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Creating Art with Alcohol Ink

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This is a really solid primer on the possibilities with alcohol inks. Williams and Williams take you through multiple styles and ideas. The value of the medium is actually enhanced by the authors' open exploration of multiple styles. As soon as you pick it up, you are going to want to go paint.

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A great guide to getting started with alcohol inks. Full of ideas and new techniques to experiment with. A perfect gift for yourself or the artsy person in your life.

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Alcohol ink is a difficult creature to master, but co-authors Laurie Williams and Sheryl Williams make taming this beast look easy! Creating Art with Alcohol Ink focuses on techniques for using bottled alcohol-based ink versus markers, but there is a very small section dedicated to art created with markers, which I appreciated since the markers are the only alcohol-based ink I've personally used. However, after reading this book, I'm ready to try delving into the world of bottled inks.

In addition to a full-color inspiration gallery filled with art that's sure to light the creative fire in any artist, the authors take time to cover the tools and supplies needed for working with alcohol inks as well as the safety equipment. Yes, there are hazards to working the alcohol-based inks and proper precautions must be taken. I always love when artists-turned-authors share safety information so this can be factored into not just the cost of working with a new medium but into the set up of my workspace.

The authors then cover a topic I don't see covered nearly enough in books: Color Theory. Since the nature of alcohol inks lends to free-flowing blending techniques, it pays to know in advance which colors will blend to create secondary and tertiary colors and so on rather than the well-known brownish color known as "mud." With step-by-step instructions for making your own color wheel, this vital section will save time in the long run because you'll not only know which colors will work to create dazzling new colors but how the inks work before ever starting a project. Time savers = bonus points!

Speaking of projects, Creating Art with Alcohol Ink doesn't skimp on them. With a choice of landscapes, birds, flowers, abstracts, and more and substrates from paper to metal, any alcohol ink artist from beginner to seasoned pro will find something to inspire and try. The instructions for each are clear and easy to follow, as is the writing as a general whole. It's like having two patient and knowledgeable instructors sitting next to you, sharing their secrets and their passion. If you're looking for a new artistic challenge, then pick up a copy of Creating Art with Alcohol Ink. You won't be disappointed.

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This book was so fun! I have been wanting to play more with my alcohol inks but was scared to do so because I didn't know a lot about them. This book helped me so much!
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I’m always torn on reviewing art books like this. On the one hand, this is a good intro to making art with alcohol ink. On the other hand, it’s a medium that is bad for human health and the environment and it’s frankly expensive.

The allure of alcohol ink is that it is so vivid and does such cool stuff that absolutely anyone can make beautiful stuff with it. Unless you muddy the colors or something, it requires no artistic talent to create really cool stuff. You can do even more if you do have artistic talent (there are certainly some talented artists in the project section of this book), but you can also just dab some ink on something in a few colors and blow it around and it looks gorgeous.

That said, any art material that requires a ventilator, gloves and a large space with open windows to do safely is just not sustainable or smart in my book.

I always use books like this as inspiration for projects with watercolors and other safer, cheaper, more child friendly mediums. Yes, it sometimes takes a little creativity to get similar effects but I’m up for the challenge and consider that part of the fun.

I would definitely recommend this book as a library read to see if it’s a good fit for you and for nice art inspiration in any medium.

I read a digital copy of this book via NetGalley.

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Creating Art With Alcohol Ink is fantastic the pictures are beautiful n even tho the projects are nit step by step they are very inspiring. There are sone fantastic ideas and tips in the book if you work with alcohol ink or are interested in trying it this book is very helpful and would be a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the process.

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I was excited to flip through "Creating Art with Alcohol Ink" by Laurie Williams and Sheryl Williams as I have some experience working with alcohol ink. I am familiar with the authors through a Facebook group and was delighted to see the opportunity for an ARC.

As I started flipping through the front of the book, I thought to myself a few times, this was a book that would be best suited for absolute beginners. The authors spend a good deal of time including all the basics from materials to techniques. I'm glad I kept skimming though, because about halfway through, I was stopped in my tracks. There you will find the most beautiful projects with step-by-step instructions provided by contributing folks, some of the most talented out there in the alcohol ink world. I am so excited and inspired to jump into these projects that include everything from paper to jewelry to accessories. This is a great resource for all; beginners through advanced artists (who will find a wealth of information just from the tutorials alone). I will be going through this book again and again as I work my way through these projects.

Many thanks to Fox Chapel Publishing and Netgalley for this ARC (all opinions expressed in this review are authentically mine).

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Thanks so much to NetGalley and the authors for this eARC. This is such a great book! I use alcohol markers regularly and this taught me a number of new tips and inspired me to use alcohol ink in different ways/with different tools.

The projects are broken down into easily digestible steps. The examples of different techniques are beautiful. I will likely buy a physical copy of this book as reference.

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I have alcohol ink in several forms and brands and really got bored with I had bought them for. I’m glad I kept the all because this book opened my ideas to a few new ways to use them.

the book takes you through supplies, various brands of alcohol ink, and techniques for creating your own art. the book is well written, clear and easy to follows and the projects are the icing on the cake! I can’t wait to make some silk scarves now!

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A thorough, simple and easy to follow in depth analysis and introduction to alcohol ink. More vivid than watercolors, this book with its examples and tool list will have you painting in no time. If you have a painter or crafter in the family, this book would make a great addition to their library.

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There are so many nuggets of useful information in this book, it can be read all in one sitting and then savored to soak up the details. The book will inspire those with the supplies to go play, and those without supplies to shop for supplies and then play. Clear photos throughout the steps described here make the nature of alcohol inks easy to see. Step by step instructions make the included projects accessible. Creating Art with Alcohol Ink should be in every crafter/artist's collection for reference and inspiration.

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