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this was such a cute and funny read! i loved brooke, and brooke and jesse were so cute. i love a good enemies to lovers and this did not disappoint!
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How I wish I had this book when I was leaving for college. Such a real take on early adulthood. Nina Kenwood you  are a star!
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It was difficult for me to get in to. The premise itself is hard to suspend my belief for- it's an off campus apartment, while having a place to stay is incredibly important it feels like the demand for "unnecessary drama" is far-fetched. The main character was also hard to root for. It just isn't for me.
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Unnecessary drama is a sweet YA rom-com that explores “leaving home for the first time, dealing with the unexpected complications of life, and somehow finding exactly what you need.” 

This book was super cute, but also extremely relatable🤍 I saw so much of myself in Brooke and it allowed me to feel really emotionally connected to the story. Jesse was so sweet and I thought the romance in this story was so well done. I love any type of book that has a lot of layers to it, and this one definitely did! It’s a book I found myself not only loving, but actually laughing over and I was unable to put it down. I’ve said before that I love any book that takes place in Australia, so that was really fun for me haha🤪 Unnecessary drama is the perfect read for anyone looking for a quick light read or if you’re someone still trying to figure out how to navigate life and you want to feel like you’re not the only one🫶

Read this book if you’re looking for: 
🤍childhood friends to enemies to friends to lovers (a lot haha but I love it) 
🤍 anxiety and mental health rep 
🤍a funny, feel-good story 
🤍cute YA romance 

This book comes out today and I’d recommend it to anyone and everyone, but especially the YA girlies!🩷
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I enjoyed this new adult rom com. The anxiety level of the MC was maybe a bit relatable! Slow burn, enemies to lovers. I enjoyed the Australian setting as a change from so much that I read that is always set in America.
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The sweetest, cutest YA coming-of-age romance. Absorbing from the start and a great balance of light/serious topics without being too cheesy or heavy. Love!
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The Facts: enemies to lovers, forced proximity, anxiety rep, romcom, second chance vibes,  opposites attract.

Brooke is living in a house with housemates for college, and her roommate turns out to be Jesse, someone she definitely does NOT want to room with. Too bad the house rule is no drama. 

Firstly, I love the cover. It's so cute, and the colors are such a vibe. 

Secondly, the anxiety rep was hardcore. It was so hardcore, it made me go "holy shit, maybe I don't have anxiety" despite being a ball of anxiety in every day that ends in a y. But the anxiety thing was so well done. I felt like I was Brooke at times because the anxiety was just so realistic. 

This was such a cute and light read. I really like Jesse and Brooke together, and Jesse turned out to be a really nice guy, despite the unfortunate incident. There was a LOT of secondhand embarrassment, but honestly, it was just Brooke's luck LOL. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this!
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I both listened to and read some of this novel. The audiobook reader has an Australian accent which adds authenticity and character to the narration. Brooke's character is endearing with her nervous habits and idiosyncrasies. The story is about enemies turning to lovers - a trope which occurs frequently but never stops to be one of my favorites. This novel is just what you want in an entertaining and romantic read. I found it comforting and cozy! Perfect for fans of Emily Henry or Beth O'Leary.
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Her first year of university, Brooke moves into a house of strangers, only to find out that one of her roommates is her childhood best friend/crush turned enemy.

I read Nina Kenwood’s “It Sounded Better in My Head” last year and it felt like a diary entry. I knew I’d enjoy “Unnecessary Drama”, I just didn’t realize it would hit even closer to home. Calling Brooke a “relatable protagonist” doesn’t begin to cover it. For one, we’re both Virgos who have been to the ER for ovarian cysts–but the similarities don’t end there.

This one is for the anxious girls who take care of everyone except themselves. Who don’t drink at parties because someone has to be responsible, and they have to feel in control (her monologue on why she doesn’t drink is a standout moment and I want it on a t-shirt). Who have complicated relationships with their older sisters. Who are never the first to call someone their friend out of fear that it won’t be reciprocated. Who rewatch their favorite shows in a very specific way and can’t handle comments from anyone else on said process (y’all are going to LOVE the vampire diaries scene). Who want to be loved and are afraid of it at the same time. Who struggle to believe they could be loved without jumping to every worst case scenario. And who watch youtube compilations of couples from shows they’ve never seen.

one quote at the very end hit like a shot to the heart and i feel the need to yell it from the rooftops but i’ll let you experience it for yourself.

TROPES: childhood friends to enemies to roommates to fake dating, chaotic friend group

I recommend for fans of Begin Again by Emma Lord!

Thank you to NetGalley and Flatiron for this ARC in exchange for an honest review! Unnecessary Drama is out today!
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Unnecessary Drama by Nina Kenwood has me so excited!
This was such a good read! I was fully sucked into the story right away and I really enjoyed the characters. The journey the author took these characters on was exciting and had me enjoying every minute.
It has been an absolute joy to get lost in this world with these relatable, easy-to-root-for characters.

"I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own."

Thank You NetGalley and Flatiron Books for your generosity and gifting me a copy of this amazing eARC!
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Ahhh! This book was a breath of fresh air! 
A big thank you to the Publisher and Author for giving me the opportunity to read and review this book before its release. 

Two former friends turned nemeses, Brooke and Jesse, living in the same house in Melbourne. And things just progress from there. Ever since Jesse moved schools, he and Brooke have been inseparable. She's really good at writing, and he's really good at drawing. They are just the perfect little duo. The night of their first kiss at a party when they were 14 is when the friendship dies. Brooke gets mad and doesn't talk to him at all. Since then everyone knows they hate each other (that wasn't what went down, but sure).
They're both very surprised to see each other after five years and get ready to live together. They agree on Brooke's terms, to be civil and polite when around friends, and act like strangers when it's just them. But, one sleepless night, they bond over watching The Vampire Diaries and that becomes their new get-together activity. They agree to be friends. Their friends, Harper and Penny, have developed a business for dating without dating apps for uni, and Brooke is willing to try it out. Jesse was also brought into this, but the date was interrupted by a mouse in the house. 
On one night out at the bar celebrating Harper's birthday, she bumps into her ex, Tristan. He dumped her for his childhood crush Kendra. Her friends get the brilliant idea that she should present a fake boyfriend to her ex, and Jesse volunteers. They kiss ('just to show Tristan and Kendra that she's moved on') and she is left breathless by the kiss. But when Jesse is asked about it, and deflects it like a dickhead like all those years ago, she buries her feelings and doesn't talk to him again.
She doesn't know what she's feeling. But when they both come home and he knocks on her door and comes in, he says that she can trust him. He explains everything from five years ago, and suddenly it makes sense for her. 
When they get back, Harper tells her that Jesse has a date with the same girl he once was on one. She is obviously disappointed why Jesse didn't tell her before. She can't wait to spoil her feelings. Just as she's ready to, he leaves for his date that she doesn't want him to go to. 
She decides to ruin his date. So she goes over there, lies that his car is demolished and gets to talk to him, She tells him that she's falling in love with him. AHHHHHHH!!! And he tells her that he's SO in love with her. EVEN MORE AHHHHHHH!!! And yeah. They're happy.

I love Brooke's character. The fact that Taylor Swift's folklore AND evermore were implemented in giving life to her voice was a masterpiece. She's smart and witty and calculating and ready and I love her. How could you not?

Jesse, though, did an a-hole move at fourteen, trying to be cool with the cool kids. And breaking poor Brooke's heart. And again, breaking her heart again after kissing her. Why does he have to back out after every time he's kissed her?? But still, we can forgive him, cause he's the ultimate hero here.
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Unnecessary Drama by Nina Kenwood
Brooke is moving into a house share with two people she hasn’t met yet, to go to college. She soon discovers one of her new house mates is Jesse, her nemesis from high school. One of the housing rules is “No unnecessary drama” so she is determined to ignore Jesse, but it is proving to be harder than she thought. 
What I liked:
-I loved Brooke. She is the responsible one who always follows the rules but she also really struggles with anxiety which is very relatable. 
-The back story with Brooke and Jesse really sucked me in and I was very invested in seeing what happened between them now that they were living together.
-This book was HILARIOUS. I was practically in tears laughing at the chapter where Brooke goes on the coffee date. 
-There was some fake dating and I was loving it. 
4.5⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 This was a wonderfully enjoyable book that I am planning to reread over the years.
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Two former friends are unexpectedly thrown back together when they both end up renting a room in a houseshare. One of their new house rules is no "unnecessary drama", but that's easier said than done when they (sort of?) hate each other. This was a fun, cute audiobook! I would classify this as a coming-of-age story. We see Brooke grow and come into herself during her first year away at college. She has to navigate not only living away from family for the first time but school and her newfound relationships. As an anxious person myself (lol), I really related to her and a lot of what she's going through. I loved seeing her budding romance with Jesse and how he was the calm to her storm.
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I had heard good things about Nina Kenwood’s debut, and the summary of this book sounded really interesting. When I was invited to join the blog tour, I couldn’t say yes fast enough! Unnecessary Drama navigates the anxiety of moving away for college as well as a former friendship turned roommate turned something more.

Brooke has always been the responsible one, and she’s prepared to handle college the same way she approaches life: with a plan. All bets are off though when she moves into her student housing (aka a neighbor’s granddaughter Harper‘s house) and discovers that Jesse, the former friend and crush who she had a public and humiliating fallout with, is her other roommate. Now, aside from navigating the stresses of college and being away from home for the first time, she has to deal with the awkwardness between her and Jesse. However, as they are forced to spend more time together, old feelings begin to arise.

I really liked Brooke’s character. She’s used to being the responsible one, but she notes throughout the story that this is more a burden than anything else. If she didn’t take care of everyone around her, she would worry about them more. Being the “mom” friend is more a proactive measure than anything else. I also really related to her spiraling about moving away from home and dealing with the unknown territory that college is.

Her gradual friendship with Harper and Jesse was also great to read. Harper is a yeah above the two of them and is the one to institute the “no unnecessary drama” house rule. However, the three of them all become really close friends and help each other throughout their own problems. While Jesse and Brooke have bad history, it’s clear that he regrets what he said about her and that he is actually quite thoughtful and caring.

The writing was so easy to consume, and I enjoyed the humor throughout this book! There were so many moments that I couldn’t help but laugh at. Brooke’s narrative was so witty yet conveyed her mental spiraling so well.

I liked the romance as well! I wouldn’t say that the two of them are nemeses; it’s more that Brooke dislikes him and has been avoiding him for years ever since overhearing something he said about her at a party. Jesse does apologize for this, and I liked that they get to know each other as friends first before they start liking each other. Their scenes together were really sweet!

Unnecessary Drama was a relatable novel about moving away from home and dealing with the stress of college. I really liked the characters and the writing. I’ll definitely need to go back and read Kenwood’s debut and would love to read her future books as well. If you’re looking for a young/new adult crossover with a sweet romance and great characters, you should definitely pick up Unnecessary Drama!
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3.5/5 (rounded up)

I enjoyed it! It's a fun read. The author writes believable characters, and it's a great choice if you want a lighthearted fluffy romance. Outside of that, I don't have much to say. It didn't push the bounds or blow my mind, which is why it gets a 3.5.
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I liked this one. It was a pretty predictable plot. But still a cute read. If you are looking for a cute light romance book I would suggest this one.
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Reviewed for NetGalley:

University student, Brooke anxiously moves into a house with roommates under the rules and guidelines pointedly with no "unnecessary drama," tension, romance, or fighting with her new roommates. The only issue is one of her roommates is her high school nemesis, Jesse.

A sweet, light hearted read. Overall enjoyable read.
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I read this in one setting. While it took awhile to get into Brooke's headspace can take a little time and patience - she is a lot - it is such an honest portrayal of a child who grows up with an alcoholic parent. Children can often to grow up to consider alcohol of no consequence, and have their own problems with it. They can go the opposite route and avoid it all together. The lack of ability to trust someone as fundamental as a parent can lead to trust issues, and a need to control your environment as much as possible. 

Brooke has lists upon lists. Life is more about knowing how to react best in a situation and according to plan than it is really living. She's excited to get into college and begin a new chapter of her life, but with a new group of people to get to know, she's uncertain of how she'll fit in. Especially when the last person she wants to see from her past shows up. Jesse - one of her first really good friends, and the boy who betrayed her. The one she was never able to forgive. The one rule of the house was no unnecessary drama, so clearly the best way to handle the situation is to avoid him at all costs, and pretend to be friends when forced together. 

Once you can get over Brooke's controlling, anxiety-ridden, type A personality she's someone I can relate to. It's easier to give her a chance and want to root for her. Plus Jesse is such a good guy to root for - he's not without flaws, but he's very clearly crushing on Brooke. And has been for a long time. He's in her corner, and patient with her. Waiting for her to allow him to apologize for what happened in the past, and really explain why it happened. To get to know each other again now. 

I enjoyed this so much more than I thought I would. Cute, relatable, a read-in-one-sitting type of a book. I'm so glad I found this one, and hope I can pass it along! 

Thank you to the publishers through NetGalley for the ARC!
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I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley. I think young adults will resonate with Brooke as she navigates her first year at university. Enemies to lovers fans will enjoy the plot and slow burn. A quick and fun read!

I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley. I think young adults will resonate with Brooke as she navigates her first year at university. Enemies to lovers fans will enjoy the plot and slow burn. A quick and fun read!

I received an e-copy of this book from NetGalley. I think young adults will resonate with Brooke as she navigates her first year at university. Enemies to lovers fans will enjoy the plot and slow burn. A quick and fun read!
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When your best friend and the first boy who ever kisses you publicly humiliates and hurts you, that tends to stick with you for a long time... so now years later when you finally find a place to stay and one of your college roommates is said boy... things are about to get tricky. Brooke is a “always help” kind of girl, she’s the responsible friend, and when she discovers that the boy who broke her heart and destroyed her trust is now her college roommate she wants nothing more than to just avoid him as much as possible and endure it until school is over... except he is adamant about trying to explain why he did what he did and about trying to be friends with her. When an ex meets her again she pretends that they’re dating and what starts as one kiss soon spirals. But can Brooke trust Jesse again with her heart after what he did last time? Or would it be a mistake? Their student has one rule “ no unnecessary drama” but there’s going to be tons of drama wherever Jesse and Brooke are concerned. This was a friends to enemies to lovers story but honestly I just got so bored with Jesse and Brooke and wasn’t exactly that invested in them becoming a couple. I definitely think its a “me not you” kind of read where i just didn’t really like the main characters or the couple all that much and found their relationship to be boring. I think if you enjoy second chance romances then this would work for you and that you’ll have a better time with it than I did!

*Thanks Netgalley and Flatiron Books for sending me an arc in exchange for an honest review*
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