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The Forest in the Sea

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In "The Forest in the Sea", the author tells all about seaweed and what it is. It discusses the benefits seaweed has to help our world and why it is so important. The book shares information on how we can protect seaweed. A glossary and other notes finish the book to discuss seaweed. The book was very informational however I am not sure that I see my students picking up the book on their own without needing it for a specific project on seaweed.

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***Actual Star Rating: 2.5 Stars***

My main goal for selecting <i>The Forest in the Sea</i> was the fact that I was interested in the concept of the forest in the sea while was wanting to know more about it. And for that reason alone I can say that I am happy that I was approved for this book as it explains to the reader more about seaweed and the forests that it makes for the ocean.

One of the chapters was a bit of an introduction while it did bring up some interesting thoughts while the next four were then devoted to providing the reader with some ideas about various types of seaweed forest as they compared to each other. Furthermore there were inserts on many of the pages that gave more insight into various types of seaweed or more information on another aspect such as problems affecting these marine forests, the processes that they use or even on providing more information certain elements such as Kathleen Drew-Baker or photosynthesis. Each of the chapters had smaller sub-sections each with a title thus helping to provide a nice break for those who don't like to interrupt the ongoing story to add in those extra inserts.

Unfortunately my interest started to really wane with the last three chapters which focused on the problems that seaweed forests are facing with the emphasis put of course on climate change and the need to make our diets as well as everything else in our life made of seaweed. The author even stated early on that seaweed is a low-energy food this it wouldn't be sustainable while scientists still don't know much about seaweed and yet it is to be the miracle food/cure of the future even though long term consequences on us and also the strain for growing those almost unsustainable numbers on the ocean haven't been configured yet.

The book is illustrated with brightly colored photograph that have no captions or watermarks on them but they help to immerse the reader into this underworld world with some of its more known creatures. At the same time the reader is presented a look at the "plant" that so many of us take for granted without a second look.

For an e-book, unfortunately though, the inserts since they had much more information and so little space to share it made it a bit harder to read on Adobe Digital as it made my eyes to struggle. Otherwise I did enjoy getting to know more about seaweed farming although the concept of harvesting it does raise moral questions for me while in the back the reader is given more information about where to find seaweed, how to protect it, a timeline on it and so much more including a recipe for those who are curious in giving seaweed a try.

All in all it was a fairly decent book and one that most definitely opened another door in the world of the ocean that I may not have curious enough on my own to crack open. It would make for a great book for those who are curious about the sea or even those who may be into environmental issues although I cannot see it as a return reader after a first read-over.

**I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.*

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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
The book is written at a level that is easy to understand for middle-grade readers and up. It tells all about seaweed, from where it grows to its many uses. There are plenty of pictures included to keep interest and support the text. Throughout the book, there were various types of seaweed highlighted with fact sections.
I found the book interesting and learned many things I never knew about seaweed, including how it grows.

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This is really a LOT of information about seaweed. A lot of stuff I had never thought about or heard much about. The pictures and illustrations were beautiful and the colors were bright and popped off the page. I don't think I've seen a book yet that argues that much of the help we can get from climate change can come from seaweed (and though the author presents a lot of great evidence, it sometimes felt like there was a lot put upon the shoulders of seaweed and I'm not entirely convinced it's as earth shattering as it's portrayed). But super informational and hopefully there are young readers who will find it just as fascinating!

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This was a very informative title with attractive photographs and interesting pop outs. A book on seaweed could get boring very quickly, but the book flowed well from topic to topic, without dragging and each new topic is integrated smoothly into previously presented information. There is possibly room for more data and more in depth explanations, but the simplicity invites a broader range of young readers.

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A well detailed view on seaweed: uses and properties. I knew Japanese eat it, and had some dried in salads, but didn’t know how widespread it was. Hope it doesn’t get overly used now, but nice to learn more about items on our planet that many overlook. Would highly recommend.

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What a cool book! I’ve read many books about our marine environment. Having grown up coast in New England and lived on the ocean in Nova Scotia and Costa Rica, I’ve become acquainted with some varied coastal environments face to face and this book immediately grabbed my attention, due to the title and subject. Plus, seaweed is a staple snack at our house. ❤️

I like this book because it’s written for middle schoolers which makes it highly readable without being stuffy, and it’s a quick less-than-an-hour read that’s as fascinating as it is valuable.

Irish Moss in PEI for cows? Who knew?! I love this innovative approach that harkens back to ancestral wisdom and now want to learn more about the research happening at Dalhousie. .

This book serves as another keen reminder that all our actions and consumption choices have an environmental impact.

Thoroughly enjoyed this book — breaking down HABS, Bermuda leading the charge to protect with the Sargasso Sea Alliance, the environmental benefits of whale poop and the immense + diverse role of the floating forest and the hope of seaweed’s role in combating climate change. I happily learned tons and tons!

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I received this book for free and voluntarily reviewed it.
I read the book in one go. It's written very well and I learned a lot. I just realised that it is written for kids, which tells me that it is also great for adults to learn something about this very interesting topic.
Various pictures illustrate the seedweeds, which I liked very much.
I appreciate that the author has provided source information, a glossary, and tips on what everybody can do with the newly gained knowledge.
A great book!

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This is such a good book!
I found it super informative while still being a fun and enjoyable read. It explains the subject very well without being too technical, which is very important to keep a child's interest.
Also really enjoyed the final part which gives children several ideas of how to help, where to go look for seaweed, and where to begin if they want to try it.
As a biologist myself, I still learned new things that I had no idea about, and wish I had this book when I was younger.

Thank you to NetGalley for the advanced copy of this book.

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