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All the Days of Summer is a beach read set on Nantucket and has all the essential elements: family drama, island gossip, and romance.

I found Heather, the protagonist, relatable in some respects, yet others left me scratching my head. While similarly aged, I do not know of any women in my Gen X cohort that have already joined bridge clubs, refuse to go to bars, and have had only one partner. In addition, her secret savings account to the tune of $30k also seems wildly unrealistic for someone who hasn’t worked in 20 years.

Even Kailee, Heather’s future daughter-in-law, was written as if she held the romantic notions of a much older generation instead of the Gen Z-er that she is. Kailee’s entitled and possessive demeanor was incredibly difficult to warm up to.

I would have loved to see scenes fleshed out with more details, less work, and more play - and especially more swimming at Nantucket’s pristine beaches! With one exception - the sight of many, many seals in the water should give any long-time Islander pause. I thought that there going to be a tragic, Jaws-like plot twist and Heather’s beau should have known better.

I also felt like Heather’s reckoning with her part in Evelyn’s storyline feels really unresolved. The fact that that plot point was totally dropped created some dissonance for me.

Thayer’s writing style and voice, with flowery, more chaste depictions of romance seems targeted toward an older audience. If you’re offended by more descriptive romantic interludes, foul language, or you think there is too much drinking in other contemporary escapist fiction novels, then I think this would be the perfect beach read for you. I find Thayer’s style similar to that of Jean Stone, who writes novels set on the neighboring island of Martha’s Vineyard. If you are a Jean Stone fan, I would encourage you to give Nancy Thayer a try!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Random House Publishing - Ballantine Books for this ARC.

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All the Days of Summer by Nancy Thayer. It was nice to read a book by an author who I haven't read any by in awhile. This one might have have been a favorite but it was enjoyable and glad I had the chance to read it.

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I don’t know if I could have loved this book anymore. Maybe because I could relate in so many ways to the things these folks were dealing with. It’s always good and scary to watch your children grow and mature. Some of the things you deal with in marriage are from the depths of hell and others are so wonderful. This story deals with so many real life things. The characters are so wonderfully written. I bet you will recognize some people you know in them. Real people dealing with real life. So awesome. I didn’t want it to end. I want to know what the next chapter will hold in these folks lives. I received this book from NetGalley, but my opinion is my own.

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I just recently found Nancy Thayer and have been delighted reading her books. All the Days of Summer did not disappoint and I can't wait to read more.

The stories of Heather and Kailee were told from their viewpoints and were unique in that its the start of their story. I loved the twists and turns, there were a number of storylines I didn't expect. A heartwarming story of different paths and outcomes at any age.

Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC

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Fun beach read about a woman who gets divorced and rents a house on Nantucket for the summer. Unfortunately, it seems like her son and his girlfriend are ALSO spending the summer in Nantucket and there is no love lost between the girlfriend and his mother.

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Taking place primarily on Nantucket, it reflects growth, loss and the importance of finding happiness. The story of Heather, a 47-year-old woman in a dull marriage without love. Her son, Ross, finishing college, has a serious girlfriend. Kaillie (the girlfriend) and Heather get off on the wrong foot. It does not bode well for the relationship. It gets even worse when Heather rents a house on Nantucket for the summer where, it turns out, her son will be living with Kaillie’s family as he learns the construction business. Kaillie suspects Heather did it to keep an eye on Ross. I found Kaillie spoiled, whining and completely ridiculous at times. Heather finds a dog, fits into Island life, and meets her in-laws –to-be. There are fireworks of various kinds, Fourth of July as well as lost rings and a new man. You can expect lovely island scenery descriptions and unexpected turns and twists of the story. This may be one of Nancy Thayer’s best and most satisfying novels. It’s not too early to order it now for a summer beach read. This is a wonderful example of this genre.

Thank you to Netgalley, the author and publisher.

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All the Days of Summer
By Nancy Thayer
Pub Date May 2
Thanks to the author, publisher and NetGalley for the ARC of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.
I loved this book, set on Nantucket Island. Storyline was interesting about a woman making choices for her own good. Son was involved in an out of wedlock pregnancy. My only complaint was how wordy it was, Thayer must get paid by the word. I started skimming near the midway point.
4 stars

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If you’re looking for a good read to get you ready for summer or to read at the beach or on your next cruise, this is such a great book! It wasn’t predictable, which was nice. The character development was great and I really enjoyed the characters. It has some sad moments interwoven with lots of happy ones. This was my first Nancy Thayer book, but I definitely plan on reading her others.

Thank you NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group for the opportunity to read this book in advance of publication.

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Nancy Thayer is back with another hit set in Nantucket. Heather, stuck in a rut in her marriage decides to move to Nantucket for the summer. The only problem, her son Ross is moving in with his girlfriend Kailee who is not the biggest fan of Heather. It was expected that Ross move home to help with the family business, but is moving to be closer to his girlfriend.

In true Nancy Thayer fashion, the book is very family oriented and moves through quickly of loss of a marriage and love and true family meaning. I always enjoy a Nancy Thayer novel and this book did not disappoint.

Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for my copy.

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Book Title: All the Days of Summer
Author: Nancy Thayer
Publisher: Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine Ballantine Books
Genre: Women’s Fiction
Pub Date: May 2, 2023
My Rating: 3.5 Stars

Heather and Wall Willette have been married for twenty-three years, own a successful hardware business, and live in a beautiful restored home in the historic town of Concord in the Boston Suburbs.
Story starts with Heather and Wall having dinner with their son Ross who wants them to meet Kailee his new girlfriend. Ross is a senior at U Mass Amherst and the plan is he and dad will be business partners after Ross graduates.
Dinner doesn’t go as well as Heather had hoped. She felt Kailee was uppity-c certainly not Ross type. When Ross announces that he will be spending Thanksgiving as well as Christmas with Kailee and her family at their home on Nantucket; Heather shows her disappointed but Wall is fine with it as it is a busy time for him.

This situation makes Heather realize that she is not happy with materials things and wants more...she loved the family gatherings but Wall is always so busy and more concern about being successful than family life. She announces that she wants to see a marriage therapist. Wall almost laughs as he believes that is not necessary. She tells him that what they once had has run its course and she no longer wants to live the rest of her life the ways things have been the past few years.
Wall tells her to do what she has to do!
And she does!
Christine Calloway has been Heather’s friend for years and have share many secret. Christine states Heather should rent a cottage on Nantucket for the three months of summer
She decided that spending the summer might be just what she needs to figuring out what she really wants and needs. Heather establishes herself in the Nantucket community and believes she has found what is truly important to her, including her relationship with their son, Ross.
In the meantime Ross is head over heels in love with Kailee. After graduating he is planning to move to Nantucket and will be working for Kailee’s family owned construction business (rather than joining his own father at the hardware store- something Heather and her husband had always assumed was the plan)

When I finished this story, I sat and stared as I thought ~ I do love Nantucket stories but . . . .
I had a hard time with Ross and Kailee’s relationship. Her parents seem okay Evelyn is much too busy and seems to have allowed Kailee get away with being a spoiled little girl.
Then there is Heather and Wall’s marriage. They seemed to both be attractive– but instead of acting like they are under 50 they seemed older. I understand the fun went out of their married but not even trying! Well Wall certainly got what he deserved.

My rating system is
3 Stars~ Good
4 Stars ~ Great
This was good but not great~ definitely had more ‘family drama’ then the typical ~"‘things are going to get better"’ romance I was expecting!

This is my fifteenth Nancy Thayer novel. However she has published 35!
I have never been to Nantucket but between Nancy and Elin Hilderbrand it is on my bucket it!!
Nancy has lived on Nantucket Island year-round for 38 years with her husband Charley Walters. They have two children and five grandchildren.

Want to thank NetGalley and Random House Publishing Group – Ballantine Books for granting me this early eGalley.
Publishing Release Date scheduled for May 2, 2023

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Thanks Netgalley for allowing me to read this book. Heather is hoping for a change. While her son is contemplating marriage. Heather reassess her marriage and realizes how unhappy she is. She decides to go away for the summer and think about what she wants. I liked this book.

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This is a great story about being brave enough to start over when your intuition tells you it’s time to! New friendships, love and much more make this the perfect summer read. I’m partial to this author because Nantucket is on my bucket list!

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Heather's son Ross is graduating from college and has a new girlfriend, Kailee. Kailee and Heather are not sure about each other and have different expectations for Ross' future. Even before meeting Kailee Heather has decided to make a major change in her life and spend the summer on Nantucket. Unfortunately Kailee lives on Nantucket and thinks Heather is following Ross. Will Heather and Kailee find a connection? A story of family and finding the life you want.

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Just as Heather's only child announces his engagement to a girl from a prominent Nantucket family, Heather is announcing her divorce -- as well as her 3-month vacation rental in Nantucket. The fiancee is not happy about that, but Heather moves ahead with her plans and ends up falling in love -- with Nantucket, her new possibilities, and even a new man. This is a great romance with a perfect Nantucket setting. I look forward to recommending this book.

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I always enjoy Nancy Thayer books, and All the Days of Summer was no exception. Heather needs a fresh start. After divorcing her husband, she decides to spend the summer on Nantucket to decide her next move. Unbeknownst to her, her son Ross, and his girlfriend will be on Nantucket as well.

Following the stories of Heather, Ross, and Kailee, they experience change, love, loss, and new beginnings.

Thank you Netgalley and Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine, Ballantine Books for the enjoyable ARC!

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Heather’s marriage is over. She needs to refresh her life. She moves to Nantucket where she is overwhelmed with the charm of the island. Unbeknownst to Heather, her son, Ross, is also moving to the island to work for his girlfriend’s family business. Heather and his girlfriend, Kailee, do not hit it off. But, because of her love for her son, she knows she must try harder.

All the Days of Summer by Nancy Thayer is an eventful beach read of a book. Love, loss, deception, and hope. It makes we long for warm summer days! While I liked Heather’s character, I really did not like Kailee’s. Her selfish and immature depiction were a turnoff. I had hoped I’d change my mind as Kailee went through a series of life altering events, but no such luck.

Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for this copy!

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Steam level - 2.5

The plot -

Heather Willette has a good life in Concord, Massachusetts--complete with a husband who runs his own business and a son to take up his mantle one day. But now that her marriage has fizzled out and Ross, her only child, is graduating from college and getting serious with his girlfriend, Heather wonders if that life is the one she really wants. Ready to seek out her own happiness and discover herself again, Heather decides to leave her husband and rent a cottage on Nantucket. And her plan is going perfectly--until Ross announces he's moving to Nantucket to work at his girlfriend's family's construction business instead of going back home to work with his own father, like he'd promised. Worst of all for Heather, this means having to get along with her.

Kailee Essex is thrilled that Ross is willing to move to her hometown. She has big hopes for their happily ever after, especially now that her parents are finally showing interest in her career. She's less thrilled, however, about his mother living nearby. Kailee has clashed with Heather since the day they met. But anything is possible in the summer sun and sea breezes of Nantucket--even reconciliation.

My thoughts -

This wasn't for me at all. I found every single character immature. The writing was good but the story was a little off, But I loved the family relationship and a little character development. Kailee was so boring and a bitch. Every single character was so boring. The setting was so good, like it made me wish it was real.

Thanks to netgalley and the author for an eARC in exchange of a honest review.

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This was a sweet, (with some teary moments), and enjoyable story of love, loss, family, and starting over. I loved the simple plot, and found it refreshing to read about a character that loves the beach as much as me! My only drawback to this story is I didn't like all the characters, and especially felt that Kailee was a little more spoiled and bratty than was necessary for the story. But, I loved Ross, and Heather, (although not sure how she was married to Wall!), and rooted for them throughout the story. A great beach read!
I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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Heather decides it's time to leave her husband and spends the summer on Nantucket. Her son is also staying on the island all summer, working for his girlfriend's family business. At times a bit maudlin and over the top. A few of the characters were unlikeable and did not end up redeeming themselves.
A decent beach read from Thayer. 3.5

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A young, in-love, couple who just finished college are eager to start their lives. Kailee is in love with Ross, she is from Nantucket and plans to take over her father's large and extremely successful construction company in the future. She's excited to join the company and Ross is excited to work for her dad starting at the bottom and working his way up the company to help Kailee run it all when her parents retire. Ross’s mom, Heather is leaving his father and unknowingly rents a place in Nantucket not knowing her son will be .living there. She wants some time to decide where and what to do with her new single life. Friction, love, beauty, and life events are all wrapped up in this lovely story. You'll shake your head, laugh, and cry, a wonderful story of life in a place to be loved. I recommend this book and know you can never go wrong with Nancy Thayer’s books they are all great. Thank you NetGalley, publishers Random House Publishing Group Ballantine books for this eARC this is my personal opinion.

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