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an adrenaline-fueled romance that follows a team of elite soldiers as they navigate danger and desire on a high-stakes mission, delivering a thrilling and passionate love story set against the backdrop of covert operations.

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The concept for the book wasn't bad, but I just could not get into it. I did finish it, but barely. I started skipping several sections at a time… it just wasn’t the story for me.

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This is a good book. The two main characters are Alicia and Nick. Alicia is a ER nurse, who lost her husband nine months ago due to a plane crash. Alicia has gone on vacation to her cabin. Nick is an undercover FBI agent, who has been shot, he comes across Alicia at her cabin. She nurses him back to health. The bad guys find him there and try to kill them. The FBI arrives and take bad guys away. Alicia and Nick fall in love.

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Thank you to Netgalley for an eARC in exchange for my honest review!

I really enjoyed this story. Both main characters had great backstories which had you rooting for them to succeed the entire book. Nick and Alicia fit together very well, and although there were a lot of secrets between them throughout the book, which was necessary, they opened up to each other at a pace that seemed natural. Most suspense novels can kind of go off the rails in the storyline, but this one flowed very well and stayed within the realm of possibility.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspenseful romance books that involve a strong female lead and an in-control MC.

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ER, nurse Alicea Stone is going to her cabin to work on getting over her deceased husband. After having a run-in with the sheriff that she did not care for in town she is then later to have a man show up at her cabin bleeding. After fixing him up the two of them do a song and dance around everything that is going on. Nick Navarro is an undercover FBI agent but does not know who he can trust and who he can’t. He also does not want to put the sexy nurse who he is falling for in any more danger than she is in not that she is aware of any herself. A good story with good characters.

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Mission Accomplished by Sophia Ryan is a fast paced novel full of action and suspense. Alicia is an ER nurse sent to work through her grief after losing her husband. Rey/Nick is deep undercover. When Rey gets shot he finds himself at deaths door and on Alicia's door step. Alicia and Rey must learn to trust each other to survive.

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I really liked this story. Sometimes stories with suspense and undercover agents seem so implausible. I didn't spend time wondering if it could remotely happen that way. I have never read the author. I think I might look into other things she has written.

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ARC received from NetGalley. Thank you!

4.5 stars
Spice Level: medium

When forced to take a vacation to process the death of her husband Alicia, an ER nurse, visits a rural cabin that she owns. Her plans for a reflective month are quickly spoiled when Nick, an undercover FBI agent, shows up at her door bleeding.

Alicia and Nick had great backstories that had me cheering them on to find each other. And boy did they find each other. While snowed in at the cabin they let their guard down and submit to the spark they felt from the very beginning. But will that be enough to allow them a lifetime together?

If you like a steamy romance, feisty FMCs, moments that will pull at your heartstrings and a story line that is well developed while providing all the spice you could ever want, this book will check every box for you. It isn't often (if ever) I have found a spicy romance that turns up the heat and also had me in tears at one point.

Highly recommended.

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I was unfamiliar with this author, and since the title intrigued me, I decided to give her a try. Glad I did.
The story centers around ER nurse Alicia Stone and FBI agent Nick Navarro.
When Nick shows up wounded at her doorstep during a blizzard, Alicia bandages him but is not sure about Nick and his motives.
Alicia is attracted to Nick, but also suspicious of him. As the attraction between them intensifies so does the danger. If they overcome the evil men, will they get an opportunity to be more than just attracted to each other or will the end up going their separate ways?
I was entrusted a copy of this book by Netgalley. The opinions express are solely my own.

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WoW, what a read, when Alicia Stones boss threatens her job if she doesn’t take vacation and get herself together, she decides to go to the cabin to get her mind sorted. Rey AKA Nick, shows up on her doorstep bleeding from his side, what’s a girl to do, especially when she’s an ER nurse. The question is who is he and did he get his wound?

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own

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By-the-book ER nurse Alicia Stone can spot trouble a mile away, which is exactly what FBI Agent Nick Navarro looks like. When he shows up on her porch, bleeding, she plans to clean him up and show him the door. Nick, on the other hand, doesn't if he can trust her and his mission is to keep his identity secret and his hands to himself. But a blizzard traps them in her cozy mountain cabin, changing their plans.

This steamy romance book focuses around two hurt people who found their way to each other in an impossible situation, an undercover FBI Agent being chased by a gang in an isolated area and snowbound. The book was easy to read and easy to follow. It had me hooked with the little bit of suspense it provided with the gang vs FBI drama, and the back-and-forth games Nick and Alicia play.

As a mild spoiler/warning, I don't love the ending for Panza (the dog). I understand where the author was going with this, but as a dog owner, it didn't feel right to me.

Even with the dog part, this must read for fans of FBI/law enforcement romance books!

I rate this book as 3.5 🌟!

I'd like to say a huge thanks to the author, publisher, and NetGalley for an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

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I wasn’t a massive fan of this book, It was an alright read but I definitely wouldn’t pick it up again. There were a few things that put me off reading, like the fact that I didn’t even know that one of the MCs was Hispanic until he spoke Spanish and even then I had to put it together myself. I also didn’t enjoy the dogs storyline, I could tell where it was going as soon as the dog showed up and it was something I would have written in my stories when I was 12.

Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for providing me with an E-ARC to read and review.

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I thought the concept of this story was great! The blurb sounded very promising. Sadly, I had a hard time getting into this one. I did finish it, but barely. I started skipping several sections at a time… it just wasn’t the story for me.

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This is a good romance/light thriller story. Nick is an FBI agent who is under deep cover with a gang of drug running killers in a small town. Alicia lost her husband in a plane crash and is ordered to take a vacation from her job to get her good attitude back. She is so wrapped up in her grief and anger at her deceased husband that it is affecting her nursing career. She travels to her cabin in the woods to clean out her husband’s things and reflect on their relationship and his death. Nick shows up on her doorstep with a serious gunshot wound and she hides him and nurses him back to health. They discover much about each other and each resolve their issues with relationships, falling in love while they are snowed in at the cabin.
The characters are interesting and the process of the developing relationship is interesting. I wouldn’t mind seeing the couple appear in another book, even as a side story, to see how their family develops.

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A vacation turn into dangerouse adventure. Nurse Alicia force to take a vacation because of her grief and complain from her colleagues. Her grief change herself make her hard and bitter.

In her cabin she save Nick, FBI agent who undercover to bust off deadly gang case. They have similiar past, got betrayed from the love one. While heal Nick wound they also heal another wounds.

I love the story, how thing escalated slowly. They connection undenied. Panza the dog was make it so good, beautiful good bye. The confrotation between gang member was so so, least tension.

Thank you to NetGalley for provide this book, it is pleasure to review this book.

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I couldn’t put this book down until I finished it. The characters grab you from the first page and I will say the storyline was amazing. This was my first book I have read by Sophia Ryan and I am now determined to read them all. I was given a copy of this book through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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I received an arc from NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.

A man undercover on the run and runs to the cabin of an ER nurse. He is lucky in that he finds someone to take care of his gunshot wounds but can they trust each other?

Things start to heat up between the two but there are lots of questions and danger around this budding relationship and not sure it will withstand that.

Easy read and lots of action.

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🌶️🌶️🌶️/5 spicy
Strangers to lovers
Grieve to healing
Lies, mysteries, betrayal.

Alicia Stone is an ER nurse who plays it by the book. After losing her husband of 10 years, she has lost herself and forced to take a vacation from work due to complaints about her recently.

Alicia decides to go to her and her formers husbands remote cabin in New Mexico for Christmas to clear her head and find herself again. Little did she know what she was getting herself into.

One morning Alicia find an injured man bleeding out on her porch from a gunshot wound. He appears to be a gang member, something the local sheriff warned her about, but her instincts as a nurse kick in and she invites this guy in to save attempt to save his life.

Over the course of the next couple weeks Alicia must fight the urge to break her own rules and fall completely for this stranger. Rey she is certain is a gang member, she is also certain he has secrets. Can they work together to overcome who they are to reach who they want to be?

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This was my first book by Sophia Ryan and I was intrigued. She sucked me right in. I'm not normally a fan of books that include the loss of a spouse as I never feel like the characters can live up to that loss. But Sophia did it so tastefully and I was so curious for the backstory of her marriage and why she'd been so angry. And then there was Nick... ugh. So many thoughts.

I loved watching them grow in to new people throughout the story for themselves instead of changing FOR the other person. Their individual growth was necessary for them to grow together. And the dog? I wanted him to come to my house! He was so sweet.
I received an arc of this book and am voluntarily leaving my review.

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Mission Accomplished by Sophia Ryan a new to me author. A totally spicy read with a great storyline. I will for sure read more books by author.

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