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A good enough read. The main characters had amazing chemistry from the start. However, I was very frustrated with Ellie because of her total disregard for her employer who sent her to Puerto Rico on business. She had time to have fun but not return a call. I will still recommend as the story might appeal to someone else. 

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I enjoy a good mystery in conjunction with romance. The romance was up and down and the mystery was okay. I wanted and anticipated more of each. Eleanor Birdsong, realtor, looking to close a deal in Puerto Rico and not looking for a relationship. Carla Valdez, widow, mother, land owner, maybe looking to sale her land and not looking for a relationship. When the two meet, I am very interested in seeing how the interaction will unfold. Since the story takes place in about a week, the reader  is looking at insta-like/love. I am okay with that if the attraction is done well and the dynamics between the two fits. You will have to read the story to see if you agree or disagree. I also, agree with some of the other reviews that it seems that the authors had too many issues going on which had this read a bit confused at times but not enough to dislike the read.
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3.25 ⭐️
Beloved Enemy is the first book I’ve read by Elizabeth Whitaker. I love stories that are half romance and half mystery. Unfortunately, the plot didn't quite live up to my expectations. In my opinion, the author tried to bring too many different leads into the story, which made the plot a little confusing.

Real estate agent Ellie Birdsong is sent to Puerto Rico by her boss to buy the land for the planned prestigious golf and gambling resort. To do so, she must convince landowner Carla Valdez to sell her the land. But this proves to be more difficult than expected. Carla wants to enforce certain conditions and tries to convince Ellie by almost any means. 

Both MCs are strong-willed women who are not easily dissuaded from a plan, but both have their weaknesses as well. One of the biggest problems is trust, for both of them. And the fact that they both are withholding information doesn't help them either and only stirs up misunderstandings, which is a big problem on the business and the private level. What I like is the way Carla shows Ellie her beloved country, she is a very proud Puerto Rican who has to sell at least part of its land holdings to survive. A good friend of mine is from Puerto Rico, a country I have never visited, and must be very beautiful. I love it when stories introduce me to other places and countries I’ve never been to. The author did a great job of describing the country, the flora, and the people. 

The story only takes place for a little over a week, so the romance is insta-love, which is not my favorite kind. I can definitely imagine attraction and lust at first sight, but it went way too fast for the big declaration of love. But that's my opinion. There is some chemistry, but it wasn't sparkling like a firework.

What I don’t understand is Ellie's behavior toward her boss at the beginning of the story. It is such a big and important project, but she refuses to talk to her boss. It does not fit her personality, and it always frustrates me, when the plot and personality don't match.

The mystery part is interestingly constructed. Retained information and details add to the suspense. My problem was, that there are so many criminal groups and persons involved, all with different goals, that it makes the story confusing. Not everything made sense to me. However, the showdown is gripping and entertaining. The secondary characters are interesting people in all their facets, who are important to the story.
All in all, an entertaining story.

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Eleanor Birdsong was supposed to be her company’s weapon of choice to convince landowner Carla Valdez to sell her land. What she did not expect was to find herself charmed and instantly attracted to the older woman instead. While attempting to close the deal, she sees more of the island, its beauty and experiences a confusing connection with the evasive Carla and her children. 

This is a book that has two equally strong headed leads who suffer no fools, hold no punches and love with a passion. They burn with desire for the other but yet can’t blend like oil and water. There were issues of trust, plenty of guessing and the characters could get messy but somehow carry an alluring quality to them. 

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Real estate developer Ellie Birdsong is sent to Puerto Rico to talk Carla Valdez into selling some of her prime land. Ellie’s boss wants to build a casino, golf course and condominiums on the land. Carla is reluctant to sell the family land but the economy has not been kind her. Others are also interested in the land and will do anything to get it.

Beloved Enemy is a blend of instant love, a guided tour of Puerto Rico and a mystery. The story moved along nicely in the first half of the novel until Carla was to sign the deal. At this part the story branches off and the continued use of Carla not signing the contract but promising to is over used to become frankly annoying. 

I was not enamoured with this book yet others may love it. It just wasn’t for me. 

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Ellie is a real estate developer who sent by her boss Dyan to secure the property of Carla so it’s can be turn into casino hotel and condo resort. Carla wants the land she owns to benefits jobs and housing opportunities to locals and not just for people with money. Although they both are instantly attracted to each other Ellie is determined to get the land while Carla tries to show her the beauty of PR and why she wants to  help PR shine. Ellie forms a bond with Carla sons  who haven’t had it’s easy while Ellie and Carla get more involved Carla is not only dealing with keeping the father of her sons away from them others who aren’t good people are also after her land. 

This was a good read although I wish the author let the romance part be more a slower pace.
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Ellie Birdsong is sent by her boss Dyan to close a deal for property in Puerto Rico.  The property will be used for a beachfront casino hotel and condo resort.  The owner of the land is Carla Valdez.  She wants the property to be developed in ways that will benefit PR giving jobs and housing opportunities to locals and not just wealthy tourists.  

The attraction between the two is instant.  Carla tries to slow the deal down trying to get Ellie to appreciate the beauty of the country and people.  Ellie also quickly befriends Carla’s two sons.  I’ve been to beautiful Puerto Rico and like the history given and current showing conditions in the US territory.  But I was frustrated when things don’t make sense.  This is a huge deal for Ellie and I didn’t understand why she doesn’t check in with her employer.  Dyan is calling hourly but she doesn’t return a call?  And there is so much drama because Carla doesn’t explain who she is meeting or miscommunications because she is always delaying talking about the reason Ellie is there.  But of course there is time for meals, touring and staying at a hotel.

This does turn into a mystery adventure type book when other disreputable characters seemingly want the property any way they can get it.  The ending is exciting but I wasn’t invested in the romance for most of the book.  I found myself looking for distractions to set the story aside and do something else which is unusual for me.

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