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I'm a big fan of Darcy Burke and love the Phoenix Club Series. I was waiting for Lucien's book and it didn't disappoint. I loved Kat. She had a quirky personality, and there was no dumbing down her feelings and her anxiety when in a crowd. Lucien was so patient and understanding and didn't try to manage Kat. He just let her have the space and quiet she needs to recover herself. There was also an intriguing mystery around the murder of a Crown spy. I had figured out who the villain was before it was revealed, but it didn't take away from the clever storyline. I also liked that there was finally an explanation of why Lucien's father treated him with such disdain.

The pacing was a little slow in the beginning, but it soon picked up and kept me turning the pages. I'll be sad to say goodbye to the Phoenix Club, but I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author.

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I have thoroughly enjoyed this series and had high expectations going into this one. Although I enjoyed this book (it was nice to see Lucien finally get his own happily ever after) but not as much as I wanted to. The intrigue surrounding Lucien and Phoenix club was probably the most interesting part of the book and it did serve as a good wrap up for the entire series. And I always love getting to see characters from previous books make appearances in subsequent books. My problem with this book was Kat. I immediately took a dislike to her and it was hard to change my mind about her. It wasn't that she didn't realize there were consequences for her actions, it was that she just didn't care. For example, she talks about seeking out an engaged man to learn about kissing with no thought to how her actions hurt others - in her mind they ended up getting married so what was the big deal. After so many books were the women were actually struggling with things in their past Kat's problem just seemed so minimal. It was nice to see her mature as she started spending time with Lucien and if he's happy, as a reader I'm happy for him.

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Insatiable by Darcy Burke is an endearing love story that embraces Kat’s quirky nature and shows how adaptable a person with special needs can be.

Kat and Lucien are related by marriage which puts them in each other’s company on a relatively frequent basis. On top of that, Lucien is Kat’s brother’s best friend. Lucien has seen Kat grow up over the years and is perhaps the one person who truly sees her and accepts her without reservation. Watching them fall in love without realizing what was happening was so enjoyable.

This is one of the longer books I’ve read recently, but there really wasn’t anything I would have edited out. I savored the descriptions of Kat and Lucien’s thought processes. Be forewarned, this is a very steamy book so I would say it’s NSFW, however, it is the perfect book for relaxation after a hard day’s work.

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Insatiable by Darcy Burke is the eighth and final book in the Phoenix Club Series. The series has been one of my favorites and I shall miss the characters a great deal. I love how the club became a luxurious place for so many fun characters.

Lucien (Lord Lucien Westbrook) the owner (at least to the public) of the fabulous Phoenix Club is under a lot of pressure to change one of the basic premises of the club. Lucien is refusing and getting kickback from that decision.

Kat (Kathleen Shaughnessy) is an intelligent young woman with serious deficits in social skills and sensory skills. Yet, her brother and sister-in-law are supporters of her finding her way in the elegant world she inhabits. Her latest obsession with mating habits of people can get her in a lot of trouble. Thankfully she only shared the information with Lucien.

The problem is that both Lucien and Kat are drawn to each other and can’t seem to stay away from each other. Neither wants to marry. Neither wants to stop either. Then Kat inadvertently finds out about a spy and is sent away. What lengths will Lucien go to find her!

I am sorry this is the last book in the series. The Phoenix Club series was really just the right length with some great characters. Insatiable by Darcy Burke was a great read!

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Insatiable by Darcy Burke is exceptional, truly insatiable. I was very fortunate to receive an ARC of the book from Netgalley. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Miss Kathleen Shaughnessy is a researcher of sorts, researching mating rituals. Lord Lucien Westbrook, owner of the Phoenix Club seems to be the perosn who is about to teach Kat human mating rituals. What a superb story and wonderful ending to the series. Suspense, intrigue, and most importantly, a budding sensual romance abound in this story.

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Kathleen Shaughnessy is determined to discover all about humans and their reproductive habits. Yet when she crosses paths with her sister-in-law’s brother, Lord Lucien Westbrook, she realises that there is more to it than what is read in a book. Overlooked and discredited by his father, Lucien is trying to keep his club prosperous despite others. However, Kate is determined, and Lucian can’t keep away from her. Yet when his sister conducted an affair with Kate’s brother, he was furious and now he finds that he is committing the very same sin.
Whilst this is a stand alone novel, Lucien has appeared in past books. He has been supportive of others and has done his best as a matchmaker. Yet when it comes to The Phoenix Club, he is struggling but in Kate, he finds someone who is determined to help him. I loved his ability to support Kate and her endeavours, even when they are so against what society suggests is proper.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Kat is different. To some people she is unusual. To her mother she is difficult. She is a science enthusiast who enjoys studying the mating rituals of animals. However, this season she has decided to commence study on the mating rituals of humans. To do this not only will she need to enter into society and she will need a willing subject to help her with her experiments.

Enter Lord Lucien Westbrook, Kat's brother's best friend. Also, one of society's most eligible bachelors and Phoenix Club owner. This man has experience that Kat wants to use and feel for herself. However, all is not as it seems at the Phoenix Club.

Will Kat get to understand human 'completion' and what will be the consequences? What is going on at the Phoenix Club and will Lucien be able to solve the intrigue? Most importantly of all, will Kat learn what it means to 'arrive'?

This is another excellent book from Darcy Burke, all of which I have thoroughly enjoyed. While it's the last of the Phoenix Club books, this can be read as a standalone novel. Both Kat and Lucien are charming characters, and I love that Kat does not fawn to the requirements of society. A great read.

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I have really enjoyed this series, and Lucien’s story is my favorite. Lucien Westbrook has helped people with all kinds of problems since his return to England. That includes a few fairly successful match-making attempts. Now it is Lucien’s turn. His opportunity for happily ever after comes in the form of Miss Kathleen Shaughnessy, the feisty very curious younger sister of his brother-in-law. The attraction between these two is magnetic, and chemistry sizzling. Try as he may, Lucien is about to learn that some things cannot be resisted (at least indefinitely). There is trouble at the club, and a mystery as to exactly who is causing it. Lucien is a thoughtful, helpful, gentleman, and reformed rake. Kat is absolutely adorable, and determined to learn about mating habits, of any and all species. She keeps Lucien on his toes. This is the last story in a wonderfully fun and entertaining series. Great read!
I received an ARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley and am voluntarily reviewing it.

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A few words come to mind with this book sexy, delectable, hot, sassy, and saucy. Darn, this story had me so mesmerized I had to stop and fan myself at intervals. I will say no more dear readers, just get on the reading train and immerse yourselves in this exotic ride. Lucien and Kat were delightfully humorous and sexy with a sizzle. They were volatile together.

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Bookish Kat has long studied the mating habits of animals—and now she's turning to humans. Her last kissing experiment nearly led to scandal, so she's looking for someone more discreet. Lucien, manager of the Phoenix Club, fits the bill perfectly. Will their "scientific" pursuits lead to love?

This is a heartwarming and action-filled end to the Phoenix Club series, wrapping up all the loose ends. I loved the characterization of Kat, who's on the autism spectrum. She and Lucien are adorable together.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.

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This is a voluntary review of an advanced copy.

I have been waiting for Lucien's turn and was so excited that the book arrived! Kat was always kind of different than her sisters and was more into observing and researching than looking for a husband.

She and Lucien were perfect for each other but it took them both a long time to admit it and to realize that they had more than attraction between them.

Also, there was the intrigue and drama of a coded message that brought Jess and Dougal into the story. It was also great to see Cass and Ruark, Con and Sabrina, and a couple of the others from previous stories.

We finally find out why the Duke has been so hard on Lucien and is that a shocker!

Great romance, intrigue, drama, and family squabbles - what more could you ask for? I had a hard time putting the book down as I wanted to know how they would resolve their resistance to love and who was behind the messages and murder.

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This is the final book in Darcy Burke's series, the Phoenix Club. We met Lucien in the beginning of this series and we've watched him help and defend his friends throughout the books. It's very fitting that Lucien finally gets his HEA in this final book. I love when a hero and heroine are just "researching" or "practicing" flirting, when it's really an excuse for them to spend time together. This book was slightly more angsty then I typically enjoy, simply because Lucien continues to carry the world on his shoulders and focus on others before himself. I did find Kat selfish at times, but I think that it was a good balance to Lucien, who often isn't selfish enough. This was a solid end to the series, and I do think Lucien was the best choice for the final book.

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And the time for Lucien's book has arrived. Trying to maintain control of his club without turning his back to people that matter, finally discovering truths about past missions and the real reason of his father's life long disapproval while falling in love with his best friend's sister (this guy does have a lot of best friends), he's quite busy through the book.

I'll get straight to the point. This was my fourth (without counting the prequel) book of the Phoenix Club series, and like everyone loved Lucien through the series and was happy to see him get his HEA.
Contrary to many I actually loved Kat. While Lucien was the perfect hero, she wasn't perfect. But she was loyal and put herself on danger in order to help him.
This was the last book of the series and I was a bit sad to say goodbye to these lovely characters, thankfully I can go back and read the first 4 books I haven't yet.

I received an eARC copy via Netgalley and these are my honest opinions.

Side Note: Autism is a spectrum, not all autistic people are the same

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Loved this conclusion to a fantastic series. There was sensuality, moments of humor, intrigue, mystery, and quite a potpourri of emotions. I love her depiction of an autistic adult, making her relatable and showing her struggles to adapt to society vs. be honest to who she is as well as finding a partner who finally understands and loves her exactly as she is. At the same time she is able to give him what he needs in solace, unwavering honesty, and unconditional acceptance and love. Ah, what a lovely romance. Not to discount the intrigue and mystery regarding the Foreign Office and the Phoenix Club. So nice to FINALLY get all of the answers we seek, and then some. As I said, fantastic conclusion and I'm only sad it's all over and we must say goodbye to these friends. #netgalley #Insatiable

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Oh no! The last story in the Phoenix Club series. But we finally have a HEA for Lucien! After all those stories and all the meddling he has done, it was time for him to find his match.

And of course, in this last part, there will be more than meets the eye! Why is Lucien at odds with his father? And how will the Foreign Office handle the scandal with Evie? Lucien, being Lucien, will stay loyal to Evie, but at what costs? And of course, we had already met Kat in Intolerable. She is a wonderful character and she fits perfectly with Lucien.

A wonderful ending to the series, but I’m going to miss the Phoenix Club! Thank you Darcy and five out of five stars from me. A special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.

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Lucien’s story has finally arrived, and it’s an intricate tale of betrayal, treason, and revenge. And love, of course.

Lucien Westbrook owns only part of the Phoenix Club, a fact that not many people know. His silent partner is threatening his position and reputation on one side, and on the other Kat Shaughnessy is threatening his sanity. Kat has convinced him to help her with her research on the mating habits of humans. Can Lucian keep it all together and get to the bottom of an old conspiracy?

Kat is bloody marvelous. So literal in most cases, she also sees more than the obvious. She has a heavy selfish streak, but at the same time takes great care to consider the feelings of her family and friends. Lucien is stubborn, but very loyal.

I was quite invested in the relationship between him and his father, and that turned out to be the biggest surprise of all. And it was fabulous having so many of the characters from the previous books involved in varying degrees.

The pacing is good, with enough light-hearted moments to balance all the anxiety-inducing ones. I enjoyed Lucien and Kat’s story and the spy aspects.

I can recommend this entire series if you like steamy historical romance with a bit of suspense and mystery thrown in. Each book stands well on its own, but it helps to keep the characters straight if you read them in order.

Thank you to Netgalley for providing me with a copy. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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Happy that this book ties up all the loose stories and finally gives Lucien his love.
Kat is quirky, somewhat selfish, struggling with society and physical touch, becoming easily overwhelmed. While her family is not very understanding, Lucien really gets her and supports her needs. I did not feel Kat was a good fit for Lucien as he has been my hero in my previous books. I enjoyed the foreign office storyline and Lucien’s family ties. A series well worth reading.

I received an ARC but the honest opinion is my own.

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This book took me a minute to get into. It was a slow read at first, and then it picked up, and I couldn't get enough of it. Kat is an amazing character who you love and feel sorry for. Lucien is a heart throb and caring guy, you also just love as a character. I love reading these types of books. This book has a couple of spots where you just wonder what happened and what was going to happen. There is a mystery, a plot to murder, spying, spicy romance, kidnapping, and so much more. Honestly, I really recommend this book. I will be adding it to my buy list so I have a physical copy.

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Outstanding conclusion to the series!

Lucien has been the man behind the Phoenix Club right from the start, so it's fair to say I've been waiting a long time for his story. I'm thrilled to see him finally meet his match in his best friend's sister, Kat. (Which is only fair, as Lucien's sister is married to said best friend.)

This story kept me glued to my reader right from the start. Each book in this amazing series is its own standalone romance, but they each revolve around the Phoenix Club, with the last book resulting in some ominous changes to the Club's hierarchy and leaving the reader wanting a little more resolution. Rest assured, that resolution comes through in this story, with all the hints and mysterious patrons being revealed and order is restored once more. I also was thrilled to see Lucien finally reconcile that one important relationship, which was a very long time coming.

Kat is everything I would wish for in a strong, loving partner for Lucien. These two truly are perfect together, and I really enjoyed reading their story. I highly recommend this book, and the entire series, for anyone who loves intense, steamy historical romances. I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.

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I do appreciate a good narrative.

A lovely ending to a beautiful series.

I can now say I've finished the entire Phoenix Club series, and having read this finale, I just want to go back to book one and reread it all. As a whole I absolutely recommend the series, and on it's own I highly recommend this book. I do not give 5 stars out for just anyone!
Let's start with the most obvious- the main characters. Kat is on the autism spectrum (although that is not clearly stated in the text, it is made more than obvious). This is handled in an amazing and very real way. Even small details rang so true to the actual experience. Lucien has been a favorite character of mine for a while, and it was fun to watch him finally fall in love and get his happy ending.
As always, the supporting characters are a blast. Cass is especially lovely in this book- she is the best sister in law, supportive of Kat and her "otherness" in incredibly thoughtful ways. We get a sort of review/reunion of all the characters from previous books in the series as a perfect way to close this journey.
But there's more! Darcy Burke's writing shines in the mystery aspect as well. It is very interesting to see the shenanigans Kat gets into because of the different way her mind works and how that affects the spy plot of the book.
As I said, I highly recommend!

Star Rating: 5/5
Tropes: Friends with benefits, found family, spies
CW: Alcohol, classism, injury, gun violence, kidnapping

I received an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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