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What’s a Duke Got to Do With It

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Miss Katrina Denby is a companion for the testy and forthright dowager Viscountess Tesh. She finds herself the victim of yet another scandal when the bounder responsible for her ruination dies beneath her window. Katrina hopes to find a spouse willing to overlook her tattered reputation and lack of dowry. Sebastian’s arrival on the Isle of Synne throws her search into jeopardy. He is the only man she has ever loved, but he is also off limits to her. Will Katrina find a way to gain back her respectability? Can she resist Sebastian enough to safeguard both of their futures?

Sebastian Thorne, the Duke of Ramsleigh, has been righting the many wrongs his late father committed. He needs to marry a rich heiress to save his dukedom and its people. When Sebastian finds the ideal candidate, he first needs to accomplish one task for her father. He finds himself babysitting the woman’s brother on the Isle of Synne. However, Sebastian never expected to see Katrina again… Or have his old feelings for her resurface. Will Sebastian forsake his dukedom for Katrina? Or will he have to give her up for good?

Katrina and Sebastian have so much in common. I like how both are the unfortunate victims of scandals through no fault of their own. I empathize with Katrina. She received an unfair hand. I hate that Katrina had to carry the full brunt of society’s censor while the one responsible did not face as many recriminations. It really impacts the bias that women had to face in that era. What I admire the most about Katrina is her willingness to protect her friends. She did not want the Oddments or her employer to feel the negative backlash of their association with her.

I could not help but fall in love with Sebastian. He is such a sweetheart. I love the sacrifices that Sebastian is willing to make for the people who depend on him. He refuses to allow his pride to keep him from doing what needs to be done. Sebastian plans to selflessly forsake his own happiness to save his tenants and sisters. What I adore the most about Sebastian is his refusal to allow Katrina to downcast herself. He knows she does not deserve their peers and her brother’s mistreatment or recrimination.

WHAT’S A DUKE GOT TO DO WITH IT is the second book in Christina Britton’s historical romance series, SYNNEFUL SPINSTERS, a spin-off from her THE ISLE OF SYNNE series. The story can easily standalone. There is no on-going plot that spills over into this story. I love that the couple from the first book, SOME DUKES HAVE ALL THE LUCK, make an appearance or two. I cannot wait for the rest of the Oddments to find their matches!

I am usually not a fan of second-chance trope, but I like how the author approached this one. Sebastian and Katrina’s separation was through no fault of their own but unforeseen circumstances. It brings me to mind the adage: meeting the right person at the wrong time.

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I didn't realize this was a series but it is. It can be read as a stand alone! This is a charming second chance romance between Sebastian and Katrina. They had a romance when they were younger but were forced apart refreshingly not by either's fault. I just felt it moved a little slow in certain sections. There was only so much sympathy I could feel for Katrina before it became a bit much.

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I was so glad to be brought back to to the Isle of Synne, although this time for what felt like a very different kind of story. To say my heart was in my throat the majority of the novel is an understatement. Never before have I wished to bring physical harm to a number of characters than the ones that treated Sebastian and Katrina so cruelly. Each chapter had me on a roller coaster of emotions and I will admit to being slightly worried about the possibility of an HEA, which made it all the sweeter when we finally got it. Christina Britton's writing and the moments in this book reminded me so much of the beautiful prose in Austen novels. She has this magical quality to her scenes and characters which always keeps me enthralled as I read. And I loved how all Sebastian wanted to do was aid Katrina, but every time a situation arose, he could not stop himself from stepping in and showing just how much he was trying not to hide how he cared for her. Another character I loved was Lady Tesh, who I enjoyed even more so in What's a Duke Got to Do With It, in how much she cared for Katrina and rallied for her in the community. It showcased just how much the woman cared for Katrina beyond simply as her companion.

I cannot wait to return for the next installment in the Synneful Spinsters series!

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This was a fun regency romp. Nothing terribly new or different, but comfortably written. Bonus points for Mouse the dog and some delightful side characters.

Recommended for when you want something quick and comforting.

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I love these books about the “ Oddments” of the Isle of Synne . Each story is a testimony of strong women fighting hard for the life they want. This one is no different. I love how Katrina grows from a little “mouse” to a roaring lion, unwilling to let anyone stand in the way of happiness ever again. Sebastian, left with an awful mess, is her superb hero, not only battling his own fights, but hers as well. I thought the book did drag a bit about half way through the book, reiterating the same thing time and time again and felt the urge to skip through some of it as it seemed to not have any new information. But I read on and was glad I did. I enjoyed this story, getting angry, especially with the local vicar ( who needed to learn what grace and mercy really meant) and of course, Mouse, the mischievous horse of a dog!

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The second in a series, this historical romance follows Sebastian (a Duke, of course) and Katrina, a disgraced young woman forced into becoming a companion for a meddlesome older woman. Sebastian and Katrina had a light fling when they were younger but were forced apart by separate circumstances. Reunited several years later, Katrina is ensconced in scandal and Sebastian is trying to make an advantageous marriage to save his dukedom. This was a sweet romance and I especially enjoyed the sections from Sebastian’s point of view. I did occasionally find myself skimming Katrina’s sections. While I appreciated her difficulties, her constant “woe is me” attitude becomes her main personality trait. So, this was a perfectly fine read, just maybe not one of my favorite historical romances.

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This was such a breath of fresh air! Both the main characters were sweet but not saccharine, and it was a nice second-chance story where no forgiveness was required of either of them. It had surprising depth to it, showing that life and society can (and often does) punish you for things beyond your control, but that makes love and friendship all the more valuable.

I hadn't read this author before, and I'll definitely be doing so in the future. I can't wait to pick up book 1 in this series!

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A rare thing of beauty: A second-chance romance where neither main character has done anything stupid 😂

When Katrina and Sebastian were young, flirtation was inching closer and closer to falling in love when crazy circumstances sent things into a tailspin for each of them. After an unexpected coincidence brings them together four years later, each are focused on salvaging pieces of their former dreams and falling in love seems impossible.

Yet their love & chemistry are undeniable. Katrina and Sebastian are both clearly mourning what could have been yet they are only concerned with everyone else's well-being and happiness. It was interesting how this book focused a lot on the worst parts of the gender roles and responsibilities during that time. However, I love a hard-won HEA, and this totally delivered. I loved this book!

Thank you so much to @readforeverpub, @grandcentralpub, and @netgalley for the arc of this book. All thoughts, feelings, etc. are honest and mine!

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I’m a marketing and publicity intern at Forever Publishing, so I am reading this for work! Aaaaaaand there's a character limit on reviews here are some more words

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This second book in this series was great. It was such a touching and beautiful slow burn romance.
This series has been a wonderful one and I can't recommend it enough.

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