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I love how authors are making anthologies more interesting these days. This has a story that's told in three parts, each progressing from where the last one left off. I'm pretty sure each story is set in the individual author's series. I am familiar with Rebecca Zanetti's books and I know her's was. This is romantic suspense that deals with bank robbers on a spree. The first takes place in Denver written by Alexandra Ivy. The second takes place in Redemption Wyoming by Rebecca Zanetti. The last story is by Kat Martin and is Colorado where all the bad guys are captured. I was pressed for time as this ARC review is way after publication so I skipped the first story and went on with the last two. I really enjoyed this book and the individual author's voices. Really good romantic suspense novellas.

The first story is Redemption written by Alexandra Ivy. It sets up the anthology and is about a group of guys who rob a bank in Denver Colorado.

The second story is Rescue: Hero Style, in a small town in Wyoming. Here we meet Ella Riverton who's grown up here but many considered her trailer trash. Her father took off with the town librarian leaving Ella and her mother to fend for themselves. Now Ella is grown and works in the bank. She has a broken heart because 6 weeks before, her fiance left her a note breaking up with her and left town. Caden Scott is the town sheriff and he took a leave of absence, but no word as to where he went. He comes back to town after attending a PTSD Survival Camp and finds Ella drunk at the local watering hole The Cattle Club. He insists he take her home. This begins their journey to reconciliation while ending up dealing with some non-professional bank robbers. They have one of the former residents in their crew who helps them rob the the bank Ella works at. Caden and the guys from the Cattle Club help track the robbers and save Ella from one of them.

The last story is by Kat Martin, One Last Kiss. Here we meet Sam Bridger who owns a cattle ranch that opens to guests in the summer. His old friend Bert Strieber last request was to give his grand-niece, Liberty Hale a job there for one month to remind her of where she came from. Bert raised her from 12 years of age after her parents died. Bert was rich and she lived well. In order for her to receive her inheritance after Uncle Bert dies she has to work for one month at Sam's ranch. Sam sees a spoiled little New York princess when she steps of the private plane. It takes some adjusting but she settles in and does her job. It seems her memories from her childhood are coming back being on the ranch like she was raised. When she attracts the attention of one of the robbers pretending to be fishermen at the ranch, Sam steps in. They end up having a hostage situation when the robbers try to make a getaway.

This was a wonderful set of stories that I really enjoyed. I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced readers copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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This is a series of 3 shorter stories involving a criminal gang that moves around the country and involves 3 couples in law enforcement. The three authors, Kat Martin, Rebecca Zanetti and Alexandra Ivy are all authors I’m familiar with. I like the idea of three shorter story lines with a tie between each. The authors do a good job of tying the stories together. All three are suspenseful and full of intrigue and romance. Good for a beach read .

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Twisty and seamlessly integrate together with the right amount of suspense and romance. The police procedural is exciting.

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A book with three different stories in it by three different authors. The second story seemed disjointed for me and though I liked some of the characters I felt something was missing. The last story I had read before in a separate so I knew when I saw that title that I would enjoy it. Overall for me, this was okay.

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This is the trifecta of suspense and heat. Three interwoven stories, by three amazing authors. “Redemption” by Alexandra Ivy, “Rescue: Hero Style” by Rebecca Zanetti, and “One Last Kiss” by Kat Martin. All three stories easily flowed together. I thoroughly enjoyed this - while the stories flowed together they also held their own. I did not want any of them to end. Each female protagonist was a strong and capable woman, and their male counterparts made their journeys unique with both suspense and sizzle. I highly recommend this book. You cannot go wrong with any of these authors alone, but together, even more amazing. More than worth your time, enjoy!

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Great concept to put 3 books with similar content.
Three authors were introduced, Rebecca Zanetti, Alexandra Ivy and Kat Martin.
I already knew I love Rebecca's books and enjoyed reading 2 new authors.

Each book was similar in theme but different.

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This is a steamy, action-packed anthology by three best-selling authors.

The theme of a gang of bank robbers willing to kill for what they want ties these stories together and keeps the reader hoping for a satisfying conclusion.

Rebecca Zanetti's Rescue: Hero Style brings a cast of diverse characters together to save the town of Redemption from a series of break-ins leading to a terrifying bank robbery where Sheriff Caden must rescue his kidnapped fiancée.

Elle is destroyed when Caden walks out on their year-long engagement without a word. When he returns to town six weeks later, expecting to be reunited with his bride-to-be, he finds an independent woman looking for vindication. She grew up with a father who walked out over and over again; she refuses to go through that again.

Forgiveness, community spirit, military tie-ins, this story has it all!

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The Kat Martin book was published in 2021 and was part of a whole other series. I really wish this would have been better acknowledged on the cover. The book was a good read otherwise.

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Thank you to NetGalley, Kat Martin, Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanett, and Kensington Books for an ARC copy of Peril.

Peril is an anthology of three interconnected short stories that share the same villains. Overall, it's a fun and entertaining read with interesting characters.

I would have preferred if the main characters of each story had some form of connection with each other beyond their encounters with the bad guys.

Overall, this book offers a captivating blend of action, suspense, and romance. I recommend adding it to your summer reading list.

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This was a great read. Three short books in one but all with a connecting story line. So you can read them at your pace. I have read two of the authors (Martin and Zanetti) pretty avidly but all short stories were very well written.

The first book is by Ivy and follows Tessa and Ian. Tessa is now a cold case detective in Wisconsin but she got her start in Denver. As a rookie, she watched her partner get murdered and now she has the opportunity to return to Denver to catch his killer. Ian is now a detective in Denver and knew Tessa when she was rookie. They had one night of passion before Tessa left. Neither have forgotten the other or that night. Now they work together to catch a killer while rekindling heir relationship. Of course there are some plot twists along the way.

The second book is by Zanetti and follows Ella and Caden. Caden is sheriff of their small Wyoming town and was Ella's fiancé until he broke it off with her and fell off the radar for a few weeks. Now he is back in town after "fixing" himself and wants their relationship back on track. Ella is having none of it. Unfortunately, when Ella can identify most of the gang robbing banks and gets on their radar, she needs Caden help to stay safe.

The final book in the series is written by Martin and follows Sam and Libby. Sam owns a ranch in Colorado and as part of her late Uncle's will, Libby has to spend a month on the ranch to inherit. Sam is predisposed to think Libby is spoiled and not fit for ranch life but he is pleasantly surprised as she starts to fit in. Libby never realized how much of her young life she suppressed until she got out of the city. She grew up on a farm before her parents passed and she went to live with her uncle. She is loving the life and starts to really connect with Sam. Unfortunately, two of the guests staying at the ranch take a liking to Libby and decide to cause problems. As part of the group robbing banks, people and stores, they have nothing to lose, especially when Libby becomes their escape plan.

Overall three very well written books. I think my favorite was probably the one written by Zanetti just because I really enjoy her writing style and humor. A good plot/storyline flowed through all of the books. I would recommend if you a book with more than your traditional romance.

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This was another winner! Great stories with a amazing characters. You will wish the stories were full length books rather than being so short. I can’t say enough how great these authors are!

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A fan of all three authors, I picked up this book and enjoyed the suspense. All three are about women who have to make tough choices about their life which includes an inconvenient man. This is a romantic suspense anthology so we know there will be a happily ever after.

In the aptly named Redemptions, Tessa is finally given a chance to figure out who killed her partner. This is an action-packed tale where Tessa is reunited with her one-night stand, Ian to resolve a cold case. The plot is straight forward and the conflict is nicely resolved. Tessa did have to work through some emotional baggage with Ian. A lovely read from Ms. Ivy.

In the second story, Ella Riverton is struggling with a runaway groom. In the sense that Caden left her before they even made it to the alter. Author Zanetti delves into PTSD in this novella in a manner that helps loved ones understand a viewpoint from the one suffering from PTSD. Caden made a mistake with his not-quite Dear John letter, but he tries hard to make it up to Ella. I found the pressure he put her under to return back him unfair. He expected Ella to jump to his timetable after pulling a stunt that plays right into her fears. Not cool. In the midst of this emotional barrage, there is a crime to be solved which pulls Ella into a dangerous situation. Something about life-threatening situations drives a person to want life-affirming sex. This is all good for Caden.

The last story is by Ms. Martin. I have previously read this story by itself so it is a repeat. Libby's uncle's dying wish was for her to be happy. His idea of happiness is different from hers. Her model ways with high-end clothing and shoes don't jive with working on a ranch that is barely staying above the water. To inherit what he left her, she needs to spend a month there. On the surface, this story seems shallow because a rich girl is getting a "city slickered". When Libby's background is revealed, it starts to make sense. Libby's childhood trauma was never fully addressed by her. She suppressed memories and her loss was something her uncle always wanted her to confront and be at peace with. This sneaky guy meddles in her life but for the good of it. Libby's experience on Sam's ranch helps her finally heal. I liked this message. Of course, this story couldn't be complete without a little sabotage and suspense.

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*4 Stars*

Copy kindly received via NetGalley for an honest review.

Found this a bit hard to follow when it jumped from one story to the next. But overall I enjoyed this. It was an interesting read and I liked the characters.

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Kat Martin is a favorite author of mine but Alexandra Ivy and Rebecca Zanetti are new to me. Many times I chose not to read novellas because I tend to enjoy longer stories but this was a fun read where the story continues through each short story. I enjoyed the way they were all written and will definitely pick up more books by all 3 authors again in the future. Great little mystery and romances as well.

Thank you Netgalley for the opportunity to read and review. All opinions are my own.

Publication date: 23 May 2023

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Interesting concept weaving three separate stories into an anthology. Even more so because each story is a romantic suspense story with several interconnected characters. Each story was compelling and wrapped up in a nice little bow, but each one also left me wanting more of the characters and the relationships that were forged. Overall, very interesting stories, but I just wanted more. Thanks to NetGalley and the publishers for the early read.

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Three interconnected romantic suspense novella by Alexandra Ivy, Rebecca Zanetti and Kat Martin make up the anthology called Peril.

There is a lot to like about this anthology. First of all, it's just the right size with three stories. I was impressed that all three stories captured a good level of romance in a few short pages. I really liked the first story about a female cold case cop returning to the scene of her partner's shooting in an attempt to arrest his killer. She also runs into a colleague who she had steamy times with ... once. There was a nice level of yearning going on here and I really liked this story.

In the second story, the criminals are on the loose and the heroine is in the midst of some real danger while enjoying the groveling of her ex. And there's a good number of suspects and bad guys in the story to keep things interesting. It kept me guessing for a while and I did love the romantic aspects of this story.

The final novella takes place on a guest ranch, where the heroine is spending time to qualify for her inheritance, only to find not only does she appreciate nature, but she sure does like the rancher quite a bit too. This might have been my favorite story of the three -- even though there is a bit of insta-love/lust, it made for a very sweet story.

Overall, this is a great choice if you are looking for a quick novella you can read in a day. I liked that these stories can be read in a day, and I was interested enough in the connections that I wanted to read them all. This is a very nice romantic suspense trio of novellas.

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4.5 Stars
Three interwoven story by Three must read authors.
REDEMPTION (Pike, Wisconsin 4.5) by Alexandra Ivy
RESCUE: HERO STYLE (Redemption Wyoming Series) by Rebecca Zanetti
ONE LAST KISS (Blood Ties: The Logan’s, 3.5) by Kat Martin
Peril is three well written and exceptionally delivered interwoven romantic suspense’s. The characters are captivating, and the stories are compelling, I love each of these authors and they all delivered in their contribution to this compilation. If you read this genre then you need to read this story.

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Another compilation, another ARC requested because I can’t not read every Rebecca Zanetti story I can get my hands on. Especially the one included here. While I’ve had luck with the stories I’ve read by Alexandra Ivy, my experience with Kat Martin has been hit or miss. These stories are interconnected to a certain extent so I decided it would be best to read them all and see how it goes.

Redemption by Alexandra Ivy

From what I can tell, the MFC in this story is from this author’s Pike, Wisconsin series. It seems it could be a great introductory novella to a new series, too. This short story has a great flow, good chemistry, and likable characters. Seeing as both Tessa and Ian are police officers and they teamed up after receiving a tip that the guy who killed Tessa’s partner is back in town, this story is very cop-centric. Something that is harder for me to swallow the last few years and some problematic things pop up.

Ian and Tessa haven’t seen each other for 5 years and it seems they weren’t particularly close before she left town, although they were both harboring feelings for the other. I usually don’t have a problem with insta-love, especially in novellas, but it seemed these two jumped from near strangers to marriage in half a heartbeat and that seemed strange to me. ~ 3 stars

Rescue: Hero Style by Rebecca Zanetti

This short story takes place in the same universe as this author’s Rescue: Cowboy Style short story. (You don’t have to have read that to read this.) From what I can tell, these are prequel novellas to a new series called Redemption Wyoming. I am super excited about this series and delving into the world of the Cattleman Club, so I was a bit disappointed this story doesn’t deal directly with them. They still make an appearance, but they are not the main characters. That being said, I still enjoyed the story and getting to know the people in town better.

Ella and Caden have good chemistry, but this is a second-chance romance with Caden having broken their engagement a couple of months prior and there is not the right kind of grovel for me. Caden had a good reason to leave the way he did. I fully understand him not having his head on straight and thinking he was doing right by Ella. But once he returned with a new outlook, he was a bit too dismissive of Ella’s reluctance to jump back to where they left off. Yes, she was digging in her heels and being stubborn. I’d even say a bit too stubborn. Yet there was no wooing to be seen.

There was enough with the mysterious robberies and the snippets of tenderness between the couple to keep me engaged. ~ 4 stars

One Last Kiss by Kat Martin

Libby is a poor little rich girl, having lost her parents when she was young and been raised by a rich uncle. He adored her and she him, but when he passes away he puts conditions on her inheritance. Not because she’s a bad person, but because she needs to expand her horizons. Of course, she’s not happy to be sent off to a ranch in the middle of nowhere, but she’s ready to do what needs to be done. Sam, the owner of said ranch, has his reservations. Libby quickly dispels any doubts that she can pull her weight, which makes the attraction between the two even harder for them to resist.

The bank robbers that have made an appearance in each story show up on the ranch, of course. And that’s my only real issue with this story. Even if I put aside the “bad feelings” about the guys everyone seemed to ignore and not talk about with each other, when things come to a head and good triumphs over evil, the story is abruptly over. It was very disconcerting. Technically the HEA is there and feelings are expressed, but it just ended oddly for me. ~ 4 stars

Summary: These are all quick reads. You really don’t have to read them all, the way the bad guys tie into the plots doesn’t require that. All in all, I found this book to be entertaining.

Overall Rating = 3.66 stars

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My review covers REDEMPTION by Alexandra Ivy and RESCUE:HERO STYLE by Rebecca Zanetti.

REDEMPTION (Pike, Wisconsin 4.5 ) by Alexandra Ivy

REDEMPTION by Alexandra Ivy is a contemporary, adult, romantic suspense thriller set in the author’s Pike, Wisconsin series. This is police officer Tessa Ralston, and SWAT Team member Ian Sullivan’s storyline.

Told from several omniscient third person perspectives REDEMPTION focuses on a cold case wherein, five years earlier, Tessa’s former partner Colt Maddox was killed in the line of duty. Deke Mitchell, the person responsible was still at large but had been seen in contact with his ex-girlfriend in Denver Colorado, and our heroine is determined to take down the man who all but destroyed her life. Ian Sullivan, a member of the Denver SWAT Team, and former co-worker of Tessa Ralston before everything went to h*LL, believes Tessa is the one woman who stole his heart but working together to bring in a killer means up close and personal for our story line couple. What ensues is the rebuilding relationship between Tessa and Ian, and the potential fall-out when secrets and lies reveals a dark betrayal for our story line couple.

REDEMPTION is a story of betrayal and revenge, secrets and lies, second chances and love. The fast paced premise is intriguing and revealing; the romance is subtle; the characters are desperate and determined. We are reintroduced to Rachel and Zach (Unstable 3).


RESCUE: HERO STYLE by Rebecca Zanetti

RESCUE by Rebecca Zanetti is a contemporary, adult, romance suspense thriller focusing on the small town of Redemption,Wyoming, the Cattle Club guys, a group of former US Military men, a series of robberies and explosions, and a vindictive thief taking aim at our story line heroine. This is sheriff Caden Scott, and bank teller Ella Riverton’s story line.

Told from several omniscient third person perspectives RESCUE follows in the wake of the return of Sheriff Caden Scott. Caden left Redemption to enter into the race for Governor but never mentioned his plans to the woman he loved. Upon his return, Caden discovers he is going to have to grovel to win back the heart of the woman he loves but Ella wants nothing to do with the man who broke her heart until she finds herself facing down the barrel of a gun, and a man who is demanding more than she is willing to give. What ensues is the rebuilding romance and relationship between Ella and Caden, and the potential fall-out as Ella finds herself a hostage in a bank robbery gone wrong.

RESCUE is a story of second chances, desperation, obsession and forgiveness. The fast paced premise is captivating; the romance is passionate; the characters are energetic and dynamic.

I am not sure if the author has future plans for any of the other characters but the Cattle Club guys are looking for love.





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All three of the stories in PERIL are action-packed, with characters that feel amazingly realistic, like people who you’ve met or would like to meet in situations that will have your heart in your throat.

Written by Annetta Sweetko for Fresh Fiction

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