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oh my goodness, this was the best book!! it was soooo sweet and i'm so in love with it!! as always, thank you so much to netgalley for letting me read this book early! pick it up asap!!!
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The perfect cozy romance read for all seasons. Whether you're lounging outside in the sun or snuggled up inside with a warm cup of tea, Fly Me to Moongate Manor is a delightful read. A charming story about how a wild garden at a beautiful manor brings three very different personalities together and form a close friendship (and more).

I got this arc in exchange for an honest review.
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A lovely sweet story entwined around three people which pulls at your heartstrings in places. Very well written and I will look out for more from this author.
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Fledgling fine artist Amanda is at a crossroads. Her beloved ex-pat British mother has died, she's about to be fired from her job, and her boyfriend is too self-absorbed to be supportive. Living in NYC—Queens, to be exact—is expensive and student loan debt is threatening to strangle her. Meanwhile, in the UK, wealthy techie Simon has been betrayed by his business partner, who has stolen his girlfriend, to boot. Further up north, Diana, the lonely and reclusive owner of the sagging Moongate Manor, lives a life peppered with memories of the man, and child, she loved and lost. Like Shakespeare's happy endings, Fly Me to Moongate Manor does not disappoint. Amanda receives a letter informing her that she's the new owner of Moongate Manor, a gorgeous old pile in Northeast England. With nothing left to lose, she soon embarks on a journey that rivals that of a Dickens character. And Simon has beat her to the punch. After losing his fortune, and girl, he leaves Southeast England and takes off on his motorcycle, tail between his legs. His journey takes him to Moongate Manor, which is in need of a gardener to revive its neglected glory. Diana hires him on sight, despite his lack of horticultural training. Soon this trio of sad souls has formed a bond and begin to revive Moongate Manor into its past glory—and brought in the local community to boot. As the book proceeds, family secrets are revealed, love blooms, and crises erupt that threaten to derail their fragile idyll. But all's well that ends well—because Kate Forster never disappoints. This is a book that reminds us that despite societal and economic pressures and realities, miracles abound. Masterful storytelling by a mistress of her craft, and a delight to read.
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This is a wonderful story with such a gorgeous cover. I really liked the characters and the setting.
This book had much more depth to it than I expected. I really enjoyed reading it. It was very emotional and heartwarming too.
Thank you to Netgalley and the Publisher for my ARC.
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Why did  this one have to come to and end, I enjoyed every single page of this book. Worth more than 5 stars.

Thanks to Netgalley and publisher for this ARC
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Diana who grew up in a well to do family with a controlling father and a dominated mother who are horrified when Diana who wasn't married got pregnant back in the 60's
Amanda whose mum has just died has just found out she 'won' Moongate Manor
Simon who was left at the alter by his fiancee who ran off with his best friend and business partner who also fleeced him of all his money
A chance meeting between Diana and Simon results in him becoming the temporary gardener if Moongate Manor and Amanda is persuaded by her best friend to visit the house as she has nothing to lose
A lovely story of 3 people, 2 of which have more in common than is first thought
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I adored Christmas Eve at Cranberry Cross, so I was very excited to read this story by Kate Forster. I was not disappointed.

Amanda is in need of some good in her life. After losing her mom, her job and her apartment in a short period of time, she wants a change. So when she finds out she won a raffle on an English manor, Moongate Manor, she packs up and heads to England.

Simon is also in need of a change. After his wedding is called off, he accepts a job as gardener at Moongate Manor. Diana, the owner, has some secrets from her past that she isn't ready to share.

These three unique individuals come together to help each other. This is a very heartwarming story!
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This story is written over a couple of timelines, back in the sixties and modern day. It's a lovely heartwarming story that absolutely pulls you into it from the start. Love, loss,adoption, betrayal, friendships, family, this book covers it all. I definitely recommend reading this one.
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Amanda Cox, 26, and her mother, Wendy, had always been close living together in an apartment in New York.  One day, her mother fell and tests showed she had a terminal brain tumor.  Refusing treatment, she passed away not long after.  While ill, Wendy kept entering contests hoping to win something for Amanda.

Now, two months later, Amanda has lost her job and her apartment lease.  But she opens mail one day to learn that she has been the winner of a contest Wendy entered and is now the owner of a home called Moongate Manor in the village of Foxfield near Newcastle upon Tyne in England.  Worried that it’s not legit, her friend pushes her to go to England and check out her prize.

Simon Herald made a vast wealth with the stock market software he invented along with his partner, Charlie.  Engaged to Anika, they were planning an elaborate wedding.  But, she left him standing at the altar when she ran off with his partner who stole all of his money as well.  Shocked and saddened, he has been wandering around from different places on his motorbike making money doing odd jobs.  When he drives into Foxfield, he is taken with a beautiful home.  He talks to the owner, Diana Graybrook-Moore, the elderly spinster owner of Moongate Manor.  She has moved into the Gatehouse and offers him the job of gardener for the summer and he can stay in the gardener’s house on the estate.  Diana can no longer care for the home and has offered it as a prize.

When Amanda arrives, she falls in love with the Manor and she and Simon immediately set in to do everything they can to return the gardens to their former glory.

What a totally beautiful and heartwarming novel.  I loved the characters and their interaction with one another.  There’s close friendships and beautiful descriptions of the Manor and the gardens.  Don’t miss this one.  The story will stay with you for a long time to come.

Copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for a fair and honest review.
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For Amanda, life has changed completely, now alone in New York since her mother died, now with no job, dumped by her boyfriend and her flat about to be repossessed, it seems that life cannot get any lower. 

That is until she finds out her mother won a competition that she had entered not long before she died. The prize - a Manor House in the British countryside. 

Amanda does not have anything to lose, and at least she will have a roof over her head and some purpose for a while. then she can start to heal and decide what she wants to do. 

Simon had it all, successful job, money, large flat, car, best friends and fiancé. Then suddenly on his wedding day he has none of these things. He takes to the road, not keeping in touch with anyone and needs to find who he really is now. He ends up at this Manor House to help as a gardener, far from anything he has even known.

Diana, forthright and determined is the owner of the Manor House or Moongate Manor as it is called. She is the instigator of the competition that picks Amanda as the winner and the woman who takes pity on Simon and offers him a summer job. However it appears that Diana has a story of her own and takes us back to a time before when she was much younger. 

Will these three people, from different backgrounds, walks of life and ages find a common path for them to be able to see a future for themselves and Moongate Manor. 

What was lovely about this book was the healing qualities it had by simply reading it as well as learning with Amanda and Simon as they get to grips with the garden, the house and the local community. A book which crosses the generations and shows how life can take unexpected turns dependent on others actions. I will admit that I had worked out some of the connections within the book, but I did not feel that detracted in any way from the overall story and the feel of the book. For me it left it open for future returns to Moongate Manor.

A heart-warming dual time line read, for fans of big houses and gardens.
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A charming and heartwarming read!  Wonderful characters, a great story line, a beautiful setting and a sweet romance make this a perfect book to add to your summer reading list.
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Fly Me to Moongate Manor is the 2nd book I have read my Kate Forster and I really enjoyed it! I love how Kate Forster writes books with a lot of love and insightful lessons! <3 

Amanda was such a great character. Seeing her grow throughout the book filled my heart with so much warmth and admiration. I loved how she finally let go of the past and chose her own happiness moving forward! Simon was a lovable character as well. I especially enjoyed Diana's chapters in the book, as I wasn't expecting a 3rd POV (I read the blurb of the book ages ago, so I didn't remember it while reading the book. I like to go into books blindly, hehe) The romance was cozy, refreshing and unique. The setting of Moongate Manor definitely added to the charm of the story!

I was not expecting the twist in the end, though. It was heartbreaking - but I liked how the story wrapped up in the end! I highly recommend Fly Me to Moongate Manor to my fellow cozy romance lovers! <3
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A lovely story with elements of forgiveness, friendship, mystery and romance, set in a lyrically described Northumberland manor house and garden. Serendipity draws three lost people together, and against the background of restoring a once beautiful garden, relationships develop, and secrets are revealed. The story highlights differences in social attitudes between the 1960s and the present day. The story is told from three viewpoints, and their connection builds to a climactic conclusion.
I enjoyed the characters getting to know each other, the mystery and the setting of this story.
I received a copy of this book from the publisher.
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This is charming but deceptively deep novel following three different characters. If you love a good found family trope, you’ll enjoy this! Amanda is entered into a raffle for a gorgeous English manor and wins, where Diana has grown up, and Simon takes on a job as a gardener after being left at the altar. Amanda and Simon are both needing a change and Diana is there to guide them and offer some wisdom, as we are carried back and forth from her past to their present day together.

Thought I felt it started off slow, it was such an engaging novel and perfect for spring with all of the lovely imagery of the garden!
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Amanda can't help but feel that the universe has change in store for her. First, her beloved Mother passes from a brain tumour, then she loses her job and gets an eviction notice. The last thing she expects to find is that her Mother entered a competition to win an English Manor... and won.

Simon faced a shocking betrayal in London and lost everything. Now, riding around the country on his motorcycle, he's stunned at the beauty of Moongate Manor and is surprised to be offered a job restoring the gardens. He knows he can't run forever... but one summer wouldn't hurt. 

Diana, the current lady of Moongate Manor, is getting older with no heirs to take on the estate. After deciding on who should win her family home, she flys Amanda to England to assume her responsibilties. But there is more to Diana than meets the eye and she's desperate to keep her secrets hidden. 

Together, will they bring back the beauty that was once held by the Manor and its gardens? Or will the secrets between them cause an irrevocable combustion? 

I love a dual timeline and appreciated that we got to learn Diana's history as each memory arose. The story was so full, and I could really feel the pain each character had experienced and how healing restoring Moongate Manor's gardens was. There were unexpected twists throughout and I was rooting for Amanda and Simon to find each other (as were the other characters in the book). It's a clean/closed door romance but it really focused on the actions in each of their pasts and how they intertwined and became the Manor's future. 

Thank you to Author Kate Forster, Head of Zeus & Netgalley for providing me with this ARC. All opinions are my own.
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This book took me on a rollercoaster of emotions. Like the other book by Kate Forster I read, Christmas Eve at Cranberry Cross, Fly Me to Moongate Manor takes its readers to the ups and downs of life and teaches us that you can find family and yourself when you least expect it. 

Amanda is all alone in NYC after her mother died. However, she finds out she won a manor in an English town, so she flies across the globe to see it. Here she meets Diana, a lovely old lady who was the previous owner of the manor and was looking for fresh blood to take over as it takes quite an effort to maintain it. Amanda falls in love with the manor and accepts to renovate it. Simon, he's been travelling all over the UK since his business partner and his ex-fiancee betrayed him. By chance he passes in front of Moongate Manor and falls in love with its gardens. He accepts the temporary job from Diana to be the gardener for a few months. Amanda and Simon don't get along, but working together brings them closer and they start healing from their own trauma and find a closure. But finding closure can break them apart when the truth about the manor comes to light.
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🌷Family made vs. Family you're born with🌹🌿

A good story about loss and discovery and making the most of the life you've been left with.  The plot was good, full of helpful people who enrich Amanda's life after she loses her beloved mother Wendy to cancer.  The romance is slow build and sweet and there's a bit of a mystery to solve.  Altogether a feel-good story about finding the life you didn't know you were missing.

Occasionally the story takes Diana, the former owner of Moongate Manor, back to her past and the events that drove her to lead a solitary life until she passes the Manor over to Amanda and hires Simon, another lost soul, to bring her Manor's garden back to its full glory.  Truthfully, I liked the split story and having two heroines.

Thanks to Head of Zeus publishers and NetGalley for sharing a complimentary advance copy of the book;  this is my voluntary and honest opinion.
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Thanks to the publisher and Netgalley for an early review copy. 

This book was another gorgeous book from  Kate Forster.

Living in New York, Amanda is slowly coming to terms with the loss of her Mother. When she goes through her post,  she finds a letter informing her that  she’s the winner of an house in England. 

As she reaches Moorgate Manor, which is a country home, in need of some tender loving care, as does the overgrown garden, Amanda loves it. 

She makes friends with its owner, Diana, who is now living in the gate house. 

Simon is the gardener, who has a past, working with him, Amanda slowly starts to fall in love with him.

But some things don’t add up for Amanda, and secrets are revealed.  

I recommend this book.
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Cosy romances are so fun to read! Fly Me to Moongate Manor is a sweet story told from the point of view of Amanda, Simon and Diana. All three have gone through very difficult times and end up crossing paths at Moongate Manor. While very hurt from the past, they ultimately find love, peace and happiness on the manor which I absolutely love. Amanda's interactions with Diana are wholesome and I'm so glad that Simon and Amanda find each other. The ending is so cute! If you like stories about starting over, second chances, a bit of mystery and dual timelines, definitely read Fly Me to Moongate Manor!
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