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Tayla has just subscribed to a matching service to find her soulmate. The service is apparently infallible, but when it matches her with her ex, Simon, who dumped her 6 years ago for another woman, she really truly doubts the system. Simon, however, is it out to get her back. And he only has one month to convince her.
This is a second chance romance. Right off the bat, Simon is manipulative and deceiving, which made it really hard for me to root for him. It seems hard for him to simply own up to what he did. And I thing that Tayla gets swooned really fast for someone that has been burned by the same guy 6 years ago. I usually love second chance romances, but I never truly could get over Simon's approach to his trying to get her back, so I never really liked the idea of them being back together. The only points I will give Simon is for how supportive he is of Tayla's dream. Sadly, the whole thing kept me from enjoying my read as I should have. I can tell it's a good story, there's great banter, tension, chemistry, all the works, but it was not for me.
I received an advance review copy of this book for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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RATING: ⭐⭐⭐⭐
SPICE: 🔥🔥.5

Sometimes the right love just comes at the wrong time.

Tayla and Simon did not expect to be matched together. After all, Simon broke their engagement and her heart six years ago. Just when Tayla wanted to get back to dating again, she hires a matchmaking company. Her match: Simon.

Rightfully so, Tayla wanted nothing to do with the match, but Simon convinces her to give him a second chance. Their journey to reconciling has a lot of ups and downs as they unearth secrets and traumas that led to their relationship's initial end.

If you like a somewhat angsty, no-frills story about a second-chance love, you will enjoy this book. The character and relationship arcs in this read are so well done. Wendy Million does a great job of engaging readers with Tayla and Simon's heavy history and the journey it takes to find resolution and love.

There is a subplot regarding the matchmaking company, which I felt needed more development. It did not take away from the main story, however.

** I am voluntarily reviewing an advance copy of this book. Thank you to Wendy Million, Wattpad, and NetGalley for providing an ARC. **

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This was an entertaining, well-written book. It was fun, sweet and held my interest. I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.

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This was an enjoyable book in the vein of The Soulmate Equation.

The banter and humor of the book was fun. Simon knew how to push Tayla and Tayla knew how to keep him an arm's length away. That made for some fun as Simon desperately tried to win her back even with his teasing and Tayla tried to stay away, even with her lingering love.

There was some back and forth pretty much the whole book on whether Tayla would forgive Simon and give him another chance. It got old pretty fast honestly. I will say that the indecisive forgiveness was acknowledged a few times by Tayla so I appreciated that the author was aware of it.

Lastly, I'd hoped for a little bit of a different ending. I liked that everyone got what they wanted kinda, but there was still something that felt a bit unresolved about it. I think it especially felt like this because of everything that went down with Soulmates Reunited. I really think things could have gone differently there.

Overall, this was a decent read. It wasn't perfect and it wouldn't be the first book that came to mind when recommending books to others, but I wouldn't dissuade anyone from reading it either.

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It’s been a while since I haven’t felt like I had the words to describe how much I loved a book. But man, I feel like all I can say is go pick this one up when it comes out…
A top 5 of all books I’ve read in the last couple years honestly. Loved it!

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Miss Matched is a charming second chance romance about Tayla and Simon. Six years after their abrupt breakup, Tayla bets her savings on a service promising to match her to her soulmate…only its Simon the man who already broke her heart once. As the story goes on you’ll find yourself rooting for them to figure it out and give love a second chance. Both MCs were likeable and I enjoyed the pacing of this book. A good summer read!

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Miss Matched is a second chance romance that I could not put down. The dual POV worked well for this story and I loved the chemistry that the two MCs had. It was funny and will make you hope you can find your soul mate.

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Did I love this book? No.
Did I hate this book? No.
Many times, the enjoyment of a romance book can depend on the trope/tropes included and how the reader responds to them. I think my enjoyment of this book floundered a bit due to my usual lack of interest in certain types of "second chance romance" tropes.
Do I enjoy a "second chance romance" that involves two people who were mutually pining for each other but never dates and are years later getting the opportunity to? Yes. Can I even get behind a "second chance romance" where the two characters dated briefly but the timing was off and years later are now in a place where they can try again? Sure.
That is not this book.
My struggle with this book's version of the "second chance romance" trope coupled with the male lead's inability to be upfront and honest make this story difficulty to enjoy. Did it have its moments? It definitely did, but they were forgotten in a frustrating haze of half-truths and so much back and forth that it made me roll my eyes.
I don't think this books is terrible or hopeless, I just think it can be a struggle for those not hooked on the "second chance romance" trope.

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My full synopsis and review shall be published on my BookTok account (@Kareenas_Library) during the month of June.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The overall premise was that a dating business had matched 2 exes together and claimed that they were soulmates. The MMC takes this opportunity to right his wrongs, whilst the FMC is determined to get her money back from the business because she knows he cannot be her soulmate due to their past. The course of the book follows their second chance romance story, which heavily features their past relationship and where things went wrong. I was rooting for the two main characters to get back together because they were cute and funny, and I really liked that we were able to see a dual POV.

However, I'm not entirely convinced of the reason that the MMC ended their relationship in the first place, or at least why he didn't try harder to fix things when he realised his mistake. Because of this, I rated the book a 4.25/5.

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Tayla Murphy wants love, a steady relationshi p, and her own happily ever after but recently that doesn't seem to be happening and after a series of failing dates she decided to use her savings in a company that helped her friend find her match.
Soulmates Reunited
Happily Ever After, Guaranteed
However, things don't go according to plan cuz they matched her with Simon Buchanan the man who broke her heart 6 years ago.

Simon Buchanan has always regretted breaking up with Tayla and she kept crossing his mind all that time so when he gets an email that he has matched with her he is surprised and happy, but also confused and afraid cuz this company was the reason they broke up and he has been trying to expose them for years.
However, Simon wants Tayla back more than anything and fate has given him another chance so he cannot blow up this one therefore, he makes a deal with Tayla 3 weeks of dating either he wins her back or he will give her half the money she lost.

A second chance romance plus fake dating= the perfect mix of a perfect romance story.
Also, it has dual Povs which made it all the more enjoyable.
I loved the banter btw these 2
Their chemistry and love for each other, the way they found their way back after all the hurt and pain.
How the characters have changed over time and matured to acknowledge their mistakes and what's important to them.

How the author discussed the pressure of dating and happily ever afters and the dating apps how can they confuse us and manipulate us sometimes.
All in all, it was excellent and I loved it
Thanks to @netgalley and the publisher for granting me an ARC of #MissMatched in exchange for my honest review.

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Layla throws all the money she has left to this matchmaking software and is upset when they match her with the same guy who broke her heart six years prior. She believes that the algorithm made a mistake and Simon has not contacted her so she tries to get her money back. Simon shows up on her doorstep and begs for 3 weeks of dates to just make sure that they are not meant to be and if they aren’t, he will help her get her money back.

This reminds me of the Netflix show, The One, where a DNA researched claims they can find your perfect partner where some people have gone through the data test to find their perfect match and people struggle in their marriages if the person they picked is exactly for them. Simons just following what everyone else wanted him to do when he let Tayla was really crappy, but I loved how at the end he was willing to travel to be with her. Such a cute, easy read. Had a few spicy scenes, but not too much.

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Quick Premise:
Tayla has matched with her ex boyfriend Simon from six years ago on a dating app that is notorious for finding everyone's one true soulmate. Simon convinces her to date him for one month in exchange for promising to get her money back. As they spend more time together, we find out why things took such an abrupt turn six years ago. Tayla & Simon can't deny the chemistry between them & they must confront whether or not they can move on from the past.

I am not typically a second-chance romance girly but I enjoyed this one more than I thought I would! I really liked both of their interests in animal rescue/adoption/welfare. The leads both grappled with their feelings realistically: Tayla was reasonably pissed at Simon for his complete lack of communication and "taking the easy way out" (Which I agreed with), while Simon was angsty, shameful and broody about what *really* happened to make him break things off so suddenly. I was more annoyed with him, as I agreed that Tayla had a right to be as angry and petty as she was being. It's the ultimate "it-wasnt-you-it-was-me-and-you-deserve-better" schtick which I'm sick of men weaponizing their incompetence when it comes to emotional intelligence. However, I will give him grace for being self-aware and doing the work to become a better partner and person.

The plot also tried to weave in ~*~taking down the fraudulent app~*~ but I wasn't as invested in that part of the story because it just felt like a completely unattainable goal. Maybe I'm extremely jilted and bitter regarding the way organizations operate and how powerful they are, but I just never believed for a second that they would win a fight against a huge dating service company. The pacing and transitions from conversations to other scenes was sometimes choppy but ultimately, their second chance romance/I-hate-the-way-I-dont-hate-you-love was what I got swept up in!

Steam Rating: 2/5 -- the steamy scenes are so quick (I think there's really only 2) but the build up was fun! I would've loved to see them expanded, especially since there is so much simmering tension between the leads, as they both feel the other were the "one that got away".

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Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read this in exchange for an honest review!

Tayla signs up for soulmates reunited after seeing how successful it was for her best friend. The only problem is it’s ridiculously expensive and they’ve paired her up with an ex. And not just an ex, they paired her up with THE EX. The ex that ghosted her instead of proposing. The ex that left her heart in pieces.

Her only hope is to get half of her money back if Simon just simply ignores the match. Which he’s done with the last two matches. But Simon doesn’t see it as a mistake he sees it as his second chance to correct the biggest mistake of his life.

He makes her a deal. To give him the rest of the month. If he can’t convince her to give him another chance he will pay her the half of the refund himself.

I really enjoyed this. What Simon did was totally messed up but I very much adored the way he groveled. I just wish the company would have suffered just a bit.

Also I’m nosey and was dying to know how much she spent to get a match! But perhaps it’s better left unknown. I would probably judge her just a tiny bit.
In my head it’s like 5k but it’s probably more. 😂

This was a fun read and I would definitely recommend!

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I’m a huge sucker for second chance romances and this one did not disappoint.

Tayla has finally decided it’s time to find her ideal partner. After paying a hefty fee for a “soulmate match”, she’s matched with Simon aka the one who broke her heart six years ago.

This book was so freakin cute. I absolutely adored Tayla and Simon and Rex!! I really enjoyed the plot of this story a lot. I haven’t read a second chance romance like this one before and it was good. The only issue I had was the miscommunication aspect. If you have to tell someone something, just tell them and get it over with!

If you’re looking for a super cute beach read, I highly recommend picking this one up on June 13th!

Thank you so much to NetGalley and Wattpad Books for the e-arc!

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3,5 stars

I LOVE the second chance trope SO SO much so yes i was very excited to read this book. i think up to the point when it was revealed that simon wasn’t completely honest with tayla again it was a solid 4 stars read but i won’t lie after that i was a bit bored :( i feel like the reason why he wasn’t telling the whole truth was so unnecessary to me tbh and made it frustrating. the ending was soooo good tho i was so happy to see them back together. the book had so many sweet moments and simon and tayla had great chemistry.

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This second chance romance was cute but felt a little redundant at times. My rating is 3.5 stars just because it felt a little slow in the middle. The concept was a good one…what happens when you are matched as a soulmate to the man who broke your heart? In this case, you fight it tooth and nail. Simon realized his mistake and will do just about anything to use this opportunity to win Tayla back. She is rightfully weary of this and so the battle begins.

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Tayla Murphy pays a lot of money to a matchmaking service that promises a soulmate. She believes it has a major glitch after it pairs her with the ex who broke her heart years earlier. Simon shows up at her door claiming he can get her a refund by showing that the service match was wrong. But really he's hoping for the chance to win her back after having regrets over what happened between them.
If you enjoy second chance romances, this is the book for you. I liked the connection that Tayla and Simon had, but I feel that his reason for leaving her in the past could have been better. Overall though it was a great second chance romance and I recommend it. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the advanced copy.

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This book had many tropes that I love (second chance romance, one bed, witty banter) and some that I don't (miscommunication), but it just fell flat for me. The whole story felt very repetitive, I think it would have been more enjoyable if it was shorter than 350 pages. It just seemed like I was reading the same thing over and over and over again - the plot just felt underdeveloped.

The whole exposing Soulmates Reunited for being a fraud was made into such a huge deal in the first three quarters of the book, and then it ended abruptly in one chapter with no real resolution for the characters or the readers.

One thing I did like were the main characters. Their chemistry was off the charts and I enjoyed that, but all in all the book as a whole just didn't do it for me.

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Book boyfriend - check, second chance romance, check, cute funny moments - check, love story you wish would happen to you - check. Romantic comedy perfection - check check! Could not put this down, I was rooting for Simon and Tayla the whole time.

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This book would have been a lot more enjoyable if it wasn't for the lack of communication between Simon and Tayla. The plot felt very underdeveloped and I was questioning why the company, Soulmates Reunited, was made to sound like such a big thing because that story ended very abruptly with no impact. This part of the book also wasn't all that believable. I was honestly quite bored with this story and the characters weren't all that interesting because of how repetitive everything was. The whole issue between them could have been avoided if they just talked and I feel like the story ended with no character growth. To the end, there wasn't really much effort from either of them and I thought Tayla's request was way too selfish. There was no chemistry between them and they were quite flat. This story definitely had a lot of potential and I was really enjoying it in the beginning, but then it was basically the same back and forth between Simon and Tayla.

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