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Frank’s Wing

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This reminded me of more traditional or classic poetry. It was enjoyable to read. I love poetry and this book was different than what I usually read but still enjoyable
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Oh nice, I’m pleased to be the first to review this book. I’m a huge fan of originality. So then…

And now for something completely different…
But first, are you familiar with the words ekphrastic? I wasn’t. It’s Greek. Originally meant to mean describing something in great vivid detail, but lately turning into describing works of art. Ta-da, now you know.
So then ekphrastic poetry is poetry about art. But this volume features only art unseen and imagined. Which conceptually I love.
Stylistically, well, it’s modern poetry, it inevitably leaves something to be desired for a classicist. But for modern poetry, it’s quite good, and it nice to see that it serves an elevated and original purpose as opposed to navel-gazing overshares that most poets seem to go for these days.
All in all, a very interesting read. Thanks Netgalley.
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I am so thankful to Jacob Arthur Mooney, ECW Press, and NetGalley for granting me advanced access to this book before its publication on April 11, 2023. I was so moved by the writing and linguistics in Frank's Wing that I felt compelled to emotional outbursts at times.
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