examples.

When I need a knowledge refill I look for books/articles that has a military perspective. This is because they have excellent training programs that is pressure tested. If their leadership and training methods does not work in a warzone the consequence can be severe.

It is then, a delight to read when someone has succeeded as Woodrow has. Everyone starts out as a student, and with a clear goal and direction you can become whatever you set your mind to.

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I am someone who needs motivation everyday and this is just the kind of book I was looking for!

Perfect presentation. Easy reference. Short chapters. Go to writing style.

Amazed me and the book does it job!

Seven short chapters with extra parts on references and further reading (which I always appreciate!), the book is a must have when you feel like you’re someone who you’re not yet. Be there. Reach there. Take this book as a tool. Also, my favourite part is the last chapter. The topic discussed here is the most important when you are building your brand. Do check it out. It is something we tend to ignore but must not.

Thank you, Elliott & Thompson, for the advance reading copy.

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