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When A.S had contacted me to see to see if I was interested in reading an early copy, I was over the moon. A queer love story, hell yeah. I was very fortunate to get to read this ARC. She let me know in advanced that it was a romance novel, not a cute love story and that it was a rollercoaster. She also offered to give any TW/CW. I first said to her that in my opinion, how you can tell a story is well written is by how invested you are in those characters. Rollercoaster does not quite describe the journey I went on with this story. I was both hesitant and invested in their budding romance. Hesitant because of the word “rollercoaster”, but it was definitely worth how emotional this story did make me. A.S covered an array of situations in this novel such as homophobia, a little misogyny, coming out, rejection, love, growth, loss. It wasn’t just about their romance, but also the impact of their meeting and also the MC’s meeting of other characters, who were very important to the growth for both characters. I was so hopeful for their relationship, the LI being able to be who she is and appreciative of the crucial older couple. When things became more complicated with a cancer diagnosis and how that played out was absolutely devastating. I was in tears as I read that because as I had stated previously, it was well written, I cared. I thought I had it figured out how things would turn out, but I was wrong. It wasn’t predictable. Thankfully, the ending was more positive and hopeful, which my heart needed after everything, even though it ultimately will have the same outcome. The story very much tugged at my heartstrings. When you have the chance, I recommend reading it, but be prepared to go through the emotional ringer.

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Can two people fall in love from different times and make it work?
Reminded me of the movie “you’ve got mail”

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Hop on the lesbian time travelling boat for a timeless love story!

I loved Jess and Trish’s story and how it stood the test of time. The time traveling element was too fun to explore and the love story between Jess and Trish was beautiful.

Jess is a 20 something who loves to be by herself and sail on her dad’s boat. But one day when she sails into the local town she encountered a world unlike her own and while she was there she meets a young waitress at a cafe, Trish.

She visits the town a few more times and soon realizes it’s 1989… not 2019. With Jess travel to a small English coastal town in 1989, and to the freedoms of 2019. Both Jessica and Trisha re-examine their present, their future and themselves as individuals in this amazing love story!

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On its surface, it's a cute idea. Girl loves to sail. Girl ends up 30 years in the past and meets girl. Girl falls in love with girl. But oh no, their real lives are 30 years apart! What do we do! Certainly we don't mess around with potential time paradoxes and do anything about that love!!


This is one of those books where a lot is put out in statements, rather than as a progression of the story itself. "Jessica was--" etc. I don't feel right pulling direct quotes as one of the other reviews on NetGalley does have specific quotes and each of those lines have been changed since the version that was uploaded when I read it. Time travel is fine and good but there's a few things that aren't so believable that have nothing to do with the time travel aspect (for instance, some aspects of the first love scene). Jess wasn't so likable or relatable at all and Trish was too one-dimensional to really get a feel for her but you know what was good? Maude and Harold and Jess' dad. Love Harold and Maude; they were good eggs.

Also, when I understood the actual reason for the 30 years (because what happens in the real world in spring of 2020...??) I was actually relieved because I thought for SURE something was going to happen I'm very glad didn't.

30 Summers was an ARC approved via NetGalley and this review is written freely with my own undirected opinions.

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This is a really enjoyable book. Should an intriguing concept that holds up. I truly believed in the two main characters. I also loved the side characters which does not always happen,

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I highly enjoyed this. I am a sucker for a time travel romance. I really really enjoyed this. I think that the way that the time travel is written is a perfect merge.
I just reviewed 30 Summers by A S Randall. #30summers #NetGalley
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Thank you to the author for a DRC in return for an honest review.

This book was quite emotional in areas. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and was excited to pick it up to find out what happened next. I loved all the main characters, and I like how it showed the different generations mentality in different times. Jessica and Trisha are very much fall in love, and both make sacrifices for love. I will keep it short to avoid any spoilers. It's nice and simple writing, similar to Nicholas Sparks I would say. Avid readers will get through it quickly.

30 Summers covers several subjects - love, sexuality, friendship, homophobia, family relationships, loss and time travel.

Love at first sight
Family drama
Time travel

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Well done to the author on her debut novel, thank you for the ARC!

I really really hope this becomes a film, I can see it as film. Jessica the protagonist is impulsive, immature and anti-social. She spends most of her time sailing, she ends up travelling back in time and falls in love with Trisha (I'm so gay for her). If i'm honest, I did not expect so much drama, and the second half of the book is surprising. This is not your typical romance novel, this is more of a love story, and it does contain homophobia and loss. It is quite a ride. This is not your usual happy romance. I would love to see these characters blossom further.

Well done on your debut novel.

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First of all, I want to thank the author for this ARC and for the opportunity to read her debut novel!!

30 summers is a novel that follows Jessica and Trisha: they meet in different timelines but they fall for each other despite the time and cultural obstacles.
Jessica is from 2019 and a proud lesbian, while Trisha is from 1989 and still trying to understand her sexuality.

This book is not just a romance, because it deals with different topics such as homophobia and grief!
I liked the time traveling because I haven't read a lot of books with this trope, but in some parts, Jessica was too immature.

There are some pretty great side characters, like Jessica's father, but also Maud and her husband because all of them are very accepting and supportive of the FMC!
On the other hand, I would have liked more chapters about Trisha because her side of the story is so interesting. I always have a soft spot for the conflicted character.

The ending was a little bit unexpected and I still don't know how to feel about it.
Overall is a great debut novel, but sometimes I felt like the main character's dialogue was a little bit unnatural.

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1.5/5 stars! I thought this fun kind of time-jump premise would lead to an enjoyable and witty read. Unfortunately, this isn't the case. The MC just wasn't likable at all. And not in a 'she's going to grow during the story way." But in a, "I'm better than everyone else but say I'm not" kind of way. It was so offputting that I couldn't get invested in the story. The story is intended to be humorous but it fell flat and the pacing felt off.

I received an advance review copy for free through NetGalley, and I am leaving this review voluntarily

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I thought this was going to be a cute little romance but i was wrong. This is why I love going into books blindly with no real idea what it’s about. I was kindly sent this book by the incredibly talented author & Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.
This book broke my heart a few times and I just was not prepared for it. I can’t stop thinking about it, I don’t want to say much about the story line because I don’t want to spoil it but it is so much more than a summer romance.

My favourite character was Jessica’s dad as he was always her biggest fan and supported her constantly 💗
I also adored Maude and Gerald 🧡

I thought it was amazing how the author captured the difference 30 years made to how gay people were treated. 2 girls of similar ages and the completely different experiences they had on how they were treated by their friends and family when coming out 🌈

My review will not do this book justice. I may come back and add more to this as I cannot stop thinking about this book 💗

This book does cover some triggering subjects, I do not wish to post them as they may be spoilers for the reader but if you are thinking of reading this book and fear you may be triggered please message myself and I will be happy to advise of the triggers / or confirm whether a certain subject is mentioned in the book.

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