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My Heart Will Find You is an enjoyable timeslip romance. The story is set at the beginning of the pandemic when flights are grounded and many people were left stranded. Etta Wilmont is suddenly stranded in Kansas City. Unable to find an available hotel, she runs into Henry Logan, a lonely older man in need of a caretaker. He invites Etta to stay with him giving her a place to stay and she will be his caretaker allowing him to remain in his home. It turns out that Henry is an author and had written many books her father has read. She takes advantage of his extensive library, reading his historical stories about life in the Midwest. After reading these books, she begins to have vivid dreams with many characters looking a lot like people in her life. She finds herself in the 1870s, a mail order bride, married to a handsome farmer. Are these dreams or is she traveling back in time?

First I want to say that the pandemic is not a major storyline in this book, it just sets the stage for how Etta ended up staying with Henry and it was that time in history when the present story takes place. This is a story of family, older people remaining in their homes and romance set within a timeslip story. I really enjoy the past timeline with Etta being out of her element, but making some changes in the thoughts and treatment of women in the 1870s. This was classic Jude Deveraux with a great cast of characters, an interesting storyline and wonderful romance. With the use of an old shawl in a trunk, Etta travels back and forth in time. She is "sleeping" when she is in the other time. The characters and how they related to both lives was interesting and some of the secondary characters really burrowed their way into my heart. This was an uplifting entertaining romance and if you can't tell from the title, they do find each other in the present eventually. If you are a fan of time travel, timeslip stories, romance and sweet HEAs, then I recommend this story.
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Always a favorite author of mine! This story caught my attention because of the dual timeline (dreams of life in the 1870's and also takes place during the start of Covid. Although not a big part of the story, Covid did cause the living arrangements for the main characters and thus the story.
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I feel utterly terrible writing this but I just couldn't get into this book.  At all.  And I LOVE Jude Deveraux.  But the writing for this novel is super clunky and disjointed and I just finally gave up about 1/3 of the way in.  It is very hard for me to DNF a book but I just don't see myself pushing through the rest.
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Thank you to NetGalley and the publisher for an E-Arc copy of this novel.
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There is nothing like a Jude Deveraux book to get a person laughing one minute and then crying the next. Etta, travels back in time to the mid to late 1800's to help a town stay relevant and to give the citizens a sense of purpose. Not to mention Etta also finds her true soul mate in Max.
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Thank you Netgalley and Mira for the chance to read My heart will find you by Jude Deveraux.  I was drawn to this book not only because the author is a favourite, but it also takes place at the beginning of the Pandemic and is a time travel novel. Once the book started, I was quickly hooked on the story of Etta, who shelters in the home of Henry, a lonely older man who is home all alone.  Etta soon begins to dream about Kansas City in the 1870's; she is a mail order bride, and her new husband is a wealthy rancher. She soon begins to meet other familiar faces from her modern life, and as she begins to sort through this life in the past, changes begin to happen in the present.  Is she really dreaming, or time traveling? 
I wasn't exactly sure where the novel was going; would Etta and Max be able to stay together?  It reminded me of the author's The knight in shining armor, which I read and loved.  I couldn't put it down, until I read the last chapter. I loved it, and highly recommend it. While it does start at the beginning of lock-down, after the beginning very little is mentioned through the rest of the book.
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Etta ends up in stranded in Kansas City as the lockdowns start.  Then she starts to dream about 1871 and a small town. Her “husband” seems so real that she doesn’t know what is truth vs dream. ARC from NetGalley.
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I have read several Jude Deveraux’s books but I don’t remember her writing a story anything like this one. It was an interesting plot, one that took me a bit to get into, but once I was aware of the different characters, I was totally engrossed.  I confess I worried how this story would end and everyone get their HEA, because for most of the book I couldn’t figure out how Max and Etta were going to end up.  This is a time travel story and although I’m not a fan of most time travel books, I really did enjoy this story.
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The only reason I didn’t give this one star is because I finished it, hoping the story’s conclusion would make it worth my while. It wasn’t. The writing is so atrocious that it seems like a middle schooler wrote it. The scenarios to move the plot along are contrived (a demonic bell, seriously?); the conversations range from wooden to nonsensical and, in the past, are too modem for the time; the narrative is choppy; historical accuracy is lacking, as if no research was conducted; many scene transitions are confusing; and the timelines don’t add up (and I’m not talking about the time travel but the actual dates). I’ve read other books by Deveraux, and this amateurish piece of garbage isn’t what I’ve come to expect. I truly can’t understand how an editor let this be published, if there even was an editor involved. It feels like something self-published by a fledgling, untalented author who can’t find a legit publishing company. Something just doesn’t add up. 

I received a complimentary ARC of this book from Harlequin MIRA through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Opinions expressed are completely my own.
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My Heart Will Find You is a time travel novel that begins at the start of the Covid lockdown and travels back to 1871. The story moves back and forth between the two time periods, and we find the same people with different names, in both times. It takes a while to start keeping the many characters straight, but it does happen. Etta and Max are a wonderful couple and I found myself really pulling for their HEA.  A sweet story that kept me engaged till the rather abrupt ending.  4-1/2 stars

I received an ARC for free, but leave my honest opinion voluntarily.
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I'm one of those people who sobbed at the end of Jude Deveraux's A Knight in Shining Armor but not for the reason you might think. I was desperately unhappy with that ending. So why was I eager to read the author's newest time-travel romance? Because I had faith that she wouldn't let me down twice. I am happy to say she did not. My tears at the end of this book were definitely of the happy reader variety. Did I have to suspend disbelief to accept what happened? We're talking about traveling through time here. Of course, I did. But did I care? Nope, not in the least.

It felt weird and, I'll be honest, a little triggering to read the first couple chapters of this book. It's set in the beginning stages of the pandemic when the world was shutting down and fear was setting in. Once I got beyond those first chapters though the focus shifted to Etta's time in Henry's home in present day and frontier life in the 1870's. I quickly became immersed in the characters' stories and while I didn't forget about the pandemic, it moved to the background and wasn't a key factor in my thoughts anymore.

Deveraux really brought these characters to life and made me care about them. Along with the well-developed characters (both primary and secondary), she also provided a stunningly realistic picture of 1870's Kansas. I could visualize the surroundings and events of that time as clearly as a movie across my mind. I was with Etta every step of the way and, boy howdy, did I fall hard for Max. So many layers this man has. 

I was fascinated by the dreaming "time slips" used to transport Etta between time periods and the small changes each time that led Etta and Henry (and me) to wonder if they were really dreams or actual time travel. It was such a clever method to use. Each time Etta awoke, I prayed even harder for Max to be real and for a solution to let them be together for a lifetime. It didn't even matter to me in which time period they lived. 

Etta and Max, a rich cast of secondary characters, in both time periods, and more than a few twists kept me glued to the pages and wondering how it would all play out. Even in the final chapter I still didn't know! This was the Jude Deveraux writing I fell in love with many years ago along with an ending I could happily wrap my heart around even if I had to suspend disbelief to do so. Again, not a problem. 

4.5 Stars
ARC received from publisher via NetGalley. Fair and unbiased review.
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Interesting book regarding Henrietta Wilmont who was in the process of flying to the west coast to see her sister and her family when there was a health problem and the states had a lockdown.  You couldn’t travel from one state to another.  Henrietta who was called Etta was in the state of Kansas where she knew no one, didn’t have a place to stay or a way to get around.  She met an elderly man by the name of Henry Logan.  After meeting Henry Etta started having dreams of the past and the book became very interesting.  You wanted to keep reading to see what was going to happen next.  I enjoyed this book and would recommend it to others.
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No one writes time travel like Deveraux. In fact, hers are about the only time travel books I will read.
This book is also a dream within a dream based in reality.
I love the midwestern setting of Kansas. I loved all the characters. I loved how Etta had to “fix” all the people she encountered in her dream to match how they were in real life.
It’s a sweet, touching novel about love that transcends time and place, a throwback to classic JD writing.
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My Heart Will Find You by Jude Deveraux is a fun time-travel romance.  Etta Wilmott is traveling to visit her sister.  She is in a layover in Kansas City when travel is halted at the beginning of the pandemic.  Etta is looking for a place to stay when she encounters Henry Logan.  Henry welcomes Etta into his home.  Henry is elderly and can use a companion.  Etta needs a place to stay, and she is an excellent cook.  The two get along famously.  Etta soon finds herself having vivid dreams of being a mail order bride for rancher Maxwell Lawton in Garrett, Kansas in the 1870s.  Those she meets in the present day, Etta encounters in the past.  Henry is a writer who weaves Etta’s dreams into his latest tale.  I loved the characters Jude Deveraux created for this story.  I enjoyed getting to know Etta and Henry.  The characters are developed.  It is a little challenging in the beginning to keep them all straight.  It did not take long to get them sorted out.    I can tell the author did her research for her story.  She captured the Old West (even the smell).  I enjoyed both storylines and I like how the present day and the past tied together.  I do feel that the story needed an epilogue because the ending felt incomplete.  I enjoyed the story, but I did not feel it was on par with my favorite time travel book by this author (A Knight in Shining Armor).  My Heart Will Find You is an entertaining time travel tale with a stranded traveler, a wily writer, vivid dreams, a bruised body, a rich rancher, enthusiastic matchmaking, and a lost love.
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What a fantastical story!  Although it begins with the start of the lockdown causing Etta to need a place to stay, it is really a time travel romance.  Through a series of events, Etta ends of moving into Henry’s, an older gentleman’s home.  Etta’s life at Henry’s becomes confused with her dream life.  People from her current life are characters in her dream which seems to be quite real.  Events and situations become effected by her dreams, possibly causing disruptions in history.  One of the major differences in current time and past life is that Etta is married and ends up falling in love with her husband, Max; only he does not seem to exist in her current day period.

This is truly as well written dream life/time travel romance.  I became invested in Etta’s concern for Henry and those in present day life as well as in her concerns for the people in her dream life.  Etta is known in her family as the one to take care of everyone.  That, too, does not change in her dream.  I loved this romance as Etta is trying to figure out what is real and what is not.
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My favorite author of all time & this didn’t disappoint. It reminds me of some of her earlier books where you heart aches for the characters & you are rooting for them to be happy. 

It has an amazing dash of Jude’s magic of helping characters receive support & understanding as well as growth & happiness. 

One of my favorite parts of this book was that of helping others to find confidence & peace in being how they are.
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What a fabulous book! The story of Etta going through time to find Max and of her life in 1871 Kansas is great-humorous and lovely. It is all so weird how it comes about through dreaming and becomes ever more exciting when she dreams of Max and of everyone in Garrett, KS. People in her real time exist in her dream time and it is up to her to make sure things happen in history along with her and Max becoming in love.
I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.
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We meet Etta as she is getting ready to board a plane home when the pandemic shuts everything down.  A fellow passenger is kind enough to drop her off in Kansas City and is welcomed by Henry Logan, an older gentleman who is lonely and needs help.  With no other option and everyone scared off by the pandemic, she decides to stay and help him out while she tries to figure out the next steps.  As they get into a routine, she begins to explore his house and the history of life in the Midwest.  This must have been the inspiration for the strange dreams she begins to have where the people in her present life become characters in her dreamlife.  Her dreamlife becomes an adventure as she finds herself married and seeing how one life affects the other.  

Jude Deveraux  brings us a story of love and adventure with some time travel thrown in.  What Etta finds in her dreamlife is something she is missing in her present life.  She also realizes that what she does in one life affects the other.  Will she ultimately find what is missing in her life?  Will she have to sacrifice one life for another?  You keep wanting to turn the page to see what happens to Etta both in her present and in her dreams.  You want to know how these things keep happening to her and how will it all end?  Will Etta find her happiness, or will that window close as she tries to make sense of it all?  I certainly did not want this story to end and kept wishing there were more words once I reached the end.

I have read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book.  All thoughts and opinions are my own.  I would like to thank NetGalley and Harlequin Trade Publishing, MIRA for this privilege.
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For me, time travel stories can either make or break my interest in them. 

This story starts with how and where the story begins, and the setting of Covid in Kansas City. I am not sure how I feel about the Covid Storyline seeping into Contemporary stories.  
The story follows Etta Wilmont, who finds herself stranded in Kansas City during the Covid shutdown. While searching for a safe place to stay, she meets an older man named Henry, who invites her into his home. Henry offers her a job taking care of him and his vast collection of books and artifacts from Kansas's history. Etta quickly becomes intrigued by Henry's collection and feels at home with him until she can find a way to return home. 
One night, while sleeping, Etta finds herself transported to the Old West in Kansas, where she meets a man named Max. She eventually marries Max and wakes up feeling like she has truly experienced everything she dreamed of. The story switches back and forth between the present and the past, with Etta sharing her dreams with Henry, who is writing a book and wants as much information as possible.
As Etta's relationship with Max in her dreams becomes more real, she begins to search for clues in the present to find him. Another aspect that I struggled with is how the transition from present to past is made and what the conclusion will be.
The story's progression and revelations kept me reading, wondering how it would all come together and if it would work.  The story is ok with me. The conclusion comes together but I did not love it. There is something about it maybe it was Max maybe it was the Covid pieces.  I just wanted or needed more from the story.
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Jude Deveraux's My Heart Will Find You was an entertaining time-travel romance set during the pandemic. A woman on her way to visit her sister discovers that the county has entered a lockdown from covid upon her arrival. She cannot go forward to her sister's home or back to her home. She finds a place to stay and a temporary job with a widowed writer though she learns there is much more at stake when an old shawl transports her to the wild west as a mail-order bride. As our heroine struggles to co-exist in two worlds, she learns that her happy ever after is right at her fingertips if she is brave enough to follow her heart.

Fans of Deveraux's time travel romances will enjoy this one. A likabe cast, a nicely flowing storyline, wit, charm  and of course, a happily ever after though it did end a little abruptly for my taste.  Some may find some strong similarities character and scene wise in here to Legend and A Kniight In Shining Armor.
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