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Very well written, with relatable characters and well-constructed dialogue resulting in a very interesting — but also satisfying — storyline ⭐⭐⭐⭐ A rattling good tale

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"No Small Murder: A Mini-Meadows Mystery" by Lena Gregory is a four-star cozy mystery that unfolds in the charming setting of Mini Meadows, a Tiny Home community in rural Central Florida. Lena Gregory weaves a tale of mystery and intrigue, featuring Emma Wells, a downsize specialist, who finds herself entangled in a murder investigation within the close-knit community she calls home.

The novel's strength lies in its unique premise of a Tiny Home community, offering readers a refreshing and cozy backdrop for the unfolding mystery. Emma Wells, a protagonist who left behind a life of privilege for simplicity, adds depth to the story with her relatable character and strong sense of justice.

The discovery of a dead client in a neatly labeled shipping container sets the stage for a captivating whodunit. Gregory skillfully crafts a plot with plenty of clues to unpack, engaging readers in the unraveling mystery. The inclusion of two friends on the suspect list adds layers to the narrative, keeping readers guessing and invested in the outcome.

The cozy mystery genre often relies on a balance of suspense and charm, and "No Small Murder" succeeds in delivering both. The author introduces readers to a cast of characters living in the Tiny Home community, each with their quirks and secrets. The interactions within Mini Meadows contribute to the warm and inviting atmosphere, characteristic of cozy mysteries.

The pacing of the novel is well-managed, allowing for a steady buildup of tension as Emma delves deeper into the investigation. The gradual narrowing down of the suspect list adds an element of anticipation, and the author keeps readers engaged with each new revelation.

While the book offers an enjoyable and well-crafted mystery, some readers may find the resolution to be somewhat predictable. Cozy mysteries often adhere to certain genre conventions, and those familiar with the formula may guess the outcome before the final reveal.

In conclusion, "No Small Murder" is a four-star cozy mystery that transports readers to the unique world of Mini Meadows. Lena Gregory's storytelling prowess shines in this engaging whodunit, featuring a relatable protagonist, a charming setting, and a murder mystery with plenty of clues to unravel. Fans of cozy mysteries will find themselves delightfully immersed in the twists and turns of this Mini-Meadows mystery.

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I was drawn to the “mystery” in the blurb, and I loved the concept of a small setting surrounded by the same few people that knew each other well. It wasn’t the usual detective solving case kind of mystery, but more of in the hands of these occupants in the tiny home community.

Throughout the story, Emma tried to get to the bottom of the murder without any help from authorities and we followed her through her clues and investigation. It seemed like she’s in a maze trying to find her way out, and sometimes I lost track and got confused by everything that’s happening in the book. Despite that, I was excited to know who the murderer was because my suspect changed whenever she received a new clue.

No Small Murder is a great way to start the series, I cannot wait to see how more stories within the small community will pan out.

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A quick, easy and cozy mystery that I finished in one sitting. It is well written with a compelling storyline and well developed characters.

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Thank you Net Galley for allowing me to receive this book for an honest review.

This book in a new series by Lena Gregory.
I fell in love with Emma and her library of books. This book had alot of twists and turns and keep me on the edge of my seat.

Thank you Lena Gregory for introducing me to your books.
I have found a new author to read and look forward to more books.

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No Small Murder is a fun first book in a new series by one of my favorite authors, Lena Gregory. I've been a fan since I laid my eyes on Death at First Sight. I devour everything she writes.

Emma is fantastic and enjoyable. Her character, along with the rest, was well-written. I was fascinated by the tiny home concept. I have way too many possessions to downsize. And by possessions, I mean a library's worth of books alone. I'd have to have a second tiny home just for them. :)

No Small Murder is a great book. The story grabbed my attention and kept me engaged. The story was fun, exciting, suspenseful, and full of twists and turns. There is plenty of character development and I loved getting to know these new characters.

Fun characters with a fantastic whodunit made this cozy mystery top-notch. It checked all my cozy boxes!

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I loved the theme of tiny houses in this cozy mystery. The plot was good with multiple suspects,and there were some twists and turns along the way. I look forward to visiting Emma in the next installment.
Many thanks to Level Best Books and to Netgalley for providing me with a galley in exchange for my honest opinion.

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I was not sure what to expect having never read a ‘whodunnit’ before, but I really enjoyed this book!
The plot was engaging and the author managed to write it in such a way that I ended up suspecting everyone and didn’t manage to guess who the culprit was!
I also liked the main character, and overall had a really great time reading.

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This a great story line for a new series that shows many great characters and info that keeps the reader wanting more. Look forward to what the author has in store next

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No Small Murder is cute, fun and quaint! I loved Granny Rose and the dynamic between her and Emma. The mystery went a little flat in the middle, but the ending was super fun.

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The first book in a new series can be hard to get into at first. I enjoyed the setting of this book even if the author did try to oversell it. An aggravating client of Emma's is found dead in a shipping container. Emma is also dealing with her grandmother who has moved out after a disagreement with her son (Emma's father). Let's just say it is complicated. The murder mystery was easier to solve than the missing characters who were there one moment and gone the next. I liked Emma's grandmother and the tiny house community setting and will give the second book a try.

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Loved reading this book and author. If you haven't read it yet I highly recommend her and her books. Looking forward to the next book in the series.

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I really loved this book in a new to my series and author. I can't wait to read the next one. The characters and location really add to the plot. This book keeps you guessing until the end

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Oh that Granny Rose! I just love that character! Every time I read a book by this author, I've always gotten taken in on the first page or two, so this book definitely followed that same expectation. I loved Emma's group of friends and now that her Granny was living there, they had an additional sleuth...and someone to keep an eye on since Emma wasn't super thrilled over her matchmaking lol. The Great Dane pictured on the cover's name is Butch, and he's a sweetie!

The mystery was a good one that I definitely didn't figure out, and that showdown was absolutely priceless! Not gonna spoil anything, but it was epic. I sure hope there's another book in the series 'cause by the end, I was so glad for everyone's turnout that I just needed more time with these characters.

I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley, and my opinions are my own.

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No Small Murder by Lena Gregory

Mini Meadows, a Tiny Home community in rural Central Florida, is home to Emma Wells, a downsize specialist who left her daddy’s mansion and her inheritance behind in favor of a simpler, more peaceful life in a tiny home that was once two shipping containers. But when she opens a shipping container and discovers her dead client sitting in a rocking chair, neatly wrapped and labeled, and two of her friends end up on the suspect list, Emma pitches in to help find the killer. With plenty of clues to unpack, Emma narrows down the suspect list, but as she begins to close in on the culprit, she realizes if she’s not careful she could end up in a box of her own.

This was a great start to a new cozy mystery series, and I will definitely pick up the second! I enjoyed the cast of characters and the tiny home community setting. No, it's not all 100% believable, but what cozy is? The was an entertaining mystery set inside a fun story.

Thank you to NetGalley and Level Best Books for a free copy of No Small Murder. All thoughts and opinions in this review are my own. #NetGalley

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This is such a fun start to a new cozy series, and I had a great time with this cozy mystery. I loved the plot, the twists and turns, and the characters!

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The first book in a new cozy mystery series was a fun read. Set in a tiny home community No Small Murder follows Emma and her Granny Rose as they try to solve a local murder. This was a very easy read murder mystery book for me. I did find the ending a little bit predictable, however I still enjoyed reading it and the build up to the who done it. Overall I do not regret this read. A very readable start to a new series.

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Been sick, so this book and others kept me entertained during recovery. I would seriously need Emma's services to even think a bout a tiny home, a unique background for this series with its interesting characters, and solidy mystery.

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Princess Fuzzypants here: Downsizing from a big house to a tiny home is never easy. That is why Emma is building a good business helping people sort through the detritus of their lives and drill down to the basics. Her latest client is making the process even harder. And when he is murdered, it puts both Emma and Granny, who has crammed into her tiny home with a huge dog, in danger. The man truly was an unpleasant piece of work and neither his wife nor son seem bereft at his death.

Is it possible that one or both of them might be the villains. If that is the case, especially when a second murder occurs, it may prevent Granny from purchasing the tiny home that the victim had just bought. What is worse, the killer seems to think that Emma is getting too close to the truth. She takes the various threats seriously but it still does not prevent her from walking into a trap that when it closes surprises both her and the reader.

With a cast of interesting characters and an unusual setting, this series has a lot of potential. Just don’t expect me to downsize any time soon. Four purrs and two paws up.

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Hmmm...I like the set-up. An organizer living in a tiny home, overwhelmed when her grandmother (and then an enormous dog) move in with her. All complicated by murder.

And I like Emma fairly well, and Granny--once we get past her over-the-top caricature as a woman on the hunt.

The mystery's okay, but a couple of things sort of ruined the book for me.
1) The idea that Emma could live in a tiny home and function for weeks with Granny and a huge dog unexpectedly moving in with her, without her life being total chaos, is pretty ridiculous. Emma gets sore from sleeping on the couch, but that's about it. The unreality of that made everything else feel that much more ungrounded and unbelievable.
2) Granny pointing a loaded gun across the table at an acquaintance and saying, "Go ahead, make my day"--as a joke! When she's never fired a gun. Doesn't know how to use one. Honestly, at that point, I just thought, "Well, Granny's a total moron. And so is Emma for barely giving her a slap on the wrist."

Lots about this book works fine, but there are so many cozies to compete against, and this one just feels okay by the end.

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