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Spring, Summer, Autumn, Us

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A beautiful story about love & fate. While I normally love multiple POV's I think in this instance what made this such a great read was that we see everything through the eyes of Rachel and what we know about Gabe is through Rachel. Watching Rachel and Gabe meet again & again and the constant 'will they, won't they' really pulls at your heartstrings and I found my heart broken over and over. 
A true love story focusing on what the universe has in store for us and can we really control it, but this is not a fluffy love story it has too much depth for that, this will hit you in the gut as quick as it makes your heart melt.
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I really did absolutely love this! I read it on holiday and the romantic thread of strings pulling on Rachel and Gabe kept me hooked and rooting for both of them. A really intriguing concept too, it felt different from other similar themed books I’ve read recently. Would definitely recommend!
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An enjoyable read, well written and entertaining. Hadn't read this author before but would consider reading again.
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I'm a big believer in fate, life has a path for you and if you do  and you are a romantic at heart,this book is for you! The author has got the depth of the characters just right  they are not whimsical.
Rachel meets Gabe, an American artist and there is an instant connection. But life happens and things change, only to rekindle it each decade for four decades! It has to be love right?
Thank you to Netgalley, Lake Union Publishing and Fiona Collins for an advanced copy in return for an honest review
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I really struggled to get into this book. The pacing was slow and I just found myself uninterested in the plot. I also had very high expectations going into it based on the summary. 

Thanks to NetGalley, the publisher, and the author for an e-ARC of this novel.
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I loved reading this one. I just love this kind of books.
4 stars read for me. I love this author snd her writing style.
Thanks to netgally for this arc.
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I really loved this book. I quickly became invested in Rachel as a character, and once that happened I could not put this book down. Such a beautiful story and I felt like it would make an excellent movie or TV miniseries.
I would not hesitate to recommend this to others.

Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK/Lake Union Publishing for the ARC!
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This follows Rachel throughout significant periods of her life and as she comes into contact with a potentially significant other man. We follow Rachel through happy times and not so good times but will she find her happy ending?
I thought this was quite a slow burn and definitely had a slow start, initially I was quite connected to the story of Rachel and Jonny but as Collins progresses the plot and we learn more about Rachel and Gabe, my opinion started to change. The first half of this book really is slow and I think it could have been shortened or had something added to make it a bit more exciting, however the second half was better and I was more invested in the story.
The characters are good which is the saving grace of this book.
Thank you to NetGalley and Amazon Publishing UK for an advance copy.
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What a wonderful, engaging book. I was totally invested in the characters and found my heart full of joy then breaking all over again. More from this writer please.
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This was an engaging book with comedy, romance, a small amount of mystery surrounding Rachel’s parents and later her husband.  Her loyalty to Johnny went above and beyond what most people would have expected.

The end was excellent.  Those who had behaved in suspicious ways from the beginning got what was coming to them.
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Rachel is engaged to Jonny, a writer of Russian Spy Thrillers when she meets Gabe who is an American artist over in England visiting his Auntie, this is the Spring of 1986.  This is the first in a series of meeting spanning 40 years, one each season.  There is an instant attraction between them but Rachel feels that Jonny provides the security she didn't have as a child growing up.  Will Jonny always provide that secure environment?
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A beautifully written tale of happenstance, love and growth over a large part of a couple's life. Except that they aren't a couple. They should be, but doubts and circumstance and some really unlucky timing mean that Rachel and Gabe are destined to be each others 'if only' for many, many years.
This novel reminds us how much we are a product of nurture and our experiences in childhood. And how hard it is to have perspective on your own life, when those around you see it all too clearly. There is no real villain, just people who have their faults, some mightier than others.
Beautifully drawn characters abound, even the smaller supporting cast of village inhabitants, who see each other at every gathering on the social calendar and whose behaviour rarely changes. One of the most satisfying moments in the book comes from Rachel finally telling a neighbour what he needed to hear from all the women he had ever tried to charm, (I use the word charm very loosely here).
Thank you for a delightful and gentle story which prods us to all take chances and see what is out there. And not to ignore that heart-stopping, jaw-dropping, palm sweating connection with another person when it comes along.
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A ver interest read. I liked the way the story was based through the four seasons over many decades. A real will she won’t she go off with agave or stay with Jonny.
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A love story spanning nearly four decades. This book captured my attention by the color and the title alone. I was so curious about how the story was going to be told. I loved how it was told in the different seasons and years. Rachel, Gabe, Jonny, and Teddy all had me sad, mad, and happy for various reasons throughout the novel. Ultimately the ending made me very happy and want to know what else may happen
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Thanks to Netgalley for a chance to read this book pre-publication.
This is a love story but the story doesn't run smoothly.  When Rachel first meets the visiting American, there is an instant attraction.  but Rachel is committed to her fiance and her dream of a stable life with no drama.
There follows four meetings over the next forty years, each time, the feelings grow stronger, but Rachel is committed to her family.
Until once day, her step-daughter teaches her the meaning of love and marriage.
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Really enjoyed this story.  Beautifully written, and a pleasure to read.
Should you read this book?
 A 'must read' book  indeed and highly recommended. I've found another good author to start following.
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Brit Rachel and American artist Gabe‘s roots stem from the same small Essex village, but they lead unconnected lives. Starting in the mid eighties, we accompany Rachel and Gabe through four decades in each of which fate brings them just one chance encounter they both are unable to forget… A clever plot and interesting characters make this book a mesmerising read!
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The perfect love story that features over seasons. I was cheering for Rachel and Johnny. I loved Rachel's bubbly personality.
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An addictive contemporary romance which takes place over several decades. Some characters you'll love, others not so much. Of course I was rooting for Rachel and Gabe from the beginning, will the American guy get the English girl? This book was so well written and Fiona Collins drags us into the story and takes us along on her journey. I loved Spring, Summer, Autumn, Us.  Check it out.
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I enjoyed this very much. Rachel is a sensitive soul, the product of a very unhappy marriage which ended in an awful motor accident. After that she lived with her grandparents, and learned what it is like to have a happy life. When she is twenty she moves in with Jonny, a struggling author of Russian spy thrillers. He is divorced, and has a young daughter - Teddy. They live in a village near Oxford, and Rachel works in the local art gallery. They are saving up to have a lavish wedding.

Rachel first meets Gabe at a neighbour’s party, Jonny should be there but hasn’t yet arrived. Gabe is American, related to Julia, who lives in the village. They chat for a while, and there is an instant spark of interest between them; but of course, she has Jonny. Gabe is a struggling artist, who specialises in painting trees. Then Jonny arrives, and her thought about Gabe fade. She is vaguely aware that he is leaving the party. They soon meet again in the village, in the rain, and chat for a while, but she doesn’t tell Jonny about their meeting. A couple of days later she is alone in the gallery, she puts on some music, and sings and dances to it, unaware that Gabe has come in and is watching her. They spend the afternoon together, chatting, learning more about each other. Both are going to a party in a couple of days, then Gabe will be going back to America. They meet, dance and chat at the party, and just as it is time to leave Gabe tells Rachel she is the most beautiful woman he has ever met, and if she is ever free - come and find him. Neither think they will ever meet again.

And so begins the pattern of their lives, every ten years or more they meet unexpectedly, and their feelings for each other grow. Rachel finds out things about Jonny that make him less than the ideal husband people think he is, but Rachel flees away from doing anything about it. Each time they meet she intends to go back to Gabe but events stop that happening. 

Then Gabe’s Aunt Julia dies, and he comes back for her funeral. At the same time Rachel finds out a couple of things about Jonny that she absolutely cannot forgive. She has a long talk with now grown up Teddy, who tells her to follow her heart, they will be alright. She doesn’t get to speak to Gabe, he has gone home before she gets free of other guests at the wake. But the timid little mouse, who gives in to everyone is gone, she goes to find her man! 

This is a very gentle story, but you can feel the attraction between Gabe and Rachel, you can also see that Jonny is not quite what he seems, a bit too sugar-coated to be true! Well worth reading.
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