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AC/DC at 50 is a comprehensive and informative book that celebrates the 50th anniversary of one of the most iconic and influential rock bands of all time. I'll admit I was a little young when they were popular but my older brother, my husband, and HIS older brother are/were all really into them. More recently, access to the AC/DC pinball machine helped me really learn and enjoy the music.

Anyway, author Martin Popoff, a longtime AC/DC fan and expert, tells the band's story in chronological order, from their humble beginnings in Australia to their meteoric rise to fame. Along the way, Popoff provides insights into the band's music, their personal lives, and their impact on popular culture.

The book is packed with rare and never-before-seen photos, as well as interviews with band members, friends, and collaborators. Popoff also includes a detailed discography, a timeline of the band's career, and a list of awards and accolades.

AC/DC at 50 is a must-read for any fan of AC/DC or rock music in general. It is a well-researched and well-written book that is sure to entertain and inform readers of all ages.

Here are some additional thoughts on the book:

- Popoff's writing is engaging and informative, and he does a great job of weaving together the band's history with their music.
- The book is packed with interesting facts and anecdotes, and it provides a unique perspective on one of the most popular bands in the world.
- The photos in the book are great, and they really capture the band's energy and spirit.
- Overall, AC/DC at 50 is a fantastic book that is sure to please fans of AC/DC and rock music in general.

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I'm a big AC/DC fan and was able to see them live during the Black Ice tour. I couldn't resist the opportunity to read this book. It is a very informative look at 50 milestones the band has achieved and things they've gone through. From their first album to the loss of founding members, this book covers it all. It has some amazing photographs, includes fun ephemera, and really brings in the band's experiences at worldwide concerts. Something else I really enjoyed was Popoff's insight about the music scene as a whole, helping readers truly understand not only AC/DC's influence on music, but their musical influences starting out. This is a must-read for big AC/DC fans and it'll be an interesting read for anyone who just loves music and the music industry.

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Martin Popoff is one to read if you want to know about musical groups and in this book Popoff delivers his 50 career milestones on AC/DC.

The book covers the move of the Young brother from Scotland to Australia, meeting up with Bon Scott once the band had been established for a few years, their first albums, and the changes made to them for the international market. It covers Cliff Williams joining, tours, albums, Bon Scott's death, and the joining of Brian Johnson and comes up to date with the death of Malcolm, Axl Rose, and their latest album,

It provides plenty of photographs, posters, album covers, and much more to look at alongside the text. Plus at the rear, there is their discography, with studio albums, live performances, and compilations.

Overall, a fascinating book on 50 years of AC/DC.

I received this book from Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
This book gives an in-depth review of the history of AC/DC. Like with Popoff's other band books, this is part biography, part review. There are plenty of photographs, posters, and album covers included throughout. This is a great book for anyone who is a fan of AC/DC.

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As one of the premier rock bands, AC/DC has been an integral part of culture for the last 50 years. The photos and accompanying stories made me nostalgic.

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The history of AC/DC'S 50 years in rock is a must have for any rock fan. Informative and well written with lots of photos of the band.
I received this book from Quarto publishing group - Motobooks and Netgalley for a review.

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This book is an absolute must for any AC/DC fans. As always with this author the research is meticulous, the writing style engaging and the photographs very well chosen to exemplify his subject. This was a real trip down memory lane for me but also highly informative. I never knew, for example, that Noddy Holder was in the running to be Bon Scott’s replacement . What images that has been conjuring up in my mind ever since! Thoroughly recommend this for heavy rock fans everywhere and my husband, in particular, is going to be thrilled with his birthday parent this year!!

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AC/DC at 50 is a photographic review of the legendary Australian rock band’s fifty year career, by experienced Canadian music journalist, and loyal fan, Martin Popoff. I found it browsing on NetGalley, and while I’ve loved their songs since I was sixteen, I didn’t actually know much about the history of the band. The ARC copy I received was only viewable on the NetGalley app, with formatting that made it difficult to read on an iPad because of the text size, but I assume this will be published as a hardback coffee-table type book that would make an excellent gift for the rock fan who has everything! It covers the band’s debut, rise to fame, lineup changes, all the albums and concert highlights, as well as the tragedies, scandals and bust-ups. I don’t think this is an “authorised” biography (else I presume it would say so) and there’s no input from the band members themselves, but I enjoyed looking at the old photos and reminiscing about the albums that featured heavily in the soundtrack of my youth.

I liked the way each of the 50 short chapters has a song for a title, and the way the photos complement the text. Unsurprisingly there are more pictures of their wild eyed mascot Angus than anyone else, but it was fun to see images of posters, buttons, ticket stubs and other memorabilia from across the decades. The advantage of reading this on an iPad was being able to bring up videos of songs I’d forgotten, and while nothing on the more recent albums matches up to the likes of Back in Black, it’s interesting to note what has changed through the years - and what hasn’t! While this is clearly a tribute by an author who admits AC/DC are one of his favourite bands, he isn’t afraid to criticise some of the albums’ songs and production. Obviously music is so personal that everyone has their own opinions, but Popoff clearly has the pedigree to get away with it. Recommended as a bonzer trip down musical memory lane!

Thanks to NetGalley and Quarto Publishing for the ARC. AC/DC at 50 is published on March 23rd.

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I’ve always enjoyed the music of AC/DC but never really knew much about the band. AC/DC at 50 gave me a real insight into how the band started and developed over the years, all the members and all the records. I really enjoyed this book, it’s jam packed with photographs. A must have for all fans

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As a huge fan of AC/DC this was fascinating. I got to see never seen before pics and sorry but I'm geeking out now, but this was magical. Their music was an escape for me. They got me through some rough times. But to learn how they came to be was amazing. Some of the stories I had never heard before. I will definitely recommend this to fans of AC/DC

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