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This is a fascinating trip back in time to a plot to kill Theodore Roosevelt. With a myriad of characters and events, the mystery unfolds as to whether the assassination plot will succeed. The sections on the Panama Canal construction were eye-opening. This is a historical mystery with delights for both the mystery lover and the history buff.
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Wasserman has taken an important event in American history and woven a good story around it. Tens of thousands of people went to Panama for the canal building, either to work or make money off the workers. I like how Wasserman has given us the background of several characters who did so. She introduces the character and then tells their story. I also like how she has woven details of the Roosevelts lives into the narrative, such as Teddy's brother having a child with a maid. 

I can tell Wasserman has done much research as she describes the work done on the canal. She adds lots of detail to the action. A reader wanting to know more about the building of the canal and the atmosphere of the area will find much to appreciate in this novel. I liked the information about anarchists too, as I did not know their grievances and their goals.

The narrative does jump around on the timeline and the character at the center of the story. While clearly identified, that narrative style did make for a bit of choppy reading. Nonetheless, I liked this novel with its interesting information about Roosevelt and thee building of the Panama Canal.

I received a complimentary egalley of this book through Partners in Crime Book Tours. My comments are an independent and honest review.
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This book is just "Wow." The author, Marlie Parker Wasserman has feasted the readers with real-life characters and fictional ones from the time period 1903-1906. Maurice C Latta's narrative is very interesting where an assassination attempt is suspected to kill President Theodore Roosevelt "Teddy." The author takes the reader through all the events that occur when on Nov 6, 1906, President Roosevelt sets on a trip to Panama to inspect the canal's construction. He is the first president to tour outside the continental United States officially and diplomatically. The ship, USS Louisiana set for the voyage to Panama along with First lady Edith Roosevelt, two journalists, three service agents who guarded the presidents and more officials. There were men who threatened to kill the president three years earlier. 

Maurice C Latta was asked to accompany the president to the canal, he was honored to do so in the place of Mr. Loeb (Secretary). The book Path of Peril takes us to a time back in 1906. I enjoyed getting to know the historical characters, as Marlie brings them to life. This is an excellent true story told perfectly, bringing the truth of the greatest engineering achievement in a particular period in the United States. I highly recommend this read and looking for more work by this author. 

Thanks to Marlie Parker Wasserman, Netgalley and Level Best Books Publisher for an advance copy for my honest review. 

I'm excited to be a part of the blog tour and full review will be available for this book on my Blog on march 15th 2023 :-
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Wasserman is a new to me author. 
I loved how she mixed facts with fiction and has created the most wonderful characters. 
I learned much from this book. A subject I knew very little about. 
I enjoyed being swept away in one afternoon and when the book was finished I didn't want to come back to reality.
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Being an Under Secretary to a U.S. President is not an easy task. Theodore Roosevelt was a dynamic individual who found it very difficult to stay in one place. Noted for his exploits in Cuba with the Rough Riders among other adventures, he ran most of his staff ragged.

France has failed to complete the Panama Canal and Teddy went with a cadre of Secret Service Agents and other dignitaries to assess the progress of the canal. Anarchists around the world planned ways to eliminate this bothersome President.

Ms. Wasserman develops a very gripping tale of intrigue as a number of people try to eliminate this dynamic President. Assassins could be anywhere and vigilance is the name of the game. 

Panama during the visit is a virtual sweatshop with rain every day. Mud is everywhere and the project is monumental. Panama is an independent country and diplomatic relationships between Panama’s government and the President need to be maintained. 

This book does not disappoint in the movement of events. Well-paced and plotted, engaging and entertaining, as well as informative. Read and enjoy this writer’s talents. 5 stars – CE Williams
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Path of Peril by Marlie Parker Wasserman is a fictionalized account of Teddy Roosevelt’s trip to inspect the Panama Canal and associated assassination attempt. 

Accompanied by his wife and an entourage of White House and protection staff, Roosevelt sees firsthand Panama’s challenges and inequalities. The plot weaves the stories of White House secretary Maurice Latta and journalists with the events surrounding the President’s inspection of the canal project against a backdrop of an assassination plot.

The story includes a staggering number of characters, way too many for this reader to keep track of and most chapters are semi-standalone stories that describe each character’s role in the assassination attempt. The descriptions of characters and the setting are vivid and make for an interesting and engaging read. I would have liked a faster-paced development of the plot with less characters to remember.
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Excellent book! A really good historical fiction story about a part of history I knew very little about. The Panama Canal construction, Teddy Roosevelt, and an assassination attempt. All great pieces, with excellent characters too! Easily readable, fast moving, hard to put down. Looking forward to reading more from this author. Thanks to NetGalley for an advance reading copy of the book.
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An excellent historical mystery: well plotted, gripping, and entertaining.
The mix of fictional and historical characters works and the mystery kept me surprising and guessing.
Highly recommended.
Many thanks to the publisher for this arc, all opinions are mine
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This was a great concept for a historical mystery novel, I enjoyed the use of the time-period and getting to go through and solve the case. I enjoyed the characters within and getting to figure out if they felt like realistic people. I enjoyed the story overall and thought Marlie Parker Wasserman does a great job in the genre. I can't wait to read more from Marlie Parker Wasserman.

"Fear for Theodore remained first in Edith’s list of worries. The year before, she convinced her husband to buy a rustic house known as Pine Knot in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. A private retreat. Almost private. Always watchful, she arranged for two Secret Service agents to protect the house every evening without the President’s knowledge."
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What a great story!  Intriguing characters - both real and imagined.  Told from all points of views about a subject I knew little to nothing about.  Don't let the number of characters concern you - they all connect and are easy to follow.  This is historical fiction at its finest!  Great balance of dialogue and description which I love.  Thanks to NetGalley, the author and publisher for the honor of reviewing this book in exchange for my honest opinion!
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Historical fiction at its best on a topic that Americans know little about.  An exciting read and highly recommended.
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