Cover Image: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures, Vol. 1

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Saturday Morning Adventures, Vol. 1

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This was SO FUN! If like me you grew up in the 80s/ 90s watching TMNT you got to read this!
It’s drawn in the classic style with the same type of humour and vibe from the show!

I really loved the retro art style and I laughed a few times out loud! They broke the fourth wall a few times which always makes me laugh!
There’s no mature content so it makes a great read for kids (or older readers who want a slice of nostalgia!)

I hope we’ll get more of those and I might get a physical copy for my kids in June!

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The way I squealed when I saw this available on NetGalley. I grew up watching the classic TMNT cartoons, which remains my favorite iteration of the turtles, and this collection hit so many of my favorite aspects of the original series. From the classic style artwork to nods to long running jokes, while reading this collection I could hear the voices actors in my head and I had a fantastic time.

This comic collects four “lost episodes” of the original cartoon and features a lot of classic elements, like ridiculous pizza toppings, Shredder being Shredder, and even Baxter Stockman’s mousers. My one issue is that the four stories are very short and don’t connect at all. It sort of feels like the bonus episodes that are included on the season 1 DVD that are from much later in the series so feel disconnected, and I think that will hinder enjoyment of anyone who isn’t also coming to the collection from a place of nostalgia.

That being said, I love being in this world and I cannot wait to have a physical copy in my hands to read again. I hope that we get more of the classic turtles!

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