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The Firefighter's Dilemma

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Dundududundududun. Spice spice baby. Dundududundududun. This has spice spice baby. “Alright stop, pickup this book and read it.
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Quick Summary: A 5-alarm fire romance

My Review: The Firefighter’s Dilemma by Mariah Ankenman was a little bit of sass and a whole heap of hotness. 

About the Book:
When Stephanie and Eli were forced into close proximity for a competition, little did they know that the magnitude of their attraction to one another would be turned up to full blast. As they did everything in their power to become the winning team, they had to face an ever growing attraction. Would either have the power to walk away from the other person? 

About the Tension/Chemistry; The tension between the partners was palpable. From the beginning, it was easy to see that something was there. No matter how they fought, they were always destined to generate the type of heat that can only lead to forever. 

My Final Say; Readers who enjoy stories with strong female leads and honorable male supports will really like this story. I strongly recommend it. 

Rating: 4.5/5
Recommend: Yes
Audience: NA to A
Re-read: Yes
Status/Level: 🌶️

Thanks to the author and to Entangled Publishing for providing a digital ARC for review via NetGalley. The words I have shared are my own.
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I had fun reading this book, but I felt like there were certain parts that I didn’t really enjoy. But I loved the banter and chemistry between Stephanie and Ward
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If you’re looking for hot firefighters, colleagues romance/forced proximity, I cannot recommend The Firefighter’s Dilemma enough. Stephanie Diaz and Eli Ward are both firefighters in Colorado and are invited to participate in the first ever streaming Battle of the First Responders.

While the duo is in tough competition amongst other first responders, feelings build behind the scenes between Diaz and Ward. The smexy scenes were steamy - Diaz and Ward had some serious chemistry between them!

I honestly fell in love with these two. I was routing for them in the Battle of the First Responders challenges and as a couple.

The Firefighter’s Dilemma is the third book int the Mile High Firefighters series, but can definitely be read as a standalone!

Thank you to Turn the Page Tours for a copy of this book and including me on this tour (even if I am really late posting the review!).
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I would like to thank Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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Stephanie Diaz has a strict no dating co-workers policy after getting burned at her old station but she's finding it difficult to keep her feelings for co-worker Eli Ward professional and non-romantic. Will she survive staying alone with him in a cabin for two weeks? 

Eli has kept his desire for Stephanie under control but when they take a trip away from the firestation to participate in an outdoor rescue compete the money is a huge incentive to win. Each challenge will push them closer together making it more difficult to fight their desire. Will they be able to ignore their feelings or will they give in and discover a love that scorches?

Another must read from Mariah Ankenman that left me wanting more from this cast of characters.

I can't wait to read more from Mariah!
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Action packed, emotional roller-coaster filled with witty and engaging charters, exciting twists and heart racing turns. An edge of your seat not sure what will happen next romantic adventure with all the best highs an lows. Great reading!
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Yes, finally! After The Dating Dilemma last year, I learned that Ward and Diaz would get their own story as well. The sparks had been flying between those two during both the Mile High Happiness and the Mile High Firefighter’s series. And now, after Finn, Parker and Dyson have found their HEA, both Eli Ward and Stephanie Diaz are the remaining singles in their firefighter’s team.

In this part we learn that Eli has had a crush on Stephanie for years. (which was no shock to me). But since Stephanie has put him in the friend zone from the beginning, he hasn’t acted upon it. When they are thrown together by their boss to compete in a rescuers to series, Ward learns that Diaz also has feelings for him.

And now all bets are off: Ward will prove Diaz they are meant together. But she isn’t that easily convinced. A cute and funny friends-to-lovers story. Four out of five stars from me and a special thank you to Netgalley for providing the arc.
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Loved this rom com of Stephanie and Eli, fellow firefighters, both wanting to move up the chain of command. They have always been coworkers/friends but with hidden feelings for each other. They have been entered into a reality show by their chief, to prove who was stronger to move up the ladder. With this forced proximity many feelings come out of what their future will bring.

Loved these characters, great sizzling hot chemistry and lots of laugh out banter. I had a hard time putting this book done. This is the third book in the series, I have not read the first two, will now.  I read this through my kindle unlimited.
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This one has some pretty great tropes. You see friends to lovers, workplace romance, forced proximity, strong FMC. And don’t get me started on the fact that they’re both firefighters. YUM.

This follows Stephanie Diaz and Eli Ward - who work at the same firehouse and are nominated by their Chief to go on a local reality show for first responders. Why them? They’re both up for a promotion at their firehouse and this will help their Chief make a decision. You have Diaz, who’s strong and wants to make it known that firefighting is NOT just a man’s job (which BRAVO), and that she can do it. And then there’s Ward, who’s father and grandfather have held high positions so he’s just a legacy at this point.

Being stuck in a cabin together, where Ward has always had a crush on Diaz - it gets spiceeeeeey. It’s slow, definitely a slowburn as you work through all the plot thrown at you in the beginning to set this up. And something about the dialogue was off for me. Possibly being too much internal thoughts and dialogue to the point where it just didn’t feel… authentic? Real? Believable? I can’t even pinpoint which word I’m actually trying to use.
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A funny dramatic and steamy book that I had to read cover to cover... Next thing knew it was the end... But I really enjoyed reading this book and would read again.... A book to recommend... enemies to lovers book... Also a slow build romance book
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This book is the third in Mile High Firefighters series but can be read as a stand alone. 
We follow Stephanie and Eli who are firefighters, both with big hopes for a promotion! They end up finding themselves in a team on a reality show for first responders.

While I thought the premise was great, and thought both characters were well developed, I struggled to get through this one.

It feels as though we have a little bit of information dumping in the beginning which leads to the first half of the book feeling really slow. 

I did however appreciate both main characters tenacity. The silent pining, opposites attract and workplace romance tropes were all done well!

Overall, it was an enjoyable read however I don’t think I would reach for it again.
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New to me author Mariah Ankenman really put a smile on my face and made me so happy.  Stephanie and Eli were a pleasure to read.

Eli is a legacy firefighter.  His father, his grandfather … chiefs.  It’s in his blood to be the best firefighter he can be, to rise up the ladder and be the man he promised his father he would be.  But, is it in his blood?  Is this what he really wants with his life?  It takes long talks and a week with the one woman his heart is longing for, for him to realize what he really wants.  All his father wanted for him was to be happy.  Just what or who will make him happy?  When you are stuck in a cabin for a week with the woman of your dreams, you can’t help but flirt a little, right?  You can’t help but hope that she feels the same for you.

Ambitious is the exact word to describe Stephanie Diaz.  Determined is another one.  She’s happy, can be care-free when not at the firehouse and competitive.  There is not a battle that she won’t undertake and win.  Until her inner battle about one Eli Ward.  When you are stuck in a cabin for a week with a man that you always thought was HOT, you can’t help but flirt back, right?  But, she can’t/won’t get involved with a co-worker.  Getting burned once is all it takes to make her see what a mistake it can be.  But, who is going to know if she gives in for just this week?

I fell in love with both Stephanie and Eli right from the beginning of The Firefighter’s Dilemma.  Their chemistry was off the pages.  I adored the competition between the two of them and how it not only brought out their competitiveness but their feelings.  Their banter was off the charts funny.  They were good together on and off camera.  They had each other’s backs no matter what was thrown at them. Yep, I was definitely a Steli fan.

Mariah Ankenman wrote two wonderful characters and surrounded them with great family, friends and co-workers.  I enjoyed the competition and seeing Stephanie open up to new friendships and relationships.  Eli making the decisions he made had me smiling.  The story line and the characters were all very well written.  She created a believable world with characters that were realistic.
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Even thought this was book three in the series, I couldn’t even tell. This was a fun, quick read and it packs a lot of heat. 

A forced proximity romance that takes place on a charity “reality” show? That’s a new one for me that’s for sure. Especially with what’s a stake.. the opportunity to become chief of a station? Oof. 

Both Eli and Stephanie have the potential to make it to the top. But with them fighting their chemistry, Stephanie’s history with dating coworkers in the past, and Eli’s legacy on the line… how can either of them win when they both NEED the position to fulfill their destinies?
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A fun read with the added bonus of reality TV drama. I felt the author was a little heavy handed with Stephanie’s “drive to succeed” in the first part of the book. Once the reality TV competitions started, the focus became more on Stephanie’s and Eli’s relationship. Both were sympathetic characters especially Eli with his close bonds to his family. Mildly steamy.
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Thank you to NetGalley, Entangled Publishing, and Turn the Page Tours for an ARC of this book and for letting me participate in this book tour!

I absolutely adore Mariah’s writing and I have loved every book I have gotten to read by her – and this is no exception. This is following in the Mile High Firefighter’s series (it is book 3) but you don’t need to read the others to enjoy this one. Will it help? Sure – because you can get the background of some of the characters and enjoy banter on a deeper level, but the nice thing about Mariah’s writing is each book stands on its own.

This book follows Eli Ward and Stephanie Diaz as they compete on a reality tv web series about first responders, while also competing for the coveted spot on the Lieutenant track at the firehouse. Also, Ward is competing for Diaz’s heart (cue awww’ing). Diaz and Ward have fantastic banter, which can be seen throughout the other two books in this series (they were fan favorites and all of us were begging Mariah to write this book – so thank you for listening to us! <3), and this one was no exception. The hijinks that ensues when they are forced to be alone in a cabin together for 2 weeks while competing in trials that are being livestreamed? Fantastic.

There is spice in this book. There is humor and pain. There is behind the scenes drama of reality show competitions. There are strong women competing and beating out men in physical challenges. This book is just a great time overall. 10/10 read this book.

Thank you so much again Turn the Page Tours ( & Entangled Publishing (!
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Mariah Ankenman has done it again. Listen, I would read ANYTHING this author puts out, let's be real. I was just thinking before getting into this book that I was falling out of love with romances. There was nothing grasping my attention enough. But then I started this book and I was reminded why I adore this genre.

I absolutely adored these two characters together and I've been waiting for their story since the first book in this "series." I'm so glad we got their story. Mariah Ankenman just has such a way with making you fall in love with these characters and making their romance fall into place perfectly. I'm not someone who tends to enjoy friends to lover romances. They just don't hit me the same as other ones. But this book just did it for me. I absolutely loved watching these two coming together.

The spice in this book, though. Listen, I'm not someone who enjoys reading sex scenes in romances. They almost always make me cringe. But Mariah Ankenman just has a way with words, I'm telling you. These sexy scenes were *steamy*.

Somehow Mariah can take everything I don't tend to like and wrap it in a nice bow and make me question my own reading taste. I don't know how she does it but I thank her for it still. I cannot wait to read more from her. I am interested to see if the Mile High books continue in this universe or if she ends it here. Either way, I know I'll be reading it for sure.
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Stephanie is a firefighter who has worked to get where she is in her field.    When she is chosen to participate in a competition with Eli, her fellow fighter, it is both a curse and a blessing.   The opportunity is a steppingstone to allow her to reach her career goals, but the forced proximity will make denying her attraction to him that much more difficult.

Eli Ward comes from a family of firefighters and has carried on the tradition.   He finds himself in pretty much the same position as Stephanie both when it comes to his career and his attraction to her.    Let the fun begin!

I enjoyed that both Stephanie and Eli respected each other personally and professionally.   She is strong and independent while he is swoony, and you are invested in their story as they fight to everything they want including each other.
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Alright guys, this a H-O-T hot!
Why?  Oh, I'll tell you why...and despite your first inclination, it's not just about THOSE scenes.  Nope.  Yes, they happen, and yes they are rather memorable (especially when you consider location!), but it's not the whole story!

We've got a leading lady and leading man that have worked together for years.  They are close as close can be, but they both harbor feelings for the other they will not simply act upon.  He's respecting her wishes, while she is warding off hurt, heartache, and professional disruption thanks to her experience with an a-hole in the past.  Is Ward anything like the one before?  N to the O...but, the heart remembers, and the mind wants to help it forget, so walls are built, and rules are put in place...but rules are sometimes meant to be broken...given the right circumstances, and, in this case, the right person.  

Watching these two battle through the obstacles set before ACTUAL obstacles because of the reality show bit...was amazing.  Seeing their determination, drive, and skills on display, seriously gives you a new respect for the roles they fill...but, watching them get closer to giving themselves a that was TRULY spectacular.  If you don't combust from the sexy times as they occur, you will from the flood of emotions.  I know, I want your read one way, or the other...but quite frankly, I LOVE the mix of BOTH!  It gives it balance. It brings it to life.  It shows that there are some things in life worth fighting for, some PEOPLE worth the extra effort.

It was a great addition to the Mile High Firefighters series, and a fun, heart-filled, rom com to boot!  Grant it, I would rather have shared a name with a character not heck bent on simply getting ratings, but it was a stellar read just the same!  😉
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This is the first book of Mariah's that I read, I've been stalking her adorable Instagram videos,  and pining after her books. So when a chance to do a release tour came up, I jumped on it!!! And I was not disappointed! Such a fun, steamy read, hot like the fires these firefighters put out! Definitely going to be reading the rest of this series!
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