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A cute rom-com that explores soulmates and whether someone can the perfect match for you but also if the person who broke your heart into a million pieces can possibly be the one for you.. Will the second time around be the one?
I love second chance romance, so this was right up my alley. I think it was done very well and it had me rooting for the MC's

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Our lead protagonist is investing heavily(quite literally) in being directed to the 'one'. She has not been happily single for a while since her last big relationship and thinks it worthwhile to put her life's savings into a matching app.
This is a second-chance romance which basically comes with a past breakup, the details of which are fed to the readers in drips. I liked the way both professions in this book are handled. In general life, people's professions do massively impact their personal and social life. I felt like the reflection here made sense.
I also liked the central couple and their chemistry, even if the reason that split them up was a combination of misunderstandings and bad timing. This last part is not necessarily a spoiler since it has to be something like this for the reader to want the people to get together by the end of the book.
Tayla and Simon once had a whole future mapped together. It has been a while, so Tayla is hoping her last-ditch plan will have her settled. The plan takes her back to her past, and this basically starts a chain reaction with people talking and scheming. There are some mistakes made by either party, one more than the other.
I liked the writing, although I am not sure what I thought of the ending as a whole. It is a more believable turn of events than some books of this genre might rely on, but it did not feel complete for some reason.
I liked the author's writing and the kind of characters she introduced, including the supporting cast. I would definitely recommend this author to other readers of this genre.
I received an ARC thanks to Netgalley and the publishers but the review is entirely based on my own reading experience.

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-I͜͡ w͜͡a͜͡s͜͡ g͜͡r͜͡a͜͡c͜͡i͜͡o͜͡u͜͡s͜͡l͜͡y͜͡ g͜͡i͜͡v͜͡e͜͡n͜͡ t͜͡h͜͡i͜͡s͜͡ b͜͡o͜͡o͜͡k͜͡ a͜͡s͜͡ a͜͡n͜͡ A͜͡R͜͡C͜͡.

- I want to start off by saying men are so dumb that being said Simon is one of those dumb men. But when a second chance just happened to pop up his way he makes sure to take that chance and not blow it. Tayla was heart broken when her and Simon broke up 6 years ago what was suppose to be a proposal turned break up. Tayla lands herself paying a soulmate match just for her to end up with her ex Simon.

I did find myself rooting for “fucking Simon” just because I love happy ending.

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a cute and charming second chance romcom that was delightful.

thank you to netgalley and to the publisher for this review copy.

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“Thank you.” (…)
(…) “For what?”
“For giving me another chance, for letting me back in, for showing me that fear of the unknown can be beautiful instead of scary. What an adventure we’re going to have.”

Genre: Romance
Actual Rating: 3.5 stars
Spicy Meter: 3 fire emoji
Content Warnings: Describes toxic relationships. Contains sexual content.

“Miss Matched” by Wendy Million is “The Soulmate Equation” by Christina Lauren meets second chance romance—Tayla Murphy, a vet doctor in search of her soulmate, falls for what she now thinks is a ridiculous scheme. There’s a super expensive dating algorithm that pairs you with your soulmate, but Tayla was inexplicably matched with her absolute worst ex, Simon Buchannan. He can most definitely not be her soulmate. There must be something very wrong with said algorithm, although it has worked for many others. But after putting up all that money and facing their no-return policy, Tayla has one of two options: either she absolutely ignores this ever happened, or she gives who she thought was the love of her life a second chance.

This was a fast, quirky read. It was entertaining, but not life-changing, and I’m not 100% sure I will still remember things about this book a few weeks from now, but it was still a fun time. Did it sort of feel like other books I’ve read before? Yes. Was I still there for it? Also, yes.

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated, short read, then “Miss Matched” is your book.

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Publication Date: June 13, 2023

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Get ready for some match making! This book was a cute and sexy rom-com that I really enjoyed! I am a fan of second chance romance trips and this delivered! Love the ending more than anything though!

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Tayla is convinced that when a very high profile soulmate matching company is wrong when she is matched as being a soulmate with her ex from 6 years ago. They had a complicated history that ended when he broke up with her the night that he was supposed to propose.

Simon is convinced that he is going to make Tayla fall back in love with him, because he hasn’t stopped thinking about her in the past 6 years.

I love second chance romances but sometimes I struggle with them when miscommunication is a major trope. However, I felt like Miss Matched touched on the aspect of miscommunication in relationships really well.

Overall, a good emotional story between the characters without any unnecessary fluff. The pacing of the story was perfect and I really felt the chemistry between the characters.

Thank you NetGalley and Wattpad Webtoon for the ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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"How can you love the person who broke your heart?"

This was a sweet second chance romance. Tayla and Simon were once on the cusp of getting engaged, but on the night Simon planned to propose, he broke things off instead. Six years later, Tayla pays a LOT of money to the ultimate dating site to find her soulmate... only to be matched with Simon.

Except Simon knows he made a mistake six years ago. Tayla is hoping to get her money back pending no contact with Simon, but simon is hoping to prove he's changed and win her heart back. They strike a deal to go on 3 dates a week to see if they truly are a match or not. And if they're not, Simon will do everything to help her get her money back and move on with her life.

The attraction and tension between Simon and Tayla are so strong. Their banter is next level, and the steamy secenes are on point!

I love the premise, but i felt torn while reading the book. The first half felt like a light-hearted romcom. The second half felt very serious and heavy. I didn't feel like it was as balanced as it could have been.

I do appreciate that both characters were liekable and had no major flaws. They were written in a realistic way and felt very relatable. I think many people have relationships in their life where it's the right person/wrong time and things either work out or they don't.

And while there isn't a miscommunication trope, there IS a lack of communication. I understand each character being scared to open up. But Taylas constantly tells Simon she needs him to be honest, and him not being FULLY honest with her drove me a little nuts!

Ultimately, this was a sweet, loving, steamy romance, and I loved the way things worked out at the end!


I was given an advanced reader copy from Netgalley, but the review is my own.

Tags: second chance romance, angst, groveling
Spice: 2.5 peppers

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Miss Matched, written by Wendy Million, is a captivating read that will resonate with anyone who has endured the trials of dating apps.

Tayla has grown weary of enduring one disappointing date after another. Desiring to find true love, she decides to invest a substantial sum of money in a soulmate matching service that boasts a perfect success rate. However, when Tayla discovers that her match is none other than her ex-fiance Simon, she demands a refund.

Years ago, Simon called off their engagement and shattered Tayla's heart. Regretting his decision, Simon can hardly believe his luck when they are paired together through the service. He wants a chance to convince Tayla he made a mistake. Tayla just wants her money back. Simon is positive that the matchmaking service is a scam and assures her that he can expose their fraudulent practices and help her recover her money. Secretly he hopes he can get her back too.

Miss Matched is a compelling book that sheds light on our vulnerability to fall for schemes when we yearn for something desperately. I extend my gratitude to NetGalley and Wattpad Books for providing me with an advanced copy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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Tayla once thought Simon was her forever, but the very moment she expected him to get down on one knee, he dumped her instead. The break-up came totally out of left field, she thought they were happy together. She thought he was going to propose at dinner, but he walked out on her instead. Simon knew he hurt Tayla, but when he finally worked up the courage to make amends, she slammed a door in his face and that was it. They were irrevocably done.

Fast forward six years. Tayla’s life is perfect, but she’s lonely. She really hasn’t clicked with anyone since F*cking Simon (as her friends call him) so she turns over her entire savings to an expensive matchmaking service that’s supposed to guarantee results. They have scientific data, they make all kinds of promises, they have so many happy customers who found true love. Tayla has even witnessed their success firsthand, watching her BFF find love. So while the price is steep, it’s worth it to fill the one void in her life. She’s always wanted a family of her own and this is the best way to find her soulmate. Or so she thought, until they matched her with F*cking Simon.

Tayla wants nothing to do with her ex. She doesn’t want to see him, listen to him, talk to him or catch a whiff of his manly scent. She doesn’t need another reason to avoid him but if he doesn’t respond to the email, the matchmaking service will actually refund half of her money so she really REALLY doesn’t want to interact with him at all. But Simon knows he made a huge mistake walking away from Tayla and he’s determined to get another chance. He makes an offer she can’t refuse: he’ll refund the other half of her money if she’ll just hear him out.

I really liked these characters and enjoyed their story. Simon and Tayla are fun and sweet together, when she’s not ready to murder him at least. Her friends are hilarious and I just loved Tayla’s attitude in general. The author is new to me, but I definitely want more. I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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Tayla spends an unwise amount of money on a matching service only to end up matched with her ex, Simon. Simon totally destroyed Tayla's heart, so there is no way he's really her match; unfortunately, Simon sees that Tayla has been matched with him and decides to blackmail her into spending time with him so he can try to win her back. Because blackmailing a woman is surely the way to her heart! And so is lying, which he also does!

I enjoyed some aspects of the writing; Wendy Million is clearly a talented writer. However, I could not get past the horrible way Simon tried to restart the relationship. I wasn't rooting for Simon, so every time Tayla gave into their sexual chemistry, I was disappointed with her. If he hadn't started the relationship on a lie and with blackmail, and the plot had been about him and Tayla taking down the matching company, I would have enjoyed this so much more.

Two stars for being well-written, but points off for having the physical embodiment of a red-flag as the love interest.

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I really struggled to finish this book - in fact, I started reading it in December and put it down so many times that I didn’t finish it until June - but I did finally get there. I liked the premise of a matchmaking service that promises to find you your perfect match, which in this case matched Tayla with her much-reviled ex, Simon. We find out that Simon unceremoniously dumped Twyla (on a night he was actually planning to propose) for what feel like pretty flimsy reasons, and that Simon thinks the matchmaking service is a total fraud and wants Twyla to help him take them down. On that also flimsy premise, Twyla and Simon start kind-of dating again, while at the same time Twyla is making plans to do a veterinary practice swap and get a chance to take a break from her real life. It’s all just a little bit difficult to swallow, and I didn’t much like Simon at all (though Twyla really wasn’t much better). There was so much manipulation and meanness and just generally an unhealthy, not very romantic relationship, which made it hard to root for them to get together. The part where they finally confront the matchmaking company feels like a total afterthought, and I skimmed a lot of the last few pages to get to the end, to be honest. This may be someone else’s cup of tea, but it wasn’t really mine.

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Well, this was such a fun read! I really was invested to see if this couple would/could make it to the end. I’ll be honest it was a bit of a rollercoaster.

Things I really loved:
- The premise. While other matchmaking romance have been done, this one was fun because exes matched. A lot of time when by, both characters changed so much and it was exciting to see if this second chance was going to happen.
- The end, it was so good! The way things came full circle and Simon’s “grand gesture” was just perfect!

Things I didn’t love:
- The battle with the matchmaking company. Seemed a little rushed. I understand it was needed for the ending to come full circle, but it seemed a little unreal.
- The “ex” that Simon had. It was borderline dangerous and seemed fake. I think that part of the storyline could have been framed differently with the same meaning behind it.

Overall, I liked this book. I think it has a lot of potential to be a cute, fun, fast romance read.

My Rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⁠
Spice Level: 💋⁠💋💋
Genre: Contemporary Romance⁠
Tropes: Enemies to lovers, Second chance romance, Fate, Miscommunication
Publication Date: June 13, 2023⁠
Goodreads Rating: 3.76 ⭐️⁠
Amazon Rating: TBD
Available Format: 📖📱⁠
KU Option: NO

* I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Miss Matched by Wendy Million is a cute romcom. This story journey’s two people with a second chance at love through a dating app. Such a modern day thing and made it relatable. I loved how the characters accepted the mistakes they made, and owned up to the truth. This was my first read from this author and it will not be my last.

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What a cute read! The banter between Tayla and Simon was really fun. It felt candid, natural and the type of sarcastic banter I have with my husband. Their chemistry didn't feel forced which I liked. Their best friends were entertaining side characters and super likable. It was written in a way I could really feel Tayla's struggle and I could completely see where she was coming from, however, I wasn't super keen on her mixed messages she was sending to Simon. I did have two complaints- while I understood how the miscommunication happened in their previous relationship I wish the second chance would have been more about that and shown how Simon had grown not be overshadowed by repeating past mistakes. I also really wish there was more to the resolution with the dating company. For how big of an issue it was in the book it felt rushed and underwhelming in its conclusion.

Overall though I enjoyed the book!

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Miss Matched is a really cute second chance romance with characters who felt real - especially Tayla, since she was overly cautious, all things considered, I found her to be very relatable. She didn't hold herself back but was careful and made sure to take care of herself first. I found this to be enjoyable and lighthearted.

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This book had really good potential, with the dating algorithm premise. Being able to pay an obscene amount of to match with your perfect person, but end up with your ex.

There was a lot of things good about this book and seeing how Tayla and Simon maneuvered through things was angsty. But the miscommunication in this one was just not working for me.

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This romance, second chance book is the definition of perfection. I love a second chance rom-com. The chemistry was all there. I love how the main characters didn’t just grow, but they found a way to build up the trust that was lost and found their way to a happily ever after. Would recommend this book to anyone!

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Miss Matched by Wendy Million

Published: June 13, 2023
W by Wattpad Books
Pages: 334
Genre: Romantic Comedy
KKECReads Rating: 4/5
I received a copy of this book for free, and I leave my review voluntarily.

Wendy Million is a Watty Award winner whose contemporary romances about strong women and troubled men have captivated her loyal readers. She is also the author of the romantic suspense series, The Donaghey Brothers; the NA sports romance, Saving Us, and the contemporary romance, When Stars Fall. When not writing, Wendy enjoys spending time in or around the water. She lives in Ontario, Canada with two beautiful daughters, two cute pooches, and one handsome husband (who is grateful she doesn’t need two of those).

“Life isn’t about going backward.”

Tayla is spending her savings on her soul mate match. The program boasts 99% accuracy in finding a person's perfect match. It doesn’t seem risky. When her match turns out to be someone she knows, things get weird.

This was sweet. The idea of a computer program finding your perfect match seems terrifying, though.

I loved Tayla. She was intelligent, fun, and ambitious. Simon was sweet, kind, and brave. Their chemistry was evident, and their witty banter was perfect.

The storyline is unique, relevant, and charming. The pacing was perfect. The plot flowed smoothly, and there was a perfect balance of humor, romance, and drama.

I loved how this story came together at the end. Things don’t have to be perfect to be right. And sometimes the third time is the charm.

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Miss Matched by Wendy Million is an enthralling and heartwarming tale that delves into the realm of second chance romance.

I've read almost, if not all, of Wendy Million's published books up to this point, and I knew I would be in for an exciting journey with her latest story. As a big fan of second chance romance, this story meets all of my expectations.

Miss Matched follows the journey of Simon and Tayla, who unexpectedly reconnect through a dating app.

After being abruptly dumped without any explanation six years ago, Tayla hasn't ventured back into the world of dating. Now that she's getting older and ready to find love and get married, she decides to give dating apps a try.

Much to her astonishment, the app pairs her with her former flame, Simon. At first, she dismisses the idea, but Simon convinces her to give him another chance.

Intriguingly, they strike a pact that if, by the end of their time together, Tayla's feelings remain unchanged, they will jointly challenge the very company that created the app, as Tayla's faith in its credibility has been shattered by this seemingly "unfortunate" event.
Thus, their journey towards reconciliation commences, marked by a series of captivating dates, heartfelt conversations, enchanting walks, and tender kisses.

Throughout the story, memories from their past resurface, including the lingering question of why he left without a word.

This romance beautifully combines lighthearted moments and heartbreak, leaving readers with a smile and a renewed sense of love and genuine emotions.

Simon and Tayla's chemistry is palpable, their interactions radiating with a delightful blend of familiarity and rediscovery.

Miss Matched is a beautifully romance that will leave you captivated from beginning to end.

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