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Thanks to NetGalley for an advanced copy of this book for an honest review, I absolutely devoured this book. I love a middle aged protagonist who starts her life all over with a lot of hope for future contentment & happiness. I love it that she has moments in nature, gets a pet and makes some new friends. I understood her relationship with her son and his fiancé. I admired her newfound strength. Thank you Nancy Thayer!

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You know summer is *so close* when Nancy Thayer has a new release and this is one that you will want to put in your beach bag! This novel started off with characters that were absolutely unlikeable but I couldn’t put it down and loved how the characters personalities grew and changed as THEY grew and changed. All the Days of Summer tells the story of two families and how their lives come to intersect.. Heather is 47 and after several long years of being unfulfilled and unloved in her marriage, decides to rent a tiny cottage in Nantucket for a fresh start. Fast forward two months and her recent college graduate son, Ross, is also moving to Nantucket for the summer with his only child (albeit a bit spoiled), but very wealthy girlfriend, Kailee to work for her fathers family business instead of his own in Concord. All the Days of Summer moves through a summer of growing up (no matter how old you are), finding your way, and ultimately realizing that family really is everything. I can’t wait to recommend this to my friends for their summer beach trips. It’s one of Thayer’s best.

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What a beautiful book. I loved everything about it. A perfect beachy read about family, love, and second chances. Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for the early read.

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Baby its cold outside. I mean really cold. The perfect antidote to that, as always, is the new Nancy Thayer novel. And in her usual fashion, she wrote a beautiful novel that had me wishing I could hop on a plane immediately with a one way ticket to Nantucket.

We meet Heather, who is truly a woman that most of us can sympathize with in one way or another. An empty nester, she realizes that her life isn't exactly going where she thought it should be. And her marriage isn't really going anywhere anymore. After leaving her husband, she rents a cottage on Nantucket Island for the summer in an effort to have some time alone to plan her next steps. Heather's story is beautifully told, and were taken on a journey that shows her finding her feet again and making choices that make her happy for a change.

With picturesque images of Nantucket written so completely you feel like you can taste the fish and chips from Sayles and feel the salt on your skin, this book is the perfect summer read. And yes, there's some romance thrown in for good measure. Its easy to see why Nancy Thayer is one of my absolute favorite authors. She truly never disappoints.


Thank you to NetGalley, Nancy Thayer, and Random House Ballantine for an ARC in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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As the wind howls outside and snow lines the silhouetted trees, I knew my next book had to be a beach read. At first glance, 'All the Days of Summer' appears to be a lighthearted read but with Nancy Thayer's trademark style, it's a heartwarming story with substance.

Readers will find themselves dreaming of warm weather and walks on the beach. While in a picturesque environment, storms are brewing. Leaving behind a troubled marriage, Heather spends the summer in Nantucket to examine her next steps. While building a new life for herself, her son and soon-to-be daughter in law arrive. Kailee grew up being spoiled by her parents. Now that she's graduated and trying to navigate adulthood, having Heather in her beloved hometown means sharing Ross with his mother. When an emergency threatens to topple everything they've built, there's uncharted waters ahead.

Thank you to #NetGalley and the publisher for the early edition of #AlltheDaysofSummer in exchange for an honest review. I was caught off guard with the rollercoaster of emotions. One minute I was laughing at the protagonists' antics and the next, stifling a sob. It's not your average trip to the beach but you'll leave wanting more days ahead.

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I’ll start with what I felt were good things about this book. The Nantucket setting is always a positive to me. It feels like such an idyllic place, though this book also gave it some realism by noting that even a place that can seem like paradise still has its own set of issues. I also felt drawn to Heather’s journey of discovering a place of her own. After an adult lifetime of primarily filling the role of wife and mother, she finally felt able to make choices based entirely on what she wanted without needing to consider anyone else first. Given her circumstances, it felt like she’d earned that.

Now for the not so good. Kailee’s character was borderline insufferable for nearly the entire book. She was spoiled, selfish, insecure and incredibly immature. I found myself speed reading the portions that were from her perspective because I couldn’t stand to spend too much time in her thoughts. I found it incredibly hard to imagine she was capable of taking on any role of high value importance in an established company.

This was not my favorite Nantucket set book I’ve ever read, but it was ok. The good things were enough to keep me reading, though I wouldn’t pick it up for a reread anytime soon.

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Nantucket is a character in of itself in this book and what it represents is magic and strength of character. Heather simply didn't know who she was outside of being a mother and wife but in moving there, she became an opinionated woman who wasn't afraid to ask for and get what she wanted. Her love for Ross is unconditional but she let him grow as a couple with Kailee. Yes, Kailee could be spoiled and demanding at times but she did have a big heart. It was predictable as to what happened to both mother and daughter as the book unfolded but it still was beautifully captured. A wonderful read about family.

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I found the book to be a relaxing and charming read. Nantucket is described as a dream place to visit or live. Yet with real people who have real,life difficulties. I loved reading this novel each night before bed. It was compelling but not so much that I couldn’t sleep after a chapter or two.
I have always loved Nancy Thayer’s novels!! Continue with more!

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Thanks to NetGalley and Nancy Thayer for an advanced copy of this book. This was the perfect read for a nice long weekend or a few days at the beach. It was an easy fun read, and did a good job of transporting me to Nantucket.

Heather is a 40-something woman going through many life changes and finds herself renting a small cottage in Nantucket. coincidentally, her son, Ross and his new girlfriend, Kailee are also spending the summer on Nantucket with her family. This book has a lot of drama and emotions as these two families navigate life’s surprises.

My favorite part about this book was feeling like I was on Nantucket myself. It made me want to get away and just spend a cozy week at the beach. Highly recommend this book to fans of Nancy Thayer’s other books, or fans of Elin Hilderbrand (who was referenced in the book!).

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Tulips, daffodils and a new release by Nancy Thayer are what I look forward to in the spring months. I was fortunate to receive an advance copy of All The Days of Summer from #NetGalley with thanks to #Ballentine Books/Random house for the opportunity to read and review.

Heather's life had become stagnant . She was becoming an empty nester, living in the Victorian house she and her husband had completely restored into a showplace. She was active with environmental committees and occasionally helped do bookwork for her husband's hardware store. Yet she wasn't happy/content. Her friend suggests Heather rent a cottage on Nantucket for three months to get away and reconnect with herself.

All The Days Of Summer explores Heather as she reawakens and finds peace, contentment and maybe a new love.

I really enjoyed this novel and give it five stars.

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I absolutely loved this book! Nancy Thayer sets up the warm beach reads, and it’s January! I was transported to Concord, MA to Nantucket and felt everything these lovely characters brought to the pages. I really connected with Heather and all of her choices to rent the summer cabin and move on from her mediocre life.
Thank you Nancy for this wonderful book and to Net Galley for the ARC!

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It’s something of a tradition for me to read a Nancy Thayer novel each Summer, and thus I was thrilled to be transported to Nantucket by Thayer’s deliciously descriptive prose once again (albeit during the throes of Winter this time ‘round). Thayer’s All the Days of Summer - her latest love letter to her beloved island - focuses in part on the environment, evoking a strong sense of place, of being there on Nantucket enjoying its sparkling beaches, amid its wild and beautiful conservation lands, strolling the cobblestoned streets of historic Nantucket town. Thayer’s passion for her adopted home is palpable. And she once again takes a swipe at billionaires commissioning mansions marring the land and its sweeping vistas. Also, as is typical of master storyteller Thayer’s novels, the characters are well drawn and mostly relatable (albeit wealthier).

I must say that All the Days of Summer is a bit of an emotional roller coaster and more heart wrenching than anticipated. More overcast with intermittent storms than sunny. Those coping with marital issues and/or grief may particularly find some of the contents triggering. And I found the ending decidedly less than satisfying. I wanted more of the story, more of these characters, a less abrupt final chapter.

That said, fans of Thayer and of authors who pen similar contemporary tales, such as Debbie Macomber, will want to plop All the Days of Summer into their beach bags or carry ons. Just be sure to pack a few tissues as well!

Many thanks to Random House Publishing Group - Ballantine and to NetGalley for a complimentary ARC. Opinions are my own.

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You know that summer is coming when a new Nancy Thayer novel is on the horizon.

This is a heartwarming story about relationships, change, forgiveness and love. We have a couple going through a divorce and a son moving on to his girlfriend and her family. Of course, nothing goes smoothly but alas, the development of the character makes you love and dislike them. I couldn’t put this book down and will probably read it again. I loved it and I thank NetGalley for my advanced copy. Don’t forget the tissues!

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Heather is finding her family embarking on several changes, including her son graduating from college and beginning his own life, and her marriage coming to an end. On the advice of a friend, Heather rents a cabin on Nantucket for three months and is looking forward to a place to escape to, until her son announces that he is moving to Nantucket to live and work for his girlfriend's family.
Heather finds her summer focusing on balance - not interfering with her son's life too much, but also trying to forge a relationship with his girlfriend. This story focus on big family emotions, changes and includes many relaxing summer Nantucket vibes.

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I enjoyed this book. Nancy Thayer is one of my favorite authors. I think readers will enjoy it as much as I did. I'm grateful that netgalley and the publisher let me read this in exchange for an honest review.

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Nancy Thayer is one of my favorite authors and I look forward to her annual new release. All the Days of Summer is her latest and I found it an enjoyable, quick read that held my interest from the first page to the last.

As always, the author draws upon her familiarity with the beloved island of Nantucket, capturing its magic with beautiful, evocative descriptions of the natural environment and its colorful residents. This novel seems to have reflected a very real concern for preserving the heritage of the island and its culture in the face of escalating real estate prices and overdevelopment.

The storyline follows the evolution of Heather Willette as she transforms her life from wife and mother to a divorcee learning to appreciate her self-worth beyond these roles. However, this is not one of those books where the woman is left my her husband in the midst of a midlife crisis. Rather, it is one of a strong woman who refuses to settle for comfort over an authentic life. As Heather establishes herself in the Nantucket community, she discovers what is truly important to her, including redefining her relationship with her newly graduated son, Ross. An interesting and irritating thread in the story is the presence of Kailee, Ross’ very spoiled and insecure girlfriend/fiancé, whose jealousy fuels incredibly rude interactions with Heather throughout the book.

This is a heart-warming story that is perfect for the beach or a long weekend. I strongly recommend it.

My thanks to the author, the publisher, and NetGalley for the privilege of reviewing this book. The opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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Another great summer book by Nancy Thayer! I love Nantucket books. Ross and Kailee announce their plans to move to Nantucket and work for her parents. This does not sit well with Ross' dad. HIs mother decides to rent a cottage on Nantucket for the summer. Relationships are formed; relationships end. I did think this book was a little long though. By the time I got to the end, I was skimming. But def recommended.

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I received an arc of this title from NetGalley for an honest review. I would have read this one straight through if work hadn't gotten in the way. Alas, even librarians have to go to work. I enjoyed this newest title from author Thayer. She created a storyline that quickly drew the readers in and left them wanting more—using Nantucket as the backdrop made it an excellent warm read during these cold months.

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I love Nancy Thayer and her writing, so I was thrilled for a chance to read this one.

All the Days of Summer by Nancy Thayer is a summer story of family, new romance and what it means to come together as one.
It was nice being back on the island of Nantucket with these interesting and loving characters.
I love the setting of Nantucket and her vivid descriptions of the island was amazing as always.
Her writing just flows smoothly and wonderfully with every single story.
You can always count on Nancy Thayer for a great feel good read and her newest book was just what I needed to read.
Her stories are always heartfelt and so much fun to read.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank You Netgalley and Random House & Ballantine for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this eARC!

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I enjoyed reading All the Days of Summer by Nancy Thayer and would recommend this to anyone who enjoys a good beach/easy-going read, women's fiction and just satisfying storytelling. Set primarily in Nantucket, the beach atmosphere is always a favorite location for me. I followed, rejoiced, and cried for Heather as a mom, as a wife, and as a woman and her journey through each of those roles, and her potential future daughter-in-law, Kailee. I was pulling for Kailee at the same time I disliked her and had to wonder if I was being too hard on her. A satisfying read that will keep you interested through to the last page.

I am grateful to Nancy Thayer and Ballentyne books as well as NetGalley, who provided this advanced readers copy in exchange for an honest review. I would love to read more of this author's books, and look forward to picking up her backlist!!

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