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A Dinosaur's Day: Deinonychus Goes Hunting

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This book is for all "Dinosaur Lovers" old and young. Such a cute story of Deinonychus who takes an adventure, while out she gets stuck in a thunderstorm and finds shelter where she takes a nap. When the storm ends she wakes up hungry and begins her search for food that leaves her falling into a ravine. She's finally able to get out of the ravine and find her hunting group.

This book was illustrated beautifully and the store was so cute.
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Getting to read the new DK books has got to be one of the highlights of parenthood. And my child was also enamored of this story! The deinonychus we follow feels like a rash, but resourceful, adolescent. Able to go off and hunt on her own, but still able to be scared by a thunderstorm, and sill enough to make some major blunders.

The artist takes the time to cover the full page with scenery. Not just distant vistas, but also period-accurate plantlife in the foreground, and many species of dinosaurs, big and small, roaming about, reacting to one another. The location is strongly reminiscent of the grand canyon, with a lot of small, twiggy plants and little skittering creatures for Deino to hunt.

The dinosaurs are also quite dynamic in their poses. Deinonychus is especially fluid, energetic, and silly. A lot of effort was put into giving her some personality, and I love her.

While deinonychus is a predator species, and the majority of the book is concerned with hunting, nothing is caught on-page. There’s one older catch early in the book, but it’s not bloody or anything, just a few bones and a bit of a brown lump. Honestly, a good choice for a kid’s book.

The book ends with an informational spread which isn’t too wordy. I’ve come across a lot of picture books lately with 3+ pages of DENSE text at the end, so it was a delight to see this method. IT’s another 2 page full-color and background spread, illustrating deinoncychus and pointing out parts of her anatomy. There’s a few little blocks dedicated to pronunciation and definitions. It’s something a young reader can actually handle!

A must-buy for kids deep in their dino phase!

Advanced reader copy provided by the publisher.
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Thanks to Netgalley and DK for the ARC of this! 

My dinosaur lover really enjoyed this! The art and story were cute. My tiny complaint was the pronunciation guide was at the end - I would’ve loved it to be next to the names of the dinosaurs within the story.
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One of the things that I look for in childrens books, is a book that is interesting to children, but still uses descriptive words and vocabulary that challenged children. This book has that! The story of the dinosaurs day is exciting and descriptive. The vocabulary used leads to learning and questions from children. My children loved the illustrations, and I did too! This book really was enjoyable to read for the whole family.
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In this tale of how Deinonychus spends her day hunting, we learn facts about the Deinonychus and see other dinosaurs that were around during that point in history. This cute picture book was so much fun to read with my Dino lovers and the fun facts at the end were the icing on top. I definitely recommend!
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What a fun, informative book that follows a lesser talked about dinosaur, the deinonychus, a dinosaur with feathers! The story follows the day in the life of a deinonychus as it hunts its prey, takes a nap, and spends time with its kin. The art is in a bright color scheme that kids are sure to enjoy, too.
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Follow along as a curious, clever Deinonychus navigates a typical day. My 6-year-old loves deinonychuses, so we were very excited to check out this book. The deinonychus character is a lot of fun, exploring and solving problems. Facts are sprinkled throughout the narrative smoothly and backmatter provides extra information. A fun read for dino-lovers!
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This is a really fun way to teach kids about different dinosaurs and their hunting techniques! The illustrations are really cute too.
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I received this as an ARC, and was so happy I did! The story follows Deionychus, a scrappy prehistoric carnivore, and his adventures while hunting. First off, the illustrations are beautiful and bright. And can I say, with an empathic YES to children’s books featuring feathered Dino’s?! The story is simple enough for young audiences but filled with wonderful science and facts. The end page helps our parents with pronunciation as well, which is much appreciated for those of us intimidated by those long Dino terms!
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This was a beautifully illustrated and very informative little book about one of the less famous dinosaurs, the deinonychus! We follow deinonychus on her adventure filled day and learn things along the way. I love that the last pages are full of facts - and a pronunciation guide, those names were definitely just a jumble in my head hahaha. 

I think this would be perfect for any little dinosaur lover! Thanks so much NetGalley and DK for this arc!
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A Dinosaur's Day: Deinonychus Goes Hunting by Elizabeth Gilbert Bedia is a picture book interwoven with facts about deinonychus. This book follows a deinonychus through her day from when she joins her hunting group for breakfast, through braving a storm, hunting independently, and finally rejoining her hunting group at the end of the day.

The story and illustrations in this book will appeal to toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners, particularly those that are fascinated by dinosaurs. The story of the text is simple enough that young readers will remain engaged throughout. Some challenging vocabulary is presented (names of dinosaurs, carnivore, etc), but the illustrations and the text provide context clues so that readers will be able to figure out the meaning of unfamiliar words. For young dinosaur enthusiasts that want more factual information, there are a few pages with additional information at the back of the book.

This book is part of a new series of picture books about a day in the life of different dinosaurs, which I find to be very exciting due to the interest many young children have in this subject.

Thank you to NetGalley and DK for the opportunity to review an eARC of this title.
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I love that this picture book uses dinosaurs that aren't well known. There are so many dinosaur books out there and the uncommon ones make this one especially stand out. I love the illustration style. It's both an engaging adventure and informative!

Thanks to netgalley for a free copy in exchange for an honest review!
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Follow Deinonychus as he goes through his day, including breakfast, exploration, a misadventure, and a nap. The illustrations were beautiful and colorful, but a few things missed the mark for me with this book. It was.overall less informative than I am used to with DK Books, and while the pronunciations of the dinosaurs' names are identified at the back, I think it would be much more helpful to have them at the beginning or incorporated within the text. Overall, this wouldn't be my first choice for a dinosaur book, but it will be a fun read for a dinosaur lover.

Thank you to DK Children and NetGalley for providing an advance reader copy for me to review!
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A cute story about a deinonychus who goes hunting! It introduces children to this lesser known dinosaur with a story that incorporate facts about its life and adorable illustrations. I had never heard of this dinosaur before, so I learned a lot myself! A great book for kids, especially those who love dinosaurs.

I received my copy from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.
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Thank you Netgalley for a digital copy of this book to review. 

I loved the illustration for this book. The light, fun colors were a joy to look at. And I loved how many of the pages showed action or multiple moments which allows for inquiry and investigation with a young reader. 

Overall the story was good but just missing that special spark for me. I did very much like how the dinosaur names were highlighted and that the first sentences “crafty, curious, clever” was used to guide the story. I also very much like the information page at the end with pronunciations and word explanations. Overall this read isn’t something I might by for teaching, but it is something that may be for you if you have a little one with an interest in dinos.
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