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The Big Backyard

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This engaging book, focusing on the Kuiper Belt and beyond, is entertaining, informative, and easy to read. Aimed at teens, it's enjoyable for adults as well. If you're interested in the solar system, this book is for you.

Thanks, NetGalley, for the ARC I received. This is my honest and voluntary review.
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Approachable enough for younger readers but also fascinating for grownups, this is a look at the edge of our Solar System. The science of space exploration has been moving so fast, that this book includes brand-new, very recently discovered information about our own backyard, including the shape of the Heliosphere (which should probably now be renamed). This short volume also includes beautiful and simple illustrations that make the more complicated concepts understandable for people with limited technical knowledge. It’s depressing to learn how the high distances make it unlikely that we’ll be able to explore the places the author discusses within our lifetime, but I look forward to learning all the new details that we’ll keep discovering. Written in a conversational way, I really enjoyed it. 
I chose to read this book and all opinions in this review are my own and completely unbiased. Thank you, #NetGalley/#Lerner Publishing Group, Twenty-First Century Books ™!
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