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Twentieth-Century Man

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Unfortunately this book is not for me. I only got 10% into it before I couldn't read one more word about all the disclaimers the author kept repeating about Peter Beard (how he could be seen as a womanizer, racist, etc.). Somehow he talked me out of reading his own book. I'd suggest in the future building up the subject a bit more before tearing him down.

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Gripping, unvarnished
look at a complicated
man. Eye opening.

I write haiku reviews on Instagram but am happy to provide more feedback.

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Peter Beard might not longer be with us, but the famed iconoclast is currently having a moment. Along with Bolton’s recently released biography “Wild” (not on my shelf, can’t comment), this tome is more about Wallace’s take (and interviews) with the legendary photographer, artist, author, style setter — himself.

In the jump, the author clearly states he saw Beard as a hero with a unscrupulous kinetic energy when he was young, but he himself grew to see the numerous times in which Beard’s behavior was plainly immature & dangerous — this journey is felt intimately throughout the pages.

While I knew next to nothing about Beard before picking up this book, by the end of the introduction you’ll be in swimming in the deep end of this iconoclast’s life (and the taste of things to savor, if you’ll want to venture on).

Breezy prose that’s intricately studded with sincere heart lines each page.

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Christopher Wallace’s new book on the life of Peter Beard might be the best portrayal of this great and highly misunderstood photographer. Wow, what a jet setter! Whether flying back and forth to Africa or hanging out at the Clubs in New York City, Peter Beard seemed to be everywhere at once. He was equally at home in Kenya as he was on the beaches on Montawk. Too bad he wasn’t nicer to all of those who admired him. It turns out he was quite a user. The author opens up a whole new cans of worms in the way that Peter.Beard lived. Previously known as a great photographer, this book reveals his poor relationships with his friends and family. Insightful, harrowing, depressing and enlightening, the author has revealed the many different sides of Peter Beard. Thank you to NetGalley and HarperCollins Publishing for the ARC…this book was fantastic And a quick read!

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A fascinating man so multifaceted so interesting.A truly talented photographer a handsome man with many well known women as love in his life.I really enjoyed reading about him an interesting look at this well known man .#netgalley #eccobooks

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I absolutely loved reading this book. I was completely drawn into the topic and could not stop reading it.

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