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A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife

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I’ve loved reading Jo’s Cornish Midwife series so I was quite excited for this, it’s definitely one that you’ll need some tissues for though as I found it the most emotional of the bunch. 

Despite it being sad and having a quite close to home topic I actually really enjoyed the book and found myself constantly reading a few more chapters as I so wanted there to be a happy ending for Ella. I think this was one of the first books where I started to wonder if that was actually going to happen but I stuck strong 💪

If you’ve not read any of the Cornish midwife’s books before then I would recommend them as you’ll get to feel part of this wonderful community and know everyone’s story but you can just as easily read this as a standalone novel.
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Thank you Netgalley and Boldwood book for giving me the opportunity to read A change of heart for the cornish midwife.  looking forward to reading the next in the series and following more of the cornish midwifrsstorys and background.
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I loved this book! It was such a realistic and easy going story that kept it feeling light and real. As with all of my other favourite midwife books, there were lots of exciting and lovely births, but nothing was overly gory so I think people who aren't as obsessed with this sub-genre as me can definitely enjoy this book!

I really loved how developed the many characters were in this story. It can be hard to tell a story of many different patients and midwives in a way that makes readers feel they know the characters personally, and this is something Bartlett did very well! The characters leaned on each other throughout the story, creating a sense of community that the reader feels almost a part of. Beyond that, her descriptions of the setting were so filled with imagery that you could picture the coast and all that comes with it. 

This was my first Jo Bartlett book, but I am excited to check out her other books, and even more excited to hear that she has a huge deal with Boldwood - I see future book tours in our future!
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I am really enjoying this series of books set around a unit of midwives in Cornwall .
Ella and Dans story continued from the beginning of the series as well as cameo roles from the other midwives. Ella is looking forward to marrying Dan , the love of her life when she is thrown a curveball, a difficult health diagnosis which she/ they struggle to take on board. This is a beautifully written book, emotional, heart warming, community and family based. A book with a heart loved it ! 
Thank you to Netgalley, Boldwood Books, and Jo Bartlett for letting me read this book in exchange for an honest review
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I have been loving this series of books. Each and every one of them have been beautifully crafted. This particular book for me touched deeper but the subject was handled with a sensitivity and care that carried the reader through to a happier ending.
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I was delighted to be able to return to Port Agnes for the seventh book in the Cornish Midwife series, A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife.  We rejoin Anna, Della and the rest of the midwife team where Ella is campaigning for the the ports area to be granted a hospital.  Lots of babies are on the way  and the infidelity support group have regular meetings.  Ella is devastated to be diagnosed with an illness which causes heartache all around her.  She is determined to keep the diagnosis to hersrlf add long as she can, pushing everyone away in the process, especially Dan her fiancé.  An emotional tale which tells an important story.  I loved it.
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I have read and thoroughly enjoyed several of Jo’s books now. I must admit that I have a particular fondness for her ‘Cornish Midwife’ series. I read and loved the first six books in the series and so when I heard that Jo was due to release another book in the series, I knew that I had to grab a copy at the earliest opportunity and hibernate until I had read the very last word on the very last page. Well ladies and gents, the wait is over because the seventh book in the series is called ‘A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife’ and it was released on 27th February 2023. It’s another fantastic addition to a fantastic series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife’ but more about that in a bit.

As soon as I started reading ‘A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife’, I felt as though I had reunited with old friends in the form of the midwife team. I was also thrilled to be back in Cornwall which is a county close to my heart. Part of the reason why I loved this book so much has to do with the character of Ella Mehenick, who is the main character. I warmed to her from the very start and in fact she ended up feeling as though she had become a friend of mine and I felt all protective of her. At the start of the story Ella is a hardworking midwife who is looking forward to marrying the love of her life. Life throws her a curveball and she has to reevaluate her life and make adjustments. I developed my own suspicions as to how things were going to turn out so I had to keep reading to see if I was on the right track or if I had wandered off in the opposite direction. I became so wrapped up in the story that I lost all track of time and just how quickly I was getting through the story. All too quickly I reached the end of ‘A Change Of Heart’ and I had to say goodbye to Ella and the rest of the characters. ‘A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife’ is certainly an emotional read, which held my interest throughout.

‘A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife’ is superbly written but then I have come to expect nothing less from Jo Bartlett. Jo has an easy going writing style which is easy to get used to and easy to get along with. In fact reading one of Jo’s books feels more like a chat between friends rather than reading a book. I hope that makes sense. Jo certainly know how to grab the reader’s attention and draw them into what proves to be one heck of a read. Reading this book certainly took me on an emotional journey and I found myself welling up on several occasions. Jo tackles some tough subjects in this story but she deals with them in a kind, compassionate and sensitive manner. I love the way in which the author makes the reader feel as though they are part of the story and at the heart of the action.

In short, I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘A Change Of Heart For The Cornish Midwife’ and I would definitely recommend this book to other readers. I will certainly be reading more of Jo’s work in the future. The score on the Ginger Book Geek board is a very well deserved 5* out of 5*.
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Thoroughly enjoyed this book, did not realise it was part of a series, but it was still readable as a single story. All the characters are easy to get to know and Ella was a lovely character and a great midwife, her relationship with Dan has its twists and turns, but thankfully it all gets resolved in the end and leaves the reader with a smile
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Continuing a strong theme of women supporting women, A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife by Jo Bartlett is #7 in the heartfelt Cornish Midwife series.

Thanks #NetGalley @BoldwoodBooks for a complimentary e ARC of #AChangeOfHeartForTheCornishMidwife upon my request. All opinions are my own.

The focus for this current installment returns to Ella, a main character from Book One. Ella is about to marry Dan when she receives some unexpected news about her health.

Even though A Change of Heart For the Cornish Midwife is part of a series, it can be read as a stand alone. For a richer reading experience, I recommend reading the series in order. The series is about a community of women, and each installment focuses on one midwife and issues are resolved at story’s end. I appreciate this series because of its theme of women supporting women, the quaint setting, engaging and thoughtful content, closed door romance, and no profanity. Even though each story has a bit of trauma and angst, I still consider them “uplit” overall.

The first book in the series is called The Cornish Midwife and we are introduced to the group of amazing midwives and the charming, small community of St. Agnes along the Cornish coast. I’m wondering if A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife might be the last of the series because the main character Ella is featured in the first book, so it appears we have come full circle.

The characters are the best part of the Cornish Midwife series. Each installment in the series focuses on a character who works as a midwife in the community and faces a personal life crisis. In this story, Ella faces a difficult health diagnosis and life with a disability. We witness her fear, resiliency, and determination.

In addition to themes common to midwifery, pregnancy, and delivery of babies, other thoughtful themes include women supporting women, slow-burn romance, family support, moving forward, health issues, and close-knit community. A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is heavier in tone than the other books (in my opinion) because the main character faces a difficult health diagnosis and a physical disability. The romance is already established for this couple in the first book of the series, but this story causes us to wonder what will happened when they are faced with a life challenge.

Content Consideration: infertility, degenerative disease, a difficult health diagnosis, disabilities

I recommend A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife (and the entire series) for readers who love engaging women’s fiction with substantial themes, a focus on the midwife profession, and small coastal villages. The Cornish midwife series is a gently written, well-loved series for those looking to binge read women’s fiction with realistic characters. Continuing a strong theme of women supporting women, A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife by Jo Bartlett is #7 in the heartfelt Cornish Midwife series.
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I thought this was going to be a lovely light hearted read but I was wrong.

Ella and Dan's relationship is tested to the limit when Ella is given a devastating diagnosis after she collapses. 

This is a beautiful written story about someone dealing with a life changing diagnosis and how it impacts on them, their family and friends.  There are so many wonderful side characters sharing various life experiences as well. It was very emotional but also heartwarming.

I have dealt with one of the conditions mentioned and I have a close friend with a similar diagnosis to Ella so reading this was emotional at times. I did feel, however, that the author has written about this very well.

This is the first book by Jo Bartlett that I have read but it certainly won't be the last.

Thank you Rachels Random Resources, Netgalley and Boldwood Books for my gifted copy.
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A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is a story of a strong woman, whose life is just about perfect. She has the job that she loves, lovely friends and a fiance that she loves more than anything. They are planning a wedding, renovating a house and generally looking forward to what's to come.

But Ella is keeping a secret. She gets random pins and needles, freezing spells, and random episodes, that she ignored for too long.

Then she got the diagnosis, with Multiple Sclerosis. Ella has a hard time coping with it and mostly tries to ignore it.

There are many challenges to living with a disease, but for Ella, the worst is how people look at her now.

So Elle does what makes the most sense to her. She runs from it and pretends it's all good. She does a lot more than she should and shut herself down from people that could support her.

It's a very real tale, of dealing with a difficult diagnosis. But it's also a tale of resilience, of a woman's journey from denial, and anger to final acceptance of her life as it is and learning to live with what she has. 

It's also a story of friendship, a changing dynamic of the relationship. The story is told with a lot of heart and features many wonderful characters. 

Highly recommend it!
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So emotional and wonderful with a storyline close to my heart, A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife has had me sobbing big ugly tears. This is another brilliant and heartbreaking but ultimately uplifting read from Jo Bartlett. She writes with such warmth and all of her stories have brilliant characters - it’s been lovely to be with old friends at the midwifery team of Port Agnes again. 
Jo Bartlett never shies away from those sensitive subjects but handles them with such care. The whole community is so welcoming and you can be sure to be taken care of with every turn of a page.
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A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is going to tug at those heartstrings and have you feeling those big feelings.

I know when I read a Jo Bartlett book, I will need to have the tissue box nearby because there is always a moment or two in her books that has me in tears. Jo really knows how to create a beautiful and heartfelt story. A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is the seventh book in The Cornish Midwife series, and it can be read as a stand-alone. Jo does a great job of bringing her readers up to speed with what has happened in the series. This book is the second book that focuses on Ella’s story. Ella and Dan are about to finally get married and have the HEA they have always wanted. But life throws them a curveball when Ella is diagnosed with MS. This diagnosis shocks both of them, and now they are unsure what the future will hold and if they will get that HEA they wanted. 

This is definitely a more emotional read. We have Ella’s story, which has taken a turn for the worst. I adore Ella, and I want good things for her. Her character is really struggling in this story; the MS diagnosis hits her hard, which of course, it would. I couldn’t imagine getting that kind of news and how I would react. My heart went out to Ella and Dan and watching as they both tried to come to terms with the fact that Ella has MS was tough. Watching this life they had planned out disappear, and their relationship break down was heartbreaking. What makes Jo’s books stand out so much is her attention to detail and the thought she puts into her writing. This is not an easy topic to discuss, but she handles it with care, and as a reader, I feel like I am learning something. 

Once again, we get to meet so many fabulous couples in different pregnancy stages or trying to conceive. Their stories just add so much richness to these books. I always find myself getting as attached to these secondary characters as I would the main characters. Their stories are just so powerful. 

Even though this book has a heavier tone, there are still lots of happiness and funny moments woven throughout the story. Gwen is still as inappropriate as ever and had me cackling at times. Izzy gets her own HEA, and even though Ella and Dan’s love story takes a detour, they still have moments that will make your heart pitter-patter. 

A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is filled with so much emotion and heart you cannot put it down. 

Thank you, Boldwood Books and Rachel Random Resources, for the ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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As always, it’s great to return to a series you have read and loved and the Cornish Midwives books have always been emotional and engaging but this one, wow. This is probably one of the most heartbreaking ones, tackling another difficult subject but in an extremely sensitive way. I found it raised awareness of issues and how they can impact on families and relationships. 
Ella and Dan, two of our much loved characters, are getting married but the path up the aisle does not run smoothly. If it isn’t home improvement issues, a sister going into early labour, it’s a scary and serious medical diagnosis. 
When Ella hears news that sends her world into freefall, the impact on her relationship with Dan is  massive. When everything is in total jeopardy, Ella makes decisions that hurt all of her loved ones, but breaks her heart more. 
I found this book so moving, there is heartbreak but there is also a whole lot of hope, the story is uplifting and gives such an insight into many facets of different issues faced by those hoping to start families. 
Brilliant read, highlight recommend.
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How is this already the seventh book in the series? I've been on board from the very first book and I've enjoyed them all immensely.

This was by far the most emotional of the series and my heart wept for Ella and Dan. I might have wept a little too! Bartlett writes with  warmth, allowing her characters to come alive between the pages. I'm emotionally invested in the series and the wonderful characters she's created, they've become more like lifelong friends, rather than names on paper.

You can read the book as a standalone, but why would're missing out on so much!

Beautifully written, with a storyline that's as heartbreaking as it is heartwarming. A Change of Heart is a story of hope, relationships put to the test and the power of love. 

Many thanks to Rachel's Random Resources for my tour spot.

Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐
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A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is the seventh book in the Cornish Midwife series, but can also be read as a stand-alone book. In this story we are introduced to main character Ella and her fiancee, Dan. Everything in Ella’s life is so perfect – she just adores her job as midwife and can't ever imagine doing anything else. Ella and Dan are also planning their wedding – which neither of them can wait for – they are so incredibly excited to be planning the rest of their lives together.

Nothing or no-one can rock what Ella and Dan have that is until Ella starts experiencing worrying symptoms of pins and needles and numbness, and a sudden collapse at work results in her being admitted to hospital, and a very shocking diagnosis of MS. refusing to give in to her condition, Ella ignores her diagnoses and what the future holds for her, and just tries to carry on as normal. The one thing she asks is that Dan tells no-one about her condition. Ella Doesnt wanted to be treated any differently.

All this does is create a huge divide between Ella and Dan, with her not coping with her diagnosis at all, she ends up ending her relationship with Dan, and even cancelling the wedding – without even telling him! Is this really what she wants? Or will Ella have a change of heart and realise that Dan really is all she wants and needs?

A Change of Heart for the Cornish Midwife is such a beautifully written story, with such great and believable characters. The storyline tackles some very emotive subjects but is done in such an empathetic and beautiful way. I absolutely loved this story, and can't wait to read more from the Cornish Midwife series. A must-read from me 🌟
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Jo Bartlett'S Cornish Midwife series is a wonderful triumph. And the latest instalment is no different.

Again we meet the group of (mostly) women who provide pre natal and ante natal care in the Cornish villages.

This book focuses again on Ella, the subject of the original book. I like the fact that Jo tackles important and difficult themes but with grace and humour. The books are deep but at the same time not taxing to read. Perfect.
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My goodness, this was an emotional one – a difficult subject so sensitively handled, heartbreaking at times, but doing so much to shed a light on the realities of facing a life-changing diagnosis and the many issues around living with a disability.

Ella and Dan’s path to marriage certainly isn’t a smooth one – with work on their new home progressing apace and the wedding date drawing nearer, they need to postpone it again when an important member of the family (for very good reasons) isn’t able to be there. A new date is fixed – but they then face a whole new set of problems when Ella’s numbness in her limbs and disturbances to her vision prove to be considerably more serious than they could have ever thought. The story centres on their emotional response to the situation, and how they deal with it – Ella in denial, continuing to train for a fund-raising marathon, concerned about her ability to continue doing the work she loves, Dan being as practical as he can be in preparing for the future. But the whole situation is considerably more complicated than that – they’re both wrestling with a range of considerations and, at a time when they should be closer than ever, the issues begin to drive them apart.

At the same time, Dan’s friends Leo – severely disabled after a fall from some scaffolding – and his wife Jemima are beginning their journey towards parenthood, beginning a course of IVF, and grappling with a range of emotions given the challenges they face. Their issues only bring home the stark realities of Dan and Ella’s future – they’d planned to start a family too, and their friends’ situation gives them much food for thought about the practicalities. And, in the background, life goes on – the day-to-day happenings and dramas in the lives of the Port Agnes midwives as they tend to the needs of the new mothers in their community, every small story as well developed as always.

I found this whole book extremely moving and engaging – despite the heartbreak, the whole story proves to be tremendously uplifting and hopeful, and particularly real at an emotional level. It was enlightening too around the different and complex emotional responses to a life-changing situation, and the way that trying to do the right thing can sometimes prove to be the wrong thing entirely. The whole story makes you question how you would react in a similar situation, emphasises the importance of always living your best life whatever the barriers in the way – and, within a story that entirely engaged me from beginning to end, filled with love, provided real insights into the important area of disability awareness, with its messages quite perfectly handled. My favourite book in the series so far, for so many different reasons – and very highly recommended.
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Really enjoyed this and how they both dealt with the future as they saw it and how a lack of communication can make this a lot harder than they need to be. But glad they finally managed to resolve some issues. But good for People to see it from both sides. Can't wait to catch up with more.
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I thought my heart was going to break several times over reading this and I wondered what Jo Bartlett was trying to do to me, she couldn’t want to hurt me in this way, but I will forgive her because I love her books and this series, because it’s all worth it (no spoilers here) and the heartache only makes the resolution that much sweeter!

This is book seven of the Cornish Midwife series and most of these can be read as stand-alone, however this book is returning us to my favourite couple (because this wonderful series all starts with them) and although I think you could read it and not be that lost, to me I think you need to read their earlier story to truly understand, empathise and enjoy this story as much you can.

I think this book is now my favourite in the series because it tackles such emotion, it’s so heart wrenching and Jo deals with it so sensitively, the diagnosis, Ella’s reaction to it, so honest and true to life, I loved the emphasis on disability awareness and living your life (not just Ella but Leo and Hailey) your best life. I loved the inclusion and discussion around IVF, children and parenting too. I hope that people can take something away from this, I know I did. 

Jo Bartlett destroyed me with this, broke me and I am glad to say she put me back together again, but not necessary how I expected. I loved the community, the support the characters give, the emotion all the characters put me through, but most of all I love Jo’s writing, her stories and her ability to touch my heart and make me think at the same time. Beautiful doesn’t do this book justice. 

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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