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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings

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I love the bright colors and the simplicity of the words intended for kids. I think the longer explanations are really meant for the adult reading this with kids. It gives the adult some words to elaborate on the emotions, without actually reading all that to the kids. And some great strategies for handling emotions included at the end.

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My Book of Feelings contains interesting illustrations. The colour scheme used throughout the book is appealing to children. As other reviewers have mentioned, I wonder whether the text could incorporate more rhyming or attention-grabbing explanations of the distinct emotions. Very young children may struggle to maintain their attention with today's writing style.

Overall, I believe this is a fantastic alternative for parents or carers who want to help their pre-k to early elementary-aged children understand about emotions. Giving these Adults engaging exercises to attempt one-on-one is a terrific idea.

The ideal book for children.
The youngster is aware of his or her emotions.
He discovers what happens when we are happy and sad, for example.
In the end, there are exercises.
We ask the youngster questions once we have identified each emotion.
A fantastic book that both entertains and teaches.

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I requested this book as my toddler saw me browsing Netgalley and said she wanted to read it, so the cover clearly caught her attention! She really enjoyed this book. She watches Sunny Bunnies on Netflix so was aware of them. She's also just started to learn about emotions through colours at nursery so this book compliments that learning really well. I liked the way the book asks the child questions to encourage them to talk about their emotions. My little one doesn't understand all the emotions yet, but she really connected with Joy, Sadness and Angry.

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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings is an engaging introduction to emotions for young children. The colourful illustrations and cute characters effectively grab the reader’s attention. The book’s organization (two-page spread for each emotion and colour-coding) make it easy to navigate. Each page also includes a good description of what the emotion feels like and a specific example of when the characters have felt this way. It invites conversation by including a question to the reader on each page. The back matter includes four good strategies for feeling calm when big emotions overwhelm a child. At times the word choice is too difficult for the target audience and the adult reader may need to reword certain sentences on each page for a child to clearly understand. Suggesting that some emotions are “pleasant” and “unpleasant” may send the wrong message to the reader. Overall the book would be a good tool for educators and parents when discussing emotions with children.

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A colourful, concise wee journey through basic emotions for little ones.
Will certainly suggest it to other parents.
My nephews are 5 and 7 and they loved it.
It’s fun and a great way of learning and understanding things better at a young age.

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This is a colourful and cute representation of emotions, that facilitates how to identify what young children may be feeling. Although the pictures and characters are quite attractive, the story itself could use some excitement to keep the attention of younger readers. I think this book would be suitable for very young toddler age children.

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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings by Carine Laforest, illustrations by Animation Café is a delightful, cute, colourful book that helps children understand their feelings and emotions.

Each page features a different emotion linked with a colour and an adorable Sunny Bunny. The page describes emotional and physical examples of how you are feeling with each emotion They are good examples of the emotions that a young child can relate to. It also provides ways a child can deal with negative emotions such as sadness, fear, and anger.

I always appreciate children’s books that provide an opportunity for children and their parent/carer to discuss important topics.

At the end of each page, there is a question to ask the child. For example, the page for joy is “When do you feel happy? This gives the child an opportunity to express their feelings and the caregiver to help with the development of expressing feelings. The book describes not only the emotional side of feeling but also the physical. (eg sadness may make you feel like crying). This also helps the child to recognise how others are feeling.

Another opportunity for carers to discuss the topic of feelings is the four exercises at the back of the book.

The target audience is pre-schoolers and kindergarten children but would be beneficial reading for older children with disorders such as autism. I also believe in reading to children before they can fully understand any messages in a story, so they grow up knowing the lesson. It’s how my son learned he was adopted and never had any related issues. The lessons in this book could also be helpful for older children learning to read.

Thank you, NetGalley, Chouette Publishing, and CrackBoom! Books for the eARC in exchange for an honest review.

My rating 4*

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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings, (Joy, surprise……)
by Carine Laforest,
Have you ever wondered who Sunny Bunnies are? Well, they are five fluffy fun loving, mysterious magical creatures who live on the sun in unison with each other. You can find these plush toys online for purchase. The Book Sunny Bunny: My Book of Feelings is an extension of these plush toys into adorable book characters, connecting with the readers through the story.
Sunny Bunnies help identify, explain, and exemplify 7 emotions namely, Joy, Sadness, Fear, Anger, Calm, Surprise and Love. Sunny Bunnies have color coded emotions, like yellow for joy, red for anger, green for calm. Children can associate the feelings with these colors and understand the bodily changes when experiencing the feelings. The author poses questions about each feeling on every page and illustrates what caused those feelings. Emotions like crying when sad, glowing, or jumping when feeling joy or yelling or feeling like a volcano when angry distinguish various feelings. Sunny Bunnies also find strategies to tackle those feelings.

The book Sunny Bunnies: My book of feelings also teamed up with the plush toys is a loveable family staple, that will be enjoyed by children.

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This is a very good children’s book that delves into feelings and emotions. I love the concept of color coding, and children respond to this very well. The questions for each color/emotion, and the exercises at the end of the book, offer excellent ways for children to express how they feel, and can also lead to a variety of activities. The illustrations are wonderful. Highly recommended!

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The soft, cuddly characters used to highlight a range of emotions are just areadorable and will keep your toddlers 'and pre-schoolers engaged. The color-coded system used to symbolize different emotions is apt. And discussing the range of common emotions children face is important. However, while taking stock of our feelings and being aware of physical reactions when dealing with certain emotions (such as anger and fear) is important for children to understand . . . some of the suggestions and text are a bit too "New-Agey" for us. Therefore, while we liked the premise, we won't be able to recommend this book.

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This books would aid younger pupils in their understanding of emotions. In addition it has some practical ideas for them to try out in order to self-regulate. All delivered in the package of cute characters. Could be a little reminiscent of inside out, but many pupils enjoy variety.

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The perfect perfect book for working through feelings. My son has been dealing with that and I’m so glad I found this book to read along with him to help him with those big feelings.

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Beautifully presented, I'm going to adapt it for use with my special education pupils. They find it so hard to explain and express themselves. This book
is going to be so nice to talk about.

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This is a cute book on feelings featuring the Sunny Bunnies (characters of the kid tv show). Each feeling is assigned a colour to help kids remember the feelings.

A unique feature of this book is each emotion page gives a small paragraph with multiple examples of how the emotion may make you feel. This gives the child more chances to relate and recognize the emotion as it can appear differently depending on the situation. The book identifies positive and negative emotions and uses the last few pages of the book to give strategies on dealing with those negative emotions.

There are chances for discussing the emotions as each page features a question about the child experiencing that emotion, and gives an example of the Sunny Bunnies experiencing the emotion in the TV Show. These multiple examples allow children to relate better to the emotions and recognize them.

Not all the colour choices made sense to me (Fear is purple and surprise is orange) but giving a colour does help the child give a colour even if they can't remember the word for the emotion.

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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings is brightly illustrated reflecting the popular animated series.

My Four Year Old chose this book to review. She enjoyed the illustrations and finding the characters she recognised. She easily identified the feelings described in the book but found the writing rather boring.

I personally found the written delivery robotic and aimed at an older audience than what the animated series tends to pool.
The pictures are on theme and the exercises at the end of the book are good.

I was gifted a digital copy of this book in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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"Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings" helps kids learn about emotions. Each page names the emotion, gives examples of how you feel and how your body reacts to the emotion, has a discussion question, and gives a picture example with the Sunny Bunnies. At the end, it gives 4 strategies to use to help control your emotions. It is cute and very informative.

Thank you NetGalley for the ebook! These opinions are my own.

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It's funny, upon seeing this book's cover I swear I can hear it. The adorable theme song from the short show played cheerfully through my head while I read through the book.

I liked that the authors displayed the various emotions as colors - a more visual way for young children to understand and view emotions! I especially love the question prompts to the reader/person being read to. This helps foster communication and engagement. The book itself serves as a great foundation for parents or caretakers to begin discussion about emotions and help our kids understand and regulate just what they are feeling.

The page on fear is what made me aware, but every page not only names and describes the feeling/emotion, but also puts words to the physical changes your body can experience. In example, the page on fear describes a faster heart beat and feeling shaky or frozen in place.

It demonstrates healthy ways of channeling our emotion through examples like meditation and yoga. The end of the book gives four exercises to move through emotions. I love this physical example and challenge given to the reader!

This is a book I would use for many ages and think it's beneficial for the adult reading the book as well. I'll be looking for this one on the shelves this fall and gifting it out!

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Sunny Bunnies: My Book of Feelings" may revolve around emotional intelligence, helping children develop an understanding of their emotions, learn how to express them constructively, and develop resilience and empathy towards themselves and others.Empathy and Understanding: The book may promote empathy and understanding towards others' emotions. It may emphasize the importance of being kind and compassionate towards others, and how to show support and understanding It is really good book for kids learning.

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This fun and vibrant picture book does a fantastic job on teaching each emotion to young readers!
The Sunny Bunnies are expressive and colorful characters that are easy for kids to enjoy.

As a parent, I appreciate that each emotion covers an example of what might make you feel that way and your body's physical response as well. It makes it easier to differentiate each emotion.

The exercises that are included to help kids navigate their emotions in the back of the book is such a great addition!

I love the book and I will definitely recommend it!

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My 5 year old son and I read this book together. He really enjoyed the illustrations and the exercises in the back of the book. The concept was good. I liked that the pages described different feelings and then asked the child when they felt what was just described.

Thank you to Carine Laforest and Animation Cafe, Chouette Publishing and NetGalley for allowing us to read this book in advance in exchange for an honest review.

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