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The True Love Experiment is the 30th!!! book for writing duo Christina Lauren & definitely some of their best work yet.
In this follow up to The Soulmate Equation we get to revisit Jess, Juno, and River, and also get to delve deeper into the life of romance author and bff extraordinaire, Felicity "Fizzy" Chen.

Fizzy is happy and content with her life but has found herself in slump. Her love life & professional life are both at a bit of a stalemate, she isn't interested in the random spicy hookups she once used to live for, and her writers block has her dodging her publisher to buy time before her next deadline. That is until Connor Prince enters her life. Connor is a single dad to daughter Stevie, an update and coming television producer, and just so happens to be tall, extremely good looking...oh and he has a sexy British accent. Connor is producing a new reality dating show and believes he has found his star in Fizzy Chen. The pep in her step is back, her fizzled spark has been reignited, she finds herself smiling for no reason, and the show hasn't even started yet! Will Fizzy go on the show and find love...or has love already found her?

This book was fun! Witty banter, off the charts chemistry, a lovable cast of characters, and plenty of pop culture references. A must read for CLo fans and anyone who loves a romcom. Thank you to Gallery Books & NetGalley for an ARC with my promise of an honest review. Publishing 5/16/23
4.5 stars.

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this was WONDERFUL!!!! i was rooting for Cizzy the whole entire book and the side characters were so rich. i haven’t read the prequel to this book but absolutely will

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BRILLANT. Brilliant. Brilliant. The writing duo Christina Lauren has written a masterclass on how to write romance with The True Love Experiment. The True Love Experiment is spectacular for so many reasons. They give us everything a book in this genre should be and more.

First, to get it out of the way the book does stand by itself you wouldn't have to read The Soulmate Equation by Christina Lauren. The female protagonist Fizzy is in TSE and River and Jess but if you have you will have a sweet surprise when you start reading and notice that Fizzy has her time in the sun also. And Fizzy's story is all we would hoped for and then some.

This book has humor through out and it had me actually laughing out loud. Fizzy is funny. This is rom com at it's best. The book starts with Fizzy giving a commencement address and River betting against her keeping the commencement address on track, she nailed it, but during giving the commencement address so feels a punch to her gut that she hasn't lived her best life and she loses her mojo and stops being able to write. Sadly, this affects her across the board and the story takes place a year later after the commencement address and things have still stalled for Frizzy.

This book pokes fun at romance genre tropes in an immensely entertaining way. I've made it clear how much I love this writing duo, I've read everything they have wrote and this story I beleive is their best yet! It's probably going to be up for a GoodReads award in the genre it's that good. When Conner is introduced the tall, British male protagonist with the deep voice, responsible, solid in many ways, a quiet hero to take our fun loving, spirited, independent, feitsty heroine to her knees declaring her love for the hunk of a man then the fire starts crackling. Connor is a devoted father giving up where he could work because he is not wanting to leave the San Diego area where his ten year old daughter lives with his ex. He is a DILF for Fizzy and the banter, laughs and sweet moments they share will actually have you going from laughing to tearing up.

Their relationship is so endearing that it leads to one of the best last chapters of a book I have ever read in my life. So much great stuff is packed in this book, how to parent well with your ex, how complex real relationships are and how to sacrifice from Connor when you put real growth to the test. He'll be an unforgettable hero in that he feels like an everyday man in the beginning but becomes such a gem that you feel all his pain, and glory. I ADORED this book. I'll of course be forever fans of this writing duo. They delivered an outstanding love story with such humor, sophistication and feeling so modern and current and taking something making it feel so fresh but still every day that you fall in love with their writing and this story.

You can't put it down, you just want to keep reading. The pacing is perfect, the arc, the premise, the situations, the whole story keeps the reader engaged. The writing duo takes two reluctant people with more in common then they realize to best friends who deeply care about one another to heartache. Two people who didn't feel lonely but then when they met realized how much their lives were missing makes for such a great story when you have two people who you feel like you can actually be rooting for to be together with such valid reasons to be apart. It's genius to take a not new premise and make it this captivating. Connor will be branded in the hearts of many after reading this love story. I visualized this as a rom com movie while reading.

I noticed on page 230 Jess is stated as having tea but then on the same page it says she lifts her coffee to her lips. Other than that this story is perfection. The best of the best in this genre, an absolute gem of an escape novel, with a great premise, to bring all the feels and the joy. Their absolute best writing yet!

I would love to thank NetGalley and the publisher Simon & Schuster for the opportunity to read and review this titanium of a book. It is so good I want to turn around and read it again. That is rare.

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I have to admit that I was not a huge fan of Christina Lauren’s most recent books (Something Wilder and The Soulmate Equation). The fun, quick banter between the two romantic leads was missing; I wasn’t getting what I expected from a CL read. The True Love Experiment, however, was a return to what they do best. Fizzy was a great romantic lead and Conner was her perfect match. I loved this book and flew through it. Highly recommend if you enjoy CL and/or funny and light rom-com books!

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It's no secret whatsoever that I love CLo's writing (and also love them as people), but God, The True Love Experiment was on a whole other fucking level. Fizzy was even more delightful as a main character, and Connor was the truest of romance novel daddies. The TV show concept was adorable, and I love me some precocious children. But above all, I adore how this book was a giant send-up to romance readers everywhere. What an absolutely delightful and fitting tribute from two icons of the genre we all know and love.

Anyway, if y'all need me, I'm currently trapped in a glass case of emotion with no means of escape.

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As much as I loved Soul Mate Equation this is even better. I am obsessed with Fizzy and my new crush Conner. Fizzy, a loud opinionated romance writer who has lost her mojo, is an incredible character and I’m so glad she got her own book. Christina Lauren are a favorite for me and this might be their best book yet.
It’s not just a well done rom com. TLE a love letter to the pink cover books and the women who love and support them.
Thank you to NetGalley for giving me this book I exchange for my honest review. 10/10 recommend

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This book centers around two main characters, Fizzy and Conner. Fizzy is a romance writer, currently suffering from writers block after having a relationship end badly. Conner is a producer who makes environmental documentaries. However, the production company forces him to produce a dating series. His ex-wife is a big fan of Fizzy's books and he decides she'd be the perfect star for his new series. Except he's never read a romance novel and she's quick to dislike him at their first meeting. This is another fantastic book by Christina Lauren!

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Reading anything by Christina Lauren is like throwing on cozy blanket and curling up in front of a fire with a mug of hot cocoa... you know that you'll never be disappointed and you'll be left with that warm and fuzzy feeling. The Love Experiment is all of that and then some.

Fizzy Chen is back and in an unprecedented slump. She hasn't written any of her trademark romance novels in quite a while and she also hasn't dated anyone in just as long. When she's approached to star in a reality dating show by Connor, the gorgeous producer, she agrees but only if her list of outrageous- and outrageously funny - demands are met. As Connor and the network rush to find a cast of Heroes that meet all of Fizzy's requirements, a bond forms between Connor and Fizzy that may just be lust... or is it the love story that our favorite romance writer has been waiting for?

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Thanks to Gallery Books and NetGalley for this eARC!

I loved this reality show rom-com about Fizzy, a romance author who needs a bit of a life reset and Connor, a single dad who is producing the show she's on.

The banter was great, and I LOVED the dual perspectives here. We really needed to be in both Fizzy and Connor's heads. Just a pure delight (except for the break I had to take when the big ~complication~ occurred, because I was sad).

These reality show-set romances are very much working for me, and this one has a lot of sparkle!

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It’s been two years since I started reading and reviewing ARCs, and this came full circle for me, as The Soulmate Equation was the first book I ever received from Netgalley. Awful titles aside, both books are pretty great.

“Sparks fly when a romance novelist and a documentary filmmaker join forces to craft the perfect Hollywood love story and take both of their careers to the next level—but only if they can keep the chemistry between them from taking the whole thing off script.”

I didn’t realize this would be a sequel, in a way, to the Soulmate Equation (TSE), so I was pleasantly surprised to find River Peña appear at the very beginning of this book. If you haven’t read the first”, you aren’t going to be confused at all, as it’s a true stand-alone book. I don’t remember much of Fizzy’s character from TSE, but I liked her even more in this one. She’s funny and a wonderful friend, truly a likable character.

This one was slightly slow to start, with many ups and downs between the two leads, but it still worked. Some of the writing was truly remarkable, almost Taylor Jenkins Reid-like, which is exciting to see from these authors. (It’s been a long way since Beautiful Bastard!). The reality show aspect of the story reminded me a bit of Lauren Layne’s Runaway Groom, which I do mean as a compliment, but the ending in this one was a little less cheesy.

After the underwhelming Something Wilder, I’m happy to see this duo sharing something worth reading more than once again. Would recommend!

Many thanks to Netgalley and Gallery Books for sharing a digital reviewer copy with me in exchange for my honest thoughts.

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Add to your TBR and pre-order right now. As much as I tried to slow down and savor, I absolutely devoured the best Christina Lauren book yet. A follow up to The Soulmate Equation, Fizzy agrees to a dating show to try to get her mojo back, but has pants flutters and capital Feelings for the producer instead of the contestants. Funny and full of heart, this book, while it has its own love story, is a love letter to the romance genre and romance readers.

Also loved the appearances of Jess and River, the healthy inclusion of therapy, and all the pop culture references, but especially the shout out to Crash Landing on You, unequivocally the best K-drama.

Thank you to Net Galley and Gallery Books for an advanced e-book in exchange for an honest review!

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I LOVED this book! The True Love Experiment follows Fizzy, from the Soulmate Equation (released in 2021). I had read that book last year and didn’t remember the details about Fizzy’s character, but immediately fell in love with her through this book. The True Love Experiment is fun and funny. Reading it, I was smiling and laughing as I went. The story is great, the timing is wonderful, and the banter is witty and positive. Connor, our male hero is sweet and prioritizes his daughter over everything else. I loved the conversations and interactions with her, and Juno *(the daughter from Soulmate Equation). I will definitely be purchasing this book when it comes out!

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I am obsessed with the Soulmate Equation have been wanting a Fizzy book ever sense. This book was everything I wanted. At first, I was worried that no book would both do her justice while showing a different and deeper side to her, but this book delivered.

Basically, Fizzy goes on a dating show in the hopes of doing things differently while she struggles with a dry spell and writers block. During her meetings with the producer before the show, she realized she’s falling in love, jeopardizing both of their futures.

I loved this story! Fizzy is great and is well complemented by Connor. We get another adorable kid and plenty of River, Jess, and Juno.

The duo states that this book is for the romance lovers out there and it’s definitely that. So much talk about the romance genre.

Basically it’s great and I’m already excited to reread it! ❤️

Current linked post is a teaser. Will post full review closer to pub day as well as on pub day.

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My new favorite Christina Lauren book. It's all the romance things I ever wanted and can't believe how much I loved Fizzy and Connor's story. It was wonderful to revisit some of my favorite characters and to fall into this beautiful romance. Absolutely loved it. Thank you netgalley for this arc in exchange for my honest opinion.

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My FAVORITE of theirs. Run and pre-order!

Fizzy is the romance writer who seems to have it all. But that comes crashing when she realizes that life isn't just a one night stand.

Connor is the TV producer who is obsessed with saving the environment and his daughter Stevie. When his boss tells him he needs to produce a reality television dating show, Felicity aka Fizzy is the first person to come to mind.

Hence The True Love Experiment. But what happens when this experiment is more than what was bargained for?

I read, laughed and cheered while reading the latest Christina Lauren. Both authors shine and take care to tell Fizzy's story with the gusto that was needed. The ending was well written and the spice is one of the highest yet seen from the duo.

Do yourselves a favor and pre-order from your favorite indie!

Thank you Netgalley and Gallery Books for my arc in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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Anyone who has read THE SOULMATE EQUATION knew Fizzy brimmed with life and a story...and here it is! THE TRUE LOVE EXPERIMENT surprised me - I already had high expectations (if Christina Lauren writes it, I will read it)...but it exceeded every expectation. I fell head over heels for Fizzy within the first ten pages with her fantastic humor, irreverent sass, and beautifully vulnerable heart. Then, tall, British, dimpled Connor stepped onto the page and, as the two began trading jabs and banter, I was hooked. I laughed, squealed, and blushed as I read.

This is a beautiful story. Make sure you read the dedication - it is so very true. And you'll quickly see that it will be an easy favorite for those who love this genre.

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No words can express how much I LOVED this book. All the hearts, the stars, the puppies, and the rainbows go to Christina Lauren.

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Well, this book was perfect!
While you don't have to have read The Soul Mate Equation to enjoy this book, I still recommend reading it first.
The True Love Experiment had just the right mix of romance, self-doubt, hilarity, and character growth. Bonus- it avoided pitfalls like pages and pages of miscommunication where you are just screaming at both characters.
I loved both Fizzy and Connor, and the supporting cast was full of winners too.

Another homerun from Christina Lauren.

Thanks to Netgalley and Gallery Publishing for an early copy for review.

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The True Love Experiment follows Fizzy who is a beloved romance author. The thing about Fizzy is that she has never been in love. Connor is a documentary filmmaker however, his boss wants him to do something different. His boss wants him to create a reality TV show. He creates a dating show where Fizzy is the star and is going to find love. Fizzy may not need the show to fall in love. Since Connor might just be the one she ends up falling for.

I love Christian Lauren books. They are one of my go-to romance authors. I screamed when I was approved for an ARC of this book. This book was so good. This book is a follow up to The Soulmate Equation ( which I also LOVED). I will say that you do not need to read The Soulmate Equation before reading this one, but I would highly recommend it. I loved everything about this book. Fizzy and Connor were just so cute. I loved the whole plot of this book. I like how it had little call backs to The Soulmate Equation. This book does have similar vibes to The Charm Offensive. So if you liked that book you will love this one. I higly suggest this book and every book that Christian Lauren writes.

Thank you so much Netgalley, Gallery Books, and Christian Lauren for the ARC of this book. All opinions are my own.

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This duo has just won my heart! The chemistry and sexual tension jumped off the page. Fizzy's admission and Connor's grand gesture were perfection. This was the story I didn't know I needed when reading The Soulmate Equation.

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