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This book was a bit hard to read, and I had to DNF halfway through. This is the reason why I won't make a post about it on my insta. The writing style is quite difficult for a fantasy book. It feels more like it was written for middleschoolers, lacks descriptions, and progresses quite fast, but somehow the writing makes it lack interest. It kinda just says what happens, but it lacks soul and really threw me off. Unfortunately it was really not my kind of book, but the premise was pretty good.

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We follow Miraden in his quest to find Kyradel. The sister of his great love.
We see a boy becoming a man and everyone he encounters on his travels.

It took me a few days to get through this, the worldbuilding is massive. Everything is describe in great detail. The writing was superb. Pacing was a bit slow which got to me a bit.

But overall a great first book in the series and i will definitely be picking up the second!

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It took me quite few days to finish this as I had to stop a fair amount and figure out what was happening/get back into fantasy reading mode.

I like the premise of this novel. Miraden is hopelessly in love with Ceycha's, but the fact that her sister also shares feelings for Miraden creates a love triangle, with Ceycha trying to keep her sister from getting hurt. Kyra, Ceycha's sister is kidnapped by Ashenkins for unexplained reasons and Miraden, looking to redeem himself in Ceycha's eyes volunteers to embark on a quest to save Kyra.

I liked the writing style and the plot ideas, but the story dragged on a bit at times and I would find my brain wandering away from the story. I was frustrated at times with how Ceycha treated Miraden because he goes on a massive quest to save her sister and it's clear he would do anything for her.

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While I appreciate the opportunity to read this book, I just couldn't get into it. The language used made it feel like the target audience was someone much younger. I also didn't feel like there was much world building.

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Miraden's Folly is the first book in the "Her soul of Fire" series, and also the first ever book written by J.V. Fahl.
Is it perfect? No.
Are there some clichè moments? Yes.
Is it you kinda mainstram hero-saving-girl quest? Yes.
Is the book very mutch enjoyable and worth rwading? Absolutely yes!!

Miraden's folly, as I just said, won't stand out as your absolutely groundbreaking, never-before-read, hyper-original story. In the end it's the story of a guy, who moved by the love he feels for one girl goes on the quest of saving her sister, who's being captured by orc-like devils.
Still, the worldbuiling is very well done, the writing style, for a first time reader, is very good. There's this "mechanic" of reading the story sometimes throug Miraden's letter to Ceychelle (the girl who's sister gets kidnapped) which is fairly original.
In the end, I enjoyed the book also becouse at times it felt like playing a videogame. I feel like if this story was a game, it would have been great. Something I would just explore and wander in for the longest time.

Maybe it's due to the the writer's inexperience, but what I noticed is that once you finish the book, the finale kind of gives away what will probably be the end of the whole series.
But, hey, for a first time book this is more then great.

I'm giving 3 out of 5 stars purely because it has a lot of the tropes of the vast majority of fantasy books as of late, and the story itself is not extremely original.

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**Spoilers ahead**
Took me quite few days to finish this as I had to pause and tamp down my annoyance at some point.

1. Premise is really awesome. Setting is like this middle ages village-esque where we meet Miraden hopelessly in love with Ceycha but can the relationship went down the drain cause the latter denied him to keep her sister Kyra who also likes Miraden, from getting hurt. You have to take note that these three grew up as kids and is on their teens when the book started.

2. Twist: Devil walkers called Ashenkins (which reminds me of Orcs from LOTR) kidnapped Kyra along with other kids in the village for some still unexplained reason - about their origin, purpose etc.

3. Twist: Miraden, hoping to heroically redeem himself in the eyes of Ceycha volunteered to quest for the rescue of Kyra so on he goes for a Hobbit x Lord of the Rings adventure where he met his Gandalf, a she mage called Simigrin and his Sam, a cleric called Lovo. Badabing badaboom - fought with monsters etc. All the while, Ceycha knew about this because she recieved letters from Miraden describing his tales

4. Miraden and Simigrin kissed (gasp). Kyra was rescued. New peak introduced at the latter part of the book pre empting the second book installment premise. The end.

5. Love the premise and the writing style. Looked and sounded cohesive.. it just dragged a little bit for me. Had to skip few parts

6. Really got annoyed with how Ceycha treated poor Miraden - this guy freaking foraged, hunted, performed chores, heroically fought monsters just to get her approval as a potential husband 🤦‍♀️ BUT i guess I was redeemed when Miraden finally read Ceycha's Final Letter

7. The ending. Well I know there is a second book and I am still contemplating if I will read it. Might be interesting though

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I was so invested!!! !! Miraden was very sweet to help the Chief out during stressful times. Also, props to Miraden for standing up for himself! I feel so bad for Miraden towards the end. I think he deserves so much better!

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It took a minute to get into it. It was weird at first that the letters told of miradens current journey. And there was a lot of action. I didn't care for Simi, she should mind her own business and let them be together. It was an okay read but I won't be continuing the series
It seems like she's gonna be a fire mage anyways and I'll just remember it by they get together in the end. I don't need to continue. Slow start, dragging middle, the ending was the best part-if it was towards the middle of the book or like 75% through. The ending was also my least favorite part of the book as well aside from Simi and Miraden kissing each other.

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Miraden's Folly is an amazingly unique fantasy novel, with incredible world building that takes you through many different communities, countries and climates and completely new monsters I've never read about before. I was absorbed from the first page, I found it so interesting to read about the Ashenkin, it was fun to read about something different and not the same as every other fantasy novel. I also loved all the characters: Miraden is not your typical male fantasy protagonist, he's actually very empathetic and kind yet he doesn't mind using his skills as a hunter/tracker to fight for the people he loves. I also loved that Ceychell isn't a hopeless heroine and instead is slightly morally grey (yet I am rooting for her) and has her own talents and tenacity which she uses whilst Miraden is away.

This whole book was just so refreshingly unique and intriguing I couldn't put it down, I truly can't wait to read book 2.

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Great book, great plot and great characters, lovesd this book read it in one sitting. Sucked me in from page 1

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5/5 stars! This is a new favorite read. Sometimes reading the same type of fantasy novel over and over gets boring. This book gripped me from the first page! The author has a unique voice and does an exceptional job of making me root for the characters. There are twists I didn't see coming and I was so eager to get to the ending, that I read it in one sitting. Can't wait to read more from this author.

I received an advance review copy for free through NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily

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