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Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens

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I got a complimentary copy and it is a great book for teens.
It will help them later in life if they can implement the tools now and they can safeguard their minds.
It is a must for all teens!
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Winning the War in Your Mind for Teens is a great great book.  I wish I had read it as a young adult.  I think it would have made a difference for me.

Craig Groeschel takes the original book and writes it to communicate with teens.  All of the great information is in this book, but the stories and information is presented in a new way.  He discusses the brain and the way it changes as we grow up.  He spends time on the benefits of having a brain when under 25 years of age.  Also the downside of a young brain.

All of the chapters are named the same in both books,  but the presentation is different.  I thought this book was fun.  Craig does have to admit that it has been years since he was a teenager.  Same for me.  This would be a great book for parents to study with their teens or in a group with teens and adults.  It would be interesting to talk about the brain and its development as we age.    Parents could actually learn about the brains of their teens and how to communicate with them better.
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This is the best book I have read on strengthening our thoughts by keeping them on the Lord. The book is aimed towards teens but as an adult I was blessed by this book. I actually read it twice as there was so much excellent advice to take in and apply. I learned so much and have already noticed a change. This book is a must for all teenagers. From the personal examples to Biblical examples, the author not only tells but shows how applying his advice can change your thought life (and therefore your life!). This could be used in a classroom, Sunday school class, family devotions or one on one. Please give this book to every teenager you know; it will change their life!
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