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Redmond wrote a gem of a book reminding us how to think of God and call upon God in even the most minute moments of our day. Gentle suggestions of things to pray for when brushing teeth, meeting a friend for lunch and putting on shoes. She offered great reminders to ask for discernment before spending money, going on social media, or grabbing the remote. I really enjoyed all the reminders and sweet suggestions of prayer. This isn’t a typical devotional where each day has a scripture reference and message. There is a minimal amount of actual scripture verses parsed through the book. I really enjoyed the messages and reminders in this book. They’re so simple yet so meaningful too.

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The author provides 101 different topic that we can focus on and pray about each day and throughout the day. This book is very helpful in reminding us of the many things we should be thankful for.

If, you're like me, readers may use sticky notes on your desk at home, or work. This book is very easy to read and understand. I do highly recommend it anyone desiring to strengthen their spiritual life.

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Say a Little Prayer, 101 Ways to Pray throughout Your Day by Joanne Redmond was 5⭐️.
My days are made up of many responsibilities and just as many distractions. This book was helpful for just those situations. If you were like me when I started praying you might not have had any idea how to pray. I needed help and examples. This is just that! Suggestion and previous Christian who prayed a long the way.
I recommend if you need a reminder and or suggestions for a routine prayer life.
Thanks Our Daily Bread Publishing via NetGalley.

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This would make for a nice gift! It’s practical, easy to read, and full of tips for incorporating prayer into your every day, I can easily see this as a book that sits on your desk at work or by your bedside. The author’s anecdotes at the beginning remind readers that unceasing prayer includes ordinary moments and small tasks of life.

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Its a cute book with good ideas to help you rely on God through prayer throughout the day. It feels like very little information for a book though, and may have been more effective as a blog post or something.

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Say a Little Prayer was a quick read that I chose because prayer is the greatest struggle for me in my walk with Christ. The cover is absolutely stunning— books with flowers on the cover always grab my attention.

I liked many of the suggestions offered [ex (paraphrased): to pray for discernment/time management when opening your phone to check social media]. Many of the suggestions were practical prayer prompts, but I would have preferred a deeper dive into these. Say a Little Prayer would have worked best as a prayer journal, with prompts and questions for each day, and then space to reflect. Since it wasn’t written as a journal, the prompts felt a little choppy.

I would have also liked to see more scripture through the book— more of a thorough dive into what prayer looked like in scripture along with each prompt.

Overall, Say a Little Prayer was a great concept, it just fell a little flat in execution.

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Thanks to NetGalley and Our Daily Bread Publishing for the review copy!

"Say a Little Prayer - 101 Ways to Pray throughout Your Day" by Joanne Redmond is a very beautiful book.

The layout in this book is extremely beautiful. You find pictures, scriptures, quotes and verses written shortly and beautifully. Also, it is a cute layout.

You can pray in many different situations, and that s what Joanne Redmond talks about in this book. She gives you advice to pray throughout the day and connect yourself to God.

It could either be a quick read or it could be a book you process each day. The book is divided into days, so you can actually get a new advice every day in 101 days. Such a great idea!

"Say a Little Prayer" is a very beautiful and cute book! Simple, easy, and beautiful!

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This book was an easy read. Definitely could help you in your journal with prompts on praying. Wasn't too heavy of book. It was upbeat. She didn't mention thanking God. It was a little funny to me but to each their own. #sayalittleprayer

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A very quick read with some practical tips to pray more often. Some were repetitive, and others felt like facts rather than actual tips, but overall it was a great list. Artistically, it's beautiful too. The photos don't really seem to match the feeling, IMO - or maybe it was the way it was styled, with a small photo instead of something that took up the whole space. Either way, the feel of it was still modern and good.

It seemed ironic, though, that she wrote a whole book about how to pray more and talk to God more, yet she didn't thank God in her acknowledgements.

Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for this honest review.

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This devotional is absolutely awesome! It is simple and easy to read and yet it offers great suggestions on prayer. The suggestions are significant and purposeful and show how to include prayer in simple ways. The suggestions are practical and easy to implement, such as praying during certain situations or times of the day. But most importantly, the suggestions offered are simple ways that will make a powerful impact on your prayer life.

Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book. All comments and opinions are voluntary and strictly my own.

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A sweet book with some sweet ideas. Some of them were very simple, which can be a good thing, and some seemed a bit silly. The book does not seem to be for the purpose of extreme life changing information, but just a beautiful little help for those looking to add prayer to their day. I look forward to implementing some of the ideas throughout my day, even if not all of them were for me

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I want to thank Netgalley and the author for gifting me the ebook. Beautiful cover.
This is a great book for Christian's out there. Praying is so important in my life, and I can't imagine getting through my day without doing my daily prayers. Highly recommend

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A fabulous collection of prayer ideas and prompts that can easily be fitted in to each day. An inspiring read that would make a great coffee table book that you can reach for when you need inspiration and would make a lovely display in your home as the book also has a brilliant collection of images. This book would also make an ideal gift for anyone in your life who is getting baptised or christened or celebrating an anniversary of either event.

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I read this book in one day. It is an easy read. I loved it because it gave some wonderful ideas on how to pray during your day. I would definitely recommend for anyone who has trouble knowing what to pray for or finding the time to pray.

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FTC Disclosure: I received a complimentary copy of this book. These are my honest thoughts.

This collection of ideas of how to incorporate prayer into one’s daily routine was delightful, easy to read, and quite an encouragement. I already do many of the tips (I don’t find it odd at all to pray in the restroom, by the way), but there were plenty that were new to me. It was good to see the Bible verses and other encouraging quotes included.

I particularly appreciated that the author suggested one ask for patience if one needs it. I’m of that same opinion, and it’s worked rather well for me in the past.

The irony was that the author failed to include thanks to God in the acknowledgements for His help in writing this book about prayer.

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If you struggle to find time to pray or aren’t sure how or what to say to God, this little book is a gem. It is full of practical ways to fit prayer into your everyday routine and gives even you examples of how to pray for certain things or people. After reading this little book, you won’t have an excuse to not pray again or feel guilty for not “fitting” it into your day because it makes it so easy.

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Thank you NetGalley and Joanne Redmond for allowing me to read this book.

I picked this book thinking it was a story but it’s not that at all. Instead it’s a list of prayers to guide you to become more prayerful over time. If you struggle with words during your prayer time with God, this book can help get you started.

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Say a Little Prayer 101 Ways to Pray Throughout Your Day by Joanne Redmond
Release Date: May 2, 2023 by Our Daily Bread Publishing
Genre: Christian, Nonfiction (Adult), Religious & Spirituality

Alongside pictures, Scripture verses, and quotations, Joanne Redmond suggests 101 ways to pray throughout your day. Because most of us drink coffee, make a purchase, brush our teeth, and pick up a phone, Redmond identifies these and other everyday moments as opportunities for quick but meaningful prayer. This little book will encourage you to pray without ceasing.

What a lovely book! From the delightful cover to the action-generating contents, this book should be on everyone’s bookshelf.

Say a Little Prayer 101 Ways to Pray Throughout Your Day fulfills every expectation! The author, Joanne Redmond, beautifully recommends wonderful, creative, mind-engaging, and heart-stirring ways to talk to our Heavenly Father. This book definitely helps the reader obey God’s command to pray without ceasing.

The Instagram-like contents are a win for all readers as each prayer concept is succinct and memorable. Supportive Scripture and quotations are used throughout this 176-page book to give the reader even more to think about when talking to our Sovereign Lord and Master.

When individuals find prayer dreadful, daunting, or dull, this book should be placed in their hands to help them see that talking with God should not be any of those things. When we recognize that a relationship -- any relationship -- cannot grow or flourish without open and honest communication, prayer becomes spectacularly satisfying and vivacious.

When we grasp that God Almighty loves us and wants to hear from us, there is no greater joy than to be in His presence and have ongoing conversations with Him. It is a privilege to pray -- to simply talk and listen to our Omnipotent Creator!

Say a Little Prayer 101 Ways to Pray Throughout Your Day would be a captivating and meaningful gift for a new Believer -- as well as a long-time Follower. Prayer is essential as we walk moment-by-moment with our Savior.

I received an eArc of Say a Little Prayer 101 Ways to Pray Throughout the Day from Our Daily Bread Publishing through I was not required to write a review or paid to do so. The words above are my honest review. When Say a Little Prayer 101 Ways to Pray Throughout the Day is released (05.02.23), I will post this review to Goodreads, my blog, and each of my social media platforms.

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This was a very quick, sweet book! It is definitely a flip-through book that you can read through in a day, though it is formatted by days 1-101. It is full of practical nuggets of different times to pray throughout your day and some specific things you can pray for. Here are a couple that stuck out to me:

"At night while brushing your teeth, thank God for three things that happened during your day."

"Have a difficult person in your life? Whether it be a manager, co-worker, spouse, or friend, ask God to help you to see that person as He does."

I do think this book could dive deeper into some of the specific prayers suggested or provide more Bible verses in relation to some of the suggestions. All in all, a sweet and quick read!

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Pros: I loved that this book was right to the point and offered simple but impactful suggestions on how to create more time for prayer. That is exactly what the title said, and it did offer a number of ways to talk to God. Many people can struggle to find time to pray, or they don't know what to say or how long to spend in conversation with God, and both of those things can make prayer daunting. This book did offer ways to include prayer, even if it is for just a quick saying, and it made it clear that it is about quality and not quantity.

Con: It was really short. There was little development on the ideas of how to pray throughout the day. However, nothing was missing or left up to the reader to figure out. I just thought it could have been longer, but since this book is for those short on time, well, it makes more sense that it can be easily read in a short burst of time.

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