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In Bring Me Your Midnight teen witch Tana Fairchild, the coven-leader's daughter on the island of Witchery, is expected to marry Landon Yates, the non-magical son of the mainland's governor. Her coven has given up high magic in favor of the tourist-friendly low magic to assuage the fears of the mainlanders. Although she doesn't love Landon, he is a kind man, and she knows he will assure her coven's protection. She is willing to make this sacrifice until Wolfe Hawthorne, who practices high magic and lives with a hidden coven on the island, appears to her at midnight during her coven's annual ritual where they release their magical powers into the ocean. Missing the annual purge, Tana seeks out Wolfe to help her drain the potentially deadly excess magic from her body. Wolfe complies and they begin a clandestine relationship which evolves into a passionate love. Wolfe tries to convince Tana to embrace her magic. The purging ritual is disturbing the ocean currents and threatening the island's fragile environment. Tana is torn between her obligation to her coven and her love for Wolfe, and the exhilaration she experiences when she practices high magic. Their midnight meetings help Tana begin to embrace a major change in her destiny.

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4.5/5 - This is my favourite book so far from Rachel Griffin! The characters, the setting, the original concept all worked together and were well developed. In particular, I loved the nature and water imagery that flowed throughout.

The story follows Tana as she navigates her responsibilities to her coven and the island, whilst battling her own feelings and needs. As a character, I found her relatable as she tries so hard to do the right thing, despite the fact that it's not what she really wants. Her, at times, isolated experience felt very real and honest. This, coupled with the topic of an arranged marriage made for an interesting dynamic that was delivered really well.

And then there was the plot twist - Wolfe, who is as wild and as rugged as the sea he loves. What I really enjoyed was that their relationship felt very organic and unforced, it also didn't detract from the other themes in the book - family loyalty, tradition, environmental issues, etc. The main plot was still very much about Tana and her journey of self discovery.

The only negative for me, was at times there were unnecessary descriptions and the pace slowed but the atmosphere made it comforting rather than jarring.

I'd really recommend this book to all who love nature, witchy fantasy!

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"I would set the world on fire just to see your face. That’s what I’m afraid of."

I am a huge Rachel Griffin fan, some of her previous books have been some of my favorite I've ever read. Her writing is always so beautiful, atmospheric and vibrant, and I enjoy it so much. The romance in this was absolutely perfect. I fell in love with the characters, and the interesting magic. This book was enchanting in all the best ways and I could not put this one down.

Read if you enjoy:
• forbidden love
• enemies to lovers
• interesting magic
• atmospheric writing

"Hope paves the way for wanting things that were never part of the plan."

Thank you for my complimentary copy. I appreciate it so much🙂

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Thank you to NetGalley for the eARC of Bring Me Your Midnight by Rachel Griffin.

Bring Me Your Midnight was a spellbinding story of a witch who wants only to support her coven, until something comes along to open her eyes and allows her to want choice and freedom.

The writing was very beautiful, and the whole book read in a mystical tone that I very much enjoyed.

A lovely standalone!

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This was good in a very nostalgic way. Is it the best book I've ever read? No. But it is definitely fun and enjoyable and a perfect escape.

I will definitely keep rereading this book for years to come.

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Rachel Griffin’s climate change-based novels have always intrigued and inspired me. Unfortunately, her newest Bring Me Your Midnight didn’t hit the same way. I did enjoy it overall, but it just doesn’t compare to The Nature of Witches and Wild of the Witch.

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Thank you to NetGalley for providing me with an ARC of this book.

First, I'm a mood reader.
Second, I choose (for the most part) my books based on the cover. Pretty cover? I'm buying it!

I was drawn in by a gorgeous cover and an intriguing synopsis.
Overall, the plot sounded intriguing and felt like a fun entry into the young adult fantasy genre.

: Bring Me Your Midnight is a novel about Tana, a twenty-year-old witch who is betrothed to Landon, the mainland’s governor’s son. An alliance is being sealed through marriage in order to protect the witches that call the island, the Witchery, home. However, Tana’s world is shaken when she misses her monthly rush—a ceremony where the witches expel their extra magic into the ocean—and finds her life is at risk due to an excessive build up of magic. And then she meets Wolfe, a witch who practices dark magic, and he challenges her worldview as she begins to fall in love with him.

I started the audio book on Netgalley, missed the deadline, bought the paperback, started the paperback but ultimately gave it to a friend. So I did not finish this one.
I was really looking forward to it though, but I just couldn't get invested.

It get's 2 stars for the cover and the synopsis. Because it looks really good and it sounded like something I could really like.

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I wasn't expecting to like this book. The cover screams YA to me but in the way they says it has been done a hundred times before. The writing is so good. The characters are interesting and the plot is fresh. I am so glad I received a copy.

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Wasn't worth the hype that It kills me writing this because I love Rachel Griffin books.

I got so hype for a whole year and I was too excited (cuz the cover and a new book of Rachel) but don't know got afraind in the end of even started it.

I think the thing that got bad was that is was YA, everything would be so much different if it was an adult book like The river enchanted series. I have to say that even I didn't like this one I would continue to read Rachel books.

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I’ve read all of Rachel Griffins work and I absolutely loved this story. Magical, witchy and in tune with nature, this has the atmosphere that I often crave but have difficulty finding.

Tana is a remarkable character and her arc is done so well. Living her whole life trusting and believing in something only to find out that not everything is as it appears. What Tana does with this knowledge and responsibility throughout the story while also finding love made for a fantastic story.

The magical world that Griffens builds is one that enchanted me; the natural magic the most. There’s romance and magic and the trials of young adulthood all wrapped up into a fantastic story. Well done, Rachel Griffins! Well done!

I apologize for the lateness of this review, I’m not sure how it slipped by me.

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If there’s one author who can write witchy nature goodness, it’s Rachel griffin! I adored her first two books and this third book was definitely par for the course! She has such a lovely way of crafting stories, it makes my heart happy!

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I couldn't finish the book. It was a DNF for me. The book dragged and it didn't capture my attention.

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This was an amazing witchy read! I loved everything about this one. The characters, the love story, the magic, the lies. If your a fan of witches, magic or even a great love story, you will definitely enjoy this one as much as I did! I wish there was more.

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Thank you to Netgalley and Sourcebooksfire for this free copy in exchange for an honest review!

“I am bewitched, every part of me. And as long he says my name and touches my skin and exists on this beautiful Earth, I always will be.”

I loved this book! The world building was very well done and beautifully descriptive without it being too much, I enjoyed the sea based setting and all of the imagery around that. Just to start with, the cover of this book is absolutely beautiful and really fits well with the book! I don’t read witchy books very often but this book may have changed that for me. It was easy to read and very enjoyable, it only took me a couple of days to finish.

“I used to believe that I belonged to the sea. But I was wrong. The sea belongs to me.”

The writing style was beautifully carried out and immersed me in the story.

I would definitely recommend this book to lovers of fantasy, witchy books and romance readers! It was cleverly thought out but still easy to understand and keep up with.

I gave this book a 4 ⭐️

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I liked it but not as much as I thought I would. I do not think I will be purchasing this for my teen collection because not a lot of them read fantasy.

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This book just wasn’t for me. I felt like the pacing was a little too slow and I never found myself eager to pick the book back up. It wasn’t the writing that I didn’t care for but the development of the story.

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The creative writing by Rachel Griffin doesn't disappoint. She always gives you a great story mixed with current events. Thank you NetGalley for the read.

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This was a great YA romance with excellent pacing and gorgeous writing. The atmosphere and world-building was intriguing and I loved all the twists, but I found myself wanting ‘more’ from this! The execution fell a bit flat but I still thoroughly enjoyed myself!

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This one was a really good YA fantasy read with witches, forbidden romance and some tension but I think I preferred the author's other book - Wild Is The Witch over this one.⁣

Tana Fairchild has always known that her life has been planned out for her. As the daughter of the coven leader, she's meant to marry the son of the governor of the mainland in order to establish an alliance between them and their island of witches and to bring security. But that doesn't stop her from yearning for more and for something that she could choose for herself.⁣
Everything changes one night when she misses a monthly ritual and meets Wolfe, a member of the old coven that practices what her coven considers as dark magic. And he's the only person who can help her now. And as he begins to teach her this magic that feels so right for her, she discovers that what she's been led to believe her whole life might be wrong. And she might have to make a choice soon.⁣

Rachel's writing was amazing as usual in this one and I really loved the magical and cozy vibes with excellent characters. What took it down a notch perhaps was the insta love 🤔 I usually don't mind this as long as their relationship develops later but here I felt that they didn't get to know each other as well as we were made to think. The forbidden romance did add a touch of enjoyment to this though. I ended up liking most of the characters and how different they were from each other - but noone was completely bad in a sense. They just had their own beliefs and things that they were willing to sacrifice for. I was actually more curious about the world building and I felt like that could have been explored too, but I still enjoyed reading this one!❣️✨

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ARC kindly provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

This book has my entire heart!

I loved this book. I have no idea why I didn't pick it up sooner. This was haunting, spooky and utterly atmospheric and had everything I loved in a book. Enemies to lovers? Forbidden romance? Magic? Tick. Tick and tick.

The book follows Tana, a witch who works in a perfumery on a small magical island with her family. Ever since she was young, she had an arrangement to marry the son of the governor of the mainland to forge an alliance between them and the witches. The coven Tana belongs to performs low magic, every month going out to the other side of the island, depositing their magic into the sea to avoid a magical build up. One night, Tana accidentally misses the rush and in desperation meets a witch from a long forgotten coven to help use the magic she didn't deposit. Wolfe helps Tana tap into the connection between the witchcraft that flows through her and nature while their friendship grows into something more. Tana needs to choose between duty and her heart, the life she's always known and the future she never imagined.

I think one of the best things about this book is the aesthetic and how atmospheric it is. From the first page this book had a witchy allure that sucked me in immediately. I enjoyed reading about the magic systems and could feel the connection Tana had to her island.

Something else I really enjoyed were the characters. I loved Tana and how vulnerable she was. She was very empathetic with a strong sense of duty and the courage to follow her heart. I loved her family, her relationship to her coven and of course, her relationship to the love interest Wolfe who was tall, dark and handsome personified. He saw Tana for who she was and helped her to embrace herself and her powerful magic.

The only negative I had was the plot. To me, it seemed like it was setting itself up for Tana to either introduce high magic to the witches in her coven and help them to embrace it or to rebel against the mainland. This book seemed to take a more character-focused approach instead, focusing more on Tana embracing herself than what it seemed to set up at the beginning of the novel. It wasn't a bad thing, I still enjoyed the story regardless.

All in all, I really enjoyed this book. The characters, the world, magic systems and romance were a highlight for me. The only negative was the plot which I believed was leading up to something and then didn't. I wish this book was a series because I would love to see this cast of characters again and I feel like there was so much that I would love to explore more about.


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