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My Sunday Best; Pearls of Wisdom, Wit, Grace, and Style by La Verne Ford Wimberly was very sweet and special. I was truly thankful to have gotten to read this before most people! I would like to purchase this one for my physical library!

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Although I didn't get a chance to finish this book before it was archived, I saw enough of it to say how lovely I think it is.
What a wonderful way to spread a little joy in people's lives. I love that there are still people who wear their Sunday Best, even during a pandemic, when tuning into Church from home. It reminded me of women in Church when I was a child.

The book was full of colour, God and joy and I am here for it.

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I have received an electronic version of this book graciously from NetGalley. I read it in small increments on a trip on my very old Kindle Reader. I enjoyed the content, but the photos were black and white and the formatting all jumbled up. Only after I finished it, did it dawn on my to download a copy on the phone app and see the book in all it's colored glory :) It truly is a joy to look at. There are many photos and the quotes and inspirational sayings are on full colorfully designed pages.

Back to the content though. Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly is truly an inspiring old lady. It was a joy reading her autobiography, getting to know her life, her philosophy, her faith and gleaning wisdom from her sayings and principles. All I can say, I can only wish to have her positive outlook on life, her drive to live and her heart for service when I turn 80 years old one day. I will probably go back and copy out some quotes and enjoy here colorful outfits at the same time. Truly an inspirational book.

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I have received an advance copy from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This was ADORABLE! While I really only knew Dr. Wimberly as "the hat lady" from social media, I enjoyed reading about her life and accomplishments, as well as her style! She certainly has inspired me both as a Christian and a woman, to stay close to Jesus and dress my best!

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My Sunday Best
Pearls of Wisdom, Wit, Grace, and Style
by La Verne Ford Wimberly
Pub Date 21 Mar 2023 | Archive Date Not set
Nelson Books, Thomas Nelson

Netgalley and Nelson Books have provided me with a copy of My Sunday Best for review

She made us smile with her hats.
It was her smile that gave us hope.

Early in her career as an educator, Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly helped desegregate the Tulsa school system, served as its superintendent, and had a high school library named after her. It was her determination to remain positive and stay connected during the first year of the COVID pandemic that made Dr. Wimberly a household name.

As a result of posting selfies in her Sunday best for fifty-two consecutive weeks during one of the most difficult periods in our country's history, Dr. Wimberly became a viral sensation-for her hats, her smile, and most importantly, her joy.  

Underneath Dr. Wimberly's elegant church finery lies a wise, warm, and witty octogenarian who is still committed to the values she learned as a child:
Having faith in God and in our country
Family devotion
Having a positive attitude
Living a life of service
This book contains color photographs of all Dr. Wimberly's famous selfies (no repeated outfits! ), fascinating true stories, words of wisdom, and prayers of devotion and gratitude. In this beautiful book, we are provided with an insight into the life and spirit of a woman who inspired an entire nation. Dr. Wimberly reminds us that a life well lived is characterized by loving God, loving people, and having fun.

I give My Sunday Best five out of five Stars!

Happy Reading!

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After posting selfies in her Sunday best for fifty-two consecutive weeks during the pandemic, octogenarian Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly became a viral sensation during Easter 2021, appearing everywhere from the Washington Post to CNN to Fox News.

"People from all over the world have said my Sunday selfies and words of encouragement have blessed and inspired them. Who would have thought photos of an eighty-two-year-old church lady in a hat and Bible verses could do such a thing?"

On March 29, 2020, when her church switched to online services because of coronavirus, Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly couldn't imagine watching the service in her robe. So, she did what she's always done; she put on a beautiful outfit, matching hat, and accessories and got ready for church. Dr. Wimberly, a self-declared social media junkie, thought "it would be fun to snap a selfie and post it on Facebook with a scripture verse and an inspirational message. I'd let folks know I was ready for worship and encourage them to do the same. This was my way to brighten their spirits--and mine--and stay connected during a time of sudden isolation and despair for many people."

I loved this book! To me, it proves that we all want the same thing, a connection with someone, be it tangible or spiritual or both. It was a delightful read, full of interesting insights and wisdom.

Thank you to NetGalley for a copy of this book in return for my honest review.

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Are you in the need of an uplifting message or just need something to smile about today? This book is perfect for you! The inspiring author didn't let the Covid restrictions stop her from dressing up for online church services like she always did for in person services. In fact, she got dressed up and shared her picture on social media and a verse for the day to encourage others. Her life is a message by itself. Living to serve the Lord and be an example and encouragement to others. You can't help but be energized by her and her "Sunday Best." I really enjoyed reading this book and plan on sending it as a gift to some of the ladies in my life.

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Dr. La Verne Ford Wimberly is a mover and shaker in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, education world. What makes her stand out is her inimitable style, her faith, and her love of children. When the world shut down because of Covid-19, and churches were meeting by Zoom or other streaming services, La Verne decided that she would bring her best to God, even in her dining room. So every week for a year, she got dressed in a different outfit and hat, never repeating for the whole year. It was quite the feat, but her outfits and hats were absolutely lovely. I once read a comparison of style and fashion that said that fashion is a "me, too," kind of living, whereas style is an "only me" situation. Dr. Wimberly is an "only me" kind of girl, and she does it with dignity, aplomb, and just a little bit of sass.

Quite a number of year ago, I came across a book called "Having Our Say," written by two 100+ year old sisters who had much of the same attitude as Dr. Wimberly. Their wit and repartee were very similar, as well as their outlook on life.

One thing the reader learns about Dr. Wimberly is that she doesn't let the grass grow beneath her feet. She's on the go and loves to travel. Cruises are among her favorite modes of seeing and doing new things.

This is a quick read with quite a bit of depth to it and it gives the reader a whole new outlook to life. It's meant to be lived and Dr. Wimberly lives well.

Four Stars.

Nelson Books provided the copy I read for this review. All opinions expressed are solely my own.

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