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I really enjoy this authors romances! I really enjoyed this marriage of convince between Fredricka and Wyatt. The kids were also so adorable! Fredricka needs a husband, fast! Wyatt needs a wife to collet his codicil….seems like a perfect solution to marry one another without love! Fredricka is also trying to gain permanent custody of her nieces and nephew. She wants to live in the country with the children while having Wyatt stay in on London. But these two get to know one another…and Wyatt get closer to the children. I loved the slow burn between the two. I thought it was a really sweet romance.

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This is the first book in Amelia Grey's new series, and it was an ok read for me. The story has a few tropes that I always enjoy, especially the marriage of convenience and the opposites-attract romance. Plus, the kids are adorable! I didn't love the romance as much as some of the other aspects of the story, like Wyatt's friend group, and Fredericka's relationship, and Wyatt's growing relationship, with the children.

The love story between Wyatt and Fredericka didn't quite hit the mark for me. They have a lot to overcome, and there were times when they both frustrated me with their miscommunication and failed attempts to understand each other. I almost think they were too different. I found Wyatt to be immature, and it was hard to get invested in his character. Fredericka, on the other hand, was a bit too strict, which made it challenging to connect with her. Fredericka is very disciplined and straight-laced, while Wyatt is a rake and very carefree. He has a lot of growing up to do to fill the role of husband and father, and their parenting philosophies were so different. There were times when they complemented each other well, but the chemistry wasn't quite there for me. It's definitely a slow-building and burning, closed-door love story.

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If the Duke of Wyatthaven wants to claim his inheritance from his grandmother, he will need to marry within 7 days. At the same time Miss Fredericka Hale has been raising her sister's three children for the past year after their parents were killed in a crash, but now a childless, married cousin is petitioning the court for custody of Elise, Charles and Bella. Neither of these two want to be married but they realize that a marriage would help each of them out. Fredericka can stay in the country with the children while Wyatt stays in London doing what he usually does.

When the petition of the children is not dismissed after their wedding, and then Fredericka's cousin Jane Tomkin threatens her, she has no choice but to take the children to London and look for her husband. Once they arrive the fun begins. It seems that the Duke has been longing for his wife and seeing her brings everything out in the open. It turns out that this marriage may not be in name only. Wyatt decides he wants to do whatever he can to make his new wife happy and finds a way to make sure the children stay with them. Now that Fredericka's in his life, Wyatt is going to make sure that stays permanent so they can have the happy ending that neither of them realized they even wanted.

I really enjoyed this sweet, marriage of convenience story. Neither Wyatt or Fredericka wanted to get married but in the end it worked. I really enjoyed the kids. They added such a fun, laugh out loud sense to the story. Overall this was a very fun read and I can't wait for the next in the series.

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This is the first installment in a new historical romance trilogy. It has marriage-of-convenience, instant-attraction, and forced-proximity.

This book follows Fredericka, an aunt-turned-mother to her orphaned nieces and nephew, and Wyatt, a Duke living a rake lifestyle while using tournaments to raise money for the hospital he started with his friends. Both are riddled by regret from their past, which are put to the test when they suddenly get married— Wyatt to be able to receive his inheritance and Fredericka to keep custody of her kids.

But what was started as a marriage of convenience with them living separate lives soon turns into the new couple living together as Fredericka’s cousin refuses to give up her claim on the children.

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I have been meaning to read Amelia Grey for years and what a perfect place to start with her first novel in her new series! Yours Truly, The Duke is the first installment in the Say I Do trilogy which is to focus on Dukes who must wed in order to gain their wealth. Amelia Grey's writing has a blend of lightness and humor which give this marriage of convenience story a charm and creates the perfect moments of banter and growth between the hero and heroine. This story is sweet, has family at its center and a slow burn romance. This romance is fairly low angst and really about the journey of two people entering into a marriage in order to gain something they need. The romantic plot slowly builds as the hero and heroine learn to work together and respect each other especially around the aspects of parenting. I found this to be a nice introduction to Amelia Grey's writing style. If you have never read her before her style feels very similar to Jane Ashford and Ella Quinn to me. Her writing is soft and sweet, the story pacing has a gentle ease that focuses on character development, and the romance has a very low steam level. So if you are looking for a novel with very light steam, a simple romance that focuses on family, this novel is one you should check out.

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Wyatt has a quick marriage to meet the terms of his grandmother's will. He wants his inheritance from her. Fredricka needs a husband, or she will lose her sister's children. It seems like an ideal situation where both sides are winning. Fredricka knows what it feels like to be an orphan and will do anything to keep her sister's children. However, Jane, her sister's friend, is barren. She cannot have her own children, so she has decided to make a better parent for Fredricka's sister's kids. However, when Fredricka marries Wyatt, she is convinced his title will save her from the suit and save her from losing the kids, but Jane is still pursuing the case. She wants the kids. Wyatt thought that once he got married, he could do what he wanted, but he promised to help Fredricka save the kids, so he's a man of his word!
I loved the characters' dynamics, and it was very well written. I have not read anything by this author before, but I enjoyed her writing style! Thank you, St. Martins Press and Netgalley, for the extraordinary opportunity to read and review this one!

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I thought this was a cute book and the romance was good. A really good book for fans of historical fiction/romance. I also loved the kids personalities! So cute.

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This isn't the first time I have read this author, but sadly, this also isn't the first time where I have felt that the premise didn't live up to the book.

These characters on their own were strong and fun, but together? Good gracious, is it so unreasonable to think they might actually speak to one another on something that might be important? Instead of reading about two characters growing together, I got a story about two characters constantly being at odds with one another.

Wyatt gives a birthday / coming-out ball for a friend's sister. Frederika shows up unexpectedly and gets mad instead of letting him explain (even though he was well within the boundaries they had set for their marriage). She doesn't even seem to care that he was, above all else, worried about the dangers of her traveling alone at night with her three small wards. It's all about her and her hurt feelings.

The children were adorably written. However, they were another point of contention between the pair. Wyatt felt Frederick was too strict with them (which I understand, considering at one point he compared them to wooden soldiers, and she wouldn't even allow them to play outside when Wyatt was asleep for fear of disturbing him); however, he was entirely too lenient with them at times I felt undermining Frederick's authority over them which of course led to disastrous results. It also made no sense why he so desperately wanted Fredericka to forgive the villain of the story when she was an absolutely horrid woman who did nothing to earn forgiveness.

Another thing that didn't make sense was why Fredericka would have encouraged her sister to travel to London with her husband in the first place, knowing full well that theirs was not a happy marriage and he was sometimes "harsh" with her. The fact that, at one point, the children were in fear that Wyatt was going to strike Fredericka tells me all I need to know about how "harsh" her brother-in-law had been, so again, why did she push so hard for her sister to travel alone with him?

Now I have come to learn two things after reading Yours Truly, The Duke. One this book will be enjoyed by a lot of people who are not me. Two, this author just isn't for me.

DISCLAIMER: I received a complimentary copy of this novel from the publisher. This has not affected my review in any way. All thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are 100% my own.

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This title was wonderful, and I can’t wait for future books in the Say I Do trilogy.

Both of our main characters are strong and willing to stand up for themselves in different ways. Fredericka Hale and the Duke of Wyatthaven (Wyatt) have very good reasons to agree to a marriage of convenience. And both have secrets that they guard zealously.

Watching these two get to know each other and find that their paths do become one is delightful. The action truly heats up when Fredericka decides to fight for her marriage — not for love but for the children.

Love, of course, comes as a surprise to both.

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I received an advanced reader's copy of Yours Truly, The Duke by Amelia Grey.

I enjoyed this marriage of convenience novel. Fredericka is caring and wants to raise her sister's children. She is willing to do what it takes to keep custody of them. The Duke of Wyatthaven improved her chances to keep them by her side. Fredericka has experienced feeling unwanted and being a bother in the past, something she hasn't overcome. As a result, she tends to misinterpret what's said to her and twists Wyatt's words. Wyatt also doesn't express himself very well. This leads to them arguing quite a bit and I felt this took away from the romance aspect of the story. I loved the children and my heart went out to them as they've gone through so much at such an early age.

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I so wanted to love this story. Unfortunately I found it plodding and irritating. I really can't believe I'm saying this about a beloved historical romance. I think it was the hero and heroine's actions. Yes they have chemistry, really good chemistry, but the kept rubbing each other the wrong way and quarreling or taking what was said to them wrong. They are both lost souls that can't find peace. He is searching for redemption and she's looking for validation. Until they put their pasts ghosts to rest and learn to communicate, they're doomed to fail as a couple. I was so pulling for them but it took forever.

It started out as a marriage of convenience for both of them. Miss Fredericka Hale, 20 finds herself caring for her older sister Angela's three children. Fredericka's older cousin, Jane whom they were raised with in their youth after their parents died, has sued for custody of the children as she's discovered she's barren. Fredericka is single and Jane is married to a younger son of a viscount and is in a better position for custody with her marriage and social status. Fredericka's solicitor suggests if she was married she'd be in better position to keep custody.

The Duke of Wyatthaven, Wyatt to his friends has discovered his grandmother had a codicil to her will that directs if he's not married 20 years after her death, he must marry in 7 days he'll loose her estate and it will be given to the Poetry Society. Wyatt hates poetry because of a cruel schoolmaster who taught poetry. Through his solicitor he is matched to Fredericka who also needs a husband asap. They marry and keep their individual lives the same, him full of charity gaming with his club in London, and she in the country with the children in their home. Enter Jane who makes short and difficult visits to see family. Her visits are attacks or digs on Fredericka and treats for the children. After a disturbing visit from Jane, Fredericka packs the kids up and journeys to Wyatt's London townhouse. She arrives in the middle of a party Wyatt is giving for his friend Grant Fenway and his sister Priscilla. This meeting is unexpected and misunderstood by all who observed it. Wyatt and Fredericka do not communicate well and take the worst meaning to what's said even if it's not meant. They keep having enjoyable times together and then messed up communication. This conflict continues until it hits a crisis and they have to search for what they really want in their heart.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Perfectly charming and heartwarming characters. Witty and romantic! Interesting plot that kept me thoroughly engaged throughout. Enjoyed every minute of it!

*I received a complimentary ARC of this book in order to read and provide a voluntary, unbiased and honest review, should I choose to do so.

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I really enjoyed Fredericka and Wyatt's story! It was so much fun watching them fall in love after having decided to wed for practical reasons. The children were a hoot too!

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Thank you NetGalley and St. Martin's Press for my copy of Yours Truly, The Duke.
What can I say? I simply enjoyed this so much more than I thought. It brought me to tears throughout the book. As much as I loved Wyatt and Fredrika's romance, I felt the real star of the show was their relationships with those kid. I did find the spice of the story underwhelming but it makes up in with heartwarmingness. I can't wait to follow the series as they appear.

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I really wanted to love this one. Just look at that cover! It’s gorgeous. But a few things just missed the mark for me. There is ALOT for Wyatt and Fredericka to work through and overcome and unfortunately it ended up being pretty tangled with several plot lines sort of thrown in and then dropped (Fredericka’s abusive brother in law for example). And while I liked certain aspects of the MCs relationship, Wyatt felt very immature and Fredericka felt so inconsistent. They were complete opposites and I think they ended up being TOO opposite. The chemistry was just not there. It would have been nice to see a bit more of their relationship really forming but they always seemed to end up in an instance of miscommunication and it got tiresome very quickly.

Thank you to St. Martin’s Press for an ARC! All thoughts and opinions are my own!

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This is Book 1 of the new "Say I Do" series. It's a marriage of convenience trope.
Wyatt, the Duke of Wyatthaven, needs to marry within 7 days, to keep his inheritance from his grandmother. His solicitor tells him of a very acceptable young lady who also needs to marry.
Frederick Hale needs to marry in order to keep custody of hers sisters children. She has been searching for the right man to help her with this.
What is better than a Duke? Fredericka knows this Duke by reputation only. He is the complete opposite of her. She is prim and proper. He is a rogue.
They agree to marry and go their separate ways. He gets his inheritance and he promised to see to it that she will get custody of her nieces and nephew.
This leads to a lot of interesting situations. Many characters are introduced., Since it is the first in a series. But all in all a good book.
4.5 stars rounded up.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
I'd like to thank Netgalley for the opportunity to review this book.

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Marriage of convenience is one of my most favorite tropes and this book had all the good makings of a really good MofC story. Duke need a wife to gain an inheritance ✔️, Unmarried woman needs a father for her deceased sisters children ✔️, Villain cousin is threatening to take said children away via the courts ✔️. Everything is ripe for a perfect book, our MMCs slowly falling in love while they fight a common foe. But it just really fell flat. They kept arguing about stupid things and either of them understood that raising children is a unified effort. I also wasn’t aware that this was a fade to black book. Now, I have nothing against fade to black or close door sex scenes, but waiting until 82% for the first sex scene in a marriage of convenience is just too long of a wait. Especially when the author has made it a close proximity MofC.
To say I was frustrated and disappointed by the end is putting it mildly. I felt this book had so much potential but it was just wasted on 2 MCs that were too focused on not compromising their set ways. By the time they (sort of ) figure it out in the end I had just stopped caring.

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A marriage of convinance, but is it?

Frederika needed to find a husband to keep her cousin from getting custody of her sister's kids and Wyatt needed to marry to get the inheritance from his grandmother. They made a deal, but found it harder and harder to stay apart.

Frederika and Wyatt are definitely opposites, but they found ways to meet in the middle. I liked Wyatt's character a lot since he was east going and got along so well with the children, but Frederika wasn't nearly as likeable. I felt she was way too stiff. I wanted her to have more of an additional passion other than fighting for keeping the kids. Not sure what could have made her less dull.

The overall plot was done well, but I just wanted more from the main characters.

Thank you to St. Martin's Press and Netgalley for providing me a copy of this ARC for my honest review.

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Fredericka Hale needs a husband to make herself look better for the courts, as she's trying to keep custody of her deceased sister’s three young children. While she isn't interested in marrying a stranger, the Duke of Wyatthaven needs a wife to avoid losing his inheritance from his grandmother. They plan to live apart and have a marriage of convenience, but of course, Fredericka and the children show up needing a home. There's an attraction between them, and now they just might act on it.

The pair marry, and they clearly are meant for each other. As sweet as Fredericka is, seeing her cousin Jane grandstand and manipulate her to try to get custody of three traumatized children is terrible. It forces the pair into closer proximity than they expected, and of course, it's not an easy thing to fix. This forces her to learn more about her husband and what Wyatt's actually like, not what the scandal sheets say about him. He actually wants the kids to run and play, and interacting with him means she can't overthink everything and be as rigid as she usually is. Wyatt is kinder and generally thinks well of others, while Fredericka internalized her jealousy and anxiety. They know they balance each other out, but they don't realize it until much later. We get our happily ever after even though it truly seems dire, and we get insight into the family dynamics that made Fredericka so afraid of failure. While she doesn't think she can repair the relationship with Jane, there's still a smidgen of hope for the future for everyone involved.

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Thank you for an arc in exchange for my honest review.

I liked the book. I thought it was good and had an interesting plot and interesting characters. I love a good Bridgerton type romance as well as a marriage of convenience trope.

The writing of the book was solid. It flowed well. But at times the dialogue felt cheesy, especially in conversations with the children, and at other times it felt like the things the characters were saying didn't match the time period that the characters were in.

I don't think I liked one of the characters better than the other. I think both Wyatt and Frederika were kind of insufferable. They did not communicate well, and I am not a huge fan of miscommunication. Especially when the miscommunication isn't reconciled until the last 3 minutes of the book. It made for a quick wrap up and an infuriating read the rest of the time.

They were supposed to be pitted against each other, but I definitely think it was framed to make Wyatt more desirable. Frederika was just sort of an irritating and annoying character. She was a bit hard to deal with at times. It felt like there would be developments and then back to regressions. And Wyatt was made to look much better but he was kind of questionable as to how well he could actually handle children. It was like the biggest clash of parenting styles except neither of them really know how to parent.

I'm not sure what else I feel like was missing from the book. But it just didn't feel as well developed as I think that it could have been.

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