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Talk about fast paced! I loved how Cleveland written this was and how many layers it had. As a Scot, u have no awareness of the locale of the story but luckily the author really did bring the city and the environment to life for me to such a degree that I could easily picture every scene. It kind of gave me Scandal vibes if Olivia Pope had been a photographer lol. Which is high praise indeed for the author because we all know when it comes to TV, Shonda is queen! The characters are well written. I didn't know this was book 3 of 3 so I'd be interested to go back and see how the series started. I also loved that the support characters weren't your normal, clichéd cast either and even they were written with a uniqueness to them whoch also just brings the book to life so much since let's be honest, not e er reported/photographer has a jaded cop frenemy or a odd ball coroner to help them solve these mysteries and such

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*3.5 stars*

Photojournalist, Sophie Medina, is out for a run near Capitol Hill with Catholic priest and old friend Jack O’Hara, when roadworks force them to take an alternative route, where they chance upon the body of Associate Supreme Court Justice, Everett Townsend. A known diabetic, Townsend is barely alive. He’s rushed to ER, where unfortunately he dies.

That’s not the end of his story though, as the murder of a young homeless man Javi, connects directly to Townsend. Javi was murdered, but prior to his murder, he confided in Sophie, and what he told her concerning Townsend was not only shocking but, if true, could have far reaching consequences for the American justice system.

The secret eats away at Sophie, but she’ll discover that investigating Javi’s claims, will put her life in danger, and besides, who’ll believe the word of a homeless person?

Sophie is a determined protagonist, and mere threats won’t stop her from seeking the truth, but in her quest to find justice for Javi, she’s travelling a dangerous road alongside people who have mislaid their moral compass. But such is their determination to bury this secret, they’ll make sure that anyone intent on a little diligent digging, will not live long enough to reveal what they have to conceal!

Although I hadn’t read the previous two books in the series, I found it read well as a stand-alone. Great descriptions of the locality added much to the storyline, together with some interesting characters, not least Sophie, who comes under immense pressure, not to mention danger, to deter her from further investigations. After the introduction of the main characters, the story took off at a good pace urging the reader ever onward to discover who or what is behind this shocking secret.

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Blow Up is the third book in the Sophie Medina Mysteries written by Ellen Crosby. I've read the author's other series, Wine Country Mysteries, and the first two in this one, which were written many years ago. Thankfully, the series was approved to restart, and I enjoyed reading more about Sophie's life as a photographer in Washington DC. Caught up in political scandals, affairs, murder, and other troubling events, she rises through it all and saves the day. As a protagonist, she's strong and admirable. I enjoy how she analyzes situations, wants to support her friends, and emerges from the pain of her husband's death in previous books. Her best friend, a priest, adds tons of color to the story and demonstrates the power of friendships. Crosby is a talented writer who knows how to easily move a story forward without getting burdened by excessive dialog or descriptions. Each scene is important but also flies by as you try to understand who is causing things to explode around her. Looking forward to the next one!

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