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The Gray Choice

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The Gray Choice is an autobiography of the author who made it and then lost it all and more.

The writing of the story is a recount of the author’s experience and his revelations as he transited through these life events.

It makes for a motivational read and a reminder that life sometimes can be simple and straightforward.

Pick this up if you are interested in the ‘successful story’ or need a motivation jab.

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This was a brilliant book. I loved reading about the author's journey through banks and business practices. Especially the point where he was driving around with a typewriter in the back of his car so he could type up contracts on the go. I loved reading about his college days when he was business minded and was a loan shark. It certainly made for thrilling reading. There were so many interesting things to learn. I found it interesting that he made money from selling fireworks. It is just ashamed that instead of doing business by the book he decided to play in the gray zone. Obviously, in doing this the law caught up with him. It was extremely interesting Learning about what life was like both in prison and after. How trying to find a job to pay off his fines was almost impossible Especially with all the restrictions he had. This book was extremely well written. It was an exciting read that flowed so well. It almost read like a thriller. I certainly recommend reading this true crime book. As it was impossible to put down. I was frantically turning the pages.

Only the highest of praise goes out to the author and publishing team for bringing us this extremely fascinating book.
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I got ARC of this book and read it in one go. This is an interesting and educative story about choices. The book is autobiography and is told from the first person. I was getting a constant feeling that the author was talking to me. Can you learn from this book? Indeed, everyone learns his part; my learning was about choices in business and life.

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This book contains very nice materials for a derivative quant. Hopefully, there could be more books on similar topics.

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Interesting story. Being from the same state, I knew some of the places he talked about.
Thanks to author, publisher and Netgalley for the chance to read this book.
While I got the book for free, it had no bearing on the rating I gave it.

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