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The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship

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This book has been a great reading experience. Thanks to the author and the publisher for bringing this book to life.

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There is something about mentorship that calls to most people and I found this book interesting in how it explores the benefits of mentoring- and what you can learn and unlearn and even relearn while mentoring someone and I loved the way the author expresses these insights in the simplest of words making it quite an encouraging read.
Thank you Netgalley for the eARC

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"Scott Jeffrey Miller's 'The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship' offers a comprehensive exploration of the intricacies and nuances of mentorship. Miller's approach is both practical and insightful, providing readers with a well-rounded view of the mentor-mentee relationship. The book excels in dissecting various roles a mentor can play - from The Revealer to The Closer - and guides the reader through each with clarity and depth. Particularly compelling is the inclusion of 'The Jerk' role, serving as a cautionary tale against mentorship pitfalls. Miller's writing is engaging, filled with personal anecdotes and actionable advice, making the principles he discusses both relatable and implementable.

This book is an excellent resource for anyone involved in a mentoring relationship, whether as a mentor or a mentee. It's particularly recommended for professionals in leadership and managerial roles, HR professionals, and those in educational or coaching fields. The depth of insight and the variety of perspectives offered make it a valuable tool for anyone looking to enhance their mentoring skills or to gain a better understanding of the dynamics involved in effective mentorship."

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I have recently moved into a leadership role at work. I have been on a personal growth journey with regards to leadership and communication for years. I've learned that as leaders and as people simply progressing in our life and work experience, we do well to pass along what we learn to others. In a word, at work, we should be training our replacements.

I recently finished reading this book. Its concise ideas will provide a framework for my mentoring relationships. One of my favorite statements in the book is "Find a new summit instead of new mountains."

Scott Miller's polished while transparent manner of delivering his experience makes him positively relatable and opens up the transfer of data to my toolbox.

The one challenge I have had is the decision between audiobook or paperback/kindle. It could surely become the third in my collection that I have both.

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I am huge fan of Scott Miller's work. His writing is easy to read and the content is incredibly useful whether you are starting as a mentor or simply building your skillset. His books tend to add not only skills, but you'll also find yourself building your own personal library.

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I recently got a leadership role in my organization and I was looking for some tips for interacting better with the people I manage on our one on ones.
This format was an overview of the types of mentors there are out there. I saw myself resonating with a few, along with recognizing tactics from others. it was an interesting overview but I think for where I am in my professional career this will be more actionable for me in a few years.

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I’ve been given a mentorship role at role, and I’m adding this to my standard operating procedure. So many good tips that I’m determined to follow to make this a mutually beneficial experience.

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This book provided some great information regarding mentorship. It wasn't exactly aimed at my career path but there is lots of useful tips that I can adapt to my setting. I will be referring back to this one as I move along in my career

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The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship by Scott Jeffrey Miller was an intriguing & intelligent read. I thoroughly enjoyed the personal anecdotes and his depth of self-awareness. His writing/voice shines strong throughout each of the methods that he describes with firsthand experiences. This vulnerable style allowed me to connect on a more reflective level in my own mentorship experience.

Realization came quickly that I am naturally a validator and visionary, while not so much a boundary setter or absorber (I need to work on my constant interrupting! Haha) but what is really of key importance with this methodology is that Scott gives you practical step by step instructions on “how to” grow the pieces of yourself that might need work in your mentoring environments. The workbook at the end of each chapter is to die for, as this will provide the journaling needed to reflect and learn about my own strengths and ability vs weaknesses or things to improve.

The book was primarily written for corporate leadership; however, I do feel strongly that these 13 methods can also be employed in any type of mentorship role (as I also have mentees as a mother, friend, or leader in my community) and these methods can move beyond the corporate environment into personal relationships. I believe as an author, this is his intention – his wisdom breaches the boundaries of workplace into family life as well; and I enjoyed reading about his personal experiences in his mentorship journey, as his stories are so relatable.

Overall, Scott is a joy to read, and I honestly want to download the rest of his books as soon as possible (and subscribe to his podcasts) since I relate so closely to his personality and his depth of experience.

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I appreciated the authors detailed breakdown of different types of mentors. As a mentor in a “corporate ish” space, I can see the value in his descriptions.

I thought it provides great advice for how to grow and lean into the type of mentor that you want to be. It posed questions that really allows you to dive into reflection around your mentorship.

Thank you Harper Collins Leadership and netgalley for the eARC. I definitely recommend this book to anyone who is looking to dive into mentorship / leadership.

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I'm sure I'll be referring to this book and time and time gain as I move throughout my professional career - lots of great tips here I can't wait to try!

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While this book was a bit formulaic, it presented some excellent information on the different types of mentors and I feel that for anyone new to mentorship and might not know what kind of mentor they want to be, this would be a good reference guide for them. 3.5 stars

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The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship by Scott Jeffrey Miller Was a great read. Mr. Miller covered the 14 types of Mentors. This was unique in the fact that he described each type of mentor in detail and with examples. At the end of each chapter he has great questions that help you evaluate if that type of mentor works for you. I loved learning about each type of mentor because each mentee. I have a different morning and you can adapt your mentorship to that. I also feel as try each type you can also grow in your professional role.

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Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Leadership for allowing me to read this ARC of Scott Jeffrey Miller's The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship. My thoughts are my own. The Ultimate Gide to Great Mentorship will release July 11, 2023.

Written with a focus to the corporate world, The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship offers the perfect overview to business mentorship. But not necessarily in a "How to" or "3 Steps to Become a Great Mentor" fashion. Rather, Miller embarks on a quest to introduce his readers to what he calls out as the 14 different types of mentors.

The format works brilliantly because Miller takes the time to offer a thorough description of each mentor type before offering examples from his own experience as a mentor. He finishes each chapter with evaluation questions that lead the reader to see how they utilize or can better utilize each style in their own capacity as a mentor.

This method might not work for everyone, and although well done, I found myself a little bored with the format as I continued to read. It's formulaic in its presentation, the way the author determined was best to distribute his information.

The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship is a questionable title to me: I was hoping for a book that would offer more practical steps on how to be a great mentor. I feel like some of that was "lost in translation" so to speak with the amount of personal experience offered in each chapter. But, that's just me.

In a lot of respects, while you can implement Miller's approach to other avenues of mentorship, The Ultimate Guide to Great Mentorship keeps a distinctly professional tone, making it more applicable to the business world.

If you're interested in entering the realm of business coaching or have already done so, Miller's book could resonate well with you. I gave the book four stars because it really is a great guide to the different styles of mentorship. Since I was looking more for a practical how-to guide, one that focused more on mentorship I can't give it a full five stars.

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