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Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots

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Cute children’s book for first readers. This book was beautifully illustrated and shows how Wednesday was determined to solve her issues! Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest feedback!

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I feel like I was missing out a little by not reading the other Wednesday Wilson books, but it was still a great read nonetheless! I should have picked up the other books and that's on me. However, this book is such a cute and comforting read. Something about reading middle grade soothes the child in me. I think a lot of kids would benefit from reading this due to the representation alone. Not only is it fun - but the illustrations are perfect and the story itself is heart warming. I know patrons at my library would eat this up!

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Loved the story and loved the art style as well. Such a sweet book. I will be making sure to read the other works from this same author

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A very cute story about friendship and doing the best you can. The mixture of pictures and text will keep younger readers engaged as well as the story.

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📖 Wednesday Wilson connects the dots

When Wednesday Wilson and her best friend, Charlie, get an expected day off from school, they plan to work on a new business idea. But their day gets upended when they find out they have to spend it with Ruby Beautiful, their former best friend who dumped them for the Emmas. Things get even weirder when Ruby comes to Charlie’s defence after the Emmas make fun of his freckles. And that’s when they figure it out that they could use this as their new business idea. With the Emmas as little competition they had lots of fun and made a lot of money.

It shows this amazing friendship between Charlie, Wednesday, Mister, and the one that they might have she had left but in reality really didn’t, Ruby. It shows teamwork and determination and I love that Wednesday has two moms. And with that we can agree that it’s the perfect book for middle school readers leaving it to be very easy to read.

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A wonderful book for younger readers. It will keep them engrossed and maybe even inspire an entrepreneur or two.

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Wow, what a great book for younger readers. I definitely feel like this book will be super popular in my library. I will recommend this for circulation in my library as soon as possible. What a fantastic story!

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*Thanks to Netgalley, I received a free arc for an honest review*

I thought it was a cute story, but I just couldn't stay focused with the storyline. The characters were okay, cute, and it was definitely predictable, but it was made for middle grade kids, which the writing style fits well with this demographic. I would definitely buy this book for my kid, though.

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We absolutely love this book! My son is 7 and runs his own business and reading this book about Wednesday implanting her new business with her friends. This book sparked so many conversations between my son and I. We loved watching the story play out from wanting to start a business, figuring out what she wanted to do, and finding her unique business. We loved the different dynamic between the friends, it was such a cute, creative, joyful and hilarious book - even educational! The diversity of this book stands out in this book, which is incredible! My son loved that there was people from all walks of life - which is so nice to see now a days.

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Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots is a fantastic addition to the Wednesday Wilson series. This chapter book is about a new freckle business that Wednesday Wilson and her friends start with hilarious results. Themes of friendship, entrepreneurial spirit, and acceptance are masterfully woven through this book. The characters are vibrant and three-dimensional, each one adding a wonderful layer to the story. Wednesday's voice is so authentic! The definitions help beginning chapter book readers learn new words. The illustrations are engaging and help the reader understand the story plot. This book will be a popular request at school and community libraries. Teachers may also choose to read this book aloud to classes as it would inspire some important discussions around friendship and conflict resolution, as well as diversity. It would also be a great way to start a unit about financial literacy and raising money to donate to a good cause.

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I received a complimentary copy from the publisher and all opinions expressed are entirely my own.

Wednesday Wilson is back! Wednesday the ever innovative entrepreneur on her day off decides to implement her new business idea with help from her best friend Charlie and her former friend Ruby Beautiful. This is a fast paced hilarious novel about business, friendship and caring. Funny , inspiring and a page turner!

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If you have children in your life, you should read this book and then maybe get a copy for said children. I think this would be ideal for students who are getting into chapter books because the font is large, the language is pretty simple, and there are beautiful illustrations by Morgan Goble that complement the text but also make the reading experience more enjoyable for young readers.

This is the third book in the Wednesday Wilson series, but you don't need to have read the previous books to understand this one. Wednesday Wilson is an entrepreneur, or she wants to become one, and in this installment she takes advantage of a day off from school to plan a business venture with her friends and her brother. She decides to get into the beauty industry, giving people fake freckles, but some people want to sabotage her plans.

The story was cute, and reading it was like taking a break amongst the heavy reads and adult responsibilities I have to deal with. There is a diverse cast of characters, both in terms of race and sexual orientation, although I am pretty sure this is not an own-voices story, at least from what I could read from the author.

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"Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots" is an absolute gem of a book that takes readers on a heartwarming journey through the imaginative world of an eight-year-old business entrepreneur and her remarkable circle of friends. From start to finish, this enchanting tale celebrates the beauty of diversity, embracing the unique qualities that make us who we are.

What truly sets this book apart is its exceptional emphasis on diversity. The author masterfully weaves together a tapestry of different types of families, people, and personalities, ensuring that readers from all walks of life can find themselves represented within its pages. It's a refreshing and important message, highlighting the importance of inclusivity and understanding in today's world.

Wednesday Wilson, our delightful protagonist, instantly captivates readers with her boundless creativity and entrepreneurial spirit. Her vivacious personality leaps off the pages, drawing us into her imaginative world filled with remarkable ideas and extraordinary adventures. As we accompany Wednesday on her ventures, we witness the power of determination and the joy of pursuing one's passions, no matter how young or old we may be.

The friendship dynamic among Wednesday and her friends is one of the book's most endearing qualities. Each character brings a distinct personality and background to the table, offering a rich tapestry of perspectives and experiences. Through their interactions, the story beautifully illustrates the value of acceptance, teamwork, and the unbreakable bond that true friendship provides.

The author's prose is engaging and accessible, making "Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots" an ideal choice for readers of all ages. The vibrant illustrations scattered throughout the book enhance the narrative, bringing the story to life in a visually stunning manner.

Moreover, the book's underlying message encourages readers to embrace their individuality and appreciate the diversity that surrounds them. It serves as a gentle reminder that our differences should be celebrated, fostering an inclusive and compassionate society.

In conclusion, "Wednesday Wilson Connects the Dots" is a true masterpiece that exudes warmth, creativity, and the joy of friendship. With its emphasis on diversity and the power of imagination, this book not only entertains but also educates, leaving a lasting impression on readers of all ages. It is an absolute must-read, offering a delightful escape into a world brimming with imagination, friendship, and fun!

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This book was so precious! It felt like a friend was letting me in on their life. I loved how casual the main character having two moms was a part of the story. All of the kids were so diverse and drawn so cute. All of the messages were empowering and helped navigate the messiness of a friendship on the fritz. The footnotes explaining business terms to kids made my heart soar. I hope readers feel like they can do anything after reading this book especially when it comes to being an entrepreneur.

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I absolutely adored this book! I love how Morgan was able to write at a young reading level and described big words in a way that was in character. I loved the diversity and the wholesome nature of the story. I look forward to finding the rest of the series to read as well! Highly recommend this book to all young readers, and readers young at heart.

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Have you ever wanted freckles? Well the young entrepreneur in the making, Wednesday Wilson’s, got you covered (literally). May I present to you…Frecktacular!

Wednesday, Charlie, and Mister use a sudden day off to brainstorm new business ideas. Wednesday is excited until she learns that her former best friend, Ruby, will be spending the day at her house.

I liked that although Wednesday’s not thrilled about Ruby being there (and vice versa) she still includes Ruby in their plans. Ruby is very helpful with the business - giving people freckles - and coming up with solutions for the problems they face throughout the story. It was nice to see Wednesday, Charlie and Ruby slowly rekindle their friendship and finally learn why Ruby stopped hanging out with them.

The reactions from the child characters to certain problems felt very real. For instance, kids are very observant and can tell when their parents/guardians are struggling. I liked how the story demonstrated what healthy competition looks like and how to make your business (or any idea) stand out. Sometimes people are teased about having freckles (which has never made sense to me), so I like how Wednesday and the others not only stood up for Charlie (who has freckles) but also turned a negative into a positive that made people happy.

Wednesday is such a charming character. I love her continued determination to succeed and how she utilizes critical thinking skills (very important for kids to learn). And again I love the incorporation and footnotes of business-related terminology. This series is great for early chapter book readers. This was a fun read!

Thank you to Kids Can Press and NetGalley for the eARC to read in exchange for an honest review!

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thank you to netgalley for giving me access to the arc in exchange for an honest review!

this healed my inner child ❤️‍🩹

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Thank you NetGalley and the publisher for giving me the opportunity to read and give an honest review.

This was such a fun and cute read — young readers will definitely enjoy this book.

The story follows Wednesday as she tries to come up with a business plan with the help of her family and friends.

There's really good and soft representation for LGBTQIA+ and people of color that make the book definitely good for little readers.

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Although the starting was slow and characters a little hard to grasp, I loved the book. Wednesday is a lovely MC, who kids will relate to and enjoy. I liked how casual the LGBT family was, without stressing on it to make it stand out or seem weird.

The story is very short, even more so with the gorgeous illustrations accompanying the words. The little footnotes every few pages help children understand foreign terms about business and entrepreneurship.

I can't wait to get my hands on the prequels in the series and will keep a watch for additions. Must read for preteens (ages 9-12)

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middle grade books are honestly always such a comfort read for me 💌

this was no exception. such a sweet and innocent read that only took me a day to finish.

i do feel like i would have enjoyed it more if i had read the other books about wednesday first since in this one we start right away without really getting to know the characters before the plot begins. but nonetheless i had fun, i felt so much for wednesday and her business and i also got so many cute and inspiring quotes out of this book. i love that she has two moms and how their family works, i'm lowkey jealous 😭

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