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Mula and the Unsure Elephant

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Give yoga a try with Mula and the Fly!

Thank you to Sweet Cherry Publishing and NetGalley for this arc children’s book. This review is 100% honest and of my own opinion. 
I’ve had my neighbors kids over recently to babysit and decided to try some different books to keep them occupied. I thought the yoga aspect of this would be fun as well as the self affirmations. And they’re great. We had fun trying the poses together and repeating the affirmations which I believe is great for children. 

The illustrations are beautiful. Each page is it’s own piece of artwork. Definitely something I would have bought when my kids were little so we could do daily yoga! ❤️🐘  

Mani is a very unsure elephant.
But when she takes some big deep breaths and listens to her heart, Mani discovers that she knows exactly who she is – no compliments needed.

Book 3 in the Mula and the Fly series:
Mula and the Fly is a beautifully-illustrated picture book series that promotes mindfulness and provides young readers with a soft introduction to yoga. The fun characters and easy yoga poses promote a happy, healthy lifestyle and encourage young readers to relax and unwind.
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Mani is an adorable little elephant, who is feeling down in the dumps because she has not received her morning compliment from any of the other animals today. In fact, not only does she not know how to feel about herself without someone telling her that she is is smart or talented or beautiful, the absence of these compliments are actually making her feel *bad*!

Luckily, Mula the tiger - accompanied by the Fly - are at hand to save the day. The dynamic duo prevail against Mani's initial resistance to learning yoga. And once she's got the hang of it, the little elephant finds that she doesn't need compliments from others to feel good about herself. 

While the lesson about not needing to seek external validation to feel good may be a little subtle for children of this age, that message needs to start being given as early as possible in order to take hold properly before various social pressures kick in. And the story is told simply enough for a young child to enjoy it and hopefully get the message.

The illustrations that accompany the story are absolutely delightful - very colourful and expressive. The cute pictures and the yoga poses illustrated by the characters (including the introduction to yoga provided by Mani the elephant at the end of the book) will appeal to young children. Highly recommended.
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This is a bright fun story for children, that comes with an audible scan code.  The illustrations are fabulous – I loved the multi-coloured Mani the Elephant.  
The book is an introduction to yoga, with a selection of poses at the end of the book that children and their adults can try together.  But, for me, the main learning came from the idea that you do not have to rely on the constant affirmation and compliments of others, you need to have confidence in and pay attention to yourself.  
   “You don’t need a morning compliment.  You have the strength in your heart to believe in yourself” 
This is a message that is not just important for young children, but for everyone.  There is so much pressure for ‘likes’ on social media nowadays, but just because they don’t always come when you want them, it does not make you less.  Sometimes others forget to tell you how great you are, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t think it.  
I received this copy from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.  All opinions are my own and not influenced by either the author or publisher.
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There's a lot of words in this book but the pictures are really great and vibrant and I really enjoyed the story.
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Very cute book with a nice message about finding validation within rather than without. I found the illustrations to be fantastic and vivid which is great for young readers.  I was impressed that the animations were both cute and informative within the story not just in the yoga pose section at the back. The poses are easy enough to try that a young reader could try each yoga pose along with the story as you read making it a perfect introduction to yoga. Weirdly the one thing that bothers me is that I wish the fly had a name as everyone else does but I'm just over empathizing with a fly maybe.
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Thank you to NetGalley and publishers for the ecopy of Mula and the Unsure Elephant.

I read this to my 4 year old, I love reading books to him that have great messages to the story and we can sit and discuss how it made us feel etc.
This book was great for doing just that.
The way it's written was great for children and the illustrations were a great addition, keeping with the bright colours to keep the children engaged.
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This is a Children's book that I read to my kids. I found this book to have a great message, and the pictures are so cute. I think if your child as problems calming themselves down this book may help. I received an ARC of this book. This review is my own honest opinion about the book like all my reviews are.
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4 Stars

This is the second book that I have read in this series of Mula and similar to the other one this one is finding a way to teach kids about the mental health benefits of Yoga. In this book we are following Mula and Mani the Elephant. Mani is having a sad morning as he hasn't gotten his morning compliment for another person. A compliment that proves to him that he matters and is special.

In this book, yoga is being use to help finding your own confidence from your self. That you don't need others giving you affirmation to feel special and strong. 

This is a cute book and is an interesting way to share Yoga with young readers. The illustrations are bright and unique colors. Not the typical colors that you would expect on the animals in this book. Giving it a little sense of whimsy.

Thank you to NetGalley and Sweet Cherry Publshing for this advanced reader copy. My review is voluntarily my own. 

I will be posting my review to my Instagram page the.littlest.booknook and retail sites close or on publication.
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This is the story of Mani the elephant who depends on others to make her feel good about herself and Mula and Fly who encourage her to listen to her heart to make herself feel good.
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Mula and the Unsure Elephant was a wonderful beginner book for children/parents starting yoga. This book focused on one of the core features of yoga and how meditation can help individuals overcome self-confidence issues. Great book for children that included wonderfully, bright illustrations.
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Mula and the Unsure Elephant 
3.5 Stars 

Mula and the Unsure Elephant are full of cute animal illustrations, and a good intro to yoga. They're fun yoga poses to learn. 

I love that this book centers on mental health through teaching children yoga and breathing exercises. In reality, I didn't find the vivid color palette very soothing, instead, I found them harsh and gaudy. The mustard yellow is way too loud. With everything bright, nothing stands out. I'd prefer the calm and soothing vibe yoga represents. Tired parents will enjoy the QR code on the book, which leads to an audio version.

All in all, I have mixed feelings about this book. I love that this focuses on mental health. However, the artwork is busy. My daughter is dyslexic and complained about the colors being distracting. She didn't know where to focus her eyes. *I'd keep that in mind if your kids get overstimulated too. 

Thank you, NetGalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing, for an advance review copy for free and I am leaving this review voluntarily.
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When I saw the first book in this series I thought it would be pretty self-contained, a gentle little story that shows an animal starting out on their path to being a yoga fan, and potentially (with the right teachers, for it wasn't perfect in and of itself) making other fans as it went along (  Well, with not one but two sequels, we have a choice between them – either seeing Mula the tiger doing her poses, and getting scorn from a monkey.  There's no way this bragging little primate will be persuaded to join in too, surely?  Or we can find an elephant down in the dumps as they haven't been told they're wonderful for hours, and need a bit of a breathing exercise to refocus, and some positivity from within.

Both books come with vivid colours just this side of losing charm in favour of gaudiness, a QR code leading to an audio version, and some poses as featured in the story for junior yoga sessions.  If you're that way inclined, I don't think you really do have a choice – both seems the logical purchase.  I mean, there won't be further episodes in this series – right?
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Adorable pictures and great intro to yoga. I did not care for the storyline though. Young children need outward validation (we all do in some ways) and I think dismissing Mani's feelings was not a very good message. I get the idea of 'we all need positive self talk' but that would go right over the targeted age groups heads! 

Cute book if you want to use it for the yoga introduction!
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I love this series of picture books that focus on mental health through yoga! This particular installment is about an elephant who needs attention and compliments from others to feel loved. Through deep breathing  and yoga, she finds that self-love was what she really needed. That lesson is something people of all ages need to hear. Beautiful art as always!
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My family has loved this series of fun yoga stories! Mula and the Unsure Elephant introduces Mani, an elephant who lacks confidence when she fails to receive her morning compliment. Can Mula, the Fly, and yoga help Mani uncover that she has already has everything she needs within herself?

With beautifully colorful and expressive illustrations, this book is engaging and fun for young kids. The story makes complex concepts of yoga philosophy accessible to even the youngest. There is a QR code for a complementary audiobook that accompanies this story, and my family loved listening to the expressive narrator read the story with different voices for the various animal characters. I highly recommend this series for any family, but it will be especially special for those familiar with yoga and meditation.

Thank you to Sweet Cherry Publishing and NetGalley for gifting us with an advance readers copy. We loved it!
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This is the second Mula book we read with my daughter. She has weekly yoga at the kindergarten so can easily relate to these stories. An audio version is available via the QR code on the book, and it's so much fun to check the colourful pages while listening to Mula's encounters with various animals. In this episode, Mula, the Fly and of course yoga help the Unsure Elephant to believe in herself and be more confident.
Lively colours, lovely drawings!

Many thanks to NetGalley and Sweet Cherry Publishing for an Advance Review Copy.
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