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With beautiful, dynamic art, "Sylvie and the Wolf" explores the impact of fear in a nuanced, approachable way. When Sylvie thinks she sees a wolf in the woods, fears begin invading her thoughts. Her once-beloved woods no longer feel safe. But as Sylvie confronts her fears, she finds an unexpected surprise. A perfect read for children dealing with fears or anxieties as well as for any young reader who enjoys a bit of suspense with a happy ending.
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Sylvie is a brave little girl who loves exploring the woods around her home, until one day . . . fear creeps into her life. I thought at first the fear was supposed to be a metaphor, but there really is something to be afraid of hiding in the forest. With the help of an adult, Sylvie confronts her fear, and becomes an explorer once more.

The gorgeous artwork by Mercè López is a fine accompaniment to the somewhat melancholy story.
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Thank you to the author, Sounds True Publishing and NetGalley, for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. 

This beautifully illustrated children's book about dealing with anxiety tackles the question of facing your fears head-on, giving the title character a wonderfully supportive aunt, who encourages her to take small steps, together, to confront the things that have been making her anxious. The child I read this with immediately transposed the setting to her own life, and loved the message.
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This is a simple and short story but very profound. I loved the artwork and the concept of how fearless we can be in our childhood until the first time we are truly hurt or scared by something we don’t understand, Sylvia recovers in the most beautiful way possible not only by confronting her fear of the wolf she thinks is lurking close to her home, but by finding something old and yet new and unexpected and helping another innocent soul to heal and recover with patience and love. This should not be dismissed as a childish book, it is deep and tremendously touching and so so wonderful.
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This book has gorgeous, atmospheric illustrations with bright splashes of color against the mostly monochrome, snowy backgrounds. I really liked the art, and the story clearly models the consequences of fear and secret-keeping. Sylvie believes that she has seen a wolf, feels afraid, and then finds her world shrinking around her as she does all she can to avoid the wolf. She also feels uncomfortable with other people claiming that there aren't wolves in the area.

I wondered if this might be a metaphor for dealing with abuse, especially with the emphasis on people not believing Sylvie about her experience. That wasn't where this book went, but if someone is interested in something of that nature, the picture book "The Big Bad Wolf in My House" by Valérie Fontaine uses a wolf as a metaphor for domestic violence.

This story goes in an unexpected direction, and I didn't find the resolution entirely satisfying. It was still sad, and it seemed to come out of nowhere. This might work for other people more than it did for me, but I didn't find the story very compelling. I mainly just liked the art and the portrayal of how fear affects people.
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Sylvie and the wolf was a most surprising story about facing your fears, and being surprised in the process. Sylvie begins as an outgoing little girl who, through fear turns in to herself, and doesn’t enjoy the things she’s always enjoyed in the past. After Sylvie confides in a trusted adult, she is helped to face her fear, and is surprised by what she confronts. We enjoyed reading about Sylvie, and I think it would be very beneficial for a child who feels paralyzed by some fear that plagues them.
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The children loved this, beautiful but a bit scary. The illustrations really were the star in this book. They keep going back to read it themselves (and read it to the younger ones too). A success on our (digital) bookshelf.
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Sylvie is afaid of nothing until she meets the wolf...
Sounds True and Net Galley Let me read this book.  It will be published May 23rd.

She sees the dark shadow of the wolf and runs home.  Soon she's not going anywhere.  But her guardian goes out with her and she makes a discovery.

Can you guess what it is?

This was a good read.
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I accessed a digital review copy of this book from the publisher.
The book follows Sylvie as she walks in the woods. She encounters a wolf that causes her to become afraid.
The book explores how fear can grow and get out of hand. Sylvie thinks she sees the wolf everywhere after she first sees it. The dog has grown up on its own and has become afraid of people. In both cases, the fear has grown out of control.
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This book is beautifully illustrated.  Sophie is a little girl who has been brave for a long time. But one day, in the woods, she sees a wolf, and is afraid.  Her fear builds until it comes pouring forth to an adult, who helps her confront her fear.  This book is lovely, but it has a depressive air.  It’s a sad story of a girl and a lonely puppy who gets lost and becomes a fearful skittish adult dog.  This story did not lead where many do, which made it unique.  However, the story leaves a depressed feeling that makes it a one-time read.
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This book is lovely in both text and illustrations. It is absolutely gorgeously drawn and the story is suspenseful for a picture book. I love that it is essentially about conquering fears which is something we don't see very often in picture books. I recommend this for purchase for libraries and home.
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This one is an interesting one. I think it's overall written really well, however, I just don't think the point comes across very clearly. It felt like the story was going on one direction but then turned into another. I thought this wolf she was scared of was going to represent something deep and meaningful but it didn't. Or it didn't read that way. 
This is definitely a book for older children as it depicts kind of scary visual with the wolf and I think whatever the message is supposed to be is directed to older children.
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I have just read an arc copy of this book and I have to tell you it is stunning!!!

The story revolves around Sylvie, who has let  the fear of the "wolf" build up around her, learning to over come it and get back to the fun of exploring.

The story is just beautiful - perfect for the littles in your life who are starting to explore/acknowledge their feelings of fear and anxiety.

The illustrations are BEYOND STUNNING  The colour palettes, tone and texture perfectly conveny the emotion of each page and I love how the book both warms and lightens up as the mood lifts. Just beautiful.
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This book is a perfect pick for readers of all ages who are looking to explore the concepts of fear and shame, and how to deal with these big-feelings in a healthy way.
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This was a book that intrigued me since of the cover art and its title art. Why was the wolf so dark? Why do they portray this child with her back turned?

 <I>Sylvie and the Wolf</i> is a story about one little girl who is braver than brave until something scares her. We aren't told the exact reasons why she is scared of this creature nor if there was anything that had been done to her in the past that may have helped to contribute to this fear. As a result this is most definitely a definition of unbased fear and how it can consume you, especially when everyone else around you mocks you for it or you feel unable to open up to others.
Then finally Sylvie's Tante chooses to help her confront her fears by bringing her out to look for this creature that everyone else just brushes away. 

 What I liked the most about this book is the fact that the illustrations are full-page and very detailed thus allowing the reader to be immersed. The  color medium is in the middle thus allowing the reader to feel what it is like to be on the edge although I do wonder if the bright red hat on Sylvie's head the majority of the book is suppose to be a nod to <i>Little Red Riding Hood</i>.

 I would most definitely recommend adding this book as a book about fear, its effects on young children and how to confront it to personal libraries for those who like to discuss such heavy topics to their young readers.

  **I received a free copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**
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Interesting story about a girl who is brave, and suddenly was in fear of wolf. In the form of children book, to encourage kids not to be afraid. But also a good reminder for adults, that being afraid of something is normal, and we have to face it in order to overpower the fear itself.
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Thank you NetGalley, Sounds True Publishing, the author Andrea Debbink and illustrator Merce Lopez for an early e-arc of the book. 

“But secrets are heavy and are hard to carry alone.”

“Courage would take time and practice.”

This is the story of Sylvie and her fear of the wolf. It is a story about facing and overcoming your fears. It was charming and very atmospheric specially with the snow covering the pages. It was a wonderful experience to trudge though the snowy lands and wade through the excellent storytelling and stunning illustrations. Chef’s kiss . Highly recommend.
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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. Sylvie lives in the mountains and isn't afraid of anything until a wolf becomes involved, and then the fear of the wolf starts to take over her life. Great story about facing your fears and what you can learn from doing so.
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Sylvie and the Wolf is a splendid book with an important message for all ages. Sylvie is a young girl who lives "high in the mountains, where shadow meets light." This lovely phrase is characteristic of the book's writing as well as its illustrations. 
Sylvie is not afraid of anything and roams the forest and land surrounding her house. She dreams of the wider world she will someday enjoy. Mercè López's drawings are brimming with the joy Sylvie experiences in her beautiful surroundings. Climbing trees, sliding along with streams, and running with various animals are a routine part of Sylvie's life. That is, until a shadow moves, she sees the glint of teeth and hears the growl of a Wolf! Sylvie keeps this encounter a secret. She is so afraid of her formerly safe world that she stops exploring, and her wondrous realm becomes a tiny space indoors. López's illustrations again perfectly portray the transient darkness of the wolf and the gloom of Sylvie's world. 
The book is at heart a children's book, but the message of not allowing our anxiety or fear to take over our lives is a valid directive for any age. 
Thank you to NetGalley and publisher Sounds True for the ARC of this charming book.
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Sylvie and the Wolf by Andrea Debbink is a story about dealing with anxiety and finding the courage to confront your fears.

Sylvie is a young girl who lives near the woods.  She has never been afraid of anything until she encounters the Wolf.  Suddenly, the world around her becomes very small as she shuts herself away from the fear of that which is largely unknown.

This is a beautifully illustrated story with an important message about experiencing anxiety.  There is a takeaway here for readers of any age.  Highly recommended.

Many thanks to NetGalley and Sounds True Publishing for an ARC.
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