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Ivv be wish I could sit down with a hard copy of this and study it intently. I love the concept of a book what is both in French and English for respective learners of each language. I also appreciate that it is full of modern conversation language for those who actually wish to speak French. I look forward to purchasing this title to hold in my hands for better, long term study.
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The Anglo-French Exchange by Dr Allswell E. Eno was a book that took my breath away! 
I didn't know what to expect, but I knew I was very interested as I have a farmhouse in France and I wanted to learn more about this beautiful language and to understand it. I have purchased so many "How to speak and understand French" But they are just collecting dust on my shelves! 
WoW, I found this book amazing, with every page was beautifully written You will find these in stages and so user friendly ; we could understand especially as it was written in English and French. If someone wanted to expand their French or conversations using the french phrases etc this is a book for you. This book did everything and a very useful dictionary, hand guide for every day life speaking or "trying to speak the language in my case!" 

The author Dr Allswell E. Eno has really thought about this book and has written it to be so user friendly and a great book for people who are just starting to learn French, for students at all levels, teachers and professionals etc.

I highly recommend this amazing book. Don't be scared of how many pages it is...........Every page is a joy to read and learn about this beautiful language.

Big Thank you to Netgalley, LiterallyPR and the author for my copy.........If I could give this book 10 stars I would. It was just Brilliant.
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Firstly, thank you NetGalley for the ARC.

I thought I was pretty okay in French, even if my spoken French is far worse than my written skills. I thought I would be okay with this reference book. I was wrong... So very, very wrong.

That said, the vast variety of content and subject areas available in this reference is beyond impressive. Outside of text books, I didn't really expect this level of detail. Not only that, but multiple options in phrasing of sentences are provided.

I also greatly appreciate the notes throughout that explains the grammar and syntax differences between French and English. Having that information helps with understanding the 'why' of sentence construction beyond simply memorizing tenses and vocabulary words.

I think if I ever decide to go back and really dive into studying to fluency, I would love to have this reference on my shelf to refer to and utilize in developing true fluency.

So, my rating...
1/5 stars for making me, a PhD student, feel very dumb for not remembering or knowing certain verb tenses existed...
5/5 stars for the content and extent of available subjects...
And an overall 4/5 stars plus recommendation for anyone who really wants to achieve fluency.
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I was not expecting this book to be what it is - i.e. an advanced type of dictionary giving you the English-French (and vice versa) of actual sentences rather than just words as most books do. The fact these sentences were arranged by categories/theme/type proved all the more helpful to find what you're looking for. A little 'light' on the grammar, I'll admit, but it might've been twice the length if the grammar had been omnipresent.
I have no doubt this will be a tremendous tool for people who speak French (or French people speaking English) as a language they've just learned and want to communicate in context and without putting their foot in their mouth.
I am a native French and English speaker and thus I did find the read a tad clunky and the grammatical explanations a little too complex at times. Still, the best way to learn a language is through practice, and this book will aid tremendously in that sphere.
Je ne m’attendais pas vraiment à ça en choisissant ce livre, c. à dire une sorte de dico avancée qui permet de trouver la traduction française de certaines phrases anglaises (et vice versa) au lieu de simples mots comme dans les dictionnaire traditionnels. Ces phrases arrangées par catégorie ou thème s’avérèrent d’une superbe utilité, une façon vraiment rapide et efficace de trouver la phrase qu’on voudrait traduire et aussi le contexte dans lequel celle-ci évolue. Un peu « léger » côté grammaire, je l’admets, mais le livre aurait pu être deux fois plus long si la grammaire avait été omniprésente.
Je n’ai aucun doute que ce sera un outil formidable pour les personnes qui parlent Français (ou les Français parlant anglais) comme une langue qu’elles viennent d’apprendre et qui veulent communiquer dépendant du contexte sans faire de gaffe.
Vu comment je parle et l’anglais et le français depuis mon plus jeune âge, j’ai trouvé cette lecture un peu lourde et les explications grammaticales un peu trop complexes parfois. Mais quand bien même, la meilleure façon d’apprendre une langue, c’est de la pratiquer le plus possible, et ce livre aidera énormément vu sous cet angle.
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I was interested in this book as an intermediate-level French speak, ĺiving in France, and I found it a largely useful resource, especially in terms of providing the vocabulary and grammar within sentences, enabling a greater understanding of how the words work in context. It is a substantial book, and I found it an advantage to read as an ebook where I could search for specific words. 

I would have liked a little more discussion at times, especially of grammatical points, although I did appreciate the notes highlighting specific usages or registers. 

I did find the layout of the French phrases sometimes a little cumbersome- is it necessary for every single use of 'you' to be written in both tu and vous forms? And similarly with the il/elle and brackets to signify the various endings. It felt and looked more messy than it needed to. The general usage in France of '.e.s' at the end of words to indicate possible endings is a lot clearer for me (e.g. joli.e.s) 

Overall a useful resource to add to my shelves.

*Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the free ARC*
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I literally had just finished an online French course that went up to the advanced intermediate level and felt rather disappointed to not be able to go further.  But as soon as I logged out of that site, I logged into another and saw this book.  The timing could not have been more perfect!

The book helps you hone your intermediate level skills and take them to the next, advanced, level.  It even addresses some of the questions I had on how things are worked in French vs English and the conjugation of verbs, etc.  This book is a work of love but eh author and I am gratefully appreciative of those efforts as it will help me be real for a trip to France that takes me out to the Provinces where English is not always spoken.  I’m going to be ready for it and am thrilled to take this next step.

Well written with clear explanations for both English and French speakers, you’ll be talking like a native in no time!  Merci pour votre excellent travail d'amour qui nous aide tous à communiquer du français à l'anglais et de l'anglais au français.
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