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I love the overlap from the stories each done by some of my favourite authors. What a unique mashup. Suspense and intrigue along with a bit of love and humour. What more can you ask for? Well written and easy to read. A great and uniquely dons multiauthor novel.

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I loved how each of the stories were intertwined. I didn't catch it at first but was excited when I did. The stories individually are good and the characters are intriguing. Sometimes I wished they were longer because I was enjoying it so much. I loved the conclusion and the teamwork!

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This is an excellent book I love how all the stories have a connection but are individual stories. I enjoyed all the characters and how they connected with each other and interacted with others, the stories are fast paced and a fun read definitely recommend.

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The last chapters of the book were a reprint of a previous story, this needs to be addressed before printing.

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This was an interesting and original anthology format and while it may have been done in the past (heck, maybe it's a thing now) it is the first time that I have experienced it. I have read several anthologies where the authors are given a certain prompt and all of the stories have "something" to do with or something surrounding that particular prompt. THIS anthology however had three particular characters (along with their character traits and their history) and the three stories had these three men and their actions flow through each story - in the order of each story. Three stories linked and interwoven throughout and creating an overall story arc.

The first story is by Alexandra Ivy and does a great job of introducing us to the "bad guys" (well, Deke in particular. The story itself was okay. I've read Ms. Ivy before so she was not a new author for me. The only issue that I had with it was the relationship with the two MC's took the insta-love concept to a whole new level. One night together (the night before she left Denver for Wisconsin) and then years apart. Then when the case is completed they decide to move together and make it sound like its a forever thing. Kind of fast, but.......

The second story was by Rebecca Zanetti. That was my favorite of the three. I liked the world she was building in Redemption, Wy and I have the feeling that this is a world that is going to be expanded in other stories (at least I hope it will be). In this story, Deke is absent for the most part and we get meet and focus on the other guys in the gang.

The third story, well, lets just say that it was my least favorite. Actually, I really didn't like it much at all. We have a socialite being sent to a dude ranch to work for the summer before she can claim her inheritance. She was not a very likeable character, even though she does seem to redeem herself in the end. The problem I had with it was that the story and the plot just didn't seem to work. Without going into spoilers, I can not really give details, but we get to see our merry band of criminals again, but the why they are there and the how they try to leave are just WAY, way out there. Another case of insta-love but I guess, it's a novella and there isn't much time for anything else.

I did enjoy the continuing theme with the bank robbers and I especially loved meeting the characters of Redemption.

Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this ARC. The opinions above are mine and mine alone.

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Three wonderful suspense stories together in one book. Kat Martin, Alexandria Ivy and Rebecca Zanetti bring together three different locations, three different HEAs and one group of outlaws. Each story in itself is a work of art but throwing them together under one title is like opening up a present on Christmas morning to the readers. Intrigue, danger and you cannot forget love and acceptance around every turn. A wonderful collection.

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Three authors, three stories, same baddies.
A cop killer is on the loose and robbing banks with his villainous team.

Not my normal type of crime book. But I did enjoy it. Spicy, and has a bit of everything, mystery, crime and romance.

thanks to Netgalley and the publisher for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review.

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An original concept with three apparently separate novellas that are in fact linked by a band of thugs who will disrupt the lives of the different characters ... And I loved it!

REDEMPTION by Alexandra Ivy

An author I knew but hadn't read in a while ! I really liked the plot (I didn't expect the revelations at the end !) and the tension between the two main characters ... I loved it =D

RESCUE: HERO STYLE by Rebecca Zanetti

My favorite when I was so scared of not liking the second chance trope ... And ultimately I loved it! The plot was great (I loved seeing the thugs through Ella's eyes while she was unaware of the danger she was in ... But I was =)), I liked the romance BUT the strong point, it is the secondary characters !! (I'm super curious about the Cattle Club! I loved having a book with Austin! And I hope we will have one >< And I've totally a crush on Harley =))

PS: and of course, after that I discovered that there was another short story in the same universe but for some unknown reason, I completely missed the Lone Wolf anthology !

ONE LAST KISS by Kat Martin

The conclusion of the whole plot with the bank robbers ... And perhaps the one that I liked less, in particular because of the heroine to whom I was less attached ... But the conclusion of the plot was great !

In short, an original anthology perfect for entertainment that I recommend for fans of romance suspense !

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I’ve read books by these all of these authors and have enjoyed them all. I’m not a big novella fan - they always leave me wanting more and feeling like the story is incomplete. That’s me. Would I recommend this? Yes-probably for readers who have never read these authors before.

Thank you #netgalley and #Kensington Books, Zebra for the eARC.

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In the Peril anthology, the suspense theme (aka bad guys) runs through all three romantic suspense novellas.
In “Redemption” by Alexandra Ivy, Tessa comes home to Denver and works with detective Ian to track down her former partner’s killer. Along the way, they find their HEA.
In “Rescue Hero Style” by Rebecca Zanetti, Caden returns home to find his ex-fiancé in peril. While trying to keep Ella safe, and sorting out who’s trustworthy and who isn’t, Caden and Ella work towards their own HEA. Plus, there’s a super cute wolf.
And in Kat Martin’s “One Last Kiss”, city slicker Libby sets out to work for a month on a ranch in order to collect her inheritance. Will she find true love with ranch owner Sam?
The whole anthology is a super fun read!

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I like all of these authors so it was a definite read for me. I enjoyed all three stories but I’d rather read a whole novel by these authors. It was a good read with lots of suspense.

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Redemption by Alexandra Ivy

It’s a quick read. There’s a little action to it. It’s a second chance romance.
Rescue: Hero Style by Rebecca Zanetti

I really liked Ella and Caden. Caden is definitely all alpha. There is a lot of suspense and action in this novella.

One Last Kiss by Kat Martin

I really enjoyed this one. There’s a lot more to Libby than you see at first glance. Lots of suspense. I really liked how all three stories tied together.

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This is one that just kept getting better and better. Loved how each story had some familiar characters. It was a very intense, suspenseful read.
I enjoyed the characters in each section and loved watching their feelings grow.
The only downside for me was that I went from the chapter 16 of the last book to chapter 17 of one of the earlier books, so I’m not sure if the last one had an epilogue or not.
Many thanks to Netgalley and Kensington for the chance to read and review this one.

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Peril … Kat Martin, Rebecca Zanetti and Alexandra Ivy

While I’m a devoted fan of Rebecca Zanetti, the other two authors, Kat Martin and Alexandra Ivy, were new for me. I quite liked the premise of the re-occurring villains.

The first storyline was set up brilliantly and we really learned about our bad-guys. The romance seemed rushed. I mean 5 years passed and they had spent only one night together then our heroine went back to Denver and within days they’re getting engaged?!

The second story was Zanetti’s and I am a fan. Loved the multiple layers and supporting characters, including the wolf. Looking forward to more Novellas on those characters in Redemption, WY. That being said, I still was a bit disappointed that our heroine, Ella, so easily took our hero, Caden, back after being jilted and ghosted. I suppose though, with bombs and being held up, etc. it would certainly make you prioritize what’s important in your life. The main baddies once again slip away.

The third story has our baddies hiding out on a guest ranch. The romance aspect of the story is again rushed. Great supporting characters that really add to the story. Action is also great. My problem is there is no reason for the baddies to be hanging out there. Then right after the heroine, Libby is rescued and her and Sam proclaim their love for each other the next chapter is a repeat on the previous story as is the Epilogue. So I did not get to read the wrap up. Rather irritating.

Still a 4-star read.

*** My thanks to the Publisher and NetGalley. This is my honest review given in exchange for the ARC of this book. ***

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Good book! This book was definitely a good read but I didn't like the different books in the book lol it was a little confusing and hard to follow for me! They all had suspense, intrigue, action, murder, romance and a bit of a who done it! I will definitely recommend reading this book as it was well worth reading but I still think its a little confusing! Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for sharing this book with me!

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While I’d already read Kat Martin’s piece of this tale, the two before it tied everything together wonderfully. We span a few groups of characters, a few locales, and some second chances at love along the way. My favorite may have been Rebecca Zanetti’s story, though, because I felt every bit of sadness and misery and anger and love that Ella did along her recovery. But is it really recovery when the guy who broke your heart is the one determined to patch it back together? And can he be trusted?

If you’re looking for some great reads by authors who worked together to weave a story that keeps you engaged from one style to the next, this is definitely for you!

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Three stories one vicious gang robbing and killing anyone that gets in there way.


Tessa Ralston watched her partner get shot and has blamed herself for years. When she learns the killer is coming back she’s determined to catch him.

“You could never be more beautiful than you are in this moment.”

Ian should have never let her go and now that she’s back he won’t. First they have partner up to get the bad guy.

“You’ve been in my dreams since you left.”

“And what exactly were we doing in those dreams?”

“A little of this.” “A little of that.”


Ella Riverton is a bank teller heartbroken by the man she loved. With lots of crazy things going on in this small town.

Caden made a huge mistake. He’s not giving up until he has her back. As the sheriff he is investigating the robberies in his small town while trying to convince his woman to give them another chance.

“I’m holding you to this promise,” he whispered. “Mine forever, Ella.”

This is the conclusion of this anthology.
A rancher and a city girl are thrown together and find love and danger.

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Love and romance…intriguing…this book was sent to me electronically by Netgalley for review. Written by talented authors, the story comes alive on the pages. The characters are life like and keep the story moving. This would make a great television series. Enjoy.

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Three interrelated stories from romance authors. I have already read the story from Kay Martin. ARC from NetGalley.

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REDEMPTION by Alexandra Ivy

Tessa, a rookie cop, left five years ago after her partner was killed. She lives in Wisconsin and works on the Cold Case Division at the police department. She gets a tip that the killer, Deke, is back in Denver. She makes arrangements and heads back to her hometown.

Ian was a beat cop but has moved up to detective. When he heard Tessa was coming back, he made sure to be partnered with her. They had a one night stand before she left and he has never forgot her.

They work together to find the cop killer and Ian realizes she’s the reason he’s not involved with anyone. Ian decides it doesn’t matter where Tessa goes, he will go too. Can they capture Deke and live happily ever after?

Great story. Action. Sexual tension. * Cliffhanger *. Short but exciting and page turner.


REDEMPTION by Rebecca Zanetti

Ella, a bank teller, has been dumped by her fiancé. She is heartbroken and is getting drunk. While in the Cattle Club, her ex Caden, busts in and tries to get her to leave.

Caden, sheriff of their town, is former military and has PTSD and when he woke up choking Ella, he breaks their engagement and takes off. He wants to run for governor but not if Ella isn’t behind him. After being gone for six weeks, he’s back and ready to reclaim his girl. But Ella isn’t going to make it easy on him.

When the local diner is being robbed, Ella is hit by ricochet and has to have stitches. She gives in to Caden, just a little. Bombs are going off all over town and robbers kidnap Ella to get the money from the bank. Caden will stop at nothing to get her back.

I loved this story. Action. Sex. Second chance for love. A little cliffhanger. Cowboys and a wolf.


ONE LAST KISS by Kat Martin

Libby’s parents were killed when she was twelve and she went to live with her uncle. He passes away and leaves her wealthy but she must go stay at a ranch in Colorado for a month or she will receive nothing.

Sam runs the ranch and has known Libby’s uncle for years. He is asked to give her no special treatment and make her work while she’s there. He expects a spoiled, little rich girl but the more time he spends he realizes she has bottled her past up and needs to face it.

A couple of men stay at the ranch and realize who Libby is and take her hostage for her jet. Sam and his buddies set up a trap to stop them and to save Libby.

Good story. The ending was a little disappointing. Maybe it will be fixed before it’s published. Action. Bad guys. A city girl and a country man. Opposites do attract.

* Voluntarily read and reviewed this for NetGalley *

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