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Three intertwined romantic suspense stories are in this book. I enjoyed each story in this book but especially the one by Rebecca Zanetti. I hope these authors release another book todether.

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Redemption - Alexandra Ivy

Tessa returns to Denver when she receives a tip about a “cop killer” returning. Not wanting to risk losing this lead she leaves Pike immediately. But one thing she hasn’t counted on is bring teamed up with the one man who turns her into a pile of mush….Ian😳 Ian is being teamed up with Tessa and now that she’s back in Denver, he’s determined to make her his, even if it means he follows her to Pike🥰

Rescue: Hero Style - Rebecca Zanetti

Ella is nursing a broken heart, after her fiancé breaks it off with her. She’s moved it and hasn’t seen or heard from him in weeks. She decides to go out with her bestie and suddenly the man she’s trying to drink away shows up.

Caden is back after working through his demons but he realises he pushed the one good thing in his life away and now he’s going to have to work to get his girl back. As sheriff he is duty bound to protect Redemption especially when a string of robberies is occurring in his small town but he also needs to protect Ella, at all costs - she is his future😍

One Last Kiss💋- Kat Martin

Libby’s uncle dies and in his will he makes a stipulation that for her to inherit she needs to go live on a ranch for a month and work as an employee. Libby reluctantly does and is instantly attracted to Sam, the owner of the ranch😍

Unfortunately, bad luck seems to follow Libby and puts her and some of the other guests in danger😢

All enjoyable stories that I would recommend. I received an advanced copy via Netgalley and willingly leave my honest review❤️

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Peril is a fantastically exciting romantic suspense anthology featuring some of the best romantic suspense authors out there. And one of my most favorite ones, Rebecca Zanetti has one in this anthology I just had immediately jumped into as soon as this awesome story popped on my kindle!

Rescue: Hero Style is the next Wyoming Cowboy novella in Rebecca Zanetti’s highly anticipated new series that really had my heart galloping in happiness as I devoured a glass of wine while reading. It features Ella and Caden and let’s just say, the sparks just just sputter, they fly and sizzle and pop like a some of the best fireworks on the Fourth of July! It was spectacular, fun and so sexy, I could hardly contain my giddiness! I am loving these cowboys and the small Wyoming town and all the sexy and deliciously alpha men that seem to just make the heart race. Caden’s protectiveness and his desire for Ella as he wins her back is charming, sweet, and irresistible. Ella’s stubbornness and personality just meshes beautifully with his personality and I downright adored the sparks that flew left and right whenever they were within range of each other. The story was fast paced, action packed and sexy as hell! A total 5 STAR worthy romance! Definitely worth every penny this awesome anthology costs!

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I appreciated that there was an overarching hotline across all three authors contributions to this book. I found that most of the plots were a bit boring and I’m not sure that from the short stories I would be interested in following up on any of the authors’ full length works.

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Captivating story of three unique women and the lengths they would go to make things right. Suspenseful with woven moments of romance made for a quick and easy but intense read.

Thank you Netgalley for this arc

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This is an interesting concept, three interwoven romantic suspense stories. I thinkI liked it overall, but I will break down he three stories since my feelings definitely differed between them, The first story Redemption is about two cops one whose partner died years ago and the cop killer escaped so she moved away and took a position in cold cases. The other always liked her but has spent his time moving up to detective. When he cop killer comes back to town she returns so they can team up and hunt him down. I did think it didn’t fully resolve, but when I realized the stories are interlocking I got that a little bit more. These characters were not bad at all and the story was well done. The third story (yup I’m skipping around) One Last Kiss wasn’t bad. It is a romance taking place on a ranch which isn’t my personal favorite, but it was really well done. In this story the protagonist inherits quite a bit from her uncle if she works at the ranch for a month. Each of these two stories were probably 4 stars for me. The second story, Rescue Hero Style was not for me at all. If you like that “caveman” level protective alpha guy who ignores things like consent this one may be for you. For me personally that we’re in love it doesn’t mater if you say no I’m going to ignore you and we’ll be together forever is repellent not romantic. The story got a little better near the end but this one would be 2 stars from me. Again, this is based on my personal taste and you may enjoy it more than me.

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Well done!

A great collection of unique stories with characters that pull you in and plots that are fast paced and engaging.

I voluntarily read an advanced copy.

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Another Winning Read by all three authors. I love romantic suspense and have read multiple books by all of the authors featured here. If they are new to you, this collection is the perfect introduction to their writing, if you are a die hard fan you know just how much enjoyment you are going to get out of each story they have provided.

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I enjoyed how the stories inside are split into segments. And I wasn’t sure how they would connect but I was here for it! Alexandra Ivy started the stories and we learned about Deke and the lives he shattered. But Ian and Tessa had a second chance for a romance. Ian may have made a bad decision, but he was ready to show Tessa he wasn’t going anywhere! I hated how quick their story was over! I wasn’t ready for it to end.

Rescue - Rebecca Zanetti
Ella has been hurt by Caden and I LOVED her sassiness!! The blowing up his vehicle was just an accidental bonus lol She was not quite ready to forgive him. I loved their journey and how Caden would watch out for Ella, no matter what. And there was also danger lurking.

One Last Kiss - Kat Martin
Sam made a promise to Marty to look out for his niece when he died. But it was more like, make her work and show her what it really means. But the attraction between Sam and Libby was strong. I enjoyed their interactions and how they genuinely wanted to work with each other. There was an ease to them and they enjoyed each others company. Of course, there were bad guys out there.

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I’d read the Kat Martin novella before so it was cool to read the other two novellas leading up to that! All three were well written and packed a lot of wonderfulness into each story.

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I love short stories. They are a perfect read for those times you're waiting...anywhere for anyone or anything. That being said, I also love intertwined short stories, and this is what this book has in spades.

A cop is killed in Denver years before. In the first short story by Ms. Ivy, we get the backstory of that murder. The second short story follows the 'gang' that killed the police officer in Denver. The third story by Ms. Martin follows this gang as they try to elude the police that are looking for them and brings the stories to their conclusion.

Love blossoms for three couples in each short story. A second chance at romance is the theme for the first two stories and the third is an opposites attract! Lots of twists and turns and the story is intertwined seemingly without effort. SO GOOD.

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Redemption by Alexandra Ivy

Great novella of a couple getting a second chance. It has some pretty strong emotions considering its length. The chemistry rang true between the hero and heroine although it is not saturated with smexy times. I was taken aback a few times as there were some very nice twists that I never saw coming. I really enjoyed the mystery side of this story.

Rescue: Hero Style by Rebecca Zanetti

I didn’t know that I could love a second chance romance as much as I did this one! The hero made a decision that affected their relationship and this story picks up afterwards. It is angsty but oh so sweet because the heroine makes him really work for it. I loved it! She was feisty and determined despite her heartache. He was just as determined to win her over again. This also had a lead up to danger and drama making this feel like a fuller story than what it actually is.

One Last Kiss by Kat Martin

I really liked that this hero misjudged the heroine and soon learned what she was really made of. That’s a trope that I enjoy everytime I come across it. Ms. Martin did a great job of bringing this couple together in a believable fashion for such a short book. I loved the way the common thread that ran through each book was resolved in this one.

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This is a well-written, entertaining collection of three intertwined, fast paced, romantic suspense novellas, whose unique connection is the criminals.
Ms. Ivy's contribution is a second chance romance with intelligent, likable characters, sizzling chemistry, the warmth of family, an unexpected twist, and a happily ever after ending.
Ms. Zanetti's entry is steamy with a wounded war hero, a likable female protagonist, relationship drama, action, suspense, a heartwarming romance, and a happily ever after ending.
Ms. Martin's contribution is the first entry in her outstanding Logan series, and was previously published. It is steamy with likable, engaging characters, sizzling chemistry, a beautiful, vividly described setting, intrigue, suspense, and a happily ever after ending.
Many thanks to NetGalley, the authors, and Kensington books, who kindly provided me with an ARC of this excellent novel. This is my honest opinion.

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This is a book by three authors and the theme of a cop killer runs thru all three stories. In Denver a police detective is on the case along with a former Denver police office who's partner was killed. They get close to catch the cop killer and his crew; but the get away with money from a bank robbery. In Wyoming a sheriff is investigating a string of robberies and finds that his ex-fiancé can identify the robbers. In Colorado the gang is laying low at a guest ranch. Of course, the gang is not capable of really laying low! In a final attempt to get away they kidnap a woman and the Colorado ranch is not letting them get away this time.
All stories are action packed and great reads.

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Overall loved the book. Not super spicy but each book had romance and sexy times.

Book 1, Redemption by Alexandria Ivy sets up the overarching story of a crime, spree crossing state, and city lines, and the hero/heroine couples that try to stop them. I have not read anything by Alexandria Ivy previously, but I enjoyed this second chance romance/romantic suspense. I thought Tessa and Ian had a good balance. She doesn’t take crap from him and will stand up to anything. She doesn’t let the truth sway her from doing what’s right.

Rescue: Hero Style by Rebecca Zanetti brings us to a new small town where our heroine Ella is nursing, a broken heart after her fiancé, breaks it off. The book starts as he comes back to town, trying to mend fences, return to his job as sheriff, and prove to Ella that he is here to stay. As they are fighting through the battles of reconciliation, a crime spree takes over their small town. For those who read in order, you will recognize are criminals from book one. Another second chance romance/romantic suspense done slightly differently then book one, but similar tropes. Rebecca Zanetti is a one click author for me. Doesn’t matter what she writes, if her name is on it, I’m reading it. This book was different than her other stuff I have read, less spicy, but still very enjoyable. I absolutely loved that Ella made Caden work for it. She does not let him off the hook up easily, and I was here for it! This ties into the first book as the criminals who escaped in book one end up in Ella and Caden’s small town on a crime spree.

Finally, Kat Martin brings us the finale in One Last Kiss. In this story, we meet Libby who is being forced to spend the summer on a cattle ranch to fulfill the terms of her late uncle’s will. The owner of the ranch immediately labeled her as a spoiled city girl. I truly enjoyed watching her prove him wrong. I’m not quite sure which one of them was more surprised that she fit in as much as she did and took to ranch life, like she had been born there. For as dumb as our criminals are, they certainly keep getting away, and they make another appearance on the ranch as they are trying to lay low and stay away from Denver. Finally, our hero couples are able to win the day and put the bad guys back where they belong.

I really enjoyed this book. The only critical feedback I have is that in the copy, I was sent, I can’t tell if book 3 is complete or not. There were 16 chapters ending with Big John and a knowing look, Libby had found her way home”. This may be the ending and it feels complete but the next page is labeled Chapter 17, but it is a repeat of chapter 16 from book 2, and then the epilogue from book 2. Not sure if this is just a copy I was sent or if this is a more prevalent error in the upload, but thought I would mention it.

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These 3 stories in one are just awesome. Following the characters from one book to the next is always cool and in this case, it's the bad guys, so I liked that as well.

Redemption-Alexandra Ivy
Love a strong heroine like Tessa. She and Ian had one night 5 years ago and now she is finally back in town. Great story with a surprise twist to the case they are working together. A little romance, a little suspense, a lot of good stuff in this short story.

Rescue: Hero Style Rebecca Zanetti
Love RZ’s contribution to this collection. Caden and Ella are such wonderful characters. Getting to know and feel for characters in a short story isn’t always easy but not a problem in this case .It was an edge of your seat non-stop action, with some good romance thrown in as well, kind of story. Loved it! Very enjoyable!

One Last Kiss/ Kat Martin
Love Libby and Sam. I enjoyed this one very much. Libby was a city girl who was forced to go to the country as part of her uncle's will. Sam first thought she was going to be high maintenance but she surprised him and fit into the country as if she had always been there. She and Sam were not sure they could have something but they couldn't fight it. Great ending.

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I liked 2 of the 3 books. I love all 3 authors but somehow couldn't get into any of these stories. I just couldn't relate to the characters in any of the stories.

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Peril is another anthology by Kat Martin, Alexandra Ivy, and Rebecca Zanetti. These three excellent suspense romance writers have written novellas that are connect by the gang who go on a crime spree in Colorado and Wyoming. If anyone is unfamiliar with any of these writers this is an excellent anthology to read one of their novellas.

All three of the stories is interesting with strong law enforcement characters, male and female. I like how the stories are connected by a common thread but also showcase each author’s style and characters. Read today to enjoy a story by a favorite author or discover a new one.

An ARC of the book was provided by the publisher through NetGalley which I voluntarily chose to read and reviewed. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Three of my favorite authors tell interconnecting stories full of suspense and romance. The characters are great. The way things weave into each story while letting each stand alone is well done. I'd love to see a third collaboration between these three.

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Peril (Blood Ties, The Logans #3.5)
Three connected books - 1. REDEMPTION by Alexandra Ivy 2. RESCUE: HERO STYLE by Rebecca Zanetti 3. ONE LAST KISS by Kat Martin. The evil guys are in all three books that are filled with angst, danger, murder, as well as wonderful characters, some laughs, tears, strong H and h, plenty of steam and three HEA's.
Reasons I enjoyed this book:
Unpredictable Witty Action-packed Wonderful Characters Romantic Entertaining Great world building Steamy Easy-to-read Happily Ever After Tear-jerker Informative Haunting Scary Page-turner.

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