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The Auburn Conference

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This is awesome. What an interesting concept - putting all of these great thinkers and doers into a room for a conference - written in such a smart, funny, creative way. Loved every page. It reminded me of that great question often asked to get to know someone better : “what five people living or dead would you want to have over for dinner?” - the “conversation” flows and goes places that are unexpected and exciting as a reader. Bravo. Great book. Thanks to University of Iowa Press for this advanced copy.
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This is interesting and held my interest. I suspect it will attract a niche audience, but those that pick it up will likely connect with it. Nicely done.

I really appreciate the free ARC for review!!
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this was such a good concept for a historical novel, it was what I was looking for from the description. I loved the use of real people for this conference and thought the story worked so well. Tom Piazza has a great writing style and I enjoyed what he created.

"Walt Whitman, awakened in his room at the opposite end of Harmony House by an identical knock, called out “I am.” For some seconds he was unsure of where he was. Slowly he came to himself. He realized that he had issued an inappropriate response. The Latin ego sum . . . but appropriate enough, he thought."
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