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A new favorite from Shari Lapena! As the title suggests, everyone is hiding something making it hard to predict. I could not put this one down and I loved the ending!
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William returns home early after his mistress ends things.  He wants some time to himself, so he is angry to find his 9-year old daughter is home, having been kicked out of choir.  It is not a total surprise, since Avery is a trouble kid, but when he asks why she is home and and gets attitude, he snaps.  He leaves after a big fight with her and only returns when his wife calls to let him know Avery has gone missing.  At first she is believed to have run away, but after an anonymous tip is called in, things in this small town start to crumble. 

This was my third book from this author and so far it was my favorite!  I loved getting to see the POVs from all of the characters, but in a way that felt natural.  Some of the parts, especially with Nora and William, felt a little too cheesy, but it did not stop me from enjoying the book.  Without spoiling anything, I did like the resolution to the story, especially at the very end.  

Thank you NetGalley for an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review.
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This book does not mess around.  Everyone in this story is lying.  Not one person is showing who they truly are.  Can they keep the lies secret, or will the truth find them.  More importantly can they keep straight what is a secret and what is the truth.  Everyone has two sides to them.  Those they show to those around them, and the self that isn't always seen except in private.  Which one will be found out.  Readers are going to love this tangled web.  You have lies upon lies.  I can't wait to start recommending this title.
Thank you so much to Penguin group Viking, Pamela Dorman Books, and Netgalley for allowing me to read an advance copy of this title.
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Lapena is a master of suburban thrillers and this book is no different. Everyone in Stanhope has a secret and things they don’t want coming to the surface. When a young girl comes up missing the people of Connaught Street May not have a choice to keep their secrets hidden. This story twists and turns leaving you guessing till the end. You get an intimate look at all of the characters and learn that everyone is lying and everyone has motive. Definitely recommend this one to thriller fans!
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Twists and turns abound in this riveting thriller where no one is who they seem. Fast paced and with intriguing characters, this one will keep you guessing! The disappearance of Avery, a 9-year-old girl, from her home in the safe and respectable neighborhood of Stanhope, sends shock waves throughout the community.
It's always the parents isn't it? Or is it?
It does not take long for the glare of suspicion to fall upon everyone, and everyone seems to be lying!

 I thoroughly enjoyed this dark tale. This book celebrates the grittier side of characterization, with a cast of characters whose flaws easily outnumber their virtues. No character is entirely sympathetic, so it is easy to believe the worst of each and every one of them. 

I was generously gifted this copy by Penguin Random House Canada, Doubleday Canada and NetGalley.
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This book was an absolute thrill! This was my first by this author and I have to say, it definitely left me wanting more. It kept me engaged from the very beginning. Very well done all around!
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When a 9 year old goes missing in a safe, affluent suburb, everyone is pointing fingers—from the family to the neighbors. They are all worried that their darkest secrets are about to be exposed. This one really picks up about 60% of the way in. I loved the turn it took and I loved how suspenseful it was!  Thank you NetGalley and Penguin group for the ARC!  I feel like I have read every thriller out there and this one kept me guessing! I just reviewed Everyone Here Is Lying by Shari Lapena. #EveryoneHereIsLying #NetGalley 
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Nine year old Avery Wooler has gone missing in a chain of events that saw her being sent home early from school for bad behaviour in after school choir practice. She’s a neurodiverse child with behavioural problems so the police are immediately suspicious of her parents, particularly her father, Dr William Wooler, who has a temper. He was the last person to see her that afternoon, but stupidly doesn’t tell the police, in order to cover up why he was at home instead of at work in the hospital.

The Woolers live in Stanhope, NY, known as a safe neighbourhood, but as the reader soon finds out, it’s one where everyone has secrets and where none of the characters, even the children, can be trusted to tell the truth. Avery is a difficult child, oppositional and uncooperative, but also sly and manipulative and good at playing her parents off against each other. For a nine year old, she does seem a little too sophisticated and calculating in her thoughts to be realistic and would perhaps have been more convincing had the author made her a few years older. On the other hand, maybe it’s just that I’ve just never met a child like her.

The novel is very much plot driven, rather than focussing on the characters, who are all diverse but without a whole lot of deep character development. What does work well is that the reader is given insights into the characters and their motives through multiple points of view before the police have the same information. This all adds to the fun of working out what really happened to Avery, although you’re still not quite sure who is lying and which way the novel is going to go. As the events unfold this normal looking neighbourhood will really be put under the microscope and there is not too much loyalty to be found here as neighbours point accusing fingers at each other. 

The drama kicks off quickly in this very entertaining, suspenseful domestic psychological suspense. It’s definitely a page turner; fast paced with plenty as twists and misdirection as the truth is gradually winkled out. As the pieces start to fall into place towards the climax of the novel, the truth of what happened to Avery is chilling and will surprise and maybe even shock readers, but may also amuse them as it’s not what they might expect. By the end of the novel, relationships will be disrupted and the neighbourhood will never be the same again. This tale of jealousy, revenge and dysfunctional families is guaranteed to keep you guessing right to the end.
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What happened to Avery Wooler?
William Wooler lives in a safe neighborhood in New York state. He’s a prominent doctor with a wife and two children…but he’s having an affair with a hospital volunteer who just ended things. Distraught, William doesn’t go back to work after their break up; he goes home where he finds his troubled nine year old daughter, Avery. Her usual bad behavior sends William into a rage. Hours later, Avery is reported missing by her brother when he arrives home to find she’s gone. Now the entire town is on the lookout for Avery, but the detectives are struggling to find leads because everyone has secrets of their own.
I love @sharilapena books the more and more I read her. This title kept me engaged from beginning to end with short, thrilling chapters and a big question I wanted an answer to. Thanks @librofm for the ALC. This title releases 7/25. Definitely grab a copy!

CW: ADHD, drug use, adultery, death, blood, violence, domestic abuse, child abuse
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If you’re looking for a straightforward plot that offers a lot of suspense, this one is for you. Lapena successfully shares another thriller in this title and does it well. There are a lot of overdone tropes throughout and I’ll admit I didn’t love all of the main events. But overall everything is explained well and the characters are interesting. It kept me guessing!
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3.5 ⭐️ 

This was a good mystery. I wouldn’t categorize it as a thriller since it wasn’t super high stakes and no crazy plot twists at the end. I liked the moral ambiguity that each character had and the plot kept me engaged and wanting to see what happened in the end. 

I would definitely read another Shari Lupena book. Within the web of complex familial, romantic, and friend relationships, there was also a simplistic my that I really liked and took comfort in.
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Shari Lapena writes a good book, and this one is no exception. I tore through it because I was eager to know what the real story was. The book was well paced, and the characters were distinct so it was interesting to have different chapters from different points of view. I don't feel like I got to know any of the characters too well, but I knew them well enough to get a sense of their behaviors, which worked for this book. If the book focused more on one of the individual characters it may have slowed the story down. Thank you to NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Viking, Pamela Dorman Books for this ARC!
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Shari Lapena is a champ at writing suspenseful thrillers. This one is no exception! The neighborhood of Stanhope is lacking hope in honest relationships. The Wooler family is no exception when Dr. William Wooler caps off his day at a hotel with a hospital volunteer, Nora. After months of their rendezvous the two have called it off after guilt overtakes one of them. They both have a spouse and children at home. When Dr. William gets home, he finds his 9-year-old daughter Avery there alone. Normally, she waits for her brother, but today she was kicked out of music because of her erratic behavior. With her uncontrollable temper and attitude, she smarts off to her dad and he backhands her in the face. He left the house to cool off leaving her alone.... or did he?

His wife calls him later to report her missing and he doesn't tell the police or his wife that he saw her. He soon becomes a suspect in her disappearance. Things spiral out of control ...lies are revealed...relationships are shattered and Avery is still missing. The ending is twisted and creepy.
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I read this in less than 24hours because I wanted to know what happened to Avery and who took her, so badly. I was completely drawn in. 
Shari Lapena leads you deliberately to false conclusions and just when you think you've figured out what happened she pulls the rug out from under you. There is the tiniest bit of foreshadowing but it is very easy to miss or second guess after being fooled so many times. 
Eventually when you finally figure it out, it's revealed within a couple of pages. But you have the who, you definitely don't have the how and the why though even though you think you do. Then a new set of problems are presented. You'll end up not feeling sympathy for the people you think you will. This is an emotional rollercoaster.
The ending, by the way is perfect, extremely satisfying. Lapena leaves absolutely no loose ends. Just for that alone it gets 5 stars from me.
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Everyone Here Is Lying absolutely absorbed me! This is the second book I have read by this author and it did not disappoint! I would highly recommend this book because it kept me on the tip of my toes, wondering who took Avery and what happened to her?  
William Wooler and is lover Nora are having a secret affair. But when Avery Wooler goes missing and as the detectives investigate, everyone’s secrets are revealed…even the neighbors. 
Who took Avery? Was it her dad William who has a temper and has a history of hitting his daughter? Was it a neighbor? Nothing will prepare you for the ending and the logic behind this story as it kept me guessing from the beginning… Who took Avery and why? I will never tell; you will just have to read this book to find out!
Thank you NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Viking for this ARC in exchange for my honest review.
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Shari Lapena has become a go to author for me for reliably quick, engrossing reads.  I read it in one day. Everyone Here Is Lying is a perfect title for those book! It kept me guessing until the big reveal. Thank you NetGalley for this early read.
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A pretty good domestic thriller. Reads like a Gone Girl dupe about a narcissistic kid who has psychopathy. I read it really quickly, Shari Lapena’s writing is very easily digestible. I understand why she’s such a huge hit with readers. A lot of characters, a lot of names, but she gives you enough definition to tell them apart. 

With that said, I have so many complaints 🫶🏻

1. I legit hated how Autism was treated in this book.

2. Marion’s motives feel flat as hell. The reveal halfway through the book felt so hollow and underdeveloped. I wanted it to be something real, like William mistreated a patient and that patient was Marion’s son and this was her motive for ruining his life by kidnapping his kid. Not…that she had a crush and he didn’t like her back… that is some juvenile shit. 

3. When Avery is interviewed by the equivalent of an Oprah, presumably live on air, the reporter implies a nine-year-old kidnapping victim is lying and asks her to tell her story again, from the top. All this, after the reporter blames the nine-year-old victim  for not pushing her captor down the stairs earlier to escape? Could’ve tried harder, child! Are you fucking kidding me? In what world?! We know as readers that Avery isn’t a “classic” victim because she’s also a probable psychopath, but this reporter doesn’t. And we’re supposed to accept that this is the grand twist that upends Avery’s story? I’m flabbergasted. 

4. Avery’s family sucks and they should have figured out a way to get that child into therapy for assistance with her psychopathy, but instead we’re left with the notion that the child is evil 😈 and there’s nothing that can be done about pure evil!
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Shari Lapena never disappoints with her pulse-pounding, thrilling stories. In EVERYONE HERE IS LYING, we meet quite a few families, each with their own issues going on. When a young girl named Avery goes missing, and her physician father is found out for having an affair with a nurse at the hospital where he is employed, police find themselves wondering if the presumed kidnapping of Avery is somehow connected to the scandalous affair of William and Nora. Readers will not be disappointed by the twists and turns in the plot of this story. I was invested throughout the story and really enjoyed the ending.
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This had the makings of a good book, but I found some things just too unbelievable. Primarily, that Avery didn’t think or speak like a nine-year-old child. This story might have worked better if she was a teenager. Nonetheless, I was engrossed all the way through the book, and finished it in one day. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
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Everyone in this story has a hidden secret they do not want to come out. Dr. William Wooler is no exception. He finishes his day at the usual hotel with, Nora. He and Nora have been having an affair for a while and although he is all in, Nora feels guilty and calls it off. Heartbroken, William comes home hoping to have the house to himself. Instead he discovers his young daughter, Avery, at home alone having been kicked out of after-school music class for her erratic and uncontrollable bad behavior. Avery’s parents don’t know how to handle her and William has a short fuse this afternoon. When Avery gives her dad attitude, William slaps her hard enough to make her fall to the ground. He immediately apologizes and leaves the house to cool off leaving  Avery at home alone. Or is she?  His wife frantically calls him later to let him know that their daughter Avery is missing. She is nowhere to be found and when the police ask William if he saw her that afternoon he says no. Before long he comes their primary suspect. Where is Avery? 

Sheri Lapena is a master at suspenseful novels. This one doesn’t disappoint. Everyone has a secret, but who took Avery may be the biggest secret of all. There are twists and turns that I never saw coming! One of my favorite psychological thrillers so far this year.
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