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The seventh Book of the Seven Brides for Seven Mothers series brings us the final story of Queen Charlotte's last unmarried child,  Sophie. Sophie and Arlo's story is thirteen years in the making. Sophie had wanted a typical college experience, but being a princess she wasn't getting that when she went to university. So she and her friend Avery decided to go where no one would recognize her, and that's when she met Arlo, who was a local bartender and helped her and Avery find a place to stay and settle in. They spent time together and fell in love, and even kept up correspondence when she went back home. Then without any rhyme or reason, he ended things, and left Sophie heartbroken. She eventually became engaged, but found out about her fiance's mistress and ended it. Sophie has not been truly happy since the time she spent with Arlo. All Queen Charlotte wants is for Sophie to find someone and be happy, so of course her meddling nature kicks in. Avery and Arlo's best friend and the King are all getting involved as well. You can imagine all the fun moments all this meddling is bound to bring!
The story was full of such fun and cute moments, and I enjoyed it very much. Ms. Dineen really draws you into the story with her well-crafted scenes and wonderful characters. This series has been such a delight to read, I can't believe it is ending. But I have no doubt Ms. Dineen will bring us more stories that will entertain and captivate. Highly recommend the whole series!
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This is my favorite of the series so far.  Sophie seems more down to earth and approachable than her siblings and I may have fallen a little in love with Arlo in this one. The writing, as usual, flowed so well that I was immediately drawn into the story and didn’t want to stop until I completely devoured it. Bonus points for the historical aspect to the story as well as the flower shop tie-in. I will miss the Malquar setting but not so much Queen Charlotte’s meddling (although it all worked out just the way she wanted it to in the end so she’s good at it).
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OMG this book was so much fun! It bounces back between the past and present, so you get to see the whole story. It is told in three characters points of view. Sophie is our leading Princess, who is a firecracker! Arlo is our leading man and he is such a romantic. The supporting characters in this book make it so much more special! I laughed and I cried. This is one of the best books I have read!
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A perfect conclusion to one of my favourite romcom series! I'm going to miss the world and the characters Whitney Dineen has created in these books, although I surely enjoyed the happily-ever-afters and the warm, fuzzy feelings they gave me as a reader.
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The last book in this series has the last daughter Sophie who ended her engagement years ago planning on being single. That is until flowers begin to arrive at the place and the name Arlo is the sender. The author then has you go back and forth between now and thirteen years ago when she meet Arlo and what had happened between them. Now, these years later can they get back together. Of course, you know her mother the Queen will be involved. You have a good story that has a few twists that I was not expecting which added to this book and made for a good read.
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4.5 Stars
I can't this is the last book in the series! I loved every book and I so enjoyed the journey. It's a second chance for Sophie and Arlo. I really love the destiny story surrounding them. They are meant to be on the path they are now. I believe things happen for a reason. I love that Arlo runs a florist business in honor of his mom and what he named it shows he still has feelings. Of course Queen Charlotte may need to make a few nudges. It wouldn't be a story in this series without. The Sophie legend was pretty cool as well. It's a beautiful, but sad tale. We get to see when Arlo and Sophie originally met and how their connection is special. This book is full of heart, but it also has a great sense of humor. This was a great book to end this series on.
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I imagine that the seventh stand—alone, yet connected book in a series is difficult to write. All the past characters that readers will want to see written into scenes, so many tropes used on the other books, details to track from the other 6 stories…it must be tough.

Dineen does an admirable job of developing a plot that is different than the others. Readers have a red herring in the form of flowers and a reluctant suitor. So reluctant, that at first, I was reluctant to even want him … suiting (?) pursuing (there, that’s the word). Sophie and Arlo came together over letters from an ancestor. While this not-exactly-rare trope is handled well, it leaves the reader impatient to find out what happens next. There is a lot of sadness in those letters. 

Sophie and Arlo are an unlikely couple, I think. They were apart for a long and seem to be doing ok away from each other. Their lives lack spark though. Together, the spark returns. 

This is a good ending for the series. I enjoyed all of the books.
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I fell in love with princess romances in the 90s and I will read every one of them and have to say that this is one of the best. I loved the characters and how it made me smile. 
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Read it today and you will not regret it. These are the kind of books that you are hooked and will want to read any or all of them. Get it today. Love anything that Whitney Dineen writes.
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Sophie’s turn with Queen Charlotte’s matchmaking meddling.  Was waiting for this book and thinking it was going to be a big bang to the end of this series, unfortunately it was a small bang.
It just seemed as though Arlo and Sophie were just put together.  They did have a connection as to why but wanted to see more chemistry.  Needed more of something.  Maybe some of the letters that were written to each other to get more of an insight to their feelings.  Not enough chemistry with the characters for me.
I see where the author was going with the ancestor story but it was so sad it brought me down while reading.  Wish they had more happy moments with Sophie and Arlo to get me out of it.  
It was an emotional journey with an HEA.  Enjoyed the ending with a glimpse of some of the previous couples.  Loved this series and maybe my anticipation to the end let me down.  All and all a good read.
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