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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings

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I hadn't heard about the Disney TV show before I read this Sunny Bunnies book, but I can understand very well how it might appeal to young children. I found the colours and the concept of the book so appealing myself, that I immediately wanted to take a closer look.

Children today are growing up in a very different world from the one that we had to navigate. For one thing, the amount of screen time that they get on average, and the associated dangers, need to be recognised and addressed by the adults around them.

One of those dangers is a potential lack of opportunity to develop adequate social skills. So by teaching children about how to deal with their emotions in a constructive and gentle fashion, this book is teaching them some priceless lessons.

A few observations:

I love that the emotions are colour coded. This make them easier for young children to grasp, and the personification of them in the Sunny Bunnies is just adorable.

The question format used by the books is a really good way to engage young children.

Giving kids options about how to handle their feelings gives them a sense of agency as well as allowing them to pick a choice that best fits their personality.

I think the writer has done a wonderful job of creating a bunch of characters that can be very effective in helping children understand why they feel a certain way, as well as how best to handle those feelings. It's a great book for little kids!

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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings by Carine Laforest, illustrations by Animation Cafe - 5/5

My children and I enjoy any book that lets us talk about and better understand our feelings. I have tried teaching my children that everyone has feelings, and we should always be trying to understand them and learn from this. They love reading a book and expressing how they would feel, what would cause this feeling and how sometimes we let our feelings get the best of us. The illustrations were bright and fun, the feelings were great, and I loved that they had questions on the bag for the kids to answer.

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Super cute book for fans of Sun Bunnies. It had great details about different feels and gave examples. We even learned some of the Sun Bunnies names! Haha

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This is a super cute book. It would be really helpful to parents trying to explain the different emotions their young children go through. It helps this children develop a connection with how they feel to an explanation.

The illustrations a very vibrant an attractive it allows for the children that are reading/listening to the book to associate the emotions being discussed to a specific image.

The tips at the end are great way to start teaching children how they can respond to the emotions they feel to ensure that they are not overwhelmed.

Thank you NetGalley, Chouette Publishing, and CrackBoom! Books for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

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If you're looking for a book to help explain different emotions to young children then this is definitely it! The pictures are nice and vibrant and the text is easy to understand.

Definitely recommend.

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Thank you NetGalley and Chouette Publishing, CrackBoom! books for this ARC of SUNNY BUNNIES: My Book of Feelings by Carine Laforest, illustrated by Animation Cafe.

In this colourful book children learn about feelings through examples and exercises. It’s an adorable concept, easy to understand for children and tangible exercises to practice to change their mood when its not a pleasant situation or to start your day on the right foot. I really enjoyed this book and believe it would be helpful for people around children.

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Sunny Bunnies is a really great book to explore emotions and techniques to deal with them. I like assigning colors to emotions, as it makes it easier for children to identify.

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Thank you, Chouette Publishing, Carine Laforest, and Netgalley, for an ARC of this book.

This book breaks down each emotion, cause and reaction for smaller kids to easily understand. At the end, it gives exercises to help children control these big feelings when they take over. It's very engaging and interactive. My girls loved it, and the illustrations were cute and fun to look at.

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A cute book that teaches children about feelings and emotions! Each emotion gets its own color (kind of like Inside Out) and the illustrations are very cute!

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My daughter loves the Sunny Bunnies shorts in Disney. I decided to try reading this with her. She liked this book just as much as the show, if not more.

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*thank you to Chouette Publishing, CrackBoom! Books, Carine Laforest and Netgalley for a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review*

4 stars.

I requested this book for 2 reasons. 1, the colours really attracted me and 2, because my niece who is almost 6 is being taught in school to express emotions and to talk about them. Particularly the ones such as sadness, fear and anger. The ones we tend to bottle up and learn to do so at a very young age.

So I wanted to take a look at this book and see if it is something that I would buy for my niece to help her. Turned out, I most definitely would. If she was struggling to name an emotion she was feeling, I would gladly pass this book to her and ask her to point out one of them.

Speaking about emotions is a very important tool that children these days need to learn how to do in a positive way and in a safe environment. This book helps explain what each of the main emotions are. You can see by the cover which are included.

A positive about this book is that each emotion is also colour coded (and by that I just mean that each emotion is given a colour.) Which I think is great too. It's bright and colourful and the illustrations are adorable.

Overall it's a fun book and each page asks you a question about when do you feel that particular emotion or what causes you to feel that emotion. Which is great. It gets kids thinking and connecting to the book a bit more.

One thing that isn't really a negative and I'm not sure if it was done on purpose or not, but with 'Fear' it says, '.....but it also helps to protect you.' Now, maybe it's just me but I'm pretty sure the majority of children are going to wonder what that means. The page doesn't tell you. So maybe it's meant to be left like that so kids will ask the adults? I'm not sure, but I think explaining why it helps to protect you or giving an example, is needed.

But again, overall this is a great book and I would highly recommend it for all children who are just learning about emotions. I know me personally, I've struggled my whole life to express how I feel and to put a name to that feeling, so I extremely would have benefited from this book as a small child.

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I read this with my 6-year-old neurodivergent daughter.
Feelings and emotion topic books are generally a solid hit with her.
She is familiar with the TV show too, which peaked her interest to read the book, immediately.

It’s a very bright and colourful book, which should engage typical children ages 3+.
I’m unsure if my youngest (approaching 3) will keep her interest with the amount of text per page, so perhaps age 4 - and fans of show, are the ideal audience.

Personally, I’m not really keen on digital animation in children’s books. It loses a personal touch, which is so important in children’s literature. (it’s basically a screen, in print form - which may appeal to screen addicts but is a little tragic in my opinion.)
I feel if an illustrator had worked on the imagery, it would suit the theme and be more engaging to younger readers.

Going back to my daughters enjoyment; she stayed focus on every page and took in all information. She really enjoyed the interactive questions at the end of each topic / page.
Her highlight was certainly the extreme tears from sadness, where she felt more humour than empathy!

I’d probably rate this 3* due to the lack of personal illustration, however, my daughter gave it 5*, so we’ll meet in the middle with 4*

Thank you for the ARC, I’m sure we’ll pick it up again in the library once it’s released.

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I like how this book asks a question with each feeling to get kids talking. I think the examples are helpful as well.

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This is a great book to help teach young children about their emotions. My son enjoyed the colorful and engaging pictures. The text is fun and easy to understand. The exercises at the end of the book were great and I look forward to using them with my soon.

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I think this book is a great resource for teaching kids about their feelings and how the different emotions can present but I don't like how the different emotions are kind of labeled as good or bad emotions negative or positive because emotions are not negative or positive they just are its how you react to those emotions that is negative or positive.

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So many moods. Tiny people have big feelings in little bodies. Teaching them to recognize, name and manage those feelings are core to foundational SEL skills that need to be developed to create emotionally intelligent children. This names and reviews many types of moods and why they may experience them. With cute cartoon bunnies as the main characters, children also learn to recognize facial expressions for social awareness. A great book for homes, classrooms and counselling offices.

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This lovely picture book is the perfect way to teach your children about their feelings.
Each feeling is colour coded, for example, sadness is blue, and is explained through great examples by the Sunny Bunnies.
Great features of this book are the example exercises at the end, helping children overcome negative feelings such as anger and sadness.
I rate this book 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to children aged 2 to 4, who love to explore and understand their feelings. I also recommend it to all parents who want to help their little ones to do so.

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Thank you to NetGalley, and the Publisher for the eARC! My Book of Feelings reminded me of the movie Inside Out with the color coding of feelings and focusing on each feeling throughout the book. The playful pictures are perfect for preschoolers. I also like how the author provides questions for the reader to ask the child so the child can make the connection to the feeling. A great read when working on feelings!

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This was an extremely cute book. The emotions were clearly described with fun and examples. I especially loved the emotion focused exercises.

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So colourful, full of brilliant and bright colours portraying moods, emotions.

The illustrations are so good.

It’s a great little book for a parent to get out and read with their child. I would particularly have loved this when my daughter was young, she had unequivocally distressing moods at times. They would swing from happy to sad to angry and frustrated and I think the little book will help a child understand different emotions and a parent or adult to teach them how to control their anger, or how to embrace their happiness, joy and worry.

One flaw for me was, some wording, some seemed a bit more grown up reasoning that a child might misinterpret.

I loved it on the whole though.
Definitely recommend.

I will publish my review on Goodreads, Amazon, Waterstones as soon as it’s published.

Thank you publishers for my copy.

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